Best Female Singers of 2012


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1Jackie Evancho

She is adorable unique singer of our time, she can do more than everyone expected! So young at her age to have platinum certificate and competing with all popular singers. She have divine voice, pure and fearless. She is just a new comer but doing lot of concert and record in just a short years of her discovery! Heaven can tell how good and magical confluent her song bring to the world. Love this kid so much!

Nobody on this list has the vocal talent that Jackie possesses. She is a true vocal prodigy; and as it has been said.. Anybody can sing pop.. Nobody sings with the beauty of Jackie.

Cannot compare the beauty of a classical singer to that of a pop singer

She's 12 years old!

One look at the any segment of Jackie's "Music of the Movies" on YouTube or DVD, taped in 2012, will reveal a voice and singer that is way beyond the age of 12 in voice and talent. - BobG

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2Nicki Minaj

I love Nicki Minaj. Her song is the best.

3Selena Gomez

Love Selena Gomez Shes My Favorite Singer! I'm surprised she came in 2nd because there is so many other singers but woohoo!

Cannot actually sing without auto-tune.

Love you so much Selena you are so great

She is the best, simply the best of ALL. She should have be 1st

4Katy Perry

She is an amazing person that has gone thru so much stuff Niger life! She's talented too

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5Jessie J

She's awesome! She's got swag that girl! And attitude and oomph!

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Adele's a real powerhouse. Skyfall is probably the most energetic song by a female artist.

BEST VOICE EVER! Who else can sing with so much passion? Every song has a leeson learned, she is #1 no matter what people say.

7Lady Gaga
8Kelly Clarkson
9Jennifer Lopez
10Ke$haV1 Comment

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11Britney Spears
12Taylor Swift

She has had two top two singles and was nominated for three Grammy's. Enough said.

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13Lana Del Rey
14Hayley Williams
15ShakiraV1 Comment
16Demi Lovato

Demi is the most amazing singer imaginable. Even before skyscraper, shes strong, beautiful, flawless. Just perfect! Lovatic all the way

.. Demi's way better than Selena in singing! She is the greatest singer ever... Not to mention she's that strong.

She Is The Greatest Singer In All Time. Since Skyscraper She Is The Best.

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18Avril Lavigne

This is wrong position of her... She had to be in the top 10s... Just love all her songs.. And its impossible for her to be after selena -_-

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19Amy Lee
20Miley Cyrus
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1. Nicki Minaj
2. Selena Gomez
3. Katy Perry



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