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1Spongebob Squarepants

Only watch seasons 1-4 plus the first (key-word: FIRST) movie. Everything after that is rubbish.

This should number one for so many more reasons:
1. It's been on longer than fairly oddparents and it's still going on with new episodes still coming.
2. The entire family can watch not just the kids.
3. It's way funnier than fairly oddparents

Over all is the best T.V. show there could be for children. There is no other T.V. show like it. It is a unique, funny show.

Not anymore, It was good until 2004 after Movie 1, SpongeBob almost always tortures Squidward, SpongeBob killed animals, Gross scenes appear, Plankton attempted suicide, and the plot is getting more retarded, it's not good for kids anymore and should not be on the list. - nelsonerico

SpongeBob is love SpongeBob is life

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2Regular Show

Okay, I agree with the top ten, but that's pretty much it. Why is Jessie on here and above shows like Danny Phantom? Also, to the guy who made this list, you are missing one show that should be in the top ten, and that's the show that got screwed by its channel, Nickelodeon. That show is "Invader Zim", an awesome show that sadly only had one and a half seasons on Nick. For those who haven't seen it, it is kind of like the dark/insane version of Gravity Falls. it's awesome. For those who agree with me and have seen the show, GO HOME AND SHAVE YOUR GIANT HEAD OF SMELL WITH YOUR BAD SELF!

Everything above this is pretty much junk. I honestly don't know why I like this show so much but I think it has something to do with the characters. This should be in the top ten at least. I could watch this for hours.

Not appropriate for kids, there is gross humor, potty language & violence.

Why would kids watch this, it has drugs and it can influence kids to do that in their lifetime, which is horrible, the show is entertaining, but the drug content keeps it from being a kids show.

Does this really have the right to be called a kids show?

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3The Fairly OddParents

The Fairly OddParents was one of the best cartoons good until 2009, when Cosmo gave birth to Poof, a baby fairy, after that, there weren't enough ideas from the writers to make much more good episodes, and then it went down the bin.

I can't believe this show is lower then good luck charlie it makes me so angry to see this show is lower then it needs to be like the the heck FOP needs to be higher

What I hate baby looney tunes they work like school its educational and not looney but this its so good I hope there will be more than only 8 seasons and more characters - simpsondude

What the heck does that show have to be #3?!?!

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4Gravity Falls

This is an excellent show withe great humor, animation, music, and atmosphere. I really feel like I'm in a small town in Organ! The characters are excellent, mainly the 2 main characters. Despite being pre-teens, they act quite childish and friendly, which isn't a bad thing. Because of they're younger nature, they are more accepting, positive, and forgiving, not like realistic pre-teens who are grouchy, rude, and disrespectful, and besides, those traits belong to other characters, so many, I won't even mention their names. While Dipper and Mabel are already great (Mabel is the most relatable character to me from a T.V. show or movie since Luna Lovegood), Wendy takes the cake as the BEST character. Not only is she just as kind hearted and fun-loving as Dipper and Mabel, but she's 3 years their senior. Wendy is the prime example of what a teenager SHOULD be, but isn't: not embarrassed by hanging out with those younger than her, kind, fun-loving, goofy-yet-mature, hates drama, has a good ...more

This is one of my favorite shows of all time. For a Disney show, it has very memorable characters and amazing plot line. Vote for this if you have any taste in what you watch. - bishop.moore07

This show is way better than that idiot cartoon known as "Phineas and Ferb"! I love Gravity Falls, and a lot of people do.

Gravity Falls is AMAZING! It has random, funny, yet relatable characters and an amazing plot! The cliffhangers killed me...

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5Adventure Time

Oh little lemon hope throw me a lemon rope

Best why is this not in top three!

With epic characters, a nice atmosphere, a brilliant storyline, and being really stupid (don't worry that makes it so hilarious! ), AT needs to be number 2 or 3.

Its great all I have to say

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6The Amazing World of Gumball

Coming from the opinion of an actual kid, I think this show is so awesome!

I love this show! It's funny and I love all of the different creative characters! This show is awesome and should be in the top three! You have to watch it.

I like the show. It is fun and creative. I wish that all the other people that hate the show give is some credit for something they like.

Yes. Better than Adventure Time by a fraction of a percent. - Goatworlds

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7Tom and Jerry

That show is so cute.

Slapstick violence, it would never happen to your children so you don't need to worry about that. It's a show that is there to make you laugh.

I loved it when I was 3... And I still love it. The new episodes are horrible, with bad music, bad design, and a boring plot. Old episodes (found on boomerang) are so much better, so I'd only recommend the old ones.

