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Probably one of the best songs I've ever heard. Go listen to it now. Please

Actually all of their songs are the best but at this point I addict to this song.

This is one of the best song of Imagine Dragons! I just love it!

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Has an arabic touch and the tune makes you pumped up! Listen to it and trust me You'll love it!

How Imagine dragons turns noises into music? They are really awesome... Smks and mirrors album rocks... I wish this song might have a good video release also

This is the equivalent of radioactive on S+M. High energy pumping awesome song

Very good composed music

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43Hopeless Opus

My current favorite song. I'm so sorry is very close but this song has such a chill cool vibe! It should be much higher on this list.

Love love love this song, way too underrated and the lyrics are so relatable

Why does nobody know about this song?! It has by far the best gitaur solo out of any ID song, and possibly the catchiest chorus ever! This song is amazing and criminally underrated.

Really love this song!

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44All Eyes

This song definitely deserves to be in the top 15. It has a great beat and the lyrics flow very well. The opening is great and it even has some epic moments like some of their most famous songs!

Hope this song is on their next album! Dan Reynolds and the crew are true artists! All their songs are pure "GOLD" 'enough said!

A catchy and powerful song! Love Imagine Dragons!

Forget it. This song should be number one compared to the ones actually at the top (Except Nothing left to say, but still)

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45Smoke and Mirrors

This song explains my life... Really depressing, but I never thought someone will understand it

It's only this low due to the newness of the album - Pluma

Amazing song, great for being a couples song and gettin busy

This is a totally amazing song.

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46Not Today

"There she goes in front of me, take my life set me free again." These lyrics are pure magic

Come On! Easily the best song from the movie.

I put this on here because... It wasn't in here. - Jackal2272

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How is this so far down the list?! This is my favorite Imagine Dragons songs. I can maybe understand it maybe not being top ten since there's a lot of people who haven't heard many ID songs other than Radioactive, Its Time, and Demons. But seriously, this isn't even close to the top ten and that's just ridiculous to me. I have heard tons of there songs yet somehow there are songs that I've never even heard of that higher than Polaroid, which is on Smoke + Mirrors. I just don't understand how someone who is a really big fan and has heard all of these random songs hasn't heard Polaroid and not loved the hell out of it. I know it's just my opinion but it's just such a good song to me. Also, The Unknown is incredible and is also very low on this list.

This song is just inspirational and can fix anyone's day. It's catchy, and a very awesome song. Vote it up!

Polaroid is so catchy and awesome. It can inspire anyone who is having a bad day. Listen to it, you won't regret it.

It is such a great song I don't know why it is so far down on the list

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48All for You

One of their top songs and not even on the list?! Awesome song. You will never grow tired of this song

Seriously! Sweet love song and no one votes for it! If it's on Transformers 4 it's worthy of praise.

This song freaks me out! I LOVE IT! This is definitely a awesome song please vote for it!

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This is only as low as it is because it's on the deluxe versions of smoke and mirrors and no one has ever heard of it. This song might not be the absolute best that they've made, but it is an amazing song and it's sad it didn't make it to the regular album.

This song is by far my favourite imagine dragons song from the beautiful vocals to the guitar riff this song deserves to a lot higher on the list in my opinion

My absolute favourite song! It is so great. What a pity that nearly nobody knows it :(

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Funny and awesome! I love how Imagine Dragons always make their songs SO different from eachother! (To me this my old country-drinking song! They sound drunk in a cool way in this song

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51Cover Up

How is this so low? I can't believe it! This is my favorite out of their older albums! It's so good! Take a listen you won't be disappointed.

"it was a long night, we ran along info the spotlight, you sang a song and made the children cry"

Ugh reminds me of me and my girlfriend

One of my favourite songs! In my opinion much better than radioactive!

This song is amazing, how is this not in top ten? Its super catchy

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52I Don't MindV3 Comments
53It Comes Back to You

Come on people.. So mellow and great lyrics. Must listen.

Love this song! Needs to be higher

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54Living MusicalV1 Comment

This should be number one! Radioactive is way over played and this is one of my favorites, vote here

Love this song SO much, it differs a lot from the other Imagine Dagons songs, but this sobg is like a moment song for me espesially with the piano in the beginning

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A song by Dan and his wife under the name Egyptian, it's so good! Deserves more listens.

57I Was Me

This song is amazing it was in the charts I think they worked hard on the song and that they deserve more views and fans

One of the best songs! So moving! It touched my heart since the first time I've heard it in Munich

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Great job these guys did. Imagine is the only band I now that doesn't have a single bad soing. imagine dragons thanc you for being so epic

59The Fall

This song is so incredibly gorgeous, more people need to listen to it. It's one of those songs that takes you away from the rest of the world. The bridge makes me cry because it touches my soul.

This song deserves to be higher on the list. Considering the Fall is coming soon...

So relatable, had me in tears by the second verse (but in an epic way)

Great song and the verse is so cool and it deserves to be higher up

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60Second Chances

I love this song. Me and my friend went to see them live and she thought he said I believe in sandwiches so that's all I hear now

This song is what made me look back at life and say: "Screw you, I'm gonna live my life! "

This song is just beautiful, equivalent to demons (for me)

The end of the song is so powerful. It gives me goosebumps.

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