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Come & Get It
! This song should be number one! I'm shocked seeing this stucked in number 23. This song is her most successful song reaching number six on US Billboard Hot 100. It's her first single to reach top ten on chart. So why it is that it's stuck on number 23?

Please! Please! Please!
Vote for it guys!
This is the best!
"When you ready come and get it
Na na na na, na na na na"
Love it!

- Louie Jay Doronio
This song is simply Heart-Touching... The Indian Touch to it added a little more spice to this song... No doubt Selena is a versatile singer... I mean the best song by Selena so far..!
This song is amazing. Independent. It says, your not the boss of me, and if you can't handle me and the way I act, than we can't be in a relationship. If you want me, come and get me, but you must prove that you can handle me.
[Newest]This song is very nice to listen and have Indian music it is one of the best song of Selene Gomez I love this song
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2Hit the Lights
How can you NOT like this? Love the beat, tune... Everything rocks! It fits her voice perfectly: doesn't push too far... It's the type of song that you have to like!
Hit the lights let the music move you loose yourself tonight, come alive let the moment make you loose control tonight" amazing song very energetic, certainly deserves top 3 at least
Hit The Lights is not just a love song! Trust me! It's about power and about the truth about boy in front of your eyes. All of you must have this song on you music player...
[Newest]I think this is one of the best songs I have ever listened to. I believe this should not be in second place, but first, and trust me I am a music freak!

3Slow Down
I knew that 'Stars Dance' is going to be Selena's best album and 'Slow Down' is the proof. Please listen to it and vote for it. You will love it! I love this song very much and love Selena Gomez. Thanks Selena for such a lovely song. Nabeel
This song deserves number one... I hear this Song everyday and I love it. Selena is too good in this song. Please guys listen this song and vote for it... I am sure you would love it... I LOVE SELENA!
May be this site is not correct, why is this song on 46. It should be at least in top 10
[Newest]Selena gomes-slow down that song very good and I like that song

4Who Says
I think this song is the best song I've heard in years! I can't live without this song. Its truly amazing! Selena is beautiful, and a fantastic song writer! I can't believe how many times I listen to this song EVERY SINGLE DAY!
I love this song! I listen to it EVERY SINGLE DAY! Selena Gomez is AWESOME and this song shows what she can do. It has a really deep meaning to it- your perfect the way you are, no matter what people say :)I LOVE YOU SELENA! I LOVE THIS SONG!
Its a really awesome song and it tells us about how we shouldn't care what other thinks all it matters is that we should be the real us and not fake and never doubt ourselves
[Newest]This is my best song ever
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5Ghost of You
Ghost Of You should definitely make the top ten, Selena's voice is very nice and appealing in this song. It is one of her best songs as it is very emotional and the words mean a lot. It gets stick in your head very easily and it has a haunting feeling to it. It's a song that you will remember. It should have been released as a single, it would show the world that Selena is definitely much more than a disney star.
it should make top ten... my favourite selena gomez songs are 'ghost of you', a year without rain, love you like a love song, who says... I like her voice... so appealing..
itz one of her best and touching song after "the way I loved you " love the way she sounds selena you are best... you rock girl keep it up!
[Newest]Awesome the word to b used

6My Dilemma
This is a amazing song by Selena Gomez. It express the hearty feelings and have true emotions. I like this song very much and hear it at least twice in a day. This is really really good song. ONE MUST LISTEN TO THIS!
Why is it Not at the top? This is the best song Selena has ever made in her whole music career! I hear it like 20 times a day and never get bored.. My Dilemma Rocks! Love you Selena..
It's really my favorite song, this song has something that I can't explain. I never bored to this song, and I like its lyrics, because absolutely it ever happened to everybody who love someone but they still confuse of their choice
[Newest]It is very awesome

