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41 State of My Head State of My Head

Awesome song! Makes you feel better after you listen to it cause it gets your anger out. "The only way I'm leaving is dead that's the state of my state of my state of my head! "

Amazing dong, firmly believe that the only reason it isn't higher is the fact that it is newer.

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42 Cry for Help Cry for Help

Such a good song, it's so powerful you feel like screaming the chorus at the top of your lungs

43 Adrenaline Adrenaline V 1 Comment
44 The Energy The Energy

What is this song doing in no. 29? This deserves the top spot...haven't people heard this song even a single time?

45 Misfits Misfits

This songs explains exactly how I feel, thank you so much shinedown.

46 I'm Alive I'm Alive

Best song in The Avengers original soundtrack. It's really good. Just can't stop listening to it.

It's their new track from The Avengers film. Really kickass!

47 In Memory In Memory

This song is amazing, turned me into a full on Shinedown junkie! I believe every song is worthy of number 1.

I love the chorus in the song so much, and Brent is awesome in this song

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48 Son of Sam Son of Sam

Not many people have heard this one probably because this is a bonus track but man this song should have a higher placing listen to this amazing song! - Curti2594

49 Black Cadillac Black Cadillac

This song is very catchy, I don't know the meaning but I like it because each verse has a line about a monkey In it and I think it's hilarious

50 Trade Yourself In Trade Yourself In

I'm really disappointed in my fellow Shinedown fans. There are a lot of great songs on this list, but ones like "Second Chance, " "The Sound of Madness, " "If You Only Knew, " "Amaryllis, " etc. Just aren't very special. I can't say that I really have a favorite Shinedown song (as is often the case with favorite bands) but Us & Them is my favorite album and "Trade Yourself In" is my favorite song on the album, so I thought I ought to add it to the list.

51 Better Version Better Version

This one is far too good to have not been on the list.

52 How Did You Love How Did You Love

Brilliant song, One listen and you're hooked.

53 Lacerated Lacerated

It gives me chills, The power of his voice...

54 Oblivion Oblivion V 1 Comment
55 It All Adds Up It All Adds Up

This song is so good, totally number 1 material. This should be played on the radio asap so everyone else can hear how amazing Shinedown truly is.

56 Yer Majesty Yer Majesty

Why hasn't anybody voted for this song? It's so catchy and gets stuck in your head. This song is so underrated but so good!

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57 Burning Bright [sanford Mix] Burning Bright [sanford Mix]
58 All I Ever Wanted All I Ever Wanted

Come on people how is this not even on the list yet?

59 Lady So Divine
60 Fake Fake
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