Top Ten Best Indian Singers


Best singers of all time world have ever produced by the originator of Music yes who else INDIA.... Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

The most versatile singer India has ever produced, sang each song with such distinction, that left the listeners spellbound. The effortless transition across the entire range without any strand of strain, flawless emoting made him the king of playback singing... No doubt his humility, unassuming attitude, soft spoken nature, and reverence for mankind produced such a voice which came direct from heart... It's true that music is about emotion and not only technicalities, and he was master of both
Rafisaab has song all types of music soft, loud, happy, sad. He is total of Lata Asha Gitadutta and all other female singer = Mohd. Rafi.
He bust the carrier of Rajendrakumar, Dilipkumar, Shammikapoor, Dharemendra, Jitendra and many more. He was very polite and soft spiking man but when he sing songs like Dil Ke zarokhe (Brahmachari) you can not immage that this song is sang by Rafisaab. He has visited border at the time of India Pakistan war to bust the morale of our army, hence Pakistan Govt. Has censor his song for some time. Even though there are huge fan in Pakistan.
[Newest]Quality at its BEST.
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2Sonu Nigam
most versatile singer possessing a delicious voice, he sings with 0 error
He is the best singer ever. No can beat him as he is such a singer who can sing any type of music from devotional to remix perfectly.
All the great songs like chiggy wiggy and greatest hits of 21st century are of him!
[Newest]Sonu nigam is the rafi of modern era
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3Shreya Ghoshal
Good looking...
Best singer in the world...
You are beyond my thoughts..
Just superb...
Great work...
"'m a big big big big big big
Fan of you...
You are the most likeable person
After my parents, friends and vijay...
Nice going keep it up...
LOTS OF love...
Sreya Ghoshal is the best among the play back singers. One reason is that she almost won 4 National awards and different state awards and film fare awards within this shortest span of time.
She is versatile. Her rendition of romantic, soft numbers are flawless.
[Newest]Amazing singer... Congratulate her..
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4Lata Mangeshkar
She is the one of the greatest singer in Indian history


Best singer in the whole world
[Newest]The Voice of India = India

5Kishore Kumar
Most talented Singer. A versatile legend... Yodelling God in India new commers are still tracing his path.
Kishore kumar has a very pleasant voice that touches directly to heart within no time as his voice finds her path in the ear.
Any kind of song he is able to sing...


[Newest]Great variation in voice.
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6K. J. Yesudas
'the chief musician of gods darbaar' not sure if god wanted to sing and he resided in yesudas's throat, come it classical, hindustani, melody, upbeat, comedy, trajedy, light music, drama music, devotional, gazal - the one man army - yesudasji... I would want him to get his 8th national award soon.. And would what him to sing more hindi / urdu songs and enlighten the almost forgotten hindustani music of the north. Karnatic has always been safe since yesudasji took it to a peak no one could think of.. Das sir, its a request to please return to the north.. Missing your 'gori tera gav' 'kaha se aye badra'..
Two Academy Awards, two Grammy Awards, a BAFTA Award, a Golden Globe award winning composer, Music Director A. ARE Rahman said that the most beautiful voice in the world is that of Yesudas.
Yesudas, He is the voice of India.
[Newest]An amazing singer... It's a gift of God..
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7Atif Aslam
Atif Aslam a wonderful singer... Unique voice... Even a very poor song ll be beautiful when atif executes it... That is the quality of his voice and singing.. Really worried about why he is getting insulted by other senior singers in many stages.. And I strictly believe that best singers are chosen by the people.. None else can do that... And this poll result is an absolute reply to all those who insults Atif in many stages.. Atif is the best singer in this generation and he has his own identity, that is his unique voice.. We all with him... Love you Atif...
Am surprised that he has beaten sonu nigam
I love atif aslam songs & this one of the best songs in india!
He should number 1 not no-2. He is the best singer in asia. His voice is too exceptional. I like him most. (Michael Ashraful). I am the biggest fan of Atif Aslam boss!
[Newest]Atif aslam is one of the best singer Pakistani
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8Zubeen Garg
I want to correct the figure that Zubeen garg has sung more then 12000 songs till date and is going on. He sang in almost all the languages of India. He is composer, writer, singer, actor, musician. In one word he is the complete package. Its shocking to see him in this position. Really its a meaningless ranking.. All because of ignorance attitude towards north east
The real rockstar... He deserves more... So disappointed to see him so low in ratings..
I think he should be above then the likes of atif aslam and babul suprio because do you know he has sang more then 10000 songs till today in different indian language... He deserve a place in top 20
[Newest]He is just just amazing singer... Ever
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9Udit Narayan
Udat is very very good singer. His voice is better than kumar sanu. Very memorial voice
because of best voice and singing style anyway keep this on top according to my suggestion
This man has undoubtly most fresh, young, clear and original voice. Suppose to be in top 5 along with another melody SP Bala.
[Newest]The most cute voice he have

