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1Morteza Pashaei

Morteza pashaei is the best for ever

I want to kiss morteza I miss you. Where are you?

Morteza sang with the pain from cancer and chemotherapy to his last breath, on stage and off stage. He passed away but his amazing melodies are left behind, nothing but love and memory as the best singer of Asia. when a few million people show up at your funeral that means you are the best. HE WAS THE BEST.

Morteza isn't the best but shadmehr aghili best for ever

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2HariharanHariharan is an Indian playback singer who has sung for Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Gujarati and Rajasthani films, an established and foremost ghazal singer and composer, and one of the pioneers of Indian fusion music . In 2004, he was honoured with the Padma more.

The most versatile legendary singer of this era...

He has got the most unique magical magnetic voice as well as fabulous unique singing styles...
He has got voice variations from the softest voice to bass voice...
He has recorded huge number of super hit songs in all of the best genres from North India to South India...
He has been the most trusted singer among the music maestros...
He is a Singing Icon...
He has associated with almost all the music legends. He is only the second Indian singer to sing a Sinhala song after Asha Bhonsle...

He is the legend of Indian music...

Just amazing

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3Erik Santos

Despite his popularity, he manage to stay humble and he is a man with good heart. This person rocks my world.

His amazing voice will conquer your heart and mind..If you hear his voice its like you're in his song's story movie..His looks and talent will capture your heart not to mention also his awesome heart

I envy erik santos' vocal power! I've seen him performed live in concerts & I can say that his craft in music is beyond perfect!

Great singer

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4Jed Madela

He has brought pride and honor for not only the Philippines but the whole of Asia by being the first ASIAN to be inducted into the Prestigious Performing Arts Hall of Fame in Hollywood California, USA. He is a multi awarded world champion...a singer's singer. Check him out on Youtube so you'll know why he should top this list!

He is the most versatile male singer in the industry today whose angelic voice could adopt to any genre..he is the only performer I have encountered who could sing pop, broadway, gospel, r and b, even rock with ease and great flexibility that no other singer could accomplish. The power and range of his voice is simply astounding!

Quality of his voice is unmatched! Innate musicality, matched with amazing voice that effortlessly soars through high notes! So far one of the best voice I've heard!

Its very bad I hate you

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5Christian Bautista

He is the best in Asia. He sings with all his emotions and he is a total package. Christian Bautista should be in number one!

He is not only known in the Philippines but also across Asia like in Indonesia. He is also in the cast of the award winning show THE KITCHEN MUSICAL

Totally stunning.. I can't say anything more that he was a great and a professional singer. Voice was really unique unlike the others.

He is so good that you can't help but fall in love with his voice

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6Martin Nievera

I like his song "i'll be there".. It's really emotional..

7Atif Aslam

He is the best.. I don't understand a heck still I can feel his songs... His voice is just amazing

Greatest singer of the world... What voice control...

He has his own style... N he got his fame by his own vocals... he dint copy any one... So I think he is the legend... Love you atif...

He such a great singer

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8Kim Hyun Joong

Ofcors kim hyun joong I didn't new hi's a singer till this year but really hi's very talented musician and his voice really melt my hheart and make my days

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9Ogie Alcasid

He is a singer and songwriter..

10Mohammad RafiMohammed Rafi was an Indian playback singer and one of the most popular singers of the Hindi film industry.

Godly voice. You get goosebumps when you listen to him. What a wonderful human being he was. Maestro and a legend.

The most versatile & naturally gifted singer

A versatile singer and the best in the world

No one can match you in world...

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11Mark Bautista

His voice is great for theatres like "the westside story", "miss saigon" etc.

12Sonu Nigam

His voice is a miracle. It mesmerizes anyone who hears it. He has the best voice in the world.

Nobody in this world is as handsome as him.
He gives respect to everyone & never cheat with work. He never do anything illegal.
He is so keen & curious to know all the things. He really works hard &hard but he never stressed out in his life. He is a healthy thinker. He is defined person.

His songs work magic... I just love him.

I love Sonu nigam's song

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13Billy Simpson
14Jagjit SinghV2 Comments
15Jay Chou

Jay Chou is the best musician after 2000. No one can compare with him on the selling of the abulms.

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16K. J. Yesudas

Listen Ahimsa Album by Yesudas. He sings in Sanskrit, English and Latin.
Yesudas sings all most all languages in the world. Greatest Classical and popular song singer. Greatest singer from India.

The Celestial singer Yesudas, he is the best male singer in Asia. God's Voice or God of Music. Living legend.

The 'GAANA GANDHARVAN'. Voice of India, Dr. K.J. yesudas. Love his singing.

There is a mistake in Voting system. Yesudas is very down here? Why? Correct it

17Udit NarayanV1 Comment
18Afgansyah Reza

Best male singer not only in indonesia but in asia

He's good man smart and he still young so he can got big opportunity to grow up

So young but his voice is so... *cannot imagine it by words*

Smooth voice

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19Farzad Farzin

He is the best singer and showman.

He is the Best singer in Iran in Asia and in the world

He's the best Iranian singer..and he has a strong vocal..
He's full energy and great of all time ♡

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He is a very Good,Talented and Versatile Singer as well as he is a very Nice and Good person! His voice is just Perfect and Fabulous...We Indians are always Proud of him and Love & Adore him a lot! And will be always loving him...

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