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As I Lay Dying
I love a lot of the bands on this list but seriously, this is no contest. Avenged started Metalcore and, I must admit, were pretty damn good at it but yet they are easily a lot better at making their more Heavy Metal styled stuff. I also love Killswitch and again, they are really good. The only problem is that some songs are really really strong whereas others are weak. Then Asking Alexandria too. I love them but compared to As I Lay Dying? No way. Also have Bullet For My Valentine who I love but, although a good band, they don't compare to As I Lay Dying. Plus there's BMTH. Started out as good Deathcore and turned into good Metalcore but yet they suck live and some songs are not the greatest. Trivium too. I actually love these guys so much but yet As I Lay Dying still beat them. On this list I see my 3 favourite Metalcore bands (As I Lay Dying, Trivium, KSE) but yet no one on here is better then As I Lay Dying.

The thing with As I Lay Dying is that with every album they progress, get better. Every album brings something new, a little different. I remember listening to An Ocean Between Us upon its release and it was intense. The song writing on that was amazing. Fast yet melodic, brutal yet beautiful, heavy yet meaningful. It had everything. Amazing riffs (compare any riff by any of the other bands on here to the riffage in The Sound Of Truth and they loose in an instant), brutal growls and screams, harmonic and beautiful cleans, severe in-your-face breakdowns, face-shredding solos and harmonic yet melodic dual guitar work that blew your mind and made you cry tears of joy. Then ever since their last albums just got better and better. Not to mention that their cover of Slayer's War Ensemble and Judas Priest's Electric Eye on the Decas album made me crap gold. Compare them to Trivium's Master of Puppets cover of Bullet's cover of Pantera's Domination and they demolish. These reasons alone is why As I Lay Dying are and probably will be. THE greatest Metalcore band to ever exist.
I think their latest album "Awakened" was the worst. And "The Powerless Rise" wasn't as good as the previous albums. but that's just my opinion
Bullet is my number 2. As I Lay Dying every song, every break down the lyrics everything about this band is amazing. Live they are insane they get the crowd so involed, I've never seen a show like As I Lay Dying. Plus have you heard bullet live? They are garbage. But their albums do kick-ass. Because of the live shows and how much meaning the lyrics have in them AS I LAY DYING is hands down number one on this list
As I lay dying covers the ingredients of their music genre in every way, the dual soloing, the violent breakdowns, Josh Gilbert's clean vocal intervention and yes last but not the least Tim's muscular growling. The coordination of all these pieces even in a short 4 minute ordeal of a song is done so perfectly. As I lay dying forever m/(-_-) m/.
[Newest]They are simply the best.
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2Bullet for My Valentine
Bullet For My Valentine, Trivium, Bring Me The Horizon, Asking Alexandria, Parkway Drive are some of the BEST bands in the modern metal. But Bullet For My Valentine seems to be the most outstanding. Pretty much every aspect of their music is perfect (in my opinion) - the lyrics, the guitar parts, the drum parts, the vocal performance...just everything. Also they are a great live band, which isn't something usual with most of the bands in this genre. Also, they sound pretty unique, original and recognizable, which is another problem for the metalcore bands.

Trivium are another of the quality bands out there. Just listen to some of their songs from 'In Waves' or 'Shogun'. Absolutely great band.

BMTH just... I don't really like the first album (except a few songs), but their other work... Incredible. And every album is better than the previous and shows progress which is great. 'Sempiternal' is my personal most favourite album (so far).

AA are a good band, with quality songs, but the thing is that they are kind of banal, but still their songs are recognizable and way better than the other bands' in this specific genre (crabcore, I think that's how they call it). Awesome band!

Parkway Drive is a band that I've found recently and I'm BLOWN AWAY! No doubt, one of the greatest bands in contemporary metal. Super heavy band, with good lyrics and it's recognizable. SICK GROUP!

...Just Bullet For My Valentine is the band that stands out the most, so I'm putting my vote here. M/

