Top Ten Best Progressive Rock Songs


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The Top Ten

Supper's Ready - Genesis
Aw man, can't be beat. Pink Floyd is great, although I would have chosen something other than SOYCD, perhaps Astronomy Domine or Careful With That Axe, Eugene? But Supper's Ready is the cream of the crop, a near perfect prog rock epic.
Epic Genesis story telling at it's best! Best Prog Rock song by far! Best 23 minutes you'll ever spend! Genesis never got any better than this. The atmosphere f the song is electric! How Pink Floyd has more votes is unbelievable
I can listen to only this song and it never gets boring/old to me! This is the most addicting song ever! The song, which involves more talent than any other song!
[Newest]By far one of the greatest, if not, the greatest progressive rock songs ever. A song that really makes you think about what it's really about. This song is in my opinion better than bohemian rhapsody. Now I love bohemian rhapsody. It's still one of my all time favorites, but any idiot can listen to bohemian rhapsody and understand the songs meaning. It takes a lot to think about the meaning of suppers ready and not many people understand the song.
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2Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Part VI-IX) - Pink Floyd
I love Supper's Ready by Genesis. It's defiantly one of my favorite songs of all time. I'm gonna vote for Shine On You Crazy Diamond, though. Pink Floyd is my favorite band and they make my favorite music. Shine On You Crazy Diamond is a masterpiece as well as 2112 from Rush, The Knife, Supper's Ready and the Musical Box by Genesis, Roundabout by Yes, Close To The Edge also by Yes, Passage To Bangkok and Twilight Zone by Rush, a long list of songs by Pink Floyd progressive rock is defiantly my favorite genre. It takes true talent to make progressive rock and true taste to listen to it. 21st Century Schizoid Man is another great progressive rock song.
No doubt about this, this song takes you for a ride, changing your mood over and over makes you think strange and experience a different dimension.

There's only one other song that can come close to its caliber, "careful with that axe eugene"
I love this song, whenever I hear it, I became a part of it and I just flying away from this world. Excellent, truelly amazing. The best progressive band should make a great song, and they've done it pretty well. I love Shine On You Crazy Diamond. I love Pink Floyd.
[Newest]Best, Song, Ever, I, Am, Not, Kidding.

32112 - Rush
You know the real reason this song is not number 1 is because nobody knows who rush is. People do not pay much attention to canadian bands. It is kind of sad actually. But this song has the most amazing lyrics and I love Geddy's bass in the temples of syrinx. Amazing musical masterpeice. Rush is the most underrated band there is to date. Rolling stone gives rush 2/5 stars on almost every album. I hope whoever is reading this does not like rolling stone. Or the hall of fame voters. Ha ha ha.
Perhaps one of the best and most diverse songs ever written, lyrically, and musically this song is flawless, unrivaled in creativity, those who don't like this song have brains that can't handle the epicness
I remember when I was in 7th grade back in 1977 hearing this song for the first time and I was blown away [ to the year 2112]! I have listened to this song countless times since along with all of RUSH's other music. 2112 is an original masterpiece of art with an excellent story being told! Highly recommended!
[Newest]Number 3 won't do this song justice, get it to number one!

4Close to the Edge - Yes
Close to the Edge is a masterpiece. Shine on you crazy diamond is vastly overrated. It's cool but mostly consists of the band jamming. Supper's Ready is a lot better but Close to the Edge is on a whole other level. All the instruments are equal in a perfect mix and nothing really stands out except the music itself. The abstract lyrics are an instrument themselves and when you listen to the piece you feel like LIVING. The different sections of the song cover a spectrum of different moods ranging from mayhem, melancholy, chilling, yearning, rage, mysterious, happy and serene. This song, if any, is made of pure awesome.


I personally think Close to the Edge should be on the top of the list with Supper's Ready close behind. This song is just a masterpiece. I think Close to the Edge is the best progressive rock album ever and is certainly Yes at their highest creative and talented peak. Shine on is good and I like Pink Floyd and they're one of my favorite bands but they are overrated. I'm not the biggest Rush fan and 2112 is good but when I want to listen to prog, Yes is always my first choice.
To me, it doesn't matter what order all these songs come in: each one is a masterpiece. However, Close to the Edge is more than just a masterpiece. This song is how I, a man with no religion but himself, have come to experience God (and no, I'm not literally claiming to have talked to a bearded man in the sky). The perfect storm of musicality, spirituality, and emotion, these 18 minutes laid out by Yes are the closest to the edge of perfection any song will ever reach.
[Newest]Oh my god this song...18 minutes of pure genius. It flows brilliantly then you get the wonderful slow section in the middle. Then Rick Wakeman's keyboard solo sends you to another dimension. The last few minutes builds to to an epic finale that only a few other prog epics like tarkus and supper's ready can match

5Echoes - Pink Floyd
Not just best progressive song ever (just slightly ahead of Supper's Ready in my opinion), it is possibly the best song ever.
Live at Pompeii will get you appreciating this song a lot.
I think the version of Echoes from Live at Pompeii is the best song ever.


[Newest]Epic. Simple like that.

6Starless - King Crimson
I always feel this is a song about being depressed The song can take you to hell and back. Yet at the end it lifts you up, leaving you ahead again and seeing the beauty of it all.

To quote Pitchfork (because it is so well put): ""Starless" feels like a summation of all King Crimson had accomplished to that point. Through its strictly controlled verses, hackle-raising crescendo and wild freak-out coda, the band wrings moments of startling beauty and exuberant energy from the dread and dissonance at the song's core."
Artist: King Crimson
Album: Red (a must have)

The most epic, technically dazzling song you have never heard. The last 2 minutes still give me chills and always leaves me scratching my head, wondering how did anyone come up with this? Robert Fripp did, and he always will. Long Live The King


This song has the depth and psychedelia of any 20 minute long prog song but at the same time the "obvious" and simple melodies that will make you love it immediately. There's no struggle at the beginning when listening to this song yet you will never grow tired of it because of it's incredible depth.