7Love You Like a Love Song
This song must be at top 10.. this is a love song... whatever I love this song so much
I love this song! it rock! Selena Gomez is sensational I recommend listening to this because it is awesome! the beats are awesome and the way the music video is placed in the karaoke scene is awesome! she is absolutely sensational! listen to it! now! 1 GO SELENA!
I am actually very surprised this song isn't in the top 10. I mean It should be before Shake it Up. I am not too fond of that song. I'd have to say this is the best one right up there with A Year Without Rain
[Newest]This song makes me wanna dance forever💃
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8A Year Without Rain
Its really nice this is the best song I ever hear in my life selena gomez looks very beautiful... I hear this song hundred times in day:-)
I love this song! It's amazing it has so much feeling into it. I love Selena Gomez she is amazing. Nice beautiful
Caring proud and just puts good music everywhere
Her voice is so magical in this song and it gives me goosebumps! It is my favorite Selena Gomez song. She did a great job and her voice is very special.
[Newest]Seriously? "come and get it" in first place?
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9Off the Chain
This is one of my favourite songs of all time. I have listened to it a ridiculous amount of times and it never gets boring. It's catchy and the beat never seems to go out of my head! Listen to it people!
I'm glad this is in the top 10. I've loved this song ever since I was little, it is written on my heart. I'm glad I'm not the only one loving the "behind the scenes" songs. Thanks for my life Selena, every move is influenced by you. Follow God, avoid temptation, and stay true! Love you!
This song is amaazing! Listen to it guys and then you'll know why it should be amongst the top 5...
[Newest]#10? Really? Should be top 5.

10Like a Champion
I was just impressed listening her free vocal delivery here. This song is really very fantastic. I hope Selena keeps on singing like she is a champion. Nabeel
A truely mind blowing piece... Absolutely awesome... Thanks a lot for this... Ms gomez..
Catchy and great beat to dance too
[Newest]I really love it...

The Contenders

I Really Love This song...!
I listen to it everyday and still don't get bored..!
She has very good quality of voice..!
This Song is superb, very superb
it is awesome song and the best song of Selena in all time
[Newest]I really love this song

12The Way I Loved You
One of the best song of selena gomez..
Guys hear this song and compare those.. This is not a popular song so you didn't hear this song.. B8 its way better then magic etc.. It should at least be given in the top 5... Where from spotlight hit the light and these stupid songs came? Its such a touching song... One of her best songs... Not comparable.. To any pop songs of her
Come on! This should be in the top ten! It is such a touching song... This is one of my favourites... Go Selena!
This should be in the Top 10! Selena co-wrote it. It's about Nick Jonas, so it's really personal. Plus, it lets Selena's voice sound so strong, but also fragile which makes this song so beyond beautiful.
[Newest]This is an emotionally stunning song. I adore it

13Love Will Remember
It's an amazing song. I will remember "Love Will Remember" forever. It's one of the best songs ever made. Please listen to it and I'm sure you will love it. Thanks Selena for such a wonderful song. Love you. Nabeel
I love selena shes amazing...
Selena is anti Taylor swift with this song. It has meaningful lyrics and relates to moi. Love it
[Newest]Awesome song... Deep meaning

14Send It On
Well I think that send it on the one of the songs I ever heard and selena gomez you're so good at acting. I love your voice it's better then dime lovato and Hannah Montana and more people and I like this song because I gives us a message that help the world.
the best disney songs ever
Especially in terms of harmony among all the singers in addition to the beauty of the performance
Well, I think its the best song ever made.