Avenged Sevenfold and Killswitch Engage are good bands as well.
Also While She Sleeps seems to be a good band from the new-coming ones.
SPEECHLESS! how can a band be so mind blowing like them! never have I heard any band performing like them before! just listen them and you will feel why and how they are THE BEST! you will feel what a perfect metal core band is like!
This is the best band. What a powerful scream, fast solo and technical druming. Hey man they are the king and legend of metalcore
[Newest]Bullet for my Valentine are the best live performers in this genre. They use their instruments in a very impressive way.
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3Parkway Drive
Parkway drive is seriously the best metalcore band I know and I listen to all sorts of metalcore. For the first is not B4MV, A7X, Triv, KSE, new BMTH, ADTR, LOG, HB, SS or SF metalcore, sure they all got influences from metalcore but they are not clean metalcore. PWD deserve to be in the top just listing to them I mean Gordon have a real killer blast beat and Luke and Jeff is one of the best guitar duet you can find in the 21 century and Winstons incredible growl style is one of the best in all the Core genre. He could really be a singer in a death metal band. The Albums Horizons, Deep Blue and Atlas are real milestones in the metalcore genre it's hard to find a song that you can't like or just want to mosh to. Especially with songs like Carrion, The Siren's Song, Boneyards, Idols and Anchors, Horizont, Dead Man's Chest, Sleepwalker, Wreckage, Deadweight, Deliver Me, Karma, Home Is For The Heartless, Set To Destroy, Old Ghost / New Regrets, Dream Run, Wild Eyes, Dark Days, The River, Swing and Atlas (Sry take all gods)! And with almost non clean vocals in it PWD are my absolutely favorite band in the metalcore and top 5 in all my genres. Those guys deserve to be on the top! That's It!
This is the BEST band of the 21th century. I thought all metal was becoming dull and the new bands were just using ripoffs of 80s and 90s metal BEFORE I heard PWD. Theses guys are truly in it for the music and have put out 3 albums that have changed my life for the better. Sure you can say someone's better at guitar or drums but Parkway has the best sound in metalcore... END OF STORY.

As I Lay Dying isn't too far behind.
The reason that PWD isn't #1 is because they aren't as popular. Give them a listen! Try and find a song that doesn't kick A. It's impossible. Bullet For My Valentine is good but they are nowhere near the talent of these Aussies.
[Newest]The fact that they have no clean vocals makes them better than the rest
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Best band ever truly amazing riffs and mats killer voice paired with corey's ripping guitar solos make the best metalcore band ever
Great riffs, they remind me of classic heavy metal
[Newest]Love Trivium they're so epic

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5Avenged Sevenfold
When Eddie riggs says in brutal legend that he feels like he was born in the wrong time and he wants to be in a time where music was ancient epicness. This is Avenged Sevenfold The most Legendary band of all time
Rip Rev. the drummer
This band is my favorite! M. Shadows' voice and vocal harmonies are admirable, unique. Synyster's guitar sounds like heaven to my ears. When you combine those two gods with the awesome talent of J. Christ, Zacky Vengeance and the deceased (but forever in our hearts) Jimmy "The REV" Sullivan, this band seriously has no match. All of their cds are GREAT but my favorite so far is City of Evil (that one is truly AMAZING). Nightmare is an awesome album but sadly it reminds us that Sullivan is no longer in the band, although he had his part in it. However, Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater's ex-drummer) did a great job taking Jimmy's place on the album. Avenged Sevenfold should be #1 in this list, although Bullet is a great band also (my second favorite).
One of the best bands on the planet.
Their first albums are good, their last 2 cds are simply fantastic! They surely became one of my favourite bands and their like shows are simply insane!
[Newest]They deserve better position
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6Killswitch Engage
Killswitch Engage are the best ever Melodic Metalcore band ever because lets be honest most Metalcore bands out there are crap. Jesse Leach and Howard Jones are two of the best Metalcore Vocalists ever without ever sounding outdated. I don't know the hell Avenged Sevenfold 2nd despite being top of their game in the past they're not Metalcore now!
KsE really blow away every single band in this top, except maybe As I Lay Dying and A7X, because of their rich musical ability. Come on guys, best metal core riffs ever!
One of very few good metalcore bands (along with Trivum), Killswitch Engage are great.
So much better than garbage like Asking Alexandria or Bring Me The Horizon.
Unlike said bands, Killswitch Engage actually has talented musicians, and make good music.
Alive Or Just Breathing was one of the best metal albums of the 21st century, and probably the best metalcore album of all time.
[Newest]Hands down best metalcore band ever. Their popular songs are amazing. Jesse and Howard should make a new song together.

7Bring Me the Horizon
ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? BMTH is AMAZING. I went through every single band that is on this list and I listened to two or three songs from every band. By far Asking Alexandria and All That Remains are the ONLY bands on this list that are at the level of BMTH. By the way... I cannot believe that Sleeping With Sirens and Peirce The Veil aren't on here... Because if they were they would be right there with BMTH. I feel like ALL ROCK MUSIC has quality to it. ALL ROCK MUSIC is beautiful and unique in it's own way. The question is... What do we find to be music? And I have to say that some of this on here shouldn't even be categorized as music. Therefore, the aspects of quality and beauty do not apply to several of the bands on this list. I have probably pissed off a few people with this comment, but hey, don't take it out on the music. Take a chance with BMTH... You just might be surprised. Favorite Songs By BMTH: Snakes Start To Sing, Antivist, Shadow Moses, and more... Also, don't forget to look up Sleeping With Sirens and Peirce The Veil. :D
1) sleeping with sirens and Pierce the veil aren't metalcore

2) These guys do not contain the same skill level with their instruments as other metalcore bands such as: As I Lay Dying, Trivium, Killswitch Engage, Unearth, or even your precious All That Remains.

3) Their lyrics are extremely generic and sound like every other emo band out there.

