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41Með Suð Í Eyrum

Such an underrated song! Slow builder yes, but the payoff is absolutely beautiful! I don't know whether to cry or laugh with joy. Sigur Ros at their best truly creating music that can fit every mood with every song!

Sums up life, and every aspect of it.
Even though it is pretty much the least popular song on Valtari, it will always be my favorite.

44Untitled #6

One of the most emotionally stirring songs I've ever heard. The last part feels empowering to say the least

Instrumental at the end - wow - crikey why is this so low down the list.

Almost made me cry, stunningly beautiful.

45All AlrightV1 Comment

The most intense and energetic song on the album it is named after. Brilliant!


This song is unbelievable. One of their very best.

48Eg Anda
49Sé Lest

I have no clue how this is so low, when the horns start I get goosebumps.

So many wonderful songs but Se Lest is a gem that would be in my top 10


How can this be like the worst album track. It's amazing. Such a good band.


Translated to The Nothing Song, this is pure art. The song captures the essence of emptiness and fulfillment, and leaves you with nothingness at the end. An emotional experience that people need to hear

V1 Comment
53Untitled #7

First song I listened to. It's amazing!

57Ekki MukkV2 Comments
59Hjartað Hamast

Is seriously no one going to mention this!? One of the best songs ever made.

60Hun Joro
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