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The Top Ten

Spongebob Squarepants
This should number one for so many more reasons:
1. It's been on longer than fairly oddparents and it's still going on with new episodes still coming.
2. The entire family can watch not just the kids.
3. It's way funnier than fairly oddparents
Over all is the best T.V. show there could be for children. There is no other T.V. show like it. It is a unique, funny show.
Not anymore, It was good until 2004 after Movie 1, SpongeBob almost always tortures Squidward, SpongeBob killed animals, Gross scenes appear, Plankton attempted suicide, and the plot is getting more retarded, it's not good for kids anymore and should not be on the list.


Only watch seasons 1-4 plus the first (key-word: FIRST) movie. Everything after that is rubbish.

2The Fairly OddParents
The Fairly OddParents was one of the best cartoons good until 2009, when Cosmo gave birth to Poof, a baby fairy, after that, there weren't enough ideas from the writers to make much more good episodes, and then it went down the bin.
What I hate baby looney tunes they work like school its educational and not looney but this its so good I hope there will be more than only 8 seasons and more characters


I can't believe this show is lower then good luck charlie it makes me so angry to see this show is lower then it needs to be like the the heck FOP needs to be higher

3Regular Show
Okay, I agree with the top ten, but that's pretty much it. Why is Jessie on here and above shows like Danny Phantom? Also, to the guy who made this list, you are missing one show that should be in the top ten, and that's the show that got screwed by its channel, Nickelodeon. That show is "Invader Zim", an awesome show that sadly only had one and a half seasons on Nick. For those who haven't seen it, it is kind of like the dark/insane version of Gravity Falls. it's awesome. For those who agree with me and have seen the show, GO HOME AND SHAVE YOUR GIANT HEAD OF SMELL WITH YOUR BAD SELF!
Everything above this is pretty much junk. I honestly don't know why I like this show so much but I think it has something to do with the characters. This should be in the top ten at least. I could watch this for hours.
Not appropriate for kids, there is gross humor, potty language & violence.
This show is stupid that's why I like it
[Newest]Tells you that if you imagine anything it will end up being epic

4Gravity Falls
This is an excellent show withe great humor, animation, music, and atmosphere. I really feel like I'm in a small town in Organ! The characters are excellent, mainly the 2 main characters. Despite being pre-teens, they act quite childish and friendly, which isn't a bad thing. Because of they're younger nature, they are more accepting, positive, and forgiving, not like realistic pre-teens who are grouchy, rude, and disrespectful, and besides, those traits belong to other characters, so many, I won't even mention their names. While Dipper and Mabel are already great (Mabel is the most relatable character to me from a T.V. show or movie since Luna Lovegood), Wendy takes the cake as the BEST character. Not only is she just as kind hearted and fun-loving as Dipper and Mabel, but she's 3 years their senior. Wendy is the prime example of what a teenager SHOULD be, but isn't: not embarrassed by hanging out with those younger than her, kind, fun-loving, goofy-yet-mature, hates drama, has a good relationship with her family, doesn't try to be skimpy with her clothes, accepts the fact Dipper has a crush on her, and has a job. I have never seen a more perfect interpretation of a teenager, neither have I seen one more unrealistic. But it SHOULD be realistic. This is by far the best cartoon I've ever seen. I only came across it because I looked up "secrets in kid shows" on YouTube and clicked on the wrong video. I strongly recommend this to ANYBODY who is alive. I swear, you won't regret it!
This is one of my favorite shows of all time. For a Disney show, it has very memorable characters and amazing plot line. Vote for this if you have any taste in what you watch.


This show is way better than that idiot cartoon known as "Phineas and Ferb"! I love Gravity Falls, and a lot of people do.
[Newest]This show is amazing

5Adventure Time
Oh little lemon hope throw me a lemon rope
Best why is this not in top three!
It has an actual story plot that changes. After 13 years spongbob is still living in a pineapple, still working at the rusty crab, and still doing the same things! Adventure time actually has a story plot that is interesting.
Thank you! Adventure Time doesn't ruin attention spans. It teaches kids about character development and a real story. Also, the Rusty Krab :-D

6The Amazing World of Gumball
Coming from the opinion of an actual kid, I think this show is so awesome!
I love this show! It's funny and I love all of the different creative characters! This show is awesome and should be in the top three! You have to watch it.
I like the show. It is fun and creative. I wish that all the other people that hate the show give is some credit for something they like.
[Newest]An AWESOME show, it isn't completely ruined by Cartoon Network's mission to make everything funny. Its both serious and funny, an the characters are weird and unique. A truly great show

7Phineas and Ferb
This is the best show ever, you can be 19 and love this show while you can't do that for the rest of them!
If you think kids can't make super inventions think again
This show isn't that bad at all.