4) Their music is actually very unoriginal and uninspired, they're one of those bands that moves into each new trend.

5) These guys could hardly even be considered metal at this point. It takes a lot more than screaming to be a metal band!
Come on guys BMTH rocks! They're the most unique band here. I've never heard similar structure of song. They should be on 2nd 'cause they're awesome. Just listen to Empire or Alligator Blood or even Hospital For Souls, Sleepwalking and Chelsea Smile (These are my favorite songs) And if you want something for chill out listen Deathbeds I promise that you won't be disappointed! VOTE FOR BMTH!
You've never heard similar song structure? You must never have heard any other metalcore band..
Their lyrics have been wonderful insights into life and it's nuances. The sounds from Blessed with a curse were excellent with solid vocals, they're always improving even after disasters and getting great sounds.
[Newest]Acceptable but shouldn't really get any higher they are a great band
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8August Burns Red
To me, August Burns Red makes some of the most beautiful and dynamic music that's out there With multiple instruments that are not specific to the metalcore/hardcore genre, they infuse many genres into their music to make every song a piece of art and not just a number to complete the album. ABR is going where no other band has gone before and they are doing so with excellence. Sure, all of the other bands on this list are great metalcore bands and they all deserve to be in the top 10, no matter what number. But as to ABR, they are the most unique. As every song is unique in itself, some characteristics of ABR are their bone crushing breakdowns, intricate guitar riffs, expert drum work, and spot on screaming. Examples are in the songs: Internal Cannon, Empire, Spirit Breaker, Creative Captivity, Black Sheep, Composure, Crusades, Mariana's Trench, Animals, and Count It All As Lost.
ABR obliterates all of their competition... Or at least they should be. Their guitar and drum playing is some of the best, and their singing goes unmatched. Not to mention the lyrics to a lot of their songs are moving if you listen to them. They're the best thing that's ever happened to metalcore and they deserve to be number 1
August Burns Red's music is not compared in any way with any other band's; the excellent work of the drummer Matt Greiner fits perfectly with the bass and guitars like there could not be any other way to play it along as the way it is set to be done. Including Jake Luhrs unique and superior scream and voice! Also the lyrics are awesome! The song Meridian includes some words of the Holy Bible and they make it MUSIC in an excellent and incredible way! They deserve to be the #1 metalcore band!
[Newest]Everyone should have packed up and left metalcore after the release of "Messengers". it doesn't get any better than that
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9Asking Alexandria
Sure, if you consider the actual music aspect of AA, there are better on this list, like Escape The Fate. Not to say that they aren't talented, they definitely are. But Danny Worsnop can scream like nothing I've heard. His lows are fairly average, in league with most of the bands on this list, but his highs are incredible. His high screams sound like he's screaming through a tube, and the sound is coming out far away. He makes them sound almost unattached, like he's throwing his voice! His performance at the Mitch Lucker memorial show was also one of the best. But this band isn't just Asking Danny. Ben Bruce can pump out some pretty intense breakdowns, and his verses are pretty neat too. And the topics that they sing out are real. Sure, a lot of them are about women (wink wink), but most of their songs are about substance abuse and relationship problems. All in all, Asking Alexandria deserves to be in the top ten, after making it through the MANY problems they've had.
They are like the best band ever! I love like all their songs so much especially a candlelit dinner with inamorta, a prophecy, alerion, final episode, and not the american average
WTF? You guys Missed One of the Best... m/ m/ for Asking Alexandria


[Newest]Asking Alexandria is the first band that I ever listen to when I was in middle school
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10All That Remains


No way! Bullet for my valentine is more like emo screamo than any type of metalcore... All that remains is where its at. Insane vocals and riffs! Killswitch... Tied for #1, avenged sevenfold also a great band, I agree on their position. But bullet for my valentine don't come close in my opinion. Maybe on an indie rock or emo list! Where is the death punch at! Trivium blows bullet away by far! Take bullet for my valentine of the list!
I love Avenged Sevenfold, but what the hell? They aren't even metalcore.
[Newest]Agree with this placing great band

The Contenders

11The Devil Wears Prada
the most versatile hardcore band in the biz these days, I was really impressed with their most recent work in Zombie and With Roots Above And Branches Below. Plus they play an amazing live show. my props to these guys.


The Devil Wears Prada is good band, but there's no metalcore on this list, most of the bands here are melodic metal with breakdowns taken from hardcore. Parkway Drive and Suicide Silence are death metal with many breakdowns, Trivium based on thrash metal, Lamb Of God is groove metal. I actually like bands like The Devil Wears Prada, Trivium, As I Lay Dying, A7X etc. But they never played metalcore, metalcore is Acrid, Oathbreaker, Cursed, Starkweather and many others.
P. S: don't't trust Wikipedia.
the first metalcore I heard, this guys have made great music!


[Newest]It's an amazing band full of faith and talent. The second metal band I ever listened to.

