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21Light a Roman Candle With Me

Why is this at 25? This song is absolutely adorable.

22One Foot

Really love this song. This should be on the top 5 list.

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Absolutely brilliant. Listen to it live

24Basket Case
25Stitch Me Up

I actually like We Are Young and Some Nights but clearly this song deserves to be at least in the top 10. This is a really awesome song

Awesome song... Love it, should have been higher on the list... Give it a try you'll love it

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Such a great song. I love it. The lyrics, the instruments, its just amazing. - Ivysaur

Great song! Listen to it and you will see what I mean.

Love it! The lyrics are so meaningful and it is an emotional song.
Keep on trippin

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28Walking the Dog II
29Nothing Without LoveV1 Comment
30What the F***

Wrong! It ain't the best song, just because of a bad word in it.

Great song why it's so low on the list?

31Cheap ThrillsV1 Comment
32Particle Man
33The Best Day of My LifeV1 Comment
34Harsh Lights
37It Gets Better

30! Seriously! This song is one of the best in the entire album please vote guys this song definitely deserves better

I love this song, it should definitely be in front of "stars" and "all alright"

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