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Great song! One of their best, don't understand why it's so low down here.

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Very good song. Should be in at least top 30.

83My Poor Brain

Dreamy vocal verses to a rock-out screaming chorus. Whats not to like? Its an underrated song. Dave said he liked it, but he hasn't played much lately. The best off The Color and the Shape

I CAN NOT BELIVE THIS IS SO LOW! Tcatc is such a great album and this is definitely one of the best off it love the lyrics love the loud to quiet nothing not to like about it!

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84Ain't It the Life

The most underrated song by the band. It has such distinct ring to it with lyrics that slowly weave itself into the rythym of the song.


I'm learning to play the drums for this at the moment. It made me type 'best Foo Fighters song' into Google and I ended up here. Quite disappointed none from their first album made the top ten. First two albums were great. I have to say that in my opinion. The later stuff is drivel (by comparison).

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How can this song possibly be at the bottom of this list?!
It's one of my favorites! Especially the guitar solo is AWESOME. In my opinion it's the best tune on their new album Sonic Highways. If you're a real Foo Fighters fan, LISTEN TO CONGREGATION You'll love it.

Love this song and the meaning behind it, the guitar riffs are very good too.

This is an AMAZING song! It deserves to be in the top 20 at least! Can't wait to hear it live soon!

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Such a heartfelt and powerful song should at least be in the top 20 of this list!

What the heck? This is their greatest acoustic piece, how is it not higher?

90Weenie Beenie

Despite the barely audible lyrics through all the screaming... This song flat out ROCKS. Pure genius.

Not the best, but among plenty of other good ones for sure.

Favourite song off the first album! Deserves to be way higher! Love the title too

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Even if this song was written during the "Nirvana" period of Dave Grohl, I think that it's one of the most representative of the Foo Fighters' and Dave Grohl's universe. Definitely my favorite

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92Lonely As You
93How I Miss You

Do you miss me like I miss you? If you miss me, never go away! Hopefully, you'll come stay someday...
One of the best love songs!


Really good song, shows that Dave thinks he has a guardian angel. Very underrated

96Virginia Moon
97What If I Do?

Probably my favourite song on the In Your Honour album. One of their shorter songs, yet so great.


Awesome song deserves to be higher on the list. Good effect on the voice.

100Burn Away

This song; along with Overdrive and Tired of You; are the most underrated of all songs from the album "One By One" - SliderRob31

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