12Lamb of God
I think lamb of god is the best
The most epic scream sound... And I like this band. Lamb of god forever
I think Lamb of God is one of the best metalcore bands and I like them more than Killswitch Engage and Bring Me the Horizon
[Newest]I've never heard a band as intense and talented as lamb of god. With how metal is heading I never will hear a band as good as lamb of god again.

13Of Mice and Men
How can Of Mice and Men not be farther up there?! Austin's a fantastic screamer, and Shayley's clean vocals make me want to cry! Not to mention the extremely awesome rest of the band! Seriously though! My favourite Metalcore band, easily.
Austin Carlile is so unique in his screaming, As I Lay Dying, Parkway Drive, and August Burns Red are better on a technical level, but Austin's unique sound mixed with Shay (now Aaron) and his great cleans, produce amazing songs.
Of mice and men is simply awesome, although I'm French, the lyrics makes me feel better and I can't explain why, but it is my favorite band by far. I also loves others band, but they don't have a same beautiful melody, so deeply lyrics n an awesome singer as Austin Carlile.
[Newest]Great band a bit too high in the ranks though if this was more maybe say a deathcore list they'd be higher in my opinion but they a little bit too hardcore to be metalcore

By far the most underrated metalcore band. Amazing riffs, songs, never selling out. People saying AA is good metalcore? Or BMTH? You don't even know how much more influential this band has been on the genre!
How is it, that a band that never disappoints on any release EVER, gets a disappointing place in this "best metalcore" competition? Each and every single song Unearth has ever written is 10x better than most of these bands entire careers best work. If you skip past these guys, give them a chance. You'll realize that As I Lay Dying can't even compare in AWESOMENESS.
Best metalcore band by far! !

15A Day to Remember
ADTR is a post hardcore/pop punk band. Not even close to metalcore.
You can rarely go wrong with a day to remember their music blends perfectly and they are not afraid to call people out in their song which in my opinion adds 20 badass points
I really like A Day To Remember but the fact that keeps bugging me is that they usually don't do guitar solos in their songs, my personal favorite album is Homesick.

Good Band Though!
[Newest]Band knows how to play an excellent breakdown.

16Memphis May Fire
Best singer ever, seriously this guy is amazing. As for the rest it is just as good, powerful, efficient, melodic when it comes to choruses... It's hard to go through an entire album though but once you've heard a few songs from other bands and then go back to Memphis May Fire you realize that there's always something more... That something that most of today's bands don't have... Talent
Lyrics, choruses, breakdowns and the lead singer's voice is fantastic. They quickly became one of my all time favourite bands!
This is an amazing band. I LOVE the lyrics to many of their songs because their songs actually have meaning. I mean Beneath the Skin? That song is a gift from heaven because it's just beautiful. The lead singer has amazing vocals and it's just... BAM!
[Newest]They are quite literally top 10..

This is my personal favourite metalcore band.
Northlane deserves higher on list
Very unique to the metal-core scene.

18Crown the Empire
CTE hasn't even been around for all that long, but they're definitely more talented than most (if not all) of the above-named bands. The screamer is one of the best I've heard in metalcore, and the cleans are some of the best I've heard in general. If you're looking for creativity, brutality, and amazing vocals; then look no further than Crown the Empire. M/
How can you possibly put crown the empire so low? From the amazing melodic sung songs by Andrew to the heavy screaming that Dave brings to the band, Whether it's Limitless, The Fallout, or the newest album The Resistance Rise of the Runaways, you can't not fall in love with their catchy choruses, heavy breakdowns, and perfect clean and screamed vocals.
As far as style and creativity this band has shown thru the support and overwhelming increase in popularity that they are metal core. With the vocalist (Andrew) sounding strong and sometimes very weak, gives this band no other metal core band has a unique personality.
[Newest]DAMN THEY AMAZING drunk so can't say a lot but listening to them now AMAZING!

19Miss May I
Miss May I on 26? Have you guys Listened to this band? Listen to architect, Tides, Hey Mister, Not our tomorrow... Then you'll Realize...
Those are some incredible songs man, I thought the exact same thing.
They play great live and all their songs are great! Listen to them!
I think "Miss May I" has a different musical genres, and most specials songs hard to follow, because I think the rhythm of the music is very unique compared to other bands
[Newest]They are one of the greatest Metalcore bands out there they should be number eight in this list.

The riffs are so catchy and as a band they can breakdown and be ambient. They should be 2 or three not 97
When you listen to songs such as "Edge of the Earth" and "Vahle" you just want to keep listening more and more. These guys are so addictive!


21Breakdown of Sanity
In my opinion this is definitely the best metalcore band in the scene right now no questions asked.
Look at the Lyrics.. and the Music is amazing
Perception is amazing. Best new metal core band out there

22In Hearts Wake
These are some relatively new guys that really deserve a listen. If your into the idea of unique breakdowns and a sound that can be described as Parkway drive with clean vocals, then this is the band for you. Deserves to be top 10 with their latest album Divinitation.
Just started listening to this band and they're really amazing. As the other comment stated, the same heavy screaming that parkway drive has with beautiful clean lyrics. Really worth a listen

No At the gates was melodic death metal and hade nothing to do whit metalcore. Not sure if metalcore started whit hatebreed but it was NOT At the gates.
Metalcore started with At The Gates, NOT hatebreed imbecile
Everyone knows it started with Hatebreed
What is a band like Avenged Sevenfold in this list?