It spreads an excellent message to stand hand in hand that can help the world. And the harmony really ENHANCES the spirit and beauty of the song. The jonas brothers, miley cyrus, selena and demi form an EXCELLENT and PRAISABLE coordination.
[Newest]Why is it on no.22 this is really a wonderful song... It is the best song ever by the 6 of them

I love this song

15Bang Bang Bang
I just love this song.. Its most heart touching ever
I just the way Selena sings it n d best part is its music a truely divine song
The best song of selena gomez ever
its cool
Best Song ever! I love Selena! She's the best singer ever. Plus she has the hottest boyfriend ever.
[Newest]He was a model he swagger he like to flaunt this

This is her best song at least it should be in top 3. I love you Selena. You are very beautiful and your voice is beautiful too. You just rock in everyones heart.
This song should be in the top ten! That 'tell me something I don't know is so not worth to be there... This song is so awesome! But she sounds like a chipmunk
I LOVE Selena Gomez! She is awesome and this is my favorite song of all the ones she made (although I didn't hear all of them yet). She is awesome! One day I want to be like her. She should make MUCH more songs like this. You go girl!
[Newest]I added this song to the list a long time ago, so happy to see it as 18th. It should be higher up, but anyway, progress! I love this song, it's so catchy.

I can't stop listening to this song when I start listening.One of the best songs of Selena Gomez.I love all her songs and I love her.She is the best singer ever and Undercover is really good.I LOVE UNDERCOVER...Nabeel.
Its one of her best songs I can't stop listening to it
It's the most pop song ever heard. Selena Gomez you just are the fabulous, the background music is so... Beyond words. so so so pop, whenever I hear this song I wished I could Have been like her but I can't because there's only 1 Selena gomez

18The Heart Wants What It Wants
! Why is this on #37? It's one of her best songs and should TOTALLY BE #1! This song is so touching! Her voice in the beginning of the music video really brings out emotion. Surprised and disappointed this song was ranked so low.
What? I think this is a new song so most of the people have not heard this. Otherwise this cannot be in 74.
This should be ranked #1! I love this song it's so amazing! The lyrics and the emotions from the beginning of the song
[Newest]Selena's songs are so beautiful. I love this one. It's so nice and the music is awesome.

19Round & Round
Great song. Its her one of best songs. I love the way she sings her voice is sweet
It's Goods Song! ^_^
I Listen Everday And Don't Get Bored...
This Song The Best In The World
the song is beautifull... nd selena sings it very well too... also she is looking very pretty in the video and the thene of the song is nice... I love this song... selena is awesome
[Newest]This song is not so good. You guys can checkout her new songs. Her old songs were sucks. Except without rain

20Stars Dance
Laugh out loud love it it rocks go selena
Really cool! Love her voice it sounds like an angel in this song!
Autotune can make everyone from trashy to angel. So too selena
Very very very good song with her autotune voice. I must admit she is doing great. Must listen everyone :3

21I Promise You
I like this song the 1st time I heard this song.. It makes me feel joyful and happy! I always play this on my ipod everyday... I like this song very very much! Woah! Hope it will be on top 10
This should be in the top ten! Love it! It's happy love song!
Better than any one of Selena songs
[Newest]This is a great song

22Forget Forever
Forget Forever is the most amazing song I have ever heard! It's so, kind of sad, and it makes you think about every happy moment in your life.
I love you selena and Happy 21st Birthay!
I just love dis song. Lovely lyrics.
I just love this song... Her voice, the beat... Everything's just amazing! The break after the chorus is just mind blowing... One of her most amazing songs from Stars Dance. I just love Selena Gomez :D Nabeel

This song is totally unique. Never heard anything like this before. I fell in love with the song the first time I heard it. It shows that Selena enjoys her birthdays a lot and every night is her birthday! It is the weirdest thing she has done other than B.E.A.T.. I love this song and I love Selena... Nabeel
This song has a good beat. I love it!
I love your songs and of course you
[Newest]Best dong of selena

When I listen to this song I get some extra energy I don't know from where
The first line "i feel like I'm walking in the sky " whoo best line ever love you selena
Its amazing. I love this song
I love this song very much

From :
Your number 1 fan Bessan

25Summer's Not Hot
It should be in the top 15... Its so rocking... This song is totally party.. It is unexplainable... The words of this song expresses her quality
I love this song becouse it's fun and entertaining. VOTE FOR THIS SONG. Please
This Is The Coolest Song Ever! If You never Heard It you should listen to it is is extreme! Summer's Not hot were I live, maybe it's because I haven't got that special person!
[Newest]I crank the volume up every time this song plays and get hyper!