No. I like Itchy and Scratchy (I wish those cartoons were real.) - Goatworlds

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8Phineas and Ferb

This shouldn't EVER be on this list, it's actually one of the Top 25 WORST kids shows of ALL TIME, The plot is overly repetitive, it's the same thing in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE! Phineas & Ferb invent dangerous things at young ages, which is against the law and dangerous, they could get into trouble with the law and even get hurt, it can make kids do that, which could get them into trouble and hurt themselves, Candace keeps trying to bust them, which is a good thing because of what I said before, but she NEVER GETS WHAT SHE WANTS! The music is alright since it's a kids show and so is the animation, but EVERYTHING ELSE ABOUT IT IS ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE! This show is one of those few that should have been cancelled a long time ago, because of those main reasons as it ran longer than any other show on
Disney Channel. - nelsonerico6

This is the best show ever, you can be 19 and love this show while you can't do that for the rest of them!

It's not the best show, it's one of the worst shows, it's plot is too repetitive, the kids break the rules by making inventions when they're too young, which can teach kids to do that, getting them into trouble and hurting themselves, Candace never gets what she's been wanting, it's just a stupid show that needs to get cancelled. - nelsonerico6

This show isn't that bad at all. - cosmo

It's bad, the same thing happens in every episode and Candace never gets what she wants. - nelsonerico6

Love this show so much

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9Avatar: The Last Airbender

Sure, Fairly Odd Parents and Adventure time are good shows, but in comparison to Avatar The Last Airbender all other shows get blown out of the water. It had likable characters, an interesting plot, the fighting scenes were fantastic, it was amazing in every way. If you have not seen it, this show is an absolute MUST. Sure it might be for kids but I'm pretty sure I can watch this at 40 years old and still love it. This isn't the best kid show, this is one of the best shows period.

If we're judging these on quality, nothing comes close in both plot and production value. This show simply destroys most kids' shows and, in my opinion, is one of the best shows period, regardless of category.

The best show shouldn't be judged on how long it's been airing. This show has comedy, good character development, great plot and a lesson in every episode. No other show can compare.

I don't even watch that show.

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10Teen Titans Go!

WHY IS THIS ON HERE! The old Teen Titans were so so cool. I was raven for Halloween once. This show is making fun of the teen titans. This show is really stupid. It's all about laughing at dumb people, being dumb, and every other episode they get fat or something! This show IS NOT SO COOL. I only watch it when nothing else is on.

When is saw this I thought "oh yeah I knew the old TT was on here! " But no. All this show does is make great characters like Raven and others look like jerks! I don't even feel like they are fighting, if you watch the dodgeball episode then you see they don't even fight for the trophy (did I forget to mention they already had it? ). And going back to the good characters looking like douches thing, Raven and Starfire had to sit out because Raven was too ruff and Starfire was too dumb.

Why is this show even here!? This show makes the original Teen Titans look really bad! So, whoever said "Watch watch watch! ", Teen Titans Go! Should die die die!

I hate the one who put Teen Titans Go!. This show is great is WAY better than the original

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Pokemon is like a bunch of other shows, it started out good, but then became plain boring.

Seasons 1-5 were the best! Creative characters, loads of adventures, and clean comedy. That's what made it so good.

Seasons 6-9 these seasons were amazing. Sure they can't top the original but I still like it because it kept the special feeling.

Seasons 10-13 the four seasons were pretty good but not down right cool. I was mostly interested by Ash's rivalry with Paul and the fact that Brock was still there.

Seasons 14-16 awful. The characters were unoriginal, the plot was simple, and the comedy was meh.

Seasons 17 and 18 I stopped watching it. These seasons made Pokemon really hard to watch, epsically if you're in poke shipping. Not only that, but the series became predictable after season 13. Not only that but Ash's new voice actress became annoying. The first one sounded really good and it made Ash sound like a boy. The new one just sounds like a little girl ...more

I recommend people to love it because it seems you can have Pokรฉmon and there are more than 200 Pokรฉmon. And I thought that it was boring when I was 7. But when I was 8 I said to myself why didn't I watched this a long time ago. And now since I am 9 years old I am still interested in Pokรฉmon so YOU BETTER WATCH IT. OR I'M GONNA SPY ON YOU! Because I am a national spy from the Melanie's club. So you better watch out cause I'm coming for you ๐Ÿ˜Ž. Bye you always stay out of trouble and have a wonderful day ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜™๐Ÿ™‹.

