Best Luke Bryan Songs


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That's My Kind of Night
Luke Brian you rock
That is a awesome song! Keep singing and be cute!
This is a very good song! Love ya, Luke!

2Country Girl (Shake It For Me)
Again it's me Goldie Henson I forgot to tell you something. My favourite song is country girl shake it for me
I must agree, it's his best one EVER! Not to mention when he's on stage shakin' his ass!
[Newest]It is a really good song! (I am a big fan)

3Dirt Road Diary

4Rain Is a Good Thing
Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey, whiskey makes my baby feel a little frisky! Love Luke Bryan
This song is my least favorite song out of all luke bryan songs

5Blood Brothers

6We Rode In Trucks

7Been There, Done That

8Drunk On You
I love this song, so much.
Girl I'm a little drunk on you
And high on summer time! This song speaks to me... ;D

9Muckalee Creek Water

10You Don't Know Jack

The Contenders

11Crash My Party
One of my favourites, I listen to it constantly ~!

12Drink a Beer
Love this song! The lyrics are so well written!

13Play It Again
This song will get stuck in your head and will have you singing it over and over again. Love it!

14You Make Me Want To

15I Don't Want This Night to End
Luke Bryan is an amazing singer! Love this song its the best!

I ABSOLOUETLY LOVE LUKE BRYAN! This song makes me feel cool, like I am all that and a bag of chips! Laugh out loud

16First Love Song

17I'll Stay Me

18Pray About Everything

19Do I
Quite possibly still my very favorite country song! Believe me it's good!

20Baby's On the Way

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