26Middle of Nowhere
Really? I love this song! So cold, nobody to hold me you're so wrong for leaving when you told me you would never leave my by myself, out in the middle of nowhere
Awesome song! This song should be up in the top 10.. Not here. The lyrics, the music and the way selena gomez sang it is just amazing! Love it!
This song is amazing! I love the music the lyrics and of course SELENA GOMEZ! 1
[Newest]It's her most awesome song guys... Definitely should be in top 10!

27Save the Day
I cannot stop dancing when I listen to this song
I played it 185 times in 2 days
I can"t control myself when it come to dance while listening it... Really cool...
[Newest]I just can't stop listening to this song.. It is just amazing.. Love you selena.. !

28Tell Me Something I Don't Know
I hear her songs everyday and night specially "the way I loved u" really emotional song and nice1, "tell me, stop and erase, live like there's and round and round" stupendios songs I evr heard of her!, and am big fan of selena! love you sele, all the best!
LOVE this song the minute I heard it on Another Cinderella Story!
I sing this song while I was sleeping
[Newest]Such a annoying song!

This song is really awesome! Its from the wizards of waverly place, in which I loved her! This song actually depicts a heartbroken girl who is sad but is shown in a very cool and rocking way!
Love you selena!

30When the Sun Goes Down
This is the most amazing song ever! I just love this song and love Selena too. She is the best and actually I love all her songs. Please vote for it and love Selena Gomez. Nabeel
Her 3rd album with combined sales of her first two albums, charted at #3 in America and a hit album around the world. This album could have kick started her career properly


The most fun song... Love it! Selena is just to awesome and the way she sings it just to cool
I can go on singing and listening to this song forever and ever!
Love the song very much!
[Newest]This song is amazing I like this song, I think this is the best song of selena

31One and the Same
I love selena gomez I love her songs very much... but the most the song touched me is THE WAY I LOVE YOU this song is very nice...
I love this song because I'm a big fan of both Selena and Demi, and I think it is very inspiring seeing the two best friends doing a duet together it has a catchy tune, and an excellent beat
Come on guys! I am not even a fan and yet I know this one is the best!

32I Won't Apologize
I don't know why this song isn't on the top of good songs but really it's the best song ever that you girls need listen to cause its about been proud of you really are " I wont apologize for who I'am " "sorry for changing", you can see from the lyrics that its a good song and especially those that proud about been themeselves all the time and don't care about what others think :) Enjoy it!
If I don't have a song to sing in the shower, this is always the one to come to mind! I love Selena! This song is catchy, and it tells a good story about how guys can change you!
Yeah! This song is beautiful and alittle bit sad. :D
[Newest]This song is just perfect and I'm so sorry it's not on top 10

33Everything Is Not What It Seems
This is a really cool song in a creepy way... So I think you should put it somewhere in the top ten cause its really great when you hear the song and understand its meaning... ;]
I love this song its amazing! I love you selena you are the best!
П It's a great song especially the new version which is in season 4

34Live Like There's No Tomorrow
I just love this song I want all to vote it I want to see this song in top 5 I just love selena gomez I think she is the best and live like there's no tomarrow is one of her best songs I love selena nab
From Beezus in Ramona and Beezus to any situation in life, this song teaches us to truly "Live like there's no tomorrow" Definitely one of her best songs. Has a message as strong as Who Says and far stronger than Love You Like A Love Song. :D
Awesome song. Teaches to "Actually live". The music is amazing and so are the lyrics. Love this song simply song.
[Newest]It so inspirational song sing by Selena Gomez

35Sad Serenade
! This is really one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard.'Stars Dance' would have been much more successful with this sons on it.I just love this song.This one is one of the best songs that Selena has ever made.I love Selena Gomez and her songs.Nabeel
This song is just amazing! I just wish she would put in her album