Pokemon is great and all but when they took out Brock I was mad I mean he was in the first season if they can take out Brock then they can Ash. Very disappointed at the people who made this decision. :(

Awesome until season 14 - Goatworlds

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12Good Luck Charlie

Good Luck Charlie should be where Spongebob or Phineas and Ferb is. I really wish that show would end already.

It's the only Disney Channel show where the teenagers are "funny stupid" and not "stupid stupid". The parents are actually there unlike all the other Disney Channel shows.

This show wasn't like other Disney Channel shows. It actually taught kids about reality, wow, shocker. Definitely the best live action Disney show by far.

Disney Channel shows these days just have sassy kids and stupid parents.

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13The Backyardigans

I never knew what kind of animal is uniqua. - Andres

Rugrats is better than this!

This show was my childhood! It taught me to say please and thank you and to share in a way with catchy music and fun characters! I recommend this show to parents with young kids!

Backyardigans we are NOT your friends we are enemies forever

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It was really funny! I liked "Flammable" and "Doctor Whose Line Is It Anyway". It ended too early! But maybe the writers ran out of ideas, and maybe it's a good thing that it ended. - Discord

MAD is a really funny show. Too bad it ended in 2013.

This show is stupid because it makes parodies of other shows I like!

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15Courage the Cowardly Dog

Courage in the middle of Chowder and MLP? No thanks. This show was and still is awesome, it may not deserve number 1 because of its dark themes. But this show is gold compared to most of the shows lower then this!

It sort of scares me to watch it with the special Halloween one and all the other creepy ones - bulldogbeast

This show scares me half to death for example the episode 'your not perfect' made kids terrified including me I almost pee my pantds each episode.


For a show that tackles many realistic subjects to be this low is baffling. Arthur can tackle subjects like trauma, dyslexia, and even cancer with maturity for children! If you don't believe me, please go watch the episode "April 9th" or at least a review of it. Trust me, you won't regret it.

Below crap like teletubbies, Dora, Mickey Mouse clubhouse and even Barney?! No way!

It was good back then, but once it became flash animated, it all went downhill, it's not good anymore.

This show is diverse, funny, heartwarming, need I go on?

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17Incredible Crew

This show, I know, really sucked! This was probably the last live-action show on Cartoon Network! The thing is every live-action show that's ever been on Cartoon Network is crap, that's why it gets cancelled! Their name is Cartoon Network, and they're disrespecting their name to make live-action shows!

You Guys Are So Wrong This Show Was Not Awesome At All! I Mean, There's A Reason Why This Show Only Had 13 Episodes. Why? You Might Ask. BECAUSE IT SUCKED!

This show was funny. I can't believe they only made 13 episodes and then canceled it.

They try way too hard to be funny. - kitta3290

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This show is awesome! Please bring our Rugrats back right now!

I love this show so much!
My Top 5 Best Shows:
#3:Adventure Time
#2:Fairly Odd Parents
#1:My Favorite Show Rugrats!
Lets keep on voting for this until it reaches Number 1!

Lets keep on voting for this until it reaches Number 1!

Classic show that I miss - Ajkloth

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Look, I know It was cancelled a long time ago, but I still watch the episodes all the time! It was the mast hilarious show ever!

It is a funny and cool show. I love it for all the cool stuff they have in all the episodes. I love it and watch it every time it comes on in reruns.

This was the dawn of Cartoon Network's death. It sucked and Chowder was very annoying. - Goatworlds

Have A Harvey Beaks/Chowder Crossover Because There Made By The Same Man

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20Thomas & Friends

I love this show ever sense I was a little kid. I love to watch the episodes from the original series and I like how the episodes were recreating the books. I love the show and I will keep it with me for times to come. A good show for kids and if you can, buy the original episodes on DVD for your kid.

I love it! I am one of the biggest fans of Thomas and Friends. Everything associated with it! The characters, merchandise, episodes, everything! It's the best T.V. show in the world!

Ok, ok. I know trains can't actually talk. But it's based on an entire book series called the Railway Series featuring additional characters like Wilbert, Pip, Emma, Albert and Spamcan (which itself was based in real live British Rail happenings). And some of the narrators have been Ringo Starr (drummer in the Beatles) and Pierce Brosnan (one of the people who played as James Bond). This show is so good that even grumpy old Dad likes it! It should DEFINITELY, DEFINITELY have been #1. This show is unbeatable. This and Tickety Toc have nothing at all bad about them. I loved it ever since I was born and I am 9 in a half now and still like it!

I loved this show when I was a kid. I was Thomas every Halloween.

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