Best Sabaton Songs

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1 Ghost Division Ghost Division

Simple yet powerful with amazing lyrics that make sense

It was my first Sabaton song. Epic

2 Primo Victoria Primo Victoria

All are junk except Primo Victoria!

3 To Hell and Back To Hell and Back
4 Uprising Uprising
5 Coat of Arms Coat of Arms V 1 Comment
6 Carolus Rex Carolus Rex
7 Attero Dominatus Attero Dominatus
8 Screaming Eagles Screaming Eagles

Screaming Eagles is an amazing song! Other great ones are
Ghost Division, Art of War, Price of a Mile, Coat of Arms, Uprising, Aces in Exile, Poltava and Far From the Fame - ironmaiden1

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9 40:1 40:1
10 The Final Solution The Final Solution V 1 Comment

The Newcomers

? Nuclear Attack Nuclear Attack
? The Hammer Has Fallen The Hammer Has Fallen

The Contenders

11 The Lost Battalion The Lost Battalion
12 Night Witches Night Witches

Best of the best

13 The Price of a Mile The Price of a Mile
14 Cliffs of Gallipoli Cliffs of Gallipoli
15 Shiroyama Shiroyama
16 The Last Stand The Last Stand
17 Gott Mit Uns Gott Mit Uns
18 Panzerkampf Panzerkampf

It's my favourite.. best song by Sabaton in my opinion! epic!

This song is just so epic, how is it not in the top 10? - cachu

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19 Resist and Bite Resist and Bite
20 Man of War Man of War V 1 Comment
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1. Night Witches
2. Ghost Division
3. Screaming Eagles
1. To Hell and Back
2. Carolus Rex
3. Night Witches
1. 40:1
2. The Last Stand
3. Carolus Rex

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