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Used more than any other amp model by professionals. These amps deliver pure tone whether its through an amp head or through a cabinet, they can really perform no matter what genre of music you play.

I've only been playing guitar for 3 years but it seems like no matter what I do no matter what pedal I use I just can't get that real band sound like the heavy rock bands do on recording but when I tried a marshall that all went away. Marshall has the perfect distorted sound (overdrive) and for the price ha you just can't beat it. I'm getting a mg100fx half stack and it all totals out to only $400 plus this amp can get so loud you can play in a bar or club with only half volume

I want a Marshall. I'm poor and am thinking of buying an AVT 50 WATT amp. I have a line 6 30 watt amp and I do not love or even like the amp whatsoever. It sounds like a walrus taking a dump with a bunch of other walruses taking a dump. I plugged a grunge pedal into it and now it sounds okay. Marshall is number one. Best sound ever. No matter what amp amp you use from that company. Not made in China either. I like that too ^. ^

Screw Marshall they're tinny and gritty one trick ponies! Marshall = dark side mesa boogie = Jedi amp

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Line 6? they suck compared to all the other ones. Fender is amazing, with great sound and amazing quality. I have a Fender and a Line 6 and the FEnder is so much better, that I am so mad when I play the Line 6

People sometimes don't really know what they want and use other brands of amps. They haven't found their sound yet and kind of trying other stuff or heard someone or some artist talking of using it and try. But that is not good enough and then they try a Fender. With a Fender you can create your own sound whether you are using pedals or just using the amp and the guitar. A true wonder for every player. Fender's just the best

Definitely agree that Fender should be number one. Marshall is over rated, and fender brings the tone way better then a Marshall hands down. Marshall makes you pay for their name, fender only charges you for the amp components and the time tested fender quality. Why do you think so many amp companies try to replicate the fender tone?... Because its awesome and blows peoples minds!

The first time I played a blues junior I was in love and when you up the volume you get a very nice classic fender overdrive perfect for the rock music I play ( grunge mixed with classic rock and indie)

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3Mesa Boogie

Why is Mesa Boogie so low?! Have Mesa Boogie ever made a bad amp? Look how many guys endorse their gear. Have you ever tried a Dual Rectifier or Mark V? It will tear you to shreds. They are AMAZING amps. Best part, they're all tube. Line 6, why the hell are they fifth. Why are they in the top 15? They are nothing but crap digital rubbish. Play a real amp like a Mesa Boogie, line 6, pft. Mesa Boogie is the best amp brand by far.

Mesa Boogie should be first in this list, or second at least. I mean, line6 makes crappy amps that are all digital. Try a mark V. Once you've tried this you're never gonna play a line6 again

I have owned a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier for 5 years now and couldn't be happier! Granted, the amp took a long time to dial in my perfect tone, but it was a good way to familiarize yourself with the amp. If you want cleans, crunch, distortion, and a wall of gain that is big enough to destory small islands than this is the perfect amp. Not to mention, the customer service is out of this world! About a month after purchasing the amp Mesa Boogie called to make sure everything was okay and I was enjoying the amp. They also ask you to take a questionnaire on how the sales person performed. Great company, Best amps.

Mesa all the way

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I have a vox valvtronics amp I bought a while ago it has a real preamp tube and loads of very accurate effects great reverb 3 kinds good modulation effects awesome distortion and tube overdrive and very important it is easy to adjust effect level and a power knob that lets you adjust output 1 to 60 watts like a pr attenuator its great so you don't loose that sound of a cranked up amp when you don't want it to loud it also has a easy to use tuner this amp is very user friendly unlike some modeling and effects carrying amps and you can easily adjust effects levels with separate knobs no confusion also a pedal to control effects is available for about 50 dollars is a great studio or small gig still amp and saves a lot because all of the effects it offers its like having a vox tone labe on top of a amp exactly you can sound like van halen led Zeppelin pink floyd lady gaga or the beatles and more and the price is very competitive to all others in its category

I got the big one for christmas and the effects are AMAZING! The sound is a lot better than my old amp too. It also isn't too heavy for it's size. Then add the fact that it is super duper loud too!

Absolutely amazing tone, especially for bass amps. I have a fairly small 10 inch vox bass amp and it sounds fantastic. There's so much you can change with the tone of these.

Some great all round amps and the valve amps are just perfect for that old school sound!

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Best amp on the market. Made one at a time, point-to-point wiring. Great designs like the dual output stage combos. Take pedals exceptionally well. LOUD! A 9W will blow you everyone out in small bars/clubs. Simply the best.

6Orange Amps

Even though the Orange Amps were still neither of the Top of of all lists because the Fender and the Marshall are amongst well known amplifiers for its individual claims in both patent and innovated in each technologies, (Fender corporation claims its first solid body elecric guitar to been market in mass productions and patents, whilst the other one Marshall claims either in terms truest guitar amplifications that also in mass production, so on Marshall claims a patent innovation itself and both of them were been a major direct suppliers on every famous music artists in every decades of music revolutions, on the other hands, the top spots of their hardship innovations were be at their hands, until to theIR last steps of their innovations, let the famous artists decide their demand at their hands whilst on the other side, Orange produces amps with considering a reasonable market on its considerably fine quality products because, the top spots were be still at working, and it means, they were also has a chance to be well known at this future deeds because not only less expensive but they were also their products are also good in sound qualities, so my verdicts were goes orange because their not only physically attractive but their engineering method were be more reasonable and the most of all, we can able to purchase due to lower costs! :-)

Brilliant amps and should definitely be further up. They are all tube bringing with that the beautiful, warm, and powerful sound that is shared in a similar way with many Mesa Boogie amps, only for about a third of the price. I would strongly recommend this brand if you're into Coheed and Cambria, Iron Maiden or Metalica.