24Heaven Shall Burn
These guys are a German machine, extreme music that everyone should listen!
These guys are one of the metalcore bands that kicks everybodys ass
2 words, black tears
[Newest]They're more melodic death metal than metalcore

25Texas In July
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G BAND! One Reality is one of the best albums ever recorded!
Adam gray is literally the best drummer ever.. amazing band!
They are like August Burns Red little brother... but sounds good.. I like their sound.

26The Agony Scene

Any band with caleb shomo is an amazing and truthfully metalcore band unlike many of the bands here
New Caleb Shomo band
These guys opened up for om&m when I saw them. Fell in love. Awesome band.

28Bury Tomorrow
These guys have bought british metalcore to a whole new level, with their own unique sound. I love these guys they are amazing every band member adds something to the band truly amazing! Union crowns best metalcore album of 2012 no doubt about it.
They are good! They have amazing songs, but I think they have too much fillers in their albums and also not much which makes them unique. I listen to them and enjoy their music, but if you are tired of the melodic metalcore you listen already a hundred times before... then this will dissatisfy you (no offense).

But if you like E.G. Bullet For My Valentine, Miss May I or the album "Awakened" of As I Lay Dying and want to hear more like this: I think you should give it a try!
(For me Portraits is the best album of Bury Tomorrow. )


All the hype about this band is proving to be well-founded. 'Runes' is a banger of an album, their third in a row, and they are one of the best live bands around. So high is the standard that they maintain in whatever mode, be it studio or on stage, I am sure they will be a stadia /arena band in 2015. Underrated? Yes, but they are getting there... Fast.
[Newest]These guys are amazing. Wonderful vocalist and brutal screamer.

29Shadows Fall
For me the best this band, amazing guitar notes
Top notch and highly underrated
How is Asking Alexandria ranked higher then Shadows Fall? SF has been around for at least twice as long as aa!


30Like Moths to Flames
Listen to these and you will know why they should be higher on this list.
Very talented, should definitely be higher!
New album brings a new album to head bang!
[Newest]Give them a chance and you will not regret listening to them

31Pierce the Veil
Not even slightly metalcore. Can't stand them either.
They're not metalcore at all.
I live PTV, but they shouldn't be on this list; they're more post-hardcore.

Atreyu is now underneath Pierce the Veil. What is wrong with you people? Listen to Lip Gloss and Black. Listen to Right Side of the Bed. Listen to Ex's and Oh's. Listen to Any song from the first three albums... They all destroy pretty much any song any band on this last past the Top 10 have ever done.
Awesome lyrics and vocals I mean the growls ar given by lead vocalist Alex and the clean vocals ar given by the drummer! Awesome
They only need 3-minutes for their song to make me say "Cool"! They maybe don't have the best drummer, or best guitarist, but their songs are awesome!
[Newest]Not even in the top ten?! Has no one heard the albums Congregation of the Damned or The Curse?!

33Woe, Is Me
I like the way they use eletronic stuff in their music.. makes it unique or at least different.

34The Ghost Inside
Honestly, seeing these guys live a few times I don't thin they are number one material. But I don't think they should be where they are at. With solid breakdowns, lyrics that aren't pointless, this band should be at least top 25 for sure. They are just amazing and their stage presence when seeing them live makes them that much greater.
Seriously the most well rounded solid band that is around at this exact moment. True, solid, technical, hard hitting band... Get with it people
It seems they are just on the edge of the breakthrough of their careers. Just first seeing them live and then going back to listening to their music. Very powerful stuff to listen to and have some of the best beats and breakdowns I have heard.

I think Converge are the greatest because they are true to the term Metalcore unlike many other bands because they combined elemnts of Thrash and Hardcore.

The album Jane Doe and a fantastic mixture of metal and hardcore and is one of the heaviest things I've ever heard
Its simple really, none of the other bands would exist without them


Really, 39? Converge are one of the best metalcore bands, better than as I lay dying

36Suicide Silence
Suicide Silence is death core, not metalcore
Amazing band, the most memorable in my opinion R.I.P. mitch Lucker
Suicide Silence is AMAZING they should be in the top ten!
[Newest]Heavy as hell! Great breakdowns.

37For Today
Definitely my all time favorite band! Mattie's vocals are always clean cut and easy to understand and the power behind the lyrical content always leaves me breathless as I mosh and scream myself!
Worth a much better spot than this! True metalcore
Amazingly heavy. Sounds similar to parkway drive!

