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Overkill is an American thrash metal band formed in 1980. The band has been active since 1984, releasing 16 studio albums, 2 EPs, 2 live albums and a “covers” album. Along with Anthrax the band is one of the most successful East coast thrash metal bands.

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It's really good. It gets better if you think that they are a really old band and they still keep up with their roots. I mean their older stuff. So Ironbound (album) is the best for me right now from them.
Ever had a Metal-god orgasmic LSD experience amongst the Titans of Asgard while headbanging in snow? I do, every time I listen to Ironbound. Overkill is right up there among the greatest metal bands in history, and that is not going to change anytime soon.
This song rules. Why aren't there any songs from "Horrorscope" on this list, like "Coma" or "New Machine"? That CD is their best.
More comments about IronboundListen to sample

Something is going around, crying at the epidemic, pullin' on nails, six feet underground... Elimination, elimination, elimination, elimination, eliminate the right, eliminate the wrong, eliminate the weak, eliminate the strong, eliminate your feelings, eliminate too late, eliminate your hopes, ELIMINATE, ELIMINATE... SO EPIC!


Bobby's voice at the start sounds like Micky Mouse
Best theme for represent trash metal, long live overkill
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3Horrorscope Listen to sample

4Bring Me the Night
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5Playing With Spiders / Skullkrusher
Might not be their typical thrash stuff, but to start with such an awesome, almost marching riff and to only get better and catchier for the entirely of the 10 minutes is a ridiculous achievement. Especially when it kicks in for real halfway through. Everything you could want from a song.
You can feel ancient Black Sabbath, Tony's killing riffs. Sounds like my dream that black sabbath had taken UDO in their group after DIO had left
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You've got to be kidding me. This is #1 by miles. I like Ironbound and all, but there's way too many new fans mucking this list up. Ironbound #1? Please.


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7Time to Kill Listen to sample

8Rotten to the Core
Simple an amazing thrash metal song, nothing more needs to be said
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9Raise the Dead Listen to sample

10Deny the Cross
Alright it seems that you've left all the classic Overkill pieces off of this list! How could you not have this one!
This song is fantastic. Very catchy and spine chilling. EPIC. OVERKILL WILL NEVER DIE.


Their best. just listen to it. to the whole album in general, especially powersurge
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The Contenders

11Overkill Listen to sample

12Use Your Head Listen to sample

13Feel the Fire
This is the best Overkill's song
Overkill has so many good songs their older stuff is the best ever
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14Fear His Name
That is so cool, much better than every modern trash haha (if you know what I mean)
It hasn't always been a favouirte of mine, but I guess opinions change ;)
Amazing intro, riffs, vocals
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15I Hate Listen to sample

16The Green and Black
Great intro. Awesome riff. This song contains everything you want in a metal song.
Awesome track! The bridge is just EPIC!
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17Electro-Violence Listen to sample

18In Union We Stand
Classic Overkill. Top ten song for them for sure
In union we stand.. Please, this crap is epic!
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19Electric Rattlesnake
This is the best song from their latest album and the best after ironbound...
Electric RattleSnake
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This must be the best song after ironbound
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21Hello From the Gutter Listen to sample

22Old School
I love overkill but this somg annoy the hell out of me

23Blood Money
Killer riff and chorus
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I couldn't believe there is a song you can NEVER get tired of.
Please people pay attention to this MASTERPIECE.
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25The Years of Decay
Best metal song ever, period. How is this so low?

26Who Tends the Fire
This is the kind of song that makes a band huge..
Really ambient song gets stack in your head from the first time you hear it.. I think it's an all time classic.. Absolutely in Overkill's top 5
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27Wrecking Crew
M/ This is what I think of when I think about Overkill m/
Mt boa a musica
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28Give a Little
This is my favorite overkill song...why is it so far down?
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29World of Hurt
Great song, amazing riffs, solos and lyrics!
This is an amazing song. The guitar work in this song is just incredible because it sounds so good. The lyrics are very well written in this song too and it is just a killer song to listen to. I recommend this to anybody who is open to any type of metal song.
Nice dark song by them and very surprising that it's not on this list already!

30Kill at Command Listen to sample

31Nice Day... for a Funeral
I can't believe 0.3% voted for this, I thought it was one of their most popular


Listen to sample

32F*** You Listen to sample

33Evil Never Dies Listen to sample

34End of the Line
The chorus may sound like Judas Priest and the acoustic part like Metallica, but this is one EPIC song. My favourite by far, even if it seems to be quite unpopular among other fans.
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Everything you could ask for in a song. Starts of very slow and relaxing. After a while it goes fast and brutal with incredible bass playing which fots the vocals and the drums! Can't believe this isn't in the top 10 at least
The best overkill song by far, The chorus is so powerful!
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36Save Yourself Listen to sample

37Wish You Were Dead Listen to sample

38Thanx for Nothin'
Fast groove metal full of energy and skill
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39Spiritual Void
Sure I Hear Black isn't Overkill's best album, but this song is great. A hugely evil sounding riff that is infectious and a welcome change of pace.

40Endless War Listen to sample

41The Head and Heart Listen to sample

42Mad Gone World Listen to sample

43Overkill II (The Nightmare Continues) Listen to sample

44Powersurge Listen to sample

45Birth of Tension
Can not believe this song wasn't on the list at all! Any song that starts out with double bass that badass should be in the top 10. Get it together Overkill fans!
Listen to sample

46Devils In the Mist Listen to sample

47The Goal Is Your Soul Listen to sample

48Hammerhead Listen to sample

49Black Daze Listen to sample

50Fatal If Swallowed
Its not number 1 but definitely. Deserves a spot on this list
Great Intro, Great Song from Taking Over
Listen to sample

51In Vain Listen to sample

This song is just pure METAL!
Listen to sample

53Battle Listen to sample

54Hellish Pride
Blitz's vocals, the skull crushing riffs, the lyrics, literally everything about this song is amazing.
Listen to sample

Such a great song. Something about Blitz's vocals on this song are just addicting
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56Bold Face Pagan Stomp Listen to sample

57What I'm Missin' Listen to sample

58Drunken Wisdom Listen to sample

59Struck Down

Slow and heavy. The breakdown is amazing. A change of pace rare for metal bands.
Listen to sample

61Armorist Listen to sample

62Gasoline Dream
Great underrated song that seamlessly moves from break your face thrash to a melodic climax. The classical ending is epic. Easily one of their best... Easily.
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Amazing song with a mean riff off their newest album White Devil Armory
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64Where There's Smoke... Listen to sample

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