Great amps! These amps are very versatile, and can play just about anything you want. They are made with great materials, and will last nearly forever. Even the cheaper, smaller models are built with solid wood. Orange amps should definitely be higher up on this list because they sound great, are built well, and are affordable

Orange amps just have a wonderful organic growl that no other amp quite matches in my opinion. With 20 years of playing under my belt, I fully understand why Marshall and Fender occupy the top spots, but if I could only ever play one brand for the rest of my life, it would be Orange.

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I have a rg75g3 plus amp and it has to be one of the best amps I've used, I also had a blackstar amp but the randall was far better in terms of build quality and overall tone. Plus they were used by dimebag. Why aren't they higher up the list?

Randall Dime use by Dimebag Darrell PANTERA n Randall KH use by Kirk Hammet Metallica, this two model amp is the very best sound amp guitar in world...

Try the new Randall Satan guys...

Two words- Nuno & Dimebag

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Good enough for Eddie Van Halen and Joe Satriani, good enough for you

I just bought a Peavey classic 50/410 tweed amp. This amp is the best I have
ever owned! All tube powerhouse, pedal friendly and great for any style. Love it!

I just got done playing around with many amps at guitar center and an old, beaten up Peavey sounded 100x better than a new fender mustang 2 and marshall mg30fx. My friend has a massive line 6 that sounds great on its own but sounds like a cat that just got its tail run over by a truck when you jun pedals to it.

It's awesome, clear sound great for my bass

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I have a roland cube 20 xl n its awesome man every thing of world in a nut shell

Roland makes one hell of an amp I've had my cube 80 watt for a long time works grate

It's usually integrated with BOSS system effect and of course its portability. Although its small power consumption but its enough to make whole your house get 'bang'! And so the neighbour!

How was this not in the list? - ipehorta

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I can't believe this! Blackstar are designed and built by retired Marshall professionals and they have every last bit of knowledge on tube amps, heads, and combos. I own a Blackstar HT-1R, it is 1w but it feels like 100w just the way the Blackstar team have combined their ideas and structures and balanced it out with tubes. And line 6 is further up the list? You are mistaken bro. Another thing. These are bloody expensive and aren't very well known but Two Rock make probably the GREATEST amps ever made and I would kill to fire one up!

Just can't believe Blackstar is all the way down here. They should be way further up. Blackstar delivers incredible tone and value in all of their amplifiers.

I own the blackstar series one 100. It's one of the best amps I have come across! Top quality amp for any genre! Most headroom, tons of gain, amazing miss and tight bottom end! Should Definitely be in the top three!

You have any idea, how many pro's have exchanged there marshall or fender, for a Blackstar? Blackstar has become one of the market leaders. So if pro's would have the time to vote, it would be higher on the list.

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?Koch Amps
?Taurus Amp

Stomp-Head guitar amplifiers in stompbox shape. The best compact amps.

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11Line 6

Line 6 have produced some of the best amps with amazing built in effects like the spider IV its an amazing amp I play a spider II and I absolutely love it sounds great for my style just cause most line 6 amps aren't tube amps doesn't mean they're not good amps.

I have a 75-watt Spider and it is the best amp ever. Really loud, great manual and preset effects, easy looping, and you can also use it as a speaker for your iPod or computer.

I have one of my own and it has to be better than my marshal by slot so I think this should be at number1 or2

My line 6 is great! I think this brand is really underrated.

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OFC! Laney one of the best amplifier brand, most of famous band in our country used Laney next to Marshall. Small gigs, Big Events etc.

Laney amplifiers have awesome sounds... can be very clean for soft songs and can have crazy distortion for meatal... deserves it's place in the top 5!

Why not.. I've got two of them.. been using them for 5 plus years.. never got me worried when using them.. best thing to do is go to a music store and audition one.. hear it for your self.. save some bucks.

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Their amps sound great and their new infinium technology has fixed their issues. I really don't care that their amps are just half priced versions of pricier models. The way I see it, if I can get a great tone, the ability of a Peavey Triple X II, and at half the price, I'm going to go for it.

333XL-INFINIUM for the win!

I just purchased a Vintage 55 HD... And plugged this baby into my 6505. I can't begin to tell you how great everything sounds... Amazing!

I have the 333 Infinium Head and it is simply amazing how good it is. The TONE is so great on EACH of the 3 channels. I have it since 2 years now, I travel a lot with it.

The soul of all valves

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I have played crate amps for years they are reliable and are a key part of my tone. But when it comes down to it the best amp is the amp sounds good to you and that you feel comfortable playing.


The high gain high-rollers, not ahead of a Mesa, but near the same level. Krank's power level is over 9000!


The ENGL E 642 is the best amp head for guitar that I have ever played!.

Built to last with their own signature sound

They aretone monstes. Not too many amp s say it has a clean channel and it really does. I have a ritchi blackmore and it has major tone and very verstile. And I can trust the amp. It has never let me dow yet. The buil quality stands alone. Hey I have oher amps that feel the same an I keep these babies.

18Hughes and Kettner

I have one at home and its so good!
This is the amp anyone should have!

So good, I love it!

Number 21, seriously? Try these amps! They are top 5 at least!

Amazing quality

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They're not that great but my neighbor has one- I played through and its pretty good

I live to love them


Come on Eddie is a master at tone, and the 5150 series is incredible.

Organic cleans and big fat heavy tones

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