38We Came As Romans
FIRST OF ALL, we came as romans is amazing because their lyrics is uplifting and really meaningful and you can relate to them. if you feel angry, depressed or whatever issue or problem you might be facing, just listen to them you'll feel RELIEVED and HAPPY
SECOND OF ALL, THEY ARE GREAT LIVE, really. Like really!
Third, ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS, their chorus is amazing really, it's wonderful.


I know they have gotten softer on their last album, but Dave still does some great screaming, and combined with Kyle's singing, makes this band the best out there.
Could use a little work live, but they are with out a doubt one of the best; most unique sounding metal core bands of this generation.
[Newest]An ever growing wonder is a better song thou

39The Amity Affliction
These guys have only just begun to break the metalcore scene! They're awesome and they're finally getting recognition and getting headlining acts here in the states! It's awesome to see bands who you've followed since they started out finally getting to go on to bigger and better opportunities!
There is no lack of hardcore and metalcore talent coming out of Australia in the past decade. Greats like Amity, Parkway and Buried in Verona cannot be overlooked as they have defined metal talent in the Land Down Under.
They are solidly for me, the greatest metalcore band out there. I love the mixture of clean and scream vocals. The lyrics, too hit home with me in a big way. Definitely a band to watch!
[Newest]Not only does this band have amazing talent and style, but their lyrical value is better than anything I've heard in a long while.

40Escape the Fate
Escape the Fate is incredible! Honestly, their screams are always perfect, recorded and live, and they aren't afraid to laugh either! Seriously, though, musically, they couldn't be much better! They create intense songs without using heavy breakdowns and metal crunches. The guitar work is incredible, and unlike most bands on this list, they use guitar solos, not just intense breakdowns. The drumming is great too, Robert's bass skills are great. And Craig Mabbitt... He has perfect clean vocals that match their music perfectly. And his high screams are perfectly pitched! Not many of the screamers on this list can create the shrill shrieks he can. And TJ Bell backing with lows blends perfectly. There's honestly nothing wrong with the music!
Escape The Fate is back in 2013 with AWESOME songs like Ungrateful, and Your Insane. Their sound has evolved so much since their lead singer Craig took over but in a good way. Check out Ungrateful. TJ Bell the former Motionless in white member is backing vocals and it sounds amazing!
BEST BAND EVER! They need to be top 10 at least. Catchy songs, great screams, AMAZING vocals and meaningful lyrics. This band has endless talent.
[Newest]They should not be here they are a rock/metal band

41The Dillinger Escape Plan
If you saw this band live you would know exactly why they deserve to be in the top 10.

42I See Stars
I see starss rule I love this band so much

43Eyes Set to Kill

44Oh, Sleeper
Meaningful lyrics, great singing as we as great drums/guitar/bass. They use their emotions and what bugs them and they channel it into their songs. Give them a listen. Hush Yael is an extremely good song.
These guys are amazing! It is really sad to know that they aren't as well know though. Even though everyone of their songs rock!
This band is just sick that's all I have to say and that is one of my favorite bands ever

Attila belong in the top 10!
More melodic deathcore than metalcore but still amazing band
Attila is top 10. They have taken over metal core

46Enter Shikari
The first metalcore band I've ever herd, like them a lot, great innovating style, huge masterpieces, my favourite song is Sssnakepit, love it
I <3 Enter Shikari but they aren't metalcore laugh out loud
More of a Post-Hardcore band than a Metalcore band, but still utterly amazing...

47Sleeping With Sirens
They're unique, they have some electronic elements without sounding too dance-ish. Kellin has a high voice that's amazing, and all the band members are extremely talented. Plus, they're really awesome people and they can be complete goofballs. I'm obsessed with them!
Not really Metalcore at all, but still one of the best bands out there. They make amazing music and are one of my top 10 favorites. People should really check them out.
How is sleeping with sirens higher than attila. what

48Motionless In White
This is the band which can make you scream and if you haven't heard their songs start hearing. It will really raise up your goosebumps. This is the best band I've ever heard and is perhaps really underrated. Vote for them now
All aspects of their music is on point. They're amazing live, I saw them twice. Overall an amazing band and genuine bunch
Motionless In White has beautiful lyrics, Chris's vocals sound amazing and his leans are very beautiful, MIW needs to be in the top 10!
[Newest]This band should be the top of the list

49I Killed the Prom Queen
Alongside Parkway Drive, I Killed the Prom Queen are the best metalcore band to come out of Australia.
Prom Queen deliver on all fronts. Parkway will always be renowned as the greatest Aussie metalcore band. However Prom Queen on a technical & diversity scale, prove to be clearly a better band. they maintain a heavy, intensity with unpredictable tempos between brutal power breaks & chaotic punk changes of pace. the vocals (s) have unique trend of blending within the music, emphasising individual sounds and becoming a percussion like hum. the chorus's are melodically superb, once again blending into the entire sound where so much metal can have a tendency to stack sounds on top of sounds, which can have an ugly tone overall. the guitars are sharp and once again diverse.
Prom queen reflect metalcore, deathcore, thrash, alternative, early punk, death, swedish goth & even a classical flavour that rushs with building momentum thought each song. prom queen never get old brava use there's so much intricacy to appreciate. ,

