Best Eurovision 2011 Songs

The best songs of the 2011 contest. Vote for songs, not for countries.

The Top TenXW

1New Tomorrow - A Friend in London (Denmark)
2Popular - Eric Saade (Sweden)
3Rockefeller Street - Getter Jaani (Estonia)
4Taken By a Stranger - Lena (Germany)
5Running Scared - Ell & Nikki (Azerbaijan)
6No One - Maja Keuc (Slovenia)
7Lipstick - Jedward (Ireland)

No question. I enjoyed watching when this came on

8In Love for a While - Anna Rossinelli (Switzerland)
9The Secret is Love - Nadine Beiler (Austria)
10I Can - Blue (UK)

The Contenders

11Haba Haba - Stella Mwangi (Norway)
12One More Day - Eldrine (Georgia)
13Coming Home - Sigurjon's Friends (Iceland)
14Watch My Dance - Loukas Giorkas ft. Stereo Mike (Greece)

So amazing song and voice! The best entry for 2011

15Sognu - Amaury Vassili (France)
16Angels - Mika Newton (Ukraine)
17Boom Boom - Emmy (Armenia)
18So Lucky - Zdob ┼či Zdub (Moldova)
19Da Da Dam - Paradise Oskar (Finland)
20Change - Hotel FM (Romania)
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1. Taken By a Stranger - Lena (Germany)
2. In Love for a While - Anna Rossinelli (Switzerland)
3. New Tomorrow - A Friend in London (Denmark)
1. New Tomorrow - A Friend in London (Denmark)
2. Popular - Eric Saade (Sweden)
3. No One - Maja Keuc (Slovenia)
1. No One - Maja Keuc (Slovenia)
2. Angels - Mika Newton (Ukraine)
3. Taken By a Stranger - Lena (Germany)

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