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61 Narrow Narrow
62 A Shot Across the Bow A Shot Across the Bow

What?!? This song's chorus gets me so pumped! How is this not higher? I love things so it's so good!

So many great things about this song, but the best is by far the chorus.

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63 Somebody That I Used to Know Somebody That I Used to Know

It's a beautiful cover!

This is such an amazing cover! 1,000,000,000x better than the original!

64 Champagne's for Celebrating, i'll Have a Martini Champagne's for Celebrating, i'll Have a Martini

How on eath is this so low? It has such a great story behind it, and the lyrics are absolutely amazing mixed with the oh so talented vocals. - ewwitskaylee

This is an insanely good song.. extremely catchy and just overall great! Should NOT be 56

65 Even Robots Need Blankets Even Robots Need Blankets

This needs to be at least top 20 it is simply amazing

I don't know how this song is so low on the list.

FAVE. Can't believe it's not in the list yet

The best on their new album

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66 The Torment of Existence Weighed Against the Horror of Nonbeing The Torment of Existence Weighed Against the Horror of Nonbeing

My favorite song by them! Just listen to it you'll fall in love with it I swear

Very beautiful song by mayday parade, for me one of the best songs by them

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67 You're Dead Wrong You're Dead Wrong

Such a beautiful song. Can't stop listening to this song. Mayday Parade songs are so great. Close to the classics, indeed. Once you start listening to them, you can't stop.

'And we both know I loved you more' gets me every time. This is a great song, and should definitely be at least in the top ten.

This song is beautiful. So much emotion and that guitar is borderline incredible.

This is such a great song! Deserves to at least be in the top 5

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