50Bleeding Through
Seriously I can't belive 50+ bands were posted and not them. What
This band almost sound like SAW but they are pretty good


51Being As An Ocean
With lyrics that cut to the bone and a style that's unique and fresh like an update to the scene, they deserve wayyy more attention than what they have.
Such deep and meaningful lyrics, great band

Absolutely absurd for Architects to be this low. They should be in the top five without any doubt. I personally would place them in the number one spot, but that's primarily because of my personal preference. Subjectivity aside, they are some of the most talented musicians anywhere on this list, and Sam Carter's lyrical abilities are second only to those of Keith Buckley from ETID.
Amazing Band, Daybreaker is one of the best albums I have ever heard, and I truly love all of their songs. Their use of time signatures in their songs make them one of the best bands I have ever heard, both theoretically and musically
76? Are you kidding? Architects is one of the most talented bands making music right now. It's beyond my understanding why they're below some of these bands.
[Newest]Ridiculous for Architects to not be in the top 3. Sam's easily the best vocalist in the genre right now.

53The Color Morale
These guys should be top 10, no doubt
Why aren't these guys too ten -_-
These guys should so be top 10! They are a great metalcore band and Garrett Rapp is great

54Vampires Everywhere!
Damn great band love them too bits but you wont really like them if you aren't into some sick lyrics so 50 is reasonable but they at least deserving of a top 30 spot I mean come on bullet for my valentine sucks ass

55Every Time I Die
I adore this band.

56The Word Alive
Every album is different than their last, always coming up with new ideas. Great band, great music.
What? Best Metalcore band ever!
Luke is good. Singer sounds like cry baby when singing. Avoid.

57Dead by April
Amazing singer (and growler), production and instrumental. One of the most underestimated bands in the world. My favorite band, hands down.
Dead by april has amazing melodies paired with great screaming that doesn't hurt the ears, great vocals by the main vocalist and finally their lyrics are awesome. I vote dba because they really are the best
Hard to find metal bands with such good lyrics.

58Dream On, Dreamer
Such an incredible and underrated band. Recently signed Rise Records. Give them a shot, "Downfall" and "Ambitions" are two of their better songs.
These guys should definitely be in the top 10 soon especially with their new album. They are going to be big one day!
Much better than many better

59Darkest Hour
Darkest Hour aren't just thrash and in your face but also can play beautiful acoustically. Songs such as Pathos show the incredible dexterity or the guitarists as they intertwine their melodies to make beautiful music. Darkest Hour's a very talented and underrated band, their best songs are Demon (s) and Convalescence. Demon (s) has absolutely amazing guitar riffs and brutal shredding which makes you want to madly headbang and has a ridiculously catchy chorus. Either way, Darkest Hour will always have a place in my heart for introducing me to metalcore.
These guys need to be at least 50 spots higher than this. They are pretty much responsible for over half of the metalcore bands' influences today, not to mention capturing the perfect harmony of thrash metal, death metal and hardcore. Terribly, terribly underrated.

Lol, bad girls track

61Blind Witness
Quel bon band quebecois malheuresement dissou

Everything started with these guys... thanks!

63The Agonist
This band is so awesome! They're vocalist is great because she can do intense screams and beautiful clean vocals. The guitar work is amazing and they have a kick ass drummer.


Is the great band from canada..
And this band have a pretty vocal
Once I showed my friends "Panophobia", they didn't believe me that screamer and vocalist are the same person: "WHAT? THIS IS A GIRL? ", "HOLY SH-", "that voice". Well, I guess some stereotypes got broken on this day :D.


I've been listening to Adept for a very long time now and their music is Amazing, they deserve a higher spot on this list. Songs like "Secrets", "Grow up, Peter pan" and "at least give me my dreams back, you negligent whore! " are just epic.

Why the hell is Soilwork on a Metalcore list... They're melodic death metal...

66Our Last Night
These dudes got signed to Epitaph at like 13 years old! Tremendous amount of talent they have been blessed with.


This band is truly unique. They have a poppy, techno; hard sound that fits together nicely. Tyler Carter is extremely talented, and the rest of the band is top tier as well. They'll be on top eventually. Can't wait for their second album!
One of the best new bands out there in my opinion.
What the hell how are they 70 thet need the top 10

69Jamie's Elsewhere
Jamies Else where is one of the best even though they are not well know they are amazing they should be too 10

70Mashburn Riffs
A progressive band from India... go check their song '5 words of my last breath'
Going to be the Indian legends of tomorrow, keep it up guys... you rock!
Love you guyz... keep it up..

71Oceans Ate Alaska
These guys are pretty good their going to be one of the best Metalcore bands in the future.
Most underrated band I've ever seen. Ground-smashing debut album.
Very underrated but very awesome band. Top 5 for me easily.


