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Broken Strings
I just love this song.. I had this song on my comp for a long time but never took the time to listen to it but I heard it sometime later and loved it.
Just an amazing song so full of life, the mix of Nelly and James voices just compliment each other. Always makes me sing along.
My first... My favorite... Love James Morrison...
I can't say anymore less than this song is the very best. It touched me deeply.
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2You Make It Real
No way this song should be #4 should be at the top spot, guess no one votes. Best James Morrison song ever. Just the intro of the full length song is great. Lyrics are true and goo
This song is way hot can't put it off am addicted to this song lyrics are to die for the beats are just perfect
This is, I guess, the BEST James Morrison song by far. I love this guy, his voice. Just SO worth listening to!
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3You Give Me Something
This song is great to listen to and sing to. His voice goes so well with the lyrics, and it all came together to make wonderful music.
Awesome! I hope I can sing this song with my guitar :))
Love love LOVE this song! I sung it a while back for talent quest and I fell in love with it! So glad its in the top three, but it SO should be number one!
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4I Won't Let You Go
I love all of the other songs on this list, too. And I've heard all of James' songs, but this one is just surreal. Imagine the man you love singing this to you, in the depths of your despair. I've had boyfriends and lovers who loved me enough to stand by me through the downs, not just the ups. But this song is something else, everyone needs someone who loves you enough to stick to you, and be your cheerleader when everyone is hating on you. And by god, I hope one day I'm lucky enough to have a man sing this to me and really mean it.
It's such a calm and relaxing song! I love the lyrics and his voice... He sings from his heart and you can feel than when you listen to the song!
Best song I have ever heard. Brings me to tears every time I play it which is lots. My only brother is dying of cancer and I can relate to the lyrics about the love I have for him and not wanting to let him go.
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5This Boy
This is the song that made me listen to him in the first place and made me fall in love with his voice. I'm not exactly sure what this song means but I love it and I love him. It brings me happiness and makes me want to dance
I love him love him love him!
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6Please Don't Stop the Rain
Can't say much. It's a really nice song. Love it.
Amazing song, can't get it out of my head!
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It's like gospel and the best thing ever! Lyrics amazing, music amazing, voice absolute amazing! For sure an ipod repeat song!
This song is amazing! My favourite song by him with 'You Give Me Something' and 'Broken Strings' not far behind
The best song I've ever heard!
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8Save Yourself
This song is just amazing! <3 I love it
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9The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore
The first song that I know from him, I'm quietly late I think, but this song make me fall in love with his voice
Best song for the broken heart. I can totally relate.
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10The Letter Listen to sample

The Contenders

11Wonderful World
Definitely deserves o be higher on his list, he has such a beutiful soulful voice that is claming and soothing and this song always makes my day when I hear it, I suggest setting it as your alarm it is so wonderful to wake up to his voice, pure heaven!
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12Once When I Was Little
this song is beautiful I love it. one of the reasons I love it is because its one of those not too well known songs, that arent way over played like broken strings or please don't stop the rain. don't get me wrong lak der still good songs but its the same with loads of other artists the not well known songs are the best. don't ya think?
Very powerful and sung with lots of energy! And the lyrics are very close to everyone, simply awesome!
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13Nothing Ever Hurt Like You Listen to sample

14One Life
Absolutely love this song! Best one he's done, its just one of those songs that you have to keep playing on repeat for all the good bits ;D
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15If You Don't Wanna Love Me
Anyone who's ever watched someone they love walk away can relate to this song. It makes me so emotional.
Just an amazingly sad and soulful song. I prefer his acoustic version, it just speaks to me so much more.
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I think james & jessie can make this song really wonderful. I can feel every lyrics that their sing is very meaningful. I love this song at the firs time I listen it
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17Slave to the Music Listen to sample

18Love Is Hard Listen to sample

19Details In the Fabric Listen to sample

20Say Something Now Listen to sample

21Get to You

22One Last Chance Listen to sample

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