10Kumar Sanu
Best singer ever step into bollywood. He is unbeatable even Kishore can't reach him. Simply no1...
I have not any word for kumar because my heart is good feel when I play kumar's songs. He has a amazing voice and it is god gift for kumar. When I take mobile then first I choose to listen kumar's song
He is the best of all, I like all his song :just a great fan of him, I want him to sing more. He is the singer for every mood.
[Newest]I love Kumar Sanu
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The Contenders

11Asha Bhosle
Amazing voice. I like her and wish her all kinds of prosperity.
Asha Bhosle if not number 1 must be no 2 no one is near Great Asha ji. Superb voice. Love so so much...
She is the most versatile singer. She has been on the shadow of Lata Mangeshkar since from the begining. She can sing Lataji's type of song but Lataji can't sing her type of song.
[Newest]I love your voice

12Krishnakumar Kunnath
he is our kk my frnd... a superb singer and performer too... he is the hearthrob of all... super voice can make any genre of song a superhit... he dnt lyk publicity... he dedicates all his tym to his music and family... datz kk-most versatile singer at present
Kk is very talented singer of India and I want that kk will become top singer of the world
I would listen to anything kk sings honestly... Sensational... That's what the man is
[Newest]K. K sir is great singer for all time. No other is there. His every song is so much demanding. He is Mesmerizer...
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13Arijit Singh
He is the best songer that our industry has got in the 21st century.. Brilliant texture of his voice..
He is the very best singer of the world. The only thing make him better is his sweet voice. Every one likes him and made him a best singerby voting.
He is very outstanding, mindblowing, excellent singer
[Newest]His ability to make me truly feel the sound is beyond comparison

14Alka Yagnik
I Just Love Your Voice Alka Jee...
Alka Yagnik is one of the most versatile singers in Indian History. From item nos. Like Choli ke Peeche, Ek do Teen, Chamma Chamma, etc to soft romantic nos. Like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Bahon ke Darmiyan, Aye Ho Meri Zindagi mein, etc she's done it all!
Alkaji is a gem to all the Bollywood listeners. All her songs sung by her from the 80s to date are just amazing. On top of it, an amazing voice quality. Simply unique and superb!
[Newest]Nice singer my best friends

15S. P. Balasubramaniam
SPB was awarded National Award for singing 6 times closely following K.J. Yesudas sir. I think KJY sir and SPB should be 1st and 2nd in this list...
His voice touch every part of the soul, each cell in the body. He is the only singer who made me cry. He is a legend. No one can sing like him. He can sing all types of song folk, melody, fast beat, etc. I like when he smiles at certain words. He is the person who have a good pronunciation.
He is only one singer in the world who can sing any kind of songs in a great soul. Un-comparable. He is just only one singer and no body is as equal to him. Specially his voice can mold in any pitch and words pronunciation is very well. All in one. Different style of singing. Most genius, because he will sing according to the situation of the story with great feeling. He will sing the songs by understanding of the writer version and their thought. While singing all these aspects will be in his songs. That's why he different from other singers. No body can sing a song mixing all these qualities while singing. He is only one the best singer in the world. While singing, the situation or scene of the cinema, we can imagine with his singing without seeing the film. In some times, the actors may also do proper justice in their action in the songs by under standing the writers feelings and singer's feelings.
[Newest]In forest no one can compare the king lion with any other animal, because king is always king. Like wise we cannot compare him with others. He is a Legend. He is my hero. SPB sir is in 15? He voice is like honey. If any one wanted to commit suicide if they listen his songs they will change their mind. After listening his songs you cannot remember your pain, your loss and your sadness. You will just enjoy his voice. That is the power of SPB sir. I am very proud because he is from our country. I love your songs spb sir.
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16Honey Singh
Honey singh world best singer
Yo Yo Honey is just amazing... He has good music sense, beautiful voice and high skill and ability.. Hia many songs such as Brown Rang and High Heels topped international charts.. His song This Party Gettin Hot was the most heard Indian Song on Youtube...
The first genuine Indian Rapper. A new sensation. The most loved voice of the young generation.
[Newest]Your songs are very hit

17Manna Dey
He can sing any song on earth. A perfectionist, he can make any song look easy. Has sang in many languages including bengali, hindi, marathi, bhojpuri, tamil, telugu, gujrati, konkani etc etc.
Man they is the strongest singer...
He is one of greatest singer in our golden era...i am very sad about his one in the world can take his place...
[Newest]How he is low in this list. He should be in Top 10.

18Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
I Think what rahat fateh ali khan is doing here he should be definitely in top 2 I love his songs to much, I think only atif is placed here in a good position no2 he should be number 1 also but that's okk.
I think that rahat is a soul of ustad nusrat fateh ali khan. His voice very sweet. I love all of his songs very much.
He have to be fist even sonu nigam know. Best singer of all time, Melody, jazz, pop everyting. Vote Please
[Newest]Yeah rahat is best today from other singer

19K.S. Chithra
She is best singer in the world not only India, wonderful singer in the world
Melody queen of music
She is the greast singer. Only Yesudas Above her
Great singer in India. Best among the singers in her regime. Voice Quality and singing the song in any language with utmost dedication. Greatest singer to get 6 national awards.
[Newest]She is greatest singer on the earth

20Sunidhi Chauhan
The best female singer of this generation! She is so versatile and her voice is unbreakable! She is a really sweet person, too! She deserves to be number 1!
Sunidhi chauhan is best singer she sing fast songs and slow songs and she is best stage show she is only rock star in india
Every singer sings good, that is why they are singers. Sunidhi chauhan sings very pretty...
[Newest]My best female singer

I am shoked! Unbelievable! Mukesh should be on rank 1.
He is the king of indian cinema and most famous for his classical songs of every kind. No doubt there is a mistake in the top 10 singers list. Every list of singers should be started with Mukesh and all singers must come after him in any list of In dian singers. I request to everyone please give the suitable place to Mukeshji in the rank list.
Can't believe Mukesh sahab is at 39, something seriously wrong with the ranking system. For me he lies in top 5 of all time.
I do agree 100% with you brother. Mukeshji should be in the top as he was much senior than Rafi, Talat and Kishore. After pehli nazar in 1945 he was the master of all the singers, that is why he won the best male playback singer award for the first time and later on he received the same prizes for many times. This is completely injustice to list him at the bottom.

[Newest]Mukesh is the best singer India ever had

22Mohit Chauhan
Very great singer and I just want to say that he is brilliant singer and very nice voice one day he will beat sonu nigam...
Mohit Chauhan is the best Hindi singer... I can't belive he is at no. 31, Please DELETE 3 From 31 and leave 1 so He'll be no. ONE
I love his voice. He has a fresh voice, truly you are a rockstar
[Newest]I love mohit chauhan

23S. Janaki
She is the voice of honour and made listeners to have tears on the eyes... She has the extra talent to sing like a child, an old-aged woman or like a man... Her expressions in the item songs were outstanding. She alone can sing any kind of song...


S Janaki is the most versatile singer in India... She can sing very high ranges that others cannot touch... Her voice quality and clarity is amazing... Her voice suits any kind of songs but normally some singers could sing or could be expert in some zone of songs while less expertised in other zones, but S Janaki is the expert in all zones with amazing talent and voice texture... Whatever we praised her is not enough, her fame should be far beyond the skies, it is infinite.
She is a legendary singer of India. The expression which she gave when singing was very much touchable to our heart and which will cure our pain...


[Newest]S Janaki Madam has very sweet voice and unbeatable talent. She can sing any type of songs. No one can sing like her. and combination of SPB and S Janaki is awesome.. I like every songs of S Janaki. Vote for S Janaki.. She is the top 1 singer.

24Shantanu Mukherjee (Shaan)
He should be above kumar sanu and atif aslam. He is one of the best.
Shaan is the best singer and a versatile singer, with a very beautiful personality.
His voice such a great. Interesting and doing free for mind
[Newest]Start to sing again

25A. R. Rahman
This is best in the world
He has include not in Singers List.
But in Best Music Directors forever List of India...
Proud him as he is a Tamilian...
I don't have any word to explain... Just hatt off for rehman sir
[Newest]He is best singer

26Mohammad Rafi
Mohammad rafi is the 1st one how did he come to the 26th?
Mohammad Rafi is the top singer in india, I lke him very much.
I think that he's the best singer ever born in the history of the sub-continent.
[Newest]He is an "okay" singer

Ghantasala is the greatest of all the playback singers of india, ever born. He ruled a film industry for 3 decades without any competition due to his sheer versatile talent. Was a accomplished carnatic musician, accomplished music director as well as versatile playback singer gifted a with a majestic melodious voice and range. The only singer in the country who ruled a industry for continuous 3 decades without any competition until his death and whose numerous statutes have been installed in the country. All of his songs composed and sung by him are major hits. Won the best singer award in his industry for his entire career every year. No other cine singer in the country has that achievement. The mellifluous melodious voice of ghantasala continues to sway millions.


No Words write. He is Ultimate Without any Competition. Because he the person who has the base voice which no one has.
Ghantasala is wonderful singer, almost his all songs are extraordinary, he has done so many miracles with his voice. He is a boon for music lovers, And he is guide for the up coming singers.
[Newest]Indian number 1 Singer, because His Voice is divine.