73Spectrum Shadows

74Amity Affliction
They're a highly underrated band amazing clean vocals balanced with good screams and instrumentals.
Seriously? Higher rank deserved. I know many others agree.
The Amity Affliction is beyond inspiring. Enough said.

75Sea of Treachery

Okay wait, something's wrong. These guys deserve to be number 1. And they aren't even metalcore! Thrash metal and melodic death metal!
Not a metalcore band. My personal favorite band, definitely not a metalcore band laugh out loud. The best here is As I Lay Dying...

77Five Finger Death Punch
Five Finger Death Punch does not only make great music, but they are so dedicated to their fans. It's really cool that with all the fame they don't ever forget their fan base who helped make them famous. I have a lot of respect for them because of what they do. Van Moody has such a unique voice, and the whole band itself is just incredibly talented in general, they should definitely be higher on this list
They're low on the list because they're not metalcore. They're excellent, but they're death metal.
Cannot believe how far down the list these guys are.
A lot better than at least 100 in front of them.


79Demon Hunter
The other Bands are great, but this one is my favourite, and like 'RockRetard' says they are unique and have a good balance between scremaing, singing and just plain awesome songs.
Possibly the greatest metalcore band of all time. People tend to hate on them because of their Christianity and morals, but seriously, looking at their musical skill, they beat out bands like A7X, Bullet For My Valentine, and some bands on here aren't even metalcore! DH deserves to be in the top ten.
Most unique band that can combine singing, metal and screaming to awesome effect.


[Newest]I don't see how it's 78. I like Demon Hunter more than August Burns Red because I can actually understand the lyrics in it.

80Fit for a King
This band should be WAY higher on this list
One of the best metalcore bands around at the moment. So stoked for their new album "Slave to Nothing" that's gonna be sick. EVERYONE SHOULD LISTEN TO THESE GUYS, they heavy and if ya like Parkway Drive and For Today and The Amity Affliction and We Came As Romans and Issues then I hope you'll like these guys, you're definitely gonna hear their name around a lot more in the next few years

81Falling In Reverse
Radke is an ass. they don't even sing about anything good. like tragic magic? That's a joke. get off this list. 70 is too high for them.
Radkes a douche, bands a bunch of douches known fact
Ronnie Radke's the king of the music scene. His self written lyrics along with the talents of Jacky Vincent on the guitar make you wanna check to see if your still breathing.
The band would be nothing without drummer Ryan Seman, rythym guitar Derek Jones, and base shredder Ronnie Ficarro. Together they bring the heat and are an amazing band.
Many haters make false accusations about the band so if you hear a rumor confirm it before you look stpid.

Illusions is a great song

83Shai Hulud


85In This Moment
Maria brink is so hot! Really love this band <3 one of my favorites group!
Maria Brink is amazing!
Easily one of the best Metalcore bands out there. Maria Brink's voice is easily one of the best in the genre, and the guitarwork is amazing.


86Famous Last Words
84? Really? They're amazing.

87All for Nothing

88Sonic Syndicate
What about sonic syndicate they are awesome. A mixture of metalcore and death they should on one of the ten metalcore bands. All you people should check it out and trust me you won't be disappointed.
Fantastic band. Check out Only Inhuman, probably their best album. Also check out the band The Unguided. Made from the guys that left Sonic Syndicate.
I believe they are a highly overlooked metalcore band. They have excellent lyrics, vocals, and overall sound.

89Haste the Day
Oh come on! This band is great! I mean it is much better than some bands in the top 10. THIS BAND DESERVE TO BE IN THE TOP 10. Just listen to their song called "When Everything Falls" and you will fall in love with this band!
If you haven't heard of these guys, wow... I mean for shame! Just listen to the entire album "Dreamer" it is like your ears are having a major orgasm!
Original to the metal core game

90Abandon All Ships
What the hell happen to them?
1st Album was one of the best out their but then they start drifting apart little by little

91Glass Cloud
Check out this band they are unbelievably good!

92God Forbid
When I heard they broke up, I couldn't believe it. I really love their sound
Consitution of Treason is and always will be one of my favorites!

93War of Ages
They are great! They should be higher position

94In Fear and Faith


96A Skylit Drive
I LOVE THEM... they were my first tatt

97Misery Signals
Seriously should be higher up on the list, were way ahead of there time when Malice was released, and controller is up there with my favourite ever albums. Excellent song writing, they inspired so many bands on this list. So underrated.
Way better than all the other bands on here - at least these guys have musical substance. Proper good quality metalcore.
The depth and complexity in this band is unlike anything, they aren't even really metal core.

98Dawn of Justice

Best indonesian band ever born
THIS IS METALCORE number 1 Indonesia

100Rise to Remain
Nothing against Asking Alexandria, but how is this band ranked so far behind aa? They should at least be right behind aa, if not above.


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