I like it so much. Its a big bad world but I ain't ashamed to like the lights in my hand and the beat in my face...
Its a fantastic song. It should be on the TOP. REALLY

37Shake It Up
I love the lyrics. Its makes me dancing when I'm listening to it. It is one of her best song and I enjoying listening to it.
Superb song... Love it
Like to listen it everyday..
Don't wanna get away from this song
Her voice makes this song even more fab
Great Song! LOVE IT... Makes me want to dance all day and just stays stuck in my head... SUPERB! One of the best songs in the world... Who agrees?

It's sad that this song is so far down on the list but all her songs are amazing so some of they have to be lower than other if only it didn't work that way
Awesome song! Sould deserve at least in top 10!


How could this song be so down in this list had you ever listened to it? This is inctediblee I loveerer it and I love selena gomez this songg is one of her bests "you're an outlaw running for love "great song!

39Nobody Does It Like You
It kid of relates to me. There should have been a music video. Love it!
Love that song. One of the best
No words to describe the song. It should be at least at top 5.

Awesome song. Can't live without it. Selena is amazing. She's multi-talented and super pretty! She's my role model, and I think she's a great role model for heaps of young kids, too.
very nice and sweet song... you must listen to it...
I just think this one of her best songs
[Newest]So cool and awesome song

41Make It Happen
I think its awesome

42Rule the World
This Is Good Song. But Demi Lovato Heart Attack Is The Best Song Of 2013. I love Her So much. Selena Is Also Good. But I Didn't Like Her So Much. But This Is Good Song...
It is the new song of selena gomez... The is very good... I think is one of the top song of selena gomez
Must be a little higher
Super duper song

43Stop & Erase

44Fly to Your Heart
How come it is not in the top 10! Selena gomez did very well in it. Her voice is very different, amusing and heart rending in this song, its really nice
Please listen to it, its very catchy too
Love you, selena!
This song is really nice... This should have been in top fifteen at least...! Is really sweet... And the video is also really good..! Really upset with the listings... Um... Magical should not be in top ten
This is a moral song for me... It's music and lyric is very beautiful and of course the voice of selena too.. This song help me to go ahead, to touch the sky and fly to your heart..
[Newest]The music is very good.

It is a really good song. Not as good as who says but is rocking and have some quality to be in at least at top 10's list. All should listen to this song before judging it and commenting it. She must have worked hard for this song.
It is a good songs. Of other songs.

46Write Your Name
I love this song so much. It's one of her best songs from 'Stars Dance'. Her voice is beautiful in this song. You must listen to it. The music is also great. Love you Selena. Nabeel
Just love it... And her sweet voice made its impact more intense. ,... I wish if I could see your live performance some day.. Or you may also embark to india for your stars dance. Tour.. :)
This song on 42?!?!?! Its one of the best songs of selena! This song rocks!
[Newest]Can't believe its in 42? It's so amazing! Vote for it guys!

47Kiss & Tell

48We Own the Night
It's a really sweet song
I love it God! Xxx
This song makes me cry every time. your amazing selena

49New Classic
Selena gomez was ment to be in this song her voice is amazing

50I Got U

51Lover In Me
WHY IS THIS AT 74! This song is the best song I've heard in a long time.

52Sick of You
Its about a breakup/ or gettin over a guy...

You know fairy tales don't come true
Not when it comes to you
Open up for the first time
And you can bet that it's the last time

( its was love but its over now;;seem like a relationship that she tried to make work but it just wasnt workin)

And I'm cool with laying low
Saturday night and I'm staying home

(okay she stayin in on a saturday and she happy and independent, she doesn't next to be with him she;s over him)

I'm sick of the sleepless, never ending nights
I just don't care who was wrong or right
I'm sick of the rumors and the alibis
You tear me up
I'll cut you down to size


One of my fave lines :: I'll wave goodbye when you say hello
Really good song... I hear it all the time
This song, I listen to it every single day and never waste any minute of the precious time of the songs. There is no way people won't like this song. Selena gomez puts on her best voice of all the time.
[Newest]How can it not be no. 1?

