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1N.Y. State of Mind


Nas goes hardcore and spits sick lyrics through the entire song, making it a performance to remember! His best work by far!

The greatest rap song in history! It is a true classic beyond rap and was way ahead of its prime!

Nas best song ever! And quite possibly the greatest hip hop song of all time!

One of hip-hops greatest songs.

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2One Mic

Best song ever the lyrical content in this song is so deep it is difficult to work out but that added to the greatness. It takes skill to rap slowly and get louder.

World class, shows the resurrection of Nas after Nastradamus

His lyrics in this are amazing and I love how his flow changes, 1 of my favourite songs ever

After listening I shed tears this is a masterpiece every time I lists to this song it gives me goosebumps

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3The World is Yours

One Mic is a Great Song but the World is Yours has really everything that a Great Song Dead!
-Lyrically can't it better
-Greatest Flow
-one of the Best Beats ever made in the hip Hop history

My all time favorite Nas song- and since Nas is my favorite rapper I guess this is my favorite rap song overall. The lyrics are unmatched by any other rap and the beat is out of this world.. Which, by the way, is yours.

The beat and the lyrics are amazing, even the title just tells you about it, The world is yours what a song!

Just love this song, my first song listened to by Nas and crazy lyrics.

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4Memory Lane

A dope beat, awesome and catchy chorus line, nice lyrics, this is what Nas is about! The best track from 'Illmatic'

This song should be above Hero and The world is yours. This is Nas' best hit and it is so much better than One Mic!

memory lane... nuff said
the greatness of this song is extreme. should be in first place if you ask me.

The BEST one on Illmatic. Hands down

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5The Message

Deep song and great lyrics.

Love the background music, awesome lyrics, One of Nas's best tracks. Awesome! I never sleep, because sleep is the cousin of death!

Deep song, definitely one of the highlights of it was written, a good follow up to the best rap albm ever in Illmatic

Deep, story telling, soft beat. What's not to love?

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6Nas Is Like



Can't go past this song
Nas is genius
Fluent and eloquent
Everything artists now wish they could be!

The best is amazing and the lyrical skill of Nas is also amazing! The greatest performance made by Nas, and the album I Am... is one of the best works ever made!

"freedom or jail, a clips being inserted, a babys born the same times a man is murdered the begging and end" god damn:0

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7It Ain't Hard to Tell

The beat in the background when he is rapping makes this my favourite Nas song and smart catchy lyrics, but I love all of his songs!

Godlike lyrical content, smooth beat that you can never get out of your head and flow that rides the beat like Benz. My personal favourite from the greatest album of all time "Illmatic".

"Deep like the shining, sparkle like a diamond, sneak a uzi on the island in my army jacket linin' "..

Best song of Nas and one of the best in the history of hip-hop.The lyrics, the beat, his flow...everything is godlike


Nas' raps should be locked in a cell it ain't hard to tell...

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He absolutely destroyed Jay-Z on this track, and I think this is arguably one of the greatest rap songs of all time. It is definitely my favorite dis song, that is without a doubt. Great work with this one, Nas! PS, I just wish I knew what "Ether" meant.

One of the most lyrical tracks in history, it totally pawned Jay-Z in the ultimate battle for New York

The song that started NAs' reign as the king of New York. It has some nice beats and amazing lyrics, plus he disses Jay-Z

He is the best rip of us

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9Life's a Bitch

Az really mad the song so good but nas had the best line "that buck that bought a bottle coulda struck the lotto"

The best song ever hiphop has produced.

That's why we get high, 'cause you never know when you gonna go

Why is this so low? I voted for "The Message" but this should be top 6

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10If I Ruled the World

One of the greatest songs of all time. Lyrically the most amazing rap song. A real classic and thank god it is in the top ten

One of the greatest songs of all time, and better than any song on this list by a long shot! Lyrically it is a masterpiece of Nas and has a nice flow!

Greatest song of all time, not just rap but of all time! It has a nice beat and amazing lyrics, he talks about the worlds problems

The best song ever... The words are powerful.

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11I Gave You Power

He raps about what a gun goes through. His lyrical messages are unbelievable and he is one of the best rappers of all time.

Probably one of the most lyrical songs crafted by Nas which birthed an equally great track by Tupac.

The most original concept and dope storytelling already listened like a 1000 times

When Pac feels obliged to borrow the theme, nothing more need be said.

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12One Love

Relaxing beat and You'll head bop to these lyrics all day.

Great beat, plus it's in Illmatic so it just counts as the best.

Dope beat, great story!


This song is so sick, for sure my favorite. As well as represent and it ain't hard to tell

Unreal song, lyricism is top notch as always and the beat is just something else!

Come on, definitely top 5


Yo gotta listen to this man, the flow is sick, instrumental is sick, lyrics is sick, seriously what more do you need man

look it up its on the lost tapes - lilruss72

One of the songs that makes you think Nas is the most lyrical rapper ever

One of his more powerful songs. It's in my top ten for sure.

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15I Can

Nas shows how rap is not only about money ^^ fame but also how it stimulates the new generation to do things. Usually, rappers talk about their life struggle ^^ the new generation s get the wrong impression ^^ follows whatever they do... But Nas shows how to strive forward! Amazing!

Nas nailed it with this song, it is one of the best rap songs I have ever heard! It has a good beat, good lyrics, and meaning this combination is very rare.

Good song by nas

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awesome song...lyrically good and love the beat

My favourite beat ever, this song is amazing! Should easily be top 5

F*ing great track, superb lyrics and beat

Needs to be on top five for sure

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17Made you look

"Newness Anthem", just shows how superior Nas is over any other rapper!

This should be at least in the top 5, one of his best songs

This should be above 18the place man

This song always got me chills

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18Hate Me Now

Best song with best lyrics better than all the above mentioned. Where he shares all the frustration with people about how people started hating him...

Damn good man!

Why do so many people not like this song? The beat is really good and the lyrics are great too.. Should be top 3 along with ny state of mind and one mic.

Best song he had in my opinion

Yeah this was his best song.

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The best song from Untitled, this song is a fast paced and true side of Nas, I love it when Nas makes songs like these, because that's his speciality!

This songs is just awesome, its fast paced, and once you listen to it you'll wanna get up and dance.

this song should not be num#4 it should be right behind 1 mic

Probably one of his catches songs out there. Should be at least top 15

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20Hip Hop Is Dead

That one is amazing and it has some kind of pop appeal, I really love it

The beat is so good, so are the lyrics. Great hip hop song.

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