8Tom and Jerry
That show is so cute.
This show is extremely funny I use to watch it when I was 6 and I still do.
Cat vs mouse who will win
Ain't it oviouse.

Pokemon is great and all but when they took out Brock I was mad I mean he was in the first season if they can take out Brock then they can Ash. Very disappointed at the people who made this decision. :(
I used to love this show but somewhere after series 5 something just went wrong. I don't watch it anymore and rather try to remember the good things about the show.
This show sucks and teaches kids that it's ok to trap animals. The characters have no personality and it ended the era for Warner Brothers Television Animation.


[Newest]That is a video game not a show

10Avatar: The Last Airbender
If we're judging these on quality, nothing comes close in both plot and production value. This show simply destroys most kids' shows and, in my opinion, is one of the best shows period, regardless of category.
The best show shouldn't be judged on how long it's been airing. This show has comedy, good character development, great plot and a lesson in every episode. No other show can compare.
This show is hilarious! Definitely #1. It's something all ages can watch and enjoy, plus the story is hilarious too.

The Contenders

11The Backyardigans
I never knew what kind of animal is uniqua.


Rugrats is better than this!
The above are all junk. These shows have REALLY good and sophisticated plots, and the music is so good that adults would want to listen to it if the lyrics were changed.
[Newest]I think it's so dumb! I will never watch it again!

12Teen Titans Go!
If this is not your vote, as well as having a bad taste, you mightn't wanna go to Jump City. We are awesome so vote for us!
How is this at 74th Place? This show is probably the best of it's kind.
Why is this show even here!? This show makes the original Teen Titans look really bad! So, whoever said "Watch watch watch! ", Teen Titans Go! Should die die die!

13Courage the Cowardly Dog
Courage in the middle of Chowder and MLP? No thanks. This show was and still is awesome, it may not deserve number 1 because of its dark themes. But this show is gold compared to most of the shows lower then this!

14Good Luck Charlie
Good Luck Charlie should be where Spongebob or Phineas and Ferb is. I really wish that show would end already.
Amazing show don't want it too end
It teaches you life lessons on each show. It is funny and great to watch.

15Baby Looney Tunes
This show is for babies.

MAD is a really funny show. Too bad it ended in 2013.

This should have been number one! 48 years running and probably will run for 100 more years. One of the best shows of all time and my tied for number one favorite. Show (The Big Bang Theory and My Name Is Earl)
A gang that solve monster mysteries and have a talking dog called scooby doo.
My child hood show I have all the New Scooby Doo movies

18Incredible Crew
This show, I know, really sucked! This was probably the last live-action show on Cartoon Network! The thing is every live-action show that's ever been on Cartoon Network is crap, that's why it gets cancelled! Their name is Cartoon Network, and they're disrespecting their name to make live-action shows!
This show was funny. I can't believe they only made 13 episodes and then canceled it.
I loved this show. they ended because they ran out of ideas and the actors and actresses got humiliated
[Newest]Am I the only person who still watches this show? 😝

19The Powerpuff Girls
The Powerpuff girls is a great show. It makes me laugh. The characters are lovable and the story line is great! I love all the characters, but Bubbles is awesome. You must watch the Powerpuff girls. Even though its about girls, boys will love it too.
The Powerpuff Girls totally rock. I love them all and I'm like 15 now.
Wait. How is this lower than Dora?


Below crap like teletubbies, Dora, Mickey Mouse clubhouse and even Barney?! No way!
Arthur is a BAD show! And everyone acts like this show is SO cool but it's not!
It needs to be up

21Blue's Clues
I wonder why so many people hate Joe! While I did like Steve better, like most people, I also liked Joe
Steve was better than Joe.


Blues clues is my all time favorite!

22My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Hey, mrstupidface, this show is for kids. If you think this show is stupid, then how do you know it is? Do you watch it? Because you don't really know something until you actually experience it. Plus, I think you are wrong. I heard people watching this show changed their lives. They were taught something. Sure, you might find me sounding like an idiot, but what I'm saying, is that, you shouldn't judge people what they like. Sure, this might be weird, but, oh well, they like what they like. You may think what you want, but there's no way you can intimidate these "bronies" and try to end the series.


This show changed my life. I love all bronies and fans and creators of this show.
This show sucks. The Bronies are just creepy idiotic perverts who want to have sex with horses. This show sucks just like the animation and characters. I can't wait for this awful show to finally end so we don't have to hear "bronies for life" anymore.