It's kind of the perfect song considering that.
[Newest]Sun down, dazzling day...

7Octavarium - Dream Theater
This is the very best song to listen to 1 000 000 0000 000 times, because you will never get bored no matter what! This song got everything that a song needs to be perfect, plus everything else the dream theater can come up with, we are talking about getting chilled to the bone, amazed of amazing guitar solos and riffs, and the very best harmony of any song EVER! LISTEN TO IT OR BE A BRICK.


Different moods to take us to a journey of life, complexity and length what prog song needs. And last but not least it is presented to us by the most talented band of our time.
This song is purely amazing, however, if I was stating my absolute favorite songs, Echoes and Dogs would be higher. So why did I vote for Octavarium? This is about best prog songs, not including psychedelic, and Octavarium definitely has an edge on them.
[Newest]The best song of all time without a doubt

821st Century Schizoid Man - King Crimson
This song is a great example of progressive rock at its best, by the band who helped to jumpstart the genre. The lyrics are relevant, Robert Fripp is great and the music is a genius arrangement.
Very antagonistic lyrics with absolutely amazing instrumental section in the middle. One of my favorites.
I am a 21st Century Schizoid Man.


9Thick As a Brick, Pt. 1 - Jethro Tull
The greatest song ever written! I am a huge prog rock fan and I know all of these songs, but none of them can ever touch THICK AS A BRICK, which is 45 minute long masterpiece and which incorporated 4 (! ) music genres! Again-- the greatest song ever written!
What a great song the complexity of the magnificent lyrics are truly mind altering.. I have listened to the album over 100 times never gets old like a great movie. Thank you Ian.
This as a Brick is the greatest song ever written! People just need to be smart enough to understand this masterpiece!
[Newest]Nah guys this is metal

10Roundabout - Yes
Best intro of any song ever created. Also, stunning bass riff...
They always play this last at every Yes concert


Actually they play Starship Trooper at the end of every Yes concert.
Better than shine on your crazy diamond

The Contenders

11Dogs - Pink Floyd
This is an amazing. It's not only one of the best Pink Floyd songs but one of the best in the world. I seriously think this song is vastly underrated.
A lengthy masterpiece which puts you into a different world, and it has really had an impact on the way I look at society. Clever lyrics, a brilliant multitude of guitar solos and simply an interesting atmosphere. Possibly best Pink Floyd song.
I listened to this song a couple of days ago, actually. Long but great song.


[Newest]Aw crap! I should have voted 4 this one! ! !

12Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
This is the best song of all time, but guys, come on, this isn't Prog!
Best Floyd song isn't even in top 10? Are You joking? No Way. Hey Floyd fans keep pushin' to put this higher up!
While it's not as "progressive" as other songs in this list, it's absolutely fantastic.


13Pull Me Under - Dream Theater
A great song, but honestly probably the worst song off Images and Words. Learning to Live deserves this spot.
I listen to this song everyday. This song is nice example for progressive music and also the best from Dream Theater. I could listen the intro for rest of my life..
This song is pulled me into Dream Theater and prog world.
One of the greatest songs!


[Newest]I love this song but I'm not sure why its so high since everyone in the world but me hates it...

14The Gates of Delirium - Yes
The most beautiful, dynamic masterpiece ever made on this planet. I've never listened to a song that could astound me as much as the Gates of Delirium. There is so much skill, technique, complexity, insane writing skills, and most of all emotion in this song. If you have not heard it you must give it a full listen. Note that this song may be too much to handle for inexperienced listeners/musicians.


15Firth of Fifth - Genesis
Songs ain't got to be 20 min to be the best it just needs to amazing especially the piano organs guitar and vocals
Over 40 yrs old and still progressive. Just beautiful, magical music. Always will be. Timeless.

16Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V) - Pink Floyd
Those four notes... Nothing in the world can beat them.
Sexiest guitar ever, beautiful song.
It is the sexiest guitar ever.

17Time - Pink Floyd
Wow! Beautiful list with wonderful songs! And wonderful artists! But personally I love "Time" because of many things: after listening this song, I wanted to play guitar (Gilmour is just great! ), and the lyrics remind me my parents who don't want me to do what I really want... And Mason is brilliant in the introduction!
One of my favorites... No doubt! This song completes the whole album concept, in which you hear the perception of time from the point of view of any given person, who once is young, but realizes that time flies away one day... Excellent and very recommendable!
Long life to Pink Floyd!
Its just a classic deserves a spot in top 5.
[Newest]One of my favorites...

18A Day In the Life - The Beatles
Come on. I love this song--probably my #3 Beatles song. But it's not prog.


... Is this song even PROG?


19The Musical Box - Genesis
A genuine prog-rock masterpiece. The genius of this song can not be expressed in words. It's as close to magic as you're ever gonna get without LSD or other psychedelics.
Pure joy to listen with its mood changes, great singing and amazing guitar and keyboard atmosphere. Orgasmic! Thank you Genesis for this Chef d'oeuvre :-)

20Tarkus - Emerson, Lake & Palmer
A complete masterpiece if you haven't heard it you don't know progressive rock or rock in general it is an amazing musical achievement!
You really understand how difficult and complex is Tarkus when you try to play it. It has many tempo changes and its structure is very atypical. 'enough said.
Brilliant and complex, Tarkus spins a melodic tale that captivates the listener as no other.
[Newest]Oh god this song! Words cannot describe it.

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