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81 Astro Troopers
82 Shiroi Yuki No Princess Wa

This talks about snow white and her evil stepmother

One of the best Miku songs, the melody is beautiful!

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83 One of Repetition

I really like this song! Every time I watch it's video... I become sad.. It's about a doll that in love to her owner...

84 Star Story Star Story

Like "Last Night Good Night" this song produces a calm somewhat lullaby atmosphere

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85 Hand In Hand (Magical Mirai Ver.)
86 I'm So Sorry
87 Look This Way Baby

This is the best song of miku hatsune... Its ROCKS!

Yes I'm looking at you Miku :3

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88 Cat Food

It's so awesome! The song is very catchy, and quite original. If you haven't heard this song, you really should if you love Miku!

This is my favorite song out of all the hatsune miku songs I know!

First Miku's song listened, really get attracted.

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89 Half Step Half Step V 1 Comment
90 Packaged

Packaged is such a beautiful song!

91 Acute

I love this song, it shows that love can be difficult, not only sweet. It also shows that you should think about other people's feelings, even if it hurts.

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92 Ten Thousand Stars

105?! This deserves to be at the top of the list! Even though this a newer Miku song it deserves a bit more love. It also sounded AMAZING in concert!

The Best one. Just came out so you can't really blame it.

For me, this is THE best Miku song. It was in Miku Expo 2016 (Noth America). Simply amazing!

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93 Rainbow Butterfly

This is a sweet song with a beautiful melody. Miku's voice here was truly amazing and sweet as always! Even the intro, which sounded a lot like piano, lightened up my mood and made me listen to it more! This song is really, really addicting! Try searching it on YouTube for the translated version, even the translation is nice

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94 No More
95 Dear Cocoa Girls
96 One Way
97 Leucocoryne

This is one of the best songs, too.
The beautiful melody and lyrics touch my heart.

98 Himitsu Keisatsu

I think this is secret police...

99 Prism Heart

Very upbeat! And the background music is awesome! Also, her voice is a calm and nice sound Miku always sounds like. The beat follows her throughout the song. Her outfit is also very pretty too.

100 Monochroact

When I heard this song for a very first time, I almost was not breathing. Even the the first seconds... I was absolutely stunned. Before I heard this song, I was not a vocaloid fan, but then I started to be.
Hatsune Miku is not robot.
Hatsune Miku is not human.
Hatsune Miku is ANGEL!
I felt like I found a missing piece of my heart in this song.

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