[Newest]This show should get lower! Its not the best!

23Thomas & Friends
I love this show ever sense I was a little kid. I love to watch the episodes from the original series and I like how the episodes were recreating the books. I love the show and I will keep it with me for times to come. A good show for kids and if you can, buy the original episodes on DVD for your kid.
I love it! I am one of the biggest fans of Thomas and Friends. Everything associated with it! The characters, merchandise, episodes, everything! It's the best T.V. show in the world!
Ok, ok. I know trains can't actually talk. But it's based on an entire book series called the Railway Series featuring additional characters like Wilbert, Pip, Emma, Albert and Spamcan (which itself was based in real live British Rail happenings). And some of the narrators have been Ringo Starr (drummer in the Beatles) and Pierce Brosnan (one of the people who played as James Bond). This show is so good that even grumpy old Dad likes it! It should DEFINITELY, DEFINITELY have been #1. This show is unbeatable. This and Tickety Toc have nothing at all bad about them. I loved it ever since I was born and I am 9 in a half now and still like it!

24Sesame Street
I remember they had a segment in one episode called 'Preschool Musical', as opposed to 'High School Musical'. And the gang! From Big Bird & Snuffy being the stars of the show to Oscar's sarcasm about liking being sad and what have you, it's a fantastic show! You know what it used to be called? Television for Preschool Children'.


I'm 12 and I still laugh at this show! The puppet work is awesome, the characters are downright memorable, and the show itself is just plain genius! It's not as good today, but in it's early years, it was simply remarkable!
Best show ever. Teaches children gentleness, acceptance and kindness. Also encourage children to learn and love learning.
[Newest]Sesame Street is what a kids show should be. I need to see this in the top ten.


25Drake & Josh
I love drake and josh it should be in the top 10
See life of 2 funny step brothers with an sister who mess them up.

26Power Rangers Super Megaforce
Way too violent for kids.
This ain't a kid show it has a lot of violence
Awesome awesome awesome power puff girl should be last forever
[Newest]This show is danger!

Look, I know It was cancelled a long time ago, but I still watch the episodes all the time! It was the mast hilarious show ever!
It is a funny and cool show. I love it for all the cool stuff they have in all the episodes. I love it and watch it every time it comes on in reruns.
This is food funny!
[Newest]I love you chowder

28Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
How in the world is this 38!
They side by side like Nazis

29Sam & Cat
I hate this show and I am happy that they are cancelling it. Nick should have more cartoon show than crud like this.
Sam is a bad influence though
It should
Of been #3
[Newest]This show is is a hit love it you guys who think its bad you guys are suckers
There's no plot, it's just Sam & Cat babysitting idiots and torturing them for no reason, it was too immature and not funny, what happened to Nickelodeon?


30Zoey 101
That show is amazing


Zoey 101 is the best show ever!

31Rocko's Modern Life
Not exactly much of a kids' show, but it is an obscenely good show.
It's been said time and time again that this show is more for adults than kids.


Too good of a show for kids but still a kids show

32Dragon Ball Z Kai
This show is WAY too violent for kids even though it's a cartoon.

Jessie is the best show ever! The laugh track isn't overly used, the jokes are really funny, and the characters are awesome. I especially love Jessie (Debby Ryan) and Luke (Cameron Boyce). If this show was cancelled, I would stop watching Disney Channel forever.
This is one of the worst shows ever, and there are many reasons

1) Debby Ryan was good in the Suite Life on Deck, but in this show, she isn't.
2) All the characters are annoying and not funny!
3) This show should get cancelled because it's a fail!
And finally 4) Jessie is not even funny! She's stupid!
Jessie shows you not to do when you are baby sitting.
Also entertaining.
[Newest]Why is it not higher? It gives life lesson and their is comic relief! Vote for it. Vote for it.
It's racist and gives you dumb lessons compared to good shows like That's So Raven and Wizards of Waverly Place.

34Pair of Kings
Pair of Kings was good until Adam Hicks starred.

35Danny Phantom
This was one of the greatest shows Nickelodeon has ever made.

This show is awesome! Please bring our Rugrats back right now!
Lets keep on voting for this until it reaches Number 1!
I love this show so much!
My Top 5 Best Shows:
#3:Adventure Time
#2:Fairly Odd Parents
#1:My Favorite Show Rugrats!
Lets keep on voting for this until it reaches Number 1!

