Top 10 Best Pink Floyd Concerts

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1 Pulse (1994)

The Philadelphia Pulse concert, was totally without a doubt the best concert I have ever experienced. I look forward to the day (night) I can have that experience again. The Gdansk CD is awesome too, simply love it.

The greatest live concert anyone has ever held! If Pink Floyd was not the best live band in the history of rock, they are sure as hell on top 2!

Comfortably Numb has met its absolute best form in this live performance. The greatest performance for Pink Floyd, definitely.

2 Live in Pompeii (1972)

Echoes 5/5, Careful with that axe, Eugene 5/5, A saucerful of secrets 5/5, One of these days 5/5, Set the controls for the heart of the sun 4,5/5 and a instrumental version of Seamus 3/5.. Great concert.

A live show in the ruins of a ancient roman city with no audience. so no screaming girls! Hurray! You can finaly enjoy a live show without people holloring.

A great concert

3 The Dark Side of the Moon 1972 Tour (1972)

I was at the Civic Arena for this. Right before intermission, they used some pyrotechnics and the arena was full of smoke. As they came back out for the second set, the Arena's roof began to open (it was designed like an astronomy observatory), Pittsburgh's magnificent skyline came into view, and all the smoke started swirling out of the arena as the band started playing "Breathe! "

A concert that played dark side of the moon as well as Pink Floyd earlier hits such as echoes and set the controls for the heart of the sun.

I guess the Civic Arena gig was in '73, after the album was released. They played the Syria Mosgue in '72 I think.

4 The Wall Tour (1980)

Come on, why is this not No. 1? This was amazing!

5 Live 8 (2005)

Great concert and was lucky enough to be there, roger was the heart and David was the soul of some of my favourite tracks and to hear them both perform with Nick and Rick will stay with me forever... Particularly the perfect rendition of Comfortably Numb

Very great show, because all members of the Pink Floyd were on the stage. But I think the show could have been longer. I would have liked to hear songs, Another Brick In The Wall (pt.2), Run Like Hell, Learning To Fly, Time, Hey You, and Shine On Your Crazy Diamond

Live 8 is great show, but too short. Perfect concert an every ways. I wish I were there. I would liked to hear songs Pigs, Echoes and Nile song

6 A Momentary Lapse of Reason Tour (Delicate Sound of Thunder) (1987)

This should be in the top 5 at least. The Delicate Sound contains the best live version of Comfortably Numb with Wright on lead vocals with Gilmour. Plus it is much heavier.

First tour without roger waters. plays Pink Floyd hits as well as some track from their new album.

Money and Comfortably numb's best versions are on thin record!

7 Live in Gdansk (Only David Gilmour and Rick Wright) (2008)

This is rick wrights last concert before he dies. plays a lot great Pink Floyd tunes as well as gilmour solo work.

8 In the Flesh Tour (1977)

Raw, visceral and some blistering guitar work from Gilmour. The cracks are starting to appear but they still perform as a unit and for the last time improvise, listen to Pigs (Three Different Ones)as a fine example.

The little pig got loose and when it blew up, they had too much gas in it(they were experimenting with a new mixture). They explosion was outrageous. The entire show was the greatest spectacle ever.

The band tours wish you were here and animals.

9 Atom Heart Mother Tour (1970)
10 England Winter Tour (1974)

It should be the best just for the moment they were going through, as they were making the best productions and still very unified as a band. Complete understanding between the performers and showing why they were mavericks in live synth usage (Richard Wright is just relentless). One of the best performances is in empire pool wembley, might be the best live show ever recorded, with a fiery and epic setlist (Shine on you, Sheep and Dogs (1st version, I rather this version of Dogs than the studio one) the whole DSOTM and a wonderful Echoes as encore).

The legendary concert includes from a full version Shine On, to an early Sheep and Dogs, and their most outstanding version of DSoTM, by far. And an amazing echoes encore. (November 14, 15, 16 in Wembley)

Shine On, Sheep, Dogs, the whole Dark Side, and Echoes. Nothing beats.

The Contenders
11 A Saucerful of Secrets Tour (1968)

The band tours saucerful of secrets.

12 Oakland, California (1977)

One of the best concerts

13 Wembley Dark Side Tour (1974)

Great live alblum, check out this version of Any Color You Like, thank me later.

14 Montreux (1971)
15 Venice (1986)
16 Milwaukee County Stadium (1975)
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