Best Science Fiction Movies

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The Top Ten

The Matrix
Original storyline, thrilling end, great acting, nice actors, epic fighting sequences and memorable Action & Sci-Fi/Action sequences. Best movie ever made.


amazing action, epic quotes and descrates esq philosophical questions. this is my favorite movie of all time!


Difficult decision. Love Science Fiction movies.
- 2001 A Space Odyssey was amazing and is a CLASSIC.
- Loved Close Encounters Of The Third Kind back in the day

But The Matrix was awesome.

2Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back
Star Wars I: Revenge of the Sith is good but nowhere as great as The Empire Strikes back. Every time I look at a top ten on this site, I find that many of the selections are jokes indeed. 2001 or The Empire Strikes Back are the finest science fiction films ever made. But I will give a selection of what a great list should look like. 1. The Empire Strikes Back 2.2001 3. Star Wars 4. Frankenstein 5. Close Encounters of the Third Kind 6. The Bride of Frankenstein 7. A Clockwork Orange 8. Day the Earth Stood Still 9. Invasions of the Body Snatchers 10. Terminator 2: Judgement Day
Awesome movie really enjoyed in I also have the betamax special edition of all the star wars movie from star wars
To revenge of the sith but what I liked the most was the empire strike back screw my 5 year old brother for breaking my portable dvd player screw him
Dark, very mature subject material, the good feelings of the first movie go away, and who can forget, "I'm Your Father"
[Newest]Story - check. Tech - check. Diverse casting/characters - check. Good-looking cast - check. Part of an excellent franchise - check

32001: A Space Odyssey
I'm not sure what sane person would place movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey BELOW THE PHANTOM MENACE! 2001 is one of the most chilling, subtle films in science fiction history. There are so many interpretations of it one can make and everyone can take away a different experience from it.
This film should definitely be number one. It's pretty much the "grandfather of science-fiction" because it's inspired just about every other sci-fi director.


Agreed. 2001 is a masterpiece, no doubt about it.

With the exception of the original 3 Star Wars movies, though, this list is kind of a joke.
[Newest]I fell in love with this movie. A pure science fiction masterpiece. 2001 is not overrated at all! The Matrix is overrated.

4Blade Runner
Blade Runner was the last true science fiction film because it didn't need all the computer generated images. Everything you see was actually made by hand and filmed on the sets. The way Ridley Scott uses the combination of lighting and sound and the camera has yet to be beaten.
"You Blade Runner". And Harrison Ford does all he can to not get sucked back into the life of a Blade Runner. But even with the Director's cut, the count of Replicants STILL doesn't add up. So like in the book... Is Decker secretly a Replicant?


Blade runner was so revolutionare and way ahead of it's time. Should of been nominated for best picture!

Best sci-fi movie ever! A terrifyingly amazing scary movie too. The sequel was obviously not as good as the first. This needs to be in the top 10!


One of the most powerful sci-fi movies in our history


Still a great movie to watch after all these years...

6Terminator 2: Judgement Day
This movie was such a monumental step in the history of science-fiction movies, and in all of filmmaking with its still-impressive CGI effects. The story, of course, is brilliant also.


Awesome Movie. A bit better than star wars
How is this 9th!? I love it!

7Star Wars IV: A New Hope
it is what got the others ones made

8Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith
I never liked the original Star Wars trilogy - too many cliches and such - but it's the prequel movies that allow me to say I do love Star Wars! I admit, they could've improved the story a LOT with this one, but when you boil it down, this one is the best of the bunch. Great special effects, INCREDIBLE acting (especially on Natalie Portman's part) and climatic battle scenes. My only disappointment was seeing General Grievous come and go so fast - he should've hung around for at LEAST the whole trilogy!
Best Star Wars Film of them all. Ties in the whole franchise, best battle scenes, saddest parts. Nothing compares. Not even the classics.


Screw the special effects...

The story is amazing.

9Jurassic Park
The most realistic dinosaurs iv'e ever seen! And a good story and characters to help. Go watch this movie!

Metropolis is so well done for a movie from the 20's! Also, it inspirated a lot of famous movies like star wars, the matrix,...

The Contenders

11The Fifth Element
No offense to those who loved the Star Wars movies, but I feel that the 5th Element is quite simply, the perfect Sci-Fi movie. There was great humor, amazing story, fantastic visual effects, wonderful acting, fantastic action, etc. Luc Besson is an unparalleled director - even going so far as to create Leeloo's language. Yes, the 5th Element is, in a word... Perfect.

12Close Encounters of the Third Kind
I clicked wrong one.


13Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi
Favourite Star Wars and my first, in a weird timey-wimey, wibbly-wobbly way!

No way can this be this low! Easily one of my favorite movies let alone scifi!

15Back to the Future
Really number 39 it should at least make top 10 great movie
Should be in top 20. Hell, it should be #1.
Let's at least put this in top 20.


[Newest]Spaceballs and Brazil are above this? Unacceptable.


16The Day The Earth Stood Still
This is great!
Should be at least top 5!

Serenity is one of the first science fiction movies I ever watched (after Star Wars). Sure, I loved Star Wars, but when I laid eyes on Serenity... Wow! It is 100% science fiction and may seem unoriginal. Firefly was an amazing T.V. Show as well. Serenity is classic and really action packed. Get Serenity to the top 10!


The Movie based off the show "firefly" It was made in 2005. The fans were so fond of the show, they made a blockbuster out of it, even though the show was canceled after only 14 episodes. A very cool movie.

18I, Robot

19Independence Day
This movie is the most incredible, most exciting, and most just about everything movie.


Anything that has the world getting it's butt kick, has to be good.


Especially if you have kick-ace surround sound.


20Solaris (1972)
In space no one can hear you crying for love.

Excellent film.

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