37Power Rangers RPM
Why is this not in the top 10. WHY IS IT NOT FIRST PLACE. PUT IT IN THE TOP TEN NOW


38Wonder Pets
What the hell is this doing on the list?! This show is stupid and annoying! Sesame Street is better than this, get this off the list now! Oh, you like it, huh? Okay! But I find the singing annoying and I don't care if your sister likes it! GET THIS OFF!
Remember the Beatles we all live in a yellow submarine...
This show is stupid! It even insulted The Beatles!

39Wizards of Waverly Place
A family of wizards and they learn spells. Alex russo is determined to be the family wizard. Watch it!
Used to be my favorite
In my top 20 at least.

40Inazuma Eleven

41Bob the Builder
Bob the Builder sucks. Like everyone I know hates it.


I hate it. Post some replies if you agree.


Bob The Builder is great for all ages


This show rocks, the classic one was anyway. The new one isn't that good to be honest but long live the classics.

43Tickety Toc
There's a very special shop, with a very special clock, and here's Tommy and Tallulah with their very special job! (ticktock, ticktock, tickety toc) No matter what they're doing they must always find their time to be back inside and ready or the clock will never chime. But when they're done, it's time for fun! Tickety Toc, where's your favourite place to be, Tickety Toc, there's things to do and friends to see. We're watching the clock, as time gopes by so quick-ely, Tickety Toc, it's easy peasy! I spy with my little eye something beginning with P, it's ticktock ticktock ticktock tick, Tickety Toc!
Tommy is sweet and awesome, and Tallulah is the more wise and creative half of the duo of kids! Mum likes the old-fashioned furniture in their home, the Clockhouse. I even have fan characters like Keith and Rosie!
They must have miserable lives, doing the ecsact same thing at a certain time. Shouldn't be blist
Not the exact same thing like you say, they do some different things.


44Doc McStuffins
Especially the episode titled The Doctor Will See You Now!
I love the character Declan! He RULES 4 EVERR!

45The Penguins of Madagascar
Madagascar sucks. But this rocks!

46Lazy Town
Higgest selling tv show of all time

I hate it! Take it off!

47Tenkai Knights

48The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!
Best show ever I mean they finally made a show they always make video games

49Angry Birds Toons
Needs to go on T.V. all the time


50Sanjay and Craig
Who put this crap on the list!? This is a Nickelodeon Regular Show ripoff! Take this outta here!
Again. not the best but not the worst
B e s t show ever

51The Simpsons
I am completely baffled as to why this show would appear in a list of children's shows. This is definitely not a show for children, unless you consider the word "children" to mean people over the age of 14. This show has many adult themes in each episode. I know, I'm an adult.
This isn't a Christmas show


Ain't a kid show get it in your thick head unless you say the h and d word and b and a word kid words then you're correct

52PB&J Otter

53Wow Wow Wubbzy!
This show was made for kids. If you think this is stupid, then you're always watching this show. Get your ignorant asses of your computers, and kill yourself, because who ever hates on this, this was made for kids, not mentally retarded 13 year olds.


Remove this from the list! NOW!
Hey this show is stupid!

54A.N.T. Farm
This show suck and has no thing of being on this show. It is stupid and remove it from this list or make it number 100. this show is the worst thing to come from Disney Channel.
I like lexies friend paisley

55The Suite Life of Zack & Cody
Inappropriate for anyone under 9, talks too much about sex.

56Ni Hao, Kai-Lan
Really why is this even on here

57Angela Anaconda
Angela is funny and a born leader, G8ina is hilariously hungry all the time, Gordy is artistic, sensetive, sweet, creative and, well, MY SOULMATE, and Johnny is well, dumb but is Angela's boyfriend. Watch it on YouTube and be impressed. Disney was horrid to make it retire!
NOTE: These characters 8I mentioned above are human schoolchildren, not actal anacondas.

58Bananas in Pyjamas
This show appealed to me unlike the original, even though I always thought bananas tasted grainy. Love the new characters (Topsy the kangaroo, Bernard the dog etc. )!
Love the CGI version!

59Hey Arnold!
Why isn't this higher :( Hey Arnold is too awesome! It's SO REALISTIC!
Arnold is always so helpful to all of his friends and this show is hilarious

60Sonic X
My 3rd best game show of all time good actors good battles no rip offs like 1st one will the 1st one was great but this one

61Shake It Up
Teenage dance show about two best friends called rocky and cece and they are on a dance show together.

62The Mr. Men Show
Not as good as the original Mr. Men, but entertaining.

Literally THE best kid's show EVER!



65Ben 10


67Lab Rats
Worst action show in disney history.