This should be on the top 10 at least

54Music Feels Better
This song is #1 just saying I hate Justin

55I Don't Miss You at All
Selena gomez this song is very superhit I like this song of selena
We love you selena

56Cruella De Vil
It's really awesome song. It's made by one of the first movies I watch. I love Selena and all her songs.

57That's More Like It
I really like it (; one of her most underrated tracks

58Rock God
Rock God rock! Cool song. This song always make me wanna dance...
This song I just have to sing a long and dance to. Because its a mix of different kinds of music I just adore it. She sounds so awesome like she always does! This song should be number 1!
She is not a rock god. Man she sucks at singing. her live performances are the equivalent of hammering a spike into your ear and then the other one

It is one of the best song from selena gomez! I love this song so much it is so amazing! It is cool and all of my friends love this song so much and by us this song is in us top ten list number two because it is amazing famous and cool we love it so much this song is really one of the best!

60Bang a Drum
Come on this is d best pop song I've ever heard... It should be in top ten list!

61Too Cool

62I Like It That Way
! It's one of the most amazing songs I've ever heard! I just love the song and Selena too.I will never change, I'll just keep on loving her songs.I will never change my mind, I'll just keep on loving Selena Gomez :).Nabeel.

63Red Light

Oh come on it's a love song with some magic it amazing I listen to it every day it's the bes it should a least be at top 10 selina is perfect ok so dating Justin Bebier is like getting a F on a report card but still I love this song I have to say please vote for it or at least hear it and give it a chance

65Boy Like You

66Not Over It

67Trust In Me
If anyone heard this song be honest. This song is super duper SUCKS. She has no taste of good music. She is making worst music over and over again. God help her.
I am her fan but agree. And you should not comment like. Her all songs are not worst.

68As a Blonde
This is the best song ever! It should not be 67! Come on people vote for it. And if you haven't listened to it, well do it.
This song needs to get to number 1. It's is a great song to dance to, and if you haven't listened to it you have to
It should at least be34

69Winter Wonderland
This song is way better than bang bang and kiss and tell
Vote for this guys

70Un Ano Sin Ver Lluvia

71I Want You to Know
After a day it was already on top of my iPod's top 20 most played list.. Definitely should be in the top 10
I believe thid song will become a smash hit. With the song's beat and Selena's great vocals it will. I mean it peaked at #1 (iTunes) in 23 countries and #3 US and Worldwide.
I have listened this song 89 times in 2 days
This song is awesome
Great music
Brilliant singing
This song should be in top 5 songs

I am fan number 1


74If Cupid Had a Heart
This doesn't sound like Selena but I still love it
I loved this from hannah Montana.
If stupid had a heart

75Falling Down
it's the one song I don't want out of my head, it has a great rhythm and an awesome beat! Intact
I think she should have won the Kid's Choice Award for 2011! I like all of Selena's songs but Falling Down is the best
Falling down is just a great song. The way she sings it her voice really suits the song. She has a great voice and it's good for her to do a variety of song. I literally love this song it has a great edge to it.
I think this is her best song ever. Just because its goes so well with her voice. Plus being her first single off her first album I think she picked the best song to really start things off with. LOVE YOU SELENA AND THE SONG!
[Newest]Its a super duper cool song

This list contains all the selena gomez songs then why not this one?
this song was deleted from the album 'kiss n tell' because it was leaked before releasing
but its a really good song hear it at least once you won't be able stop hearing


78In My Head

79My Dilemma 2.0

80Mama Do

81Red Lights
Seriously? 81?!?! This is a wonderful song. 81?

82Do It

83Hold On

I agree she is butiful I love the way she sings

85Whoa Oh! (Me vs. Everyone)

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