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41 Franklin Franklin

This song reminds me good times, and well, it's a good one to listen when you're down, perfect.

42 Throwing Punches

A seriously underrated song, like much of the "The B Sides," unheard by most fans. Some powerful lyrics
"You're so hateful sometimes, throwing punches lies, far from somewhere above, just to say you're in love"

43 Proof Proof

I can't believe this song is 47th! Me and my friends absolutely love this song! Thumbs up. Deserves to be in TOP 20 AT LEAST, TOP 5 for me.

I think every paramore fan has to listen to this at least twice. This deserves to be #1, I swear.

This songis so awesome, I just can't stop listening it!
It deserve to be in the top 10

The best rock song - R14N

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44 Feeling Sorry Feeling Sorry

I can't believe this song on 46th position. This song is perfectly great

41 really? I'd put this around number 10 for me. Considering it's from Brand New Eyes which had 11 songs (5 of which were singles) and this wasn't one of the singles, I can see how some people might overlook it. But if you actually listen to it, it is one of their catchiest songs without being poppy or cheesy.

What is this song doing so low on the list? This song is probably one of the best tracks on the album, I LOVE THIS SONG.. Amazing lyrics and catchy tune. At least top 15

You're days are numbered at 24

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45 Breathe

This song makes me sigh, and wanna cry

Probably the saddest paramore song. - RandomPerson1234

46 Stop This Song (Lovesick Melody)

This song is so good... How is it at no. 38? It probably isn't that well-known! I recommend this song to anyone who wants to listen to more Paramore songs!

An emo-punk song... Great lyrics... This is n0t their best song but this should be on top 10 - Racetech

How is this not at least top 15, s lot of under rated songs on this list and some overrated like Emergency and Cruchcrushcrush.. Goods songs no doubt but others deserve to be higher

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47 Future Future

50th place... Wow...
Eh, I suppose that makes sense, given that most of Paramore's fanbase are more open to Pop music rather than the lesser known genres.
I'd go almost as far as to call this song Post Rock, it has that sort of really vague Sigur Ros influence on it...
Anyway, that's really the only reason I like it as much as I do, it stands out in a good away amongst most of Paramore's songs.
It's also really long.
So that's cool, too.

This is one of my favorite Paramore songs ever! Especially because there are so many emotions. And it's not even the lyrics that are so emotional but the music! It's so powerful

Are you kidding me? This song deserves way more higher rank dude. Awesome lyrics are so full of emotion. And don't get me started on the music. It is just do powerful and takes you along with it. I mean all their songs are great and up beat but this one is just of another level. It is like sooo unique.

This song did a complete 180 on me

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48 Miracle Miracle

This should be so much higher!

I think this song is epic: instruments are amazing

One of the best song I've ever heard, its amazing

This song should be in the top ten it's amazing

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49 Fast In My Car Fast In My Car

Fast In My Car is number 25? Really? This song deserves to be in the Top Ten! Paramore is reborn now. It's about time that we finally started looking ahead along with Paramore, like good Paramore fans do! I say that this song at least be number 4. It's about looking ahead and moving on from the past, so lets follow Paramore on their journey.

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50 In the Mourning

It's new so I guess it makes sense that it doesn't have that much votes yet. It's a grief-stricken song about loss that tugs at my heartstrings. Absolutely beautiful lyrics, and so touching. It's a little country for Paramore which is amazing 'cause they're venturing out to other genres too. Plus Hayley's voice is so beautiful I even cried at the live version.

This song is so beautiful and relatable and definitely deserves to be in the top ten. Definitely one of Paramore's most definitive and overall best works. Can't stop listening to it over and over again. Makes me emotional every time.

Nothing gets me or has an effect on me like this sad, beautiful, but hopeful song. It really is Paramore at their finest. A highly underrated song.

Why is this not higher?! The connection I have with In The Mourning just makes me--ugh. - twentyfirstpilot

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51 Here We Go Again Here We Go Again

Seriously one of my favorites! It's so fun. I like what it's about.

Ohh I love this song... I can't believe its so low... I love its music, lyrics, drum beats... Ita a 5 star song... I don't know why paramore 1 album all we know is falling is so underrated.. It has all amazing songs.. Pressure, conspiracy, my heart, all we know, whoa and many more... But brand new eyes is best album...
Just listen to this song...

52 My Hero My Hero

A cover better than the original, enough said

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53 Looking Up Looking Up

Love This Song! It's Amaazing & One Of My Favourite Paramore Songs. It Should definitely Have More Votes!

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54 Adore

Another B Side that hasn't hit the spotlight, a tragedy.
"If I let you love me, be the one adored, would you go all, the way, and be the one I'm looking for? "

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55 Rewind

Hayley's vocals is on point in this song and the guitar is great, bassline on point.
This is so underrated!

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56 Circle Circle

Some of the best paramore songs are the unreleased ones. I really wish this was on an album, I love it!

An amazing, underrated song. Give it a listen.

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57 Escape Route

Wish it was a single. probably the best song from the self titled era in my opinion

Even without the Farro Brothers they can still make such AWESOME song. It really sounds like the old paramore. And the lyrics so cool OwO

As of right now favorite Paramore song when she goes oh in the song it turns me so on the two famouse girls that I obsses over what I mean by that is I obsses over them like I have a unhealthy crush on them the two famous girls are Lauren Mayberry and Hayley Williams they turn me so on with everything they do and this song is amazing b

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58 Oh Star
59 Be Alone Be Alone

Paramore songs have always been relatable but this songs makes me feel like Paramore have been stalking me and reading the thoughts in my mind. Then they came up with this song which is basically my life

60 Interlude: I'm Not Angry Anymore Interlude: I'm Not Angry Anymore
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