68Lilo & Stitch: The Series

69Friday Download
This show is amazing!
Recently made its own award for teen choice.
Won a children's bafta.
The presenters are nice and funny.
And the amount of celebrities they have had on the show (jb, 1d, katy perry, little mix, the avengers cast, Sam and cat cast.)

70Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Oh, why is THIS here?! This show took EVERYTHING I loved about Mickey Mouse and RUINED it! DIE, DIE! BURNED WITH FIRE!
At least it isn't as bad as that new Disney remake, with that one episode where it's literally about stripping in public. Complete utter rubbish
Disney Junior just wants to Make Mickey Mouse a BABYS show. I hate Disney Jr so much. I want it to end. It takes EVERYTHING you love about the show.


Its the mickey mouse clubhouse solve some mysteries with mickey and friends.
[Newest]I like the old one WAY WAY WAY better.


71Berenstain Bears
It's a ripoff of bobby braw

72Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
No more of this, she is a thing in the past.

73Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

I love victorious because she has a beautiful, gentle voice
It was a good show until the violence in a few episodes, but it got cancelled.


75My Life as a Teenage Robot

This show is awesome I love it! If it could come back on TY that would be awesome I just don't understand why they would take it down from T.V.. I am a big fan of icarly. Me and my sister would watch it all day every day and my sister watched it so much because her name is Carly I just want to see it again
You need mental help, the characters are mentally ill and there's no plot, the lessons learned on this show are how to hurt other people's lives, it's mean and it's a stupid show.
I love I Carly it make me wet the pants

77Kickin' It
I think this is a great show it shows kids how cool is karate it made me inspired to do karate. 5 kids with 5 different personalities. Kim, Jack, Jerry, Milton and Eddie. Please check out an episode of this show yourself, You'll love it! I do.
Love the show! Accept Eddie, Kim, And a bunch of other characters were cut I think :/

Recess is so great. I like Spinelli :3

79Make Way for Noddy

80Johnny Bravo

81My Friends Tigger & Pooh
Hey it's not on air anymore

82The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

83Wild Kratts
This is about real creatures, its educational, and I still watch it! It tells you a lot you don't know, chris and martin are real people but there cartoon isn't! I still love that show!
This show sucks its boring, lame and putrid it shouldn't even be last!

84The Ren & Stimpy Show
Its funny when Ren says "Stimpy! You Idoit! "

85Tracy Beaker Returns
Seriously... If this was shown in America and not only the UK... "
They won a childrens bafta awards.
Two of the actors/actresses were nominated for a childrens bafta.
And one won the award.

86Austin & Ally
Why is this here? Austin & Ally is one of the worst T.V. shows of all time, in the Top 20, It used to be about music, but badly done music with bad singing, but now it got worse by paving the way into the love triangle scenes, it's just such an ABOMINATION! If ANYONE loves Austin & Ally, Then they need to get checked.
Great show though I would do
1. Austin and ally
2. Good luck Charlie
3 jessie
It's just a stupid show with no plot whatsoever besides music, and yet the show went downhill with the love triangles, if you love Austin & Ally, then you need a check up.
Best show ever nothing can top it can't wait till kissing scene
Worst musical dramedy in history, now it's about romance and there's very little singing and it's bad singing, Austin will get in a lot of trouble with the police one day.

87Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness
I liked the first two movies that they made, but this was such a horrible show!

88Johnny Test
My (sort of) identical friend who likes the same as me loves this, I hate it!
This show is retarded. Why is it on here?

It is so funny!


90Dragon Ball
Every likes dragon ball good actors good battles it's a baby whos cool funny yea

91Clifford the Big Red Dog



94The Flintstones
Number 1show I've seen 55 episodes and have the book this is my hair

95Dragon Ball GT

96Horrid Henry
Theme Song : It's not fair! When mum and dad nag nag,
Stand up straight don't be rude

It's so not fair
Because the killer boys rats knows,
School stinks
Kids rule

So when they send you to your room
You sing a little tune,
You sing:

Nah nah ne nah nah!
Nah nah nah ne nah!
Nah nah nah!

Nah nah ne nah nah!
Nah nah nah ne nah!
Nah nah nah ne nah nah
About a horrid boy called henry. With his perfect little brother called peter and there mean parents
It's my childhood and it's one of the best kids shows out there.

I loved this show! I wish they can bring it back. I always thought Todd and the red pigtailed girl were cute together

98Full House
I love this T.V. show. It teaches positive messages. Icarly, victorious, big time rush, and Sam and Cat have nothing on this show.
There's laugh tracks on all of those shows you watched, even Full House, which makes the show suck.

99Super Mario World


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