Best Sabaton Songs

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Ghost Division

2Primo Victoria
All are junk except Primo Victoria!

3Screaming Eagles
Best Christmas song ever.
Screaming Eagles is an amazing song! Other great ones are
Ghost Division, Art of War, Price of a Mile, Coat of Arms, Uprising, Aces in Exile, Poltava and Far From the Fame



5Coat of Arms

6Cliffs of Gallipoli


8The Price of a Mile

9Gott Mit Uns

10The Final Solution

The Contenders

11Attero Dominatus

It's my favourite.. best song by Sabaton in my opinion! epic!


It's a good power metal song with an ultranationalist message to give to the metalers... specialy the finns ;-) (I'm not finn)

15The Art of War


17Far from the Fame

18Nuclear Attack

19A Lifetime of War
The first song that made my eyes misty

20To Hell and Back

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