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1 Don't Hold Your Breath

Best song EVER! Nicole is one of the most talented singers out there and this song couldn't say it more! Not to mention the pivotal beat that is just infectious. You can't hear this song without getting drawn into the moment and swept away with the emotions. BEST SONG EVER!

This song is AMAZING it make me feel so much better about everything, she is a great singer and very talented, I love everything about this song! And Nicole scherzinger, such a beautiful woman, and great heart, very catchy, love you nicole

A good song from her... I don't think any other song of her is better than this song... Must be voted as the best one up!

2 Right There

Nope. How is this number 1? This is one of her worst songs! I still like the song, it's a fun summer song, but songs like this do nothing for her voice, it's like a rihanna b-side! Same goes for don't hold your breath! Her unreleased songs and songs that aren't as well-known are so much better!

I love all her songs but this song is specaial to me because it is the reaosn me and one of my best friends became besties because we were in love with this song and sang it together all the time. My best friend is one of the best presents I could have and its all thanks to you Nicole so thank you so much and keep smiling.

This song is struck in my head from months can't let it go off, feel like dancing to it all the time I hear and all the remixes of the song are very good simply in love with this song and nichole... Want more such songs from you michole love ya

3 Run

This song SHOULD be at the same level of mass popularity as Beyoncé's "Halo", but due to poor promotion on behalf her label it has yet to even chart in the US (despite being released here)! Please come back Nicole, the UK has had you long enough now. America needs you to remind us what it means to be a singer! Just listen to it and you'll understand why I'm Stanning like crazy here. If you are not moved to the depths of your soul, then you probably don't have one!

Best nicole song so far.. The way she sings it with such powerful voice even during live concerts.. Best song..

4 Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)

Her best song for me. She is so good in singing. I love this song more than poison song and right there song. She is way better than other singers.

Awesome song I'm a big fan of nicole scherzinger and I'm also a big fan of the pussicatdolls! I listen to her songs and the pcd songs all the time

Jai Ho! Is a brilliant song! I absolutely love it, the singing, dancing, the outfits, everything about the video was just perfect! Love Nicole Scherzinger! :D x

5 Poison

It's really a great song.
Background music is just awesome.

6 Wet

Good beat with excellent and suggestive lyrics. One of Scherzinger's stronger songs off her album. Shame it wasn't highly promoted.

Amazing moves, perfect beat, beautiful nicole.

7 Try With Me

I love the mix ballad-dance song. This deserves the #1, one of her best songs.
Why on this chart on the top positions are only duets with other artists?
She made a solo album GUYS!

8 Somebody to Love
9 Psycho

Amazing vocals! She needs to always sing like this...not that pop stuff...right there is number one on this list? How sad! Her most generic songs and the songs that don't even show her voice are at the top of the list!

The best of the best! Should be number 1 honestly, not don't hold your breath or right there.

10 Casualty

Why is right there number 1? Right There sounds like a rihanna song (rihanna sucks! )

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11 Amenjena
12 Heartbeat

Enrique And Scherzinger has set this song on fire with their style and beautiful voices. They together are a dream couple

The best song ever

13 God of War
14 Boomerang

Super positive vibe from this song!

I like her very much

15 Big Fat Lie
16 Metamorphosis

Definitely one of her best produced songs. Too bad record producers don't usually give her songs this good in quality and instead seem to compose her albums of songs that other artists turned down.

17 Baby Love

Good song, but the "part 2" version is so much better vocally!

18 Cold

Put this song a bit higher! Would you?

Oh come on! Get this up for God's sake!

No better song than this to describe the feeling of a lost love

19 Heartbreaker
20 One More Shot
21 Winning Women

Super Duper Awesome Song and that too is with rihanna! Both are my favourite singers and the song is fantastic and their is no doubt about it and it should be at no. 1 and Wet and Baby Love must be in top 5 at least!

22 Girl With a Diamond Heart
23 Come to Me
24 On the Rocks
25 Part of Me
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