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61 Rosewater

Astonishing music from Latvia!

62 Ayria

One of the few female artist out there that really has made a name for herself. As well she has been doing way before Ayria when she was a part of Epsilon Minus

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63 Pain

Why isn't this guy up there!?

The guy who makes this kind of music is a bona fide genius

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64 Foetus

Listen to Nail & Hole 10 times in a row and get enlightened.

Well, for one thing, they're the only industrial band on this list, and for another, Jim Thirlwell is probably the best industrial musician on the planet.

Interesting to see a guy who hates to be called industrial act, but yes for me he was and perhaps still is one of the biggest insipirational industrial projects

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65 Ruoska

Can't believe they're so low on the list! Very unique sound, check out the rabies and radium albums, pure gold. And the song Alistaja, crank up the bass and it'll blow you away.

66 Hocico
67 Acid Android V 1 Comment
68 Emilie Autumn

Such a beautiful, unique voice. Her lyrics are so powerful. In my opinion she is one of the best voices in rock! And she's stunning!

No-one rocks a violin like her.
Not a lot of people have the amazing voice-range she has.
No-one is as bad-ass as this little doll.

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69 Mad Capsule Markets
70 Assemblage 23

More industrial than VNV, more ethereal than NIN. Perfect Industrial. Listen to the Burukusu remix of "Spark," or listen to "Dissappoint." Play "Flourescent Skies;" in mixed company. The uninitiated will stop to ask you who it is.

71 Atari Teenage Riot


I really loved there guys when I was a teen, still frequent them on YouTube.

72 Calmando Qual

Every fan of fine industrial/experimental music falls for Calmando Qual, when they hear them! Japanese indy. Unpredictable, original, sometimes heavy and sometimes subtle. Artful and contagious.

73 Kidney Thieves

A great band. More of a poppy take on industrial but still better than a few of the wanna-be industrial bands that some have included here.

Just an incredible band and they deserve so much more recognition due to the fact that there music is abosolutly wonderful. If you havn't heard the album zerospace I feel sorry for you. Listen to it asap it will be one of the best musical experiences of your life.

74 Columbine.
75 Sheep on Drugs V 1 Comment
76 Eisenfunk

Pretty decent, love their music

77 Suicide Commando

Why is this so far down suicide commando is one of the greats
Listen to hellraiser or bleed for us all these were the songs that got me

Suicide Commando rewrote the book on what EBM music is and should be.

78 Helmet Helmet Helmet is an American alternative metal band from New York City formed in 1989. Founded by vocalist and lead guitarist Page Hamilton, Helmet has had numerous lineup changes, and Hamilton has been the only constant member. V 1 Comment
79 Cyanotic
80 Machines of Loving Grace

Golgotha Tenement Blues is my favorite song on the soundtrack of "The Crow".

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