Best Simon and Garfunkel Songs


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The Sound of Silence
The guy who said "The guy who said "Not a single word chosen by chance" was damn right" was damn right!
Not a single word chosen by chance.
The guy who said "Not a single word chosen by chance" was damn right!
[Newest]I love this song. I really do.

2Bridge Over Troubled Water
Well... This was so hard. I love nearly every song which S^^G compose. I love them. But Bridge over Troubled Water is awesome. It doesn't waste your time. It goes straight to the point. It is the truth. It's the last song of our time that is sang with true meaning and comfort.
When you're weary
Feeling small
When tears are in your eyes
I'll dry them all
I'm on your side
Oh, when times get rough
And friends just can't be found
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down
Simply the best. When you look at their overall level of songs, Bridge is not only "smart", it is poetic and has the instrumentals that make it work as well.

It's touching, it may be one of the most important songs that has ever been written, created or sung. Simply the best... Maybe ever.
Well this is the first song I heard of them & that's the best I can ever think of! Its got meaning, emotion the sense of belonging-- to a friend-- can't put it in words- for me its the very BEST!
[Newest]This is such a great song and it has so much meaning if you have read Bridge to Terabithia

3The Boxer
When I first heard this song, I couldn't get it out of my head. It went directly to my heart. I love simon and garfunkel and I feel like this is their best song. But at the same time, I simply cannot choose between the boxer and sound of silence. All in all, I love their music and it'll stay with me forever.
It's mostly a hard decision between Sound of silence (with amazing lyrics), and The Boxer (with amazing emotion). Mrs Robinson, with a cheerful, slightly sarcastic tone, is the obvious number 3.
The song is disturbing in a way that has really gotten under my skin. The lyrics tell a story that is sad and grim, while the music, especially in the "li li li" chorus, is fairly upbeat and bouncy.
[Newest]Can't believe Keep the Customer Satisfied is so low. Never the less, I thing The Boxer is the best.

4Mrs. Robinson
This song was from the 1967 movie The Graduate. The Mrs. Robinson of the title was a middle-aged married woman who seduced the movie's hero, a recent college graduate (who was advised, in a famous scene, to go into "Plastics! ").
It's an upbeat, catchy, tune from a great film.


It manages to be both catchy and reflective, and the tight harmonies are a joy to hear.
"Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson, heaven holds a place for those who pray. Hey, hey, hey..."


5Scarborough Fair / Canticle
I think of this as the "parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme" song. Beautiful traditional melody, and beautiful harmonies by S & G.
Best song ever. Such an easy and heavy melody, and brilliant lyrics, mixed in a really nice ballad. #1 in my opinion
I got to know about this song only through the book "The perks of being a walfflower". Thanks Charlie for giving me such wonderful songs to listen to!
[Newest]No. One always in my heart

6Homeward Bound

The best "get up and get moving song"

It's so hard to pick a favorite. But this one is mine.
America and Sounds are my two favourite among others. All classics
This song has a haunting, delicate melody.
[Newest]By far this should be first, such an amazing song.

9I Am a Rock

The depth of this song surpasses the best lyrics anyone could ever write...

10The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)

The Contenders

11April Come She Will
Just loved how when I was little my dad used to play the guitar and sing this song. It is a beautiful piece of music, and I still like to hear this song.


12Kathy's Song

13The Only Living Boy in New York

14A Hazy Shade of Winter
One of the best guitar riffs ever!

15For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her

16Bookends Theme
It's a minute and 15 seconds of pure beauty. The melancholy voice, the nostalgic lyrics... It makes me melt on the insides.

17El Condor Pasa (If I Could)
Although the words sound as if they come from an ancient traditional folk song, Paul Simon actually wrote them himself to accompany the melody from a Peruvian song.

18My Little Town
A great song from the greatest duo of all time after their break-up. It's no surprise that Paul put it on still crazy after all these years.

19At the Zoo
I love this songs progression, and just everything about it. I love just about every Simon and Garfunkel song but this is just a cut above.

20Song for the Asking

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