One of the best folk singer from the current generation. He has got a different haunting voice full of bass.
The huskyness in his voice says it all...
The folkstar our pride papon the that's it...
[Newest]He is a rockstar...

29Shankar Mahadevan
He is one of the best singers ever and ever. His way of singing inspires every one. He is the best for his breathless song. Sir you are an ultimate singer.
I like him very much
His voice is very nice & energetic
Really very very soothing, polished voice.
[Newest]How can he here! Shocking!

30Geeta Dutt
Your future is good.
She had uniqe voice, one of the most versatile singer will always be remembered for her songs in sahab bibi aur gulam, do bhai etc

31P. Susheela
She had sung many songs for sounth India. She has very melodious voice which mad the listeners to keep silence...


Hear one song of her... And you will become her fan...
Versatile Singer for Tamil Cinema.
[Newest]She sang many songs in kannada also..

32Himesh Reshammiya
Himesh is the best singer and music director...
Please vote him and make him number 1 in the list...
We love you himesh reshammiya..
Song, sung by himesh are very very good.
Please listen his song and then..
He is a brilliant singer... His all songs are super duper hits... Please listen his aashiq banaya aapne, jhalak dhiklaja and many more super hits..
Himesh has a unique voice, and he has amazing taken, he is a singer as well as he is A music director with over 500 hits in a single year! He is also an actor, ! He deserve top ten!
[Newest]Very good singer himesh bhai

33Bhimsen Joshi
Could there be any other name eligible to put beside his name? Most of the singers listed here is not close to him even in dreams. It's a real shame to see the tiny percentage of votes he received here. India need to wake up from deep slumber and recognize its invaluable assets in the form of music that has been gifted by GOD himself.
I can't believe such type of wrong voting system, in fact bhimsen joshi is the god of singing
The greatest singers on this planet are Bhimsen Joshi, Dr. Balamurli Krishna and M S Subbulakshmi, Kishori Amonkar. No singers in this world will come even 1% close to matching these singers.
[Newest]What the hell! Bhimsen Joshi is god of all god singers.

34Mika Singh
Sorry I am busy
Sounds like a dog
[Newest]Music makes Mika Singh super hit.

35Abhijeet Bhattacharya
Abhijeet is the best singer. I like his voice.
He have a power to chase super hero singers of bollywood like, kishore kumar, kumar sanu. Uditji. Shaan & sonu nigam
There is a beauty of voice come to meet abhijeet. He is a best singer
[Newest]Heart touching voice of this singer

36Bhupen Hazarika
He touched the sky keeping his leg in the soil of Assam.
There is no comparison when it comes to the bard of Brahmaputra. The last balladeer India ever had. A composer, poet and singer he is the true representative of the culture of Assam, from Goalpara to Sibsagar. His legendary songs would forever echo in our mind.
He was a legend. He sang for the humanity. He is undoubtedly India's best singer.

37Babul Supriyo
Very good singer&has best vocal quality
His voice very sweet...

38Jagjit Singh
Jagjit singh is really great man in history. He just sung "tum ko dekha to ye khayalaaya". This sung is became my favorite song when I saw or heard this song. I love this singer.
He has a great voice. I like his song 'HONTHO SE CHOON LO' very much. He is really a genius. He is my favorite singer.
Jagjit Singh is the greatest singer of all time... Every cannot understand his songs, but every single one do like his songs... His song "wo kagaz ki kashti", "ek pyaar ka nagma the" and other Bengali songs will always touch peoples heart... He must be respected more...
[Newest]How come on 38th. One of best singers in India. He should be above Honey Singh.

39Talat Mahmood
His silky voice was so good.
Talat m is good singer

40Hemanta Kumar Mukhopadhyay
An amazing voice. The pronunciation is crystal clear and throw of words is flawless.
A voice gifted by God. Soft melodious rendering songs. One of the greatest singers from 1937 till death
A down memory lane. Whenever I listen to his voice I move, I lost myself in a mystic land of music

41Anuradha Paudwal
She is very good singer in India

42Javed Ali
His voice is so amazing, sweet, beautiful, outstanding what ever we say is less
He should be in 2nd place and one day he will be he is superb singer his voice so sweet and tempting
His voice so sweet he is not only a good singer but also a good human I like his humanity and simplicity.
[Newest]Best singer and best voice

43Kavita Krishnamurthy
Kavita is one of the most famous Indian film playback singers. She is classically trained and has sung a wide range of classical-based songs. Inher career, she has worked with a variety of music composers, She is also the recipient of four Filmfare Best Female Playback Awards, including 3 consecutive awards in the period 1994-1996 and the prestigious Padmashri which she received in 2006
She is the best among others
Shes the best musician
[Newest]She is Best Singer.

Best female singer of all time, forever
Teacher of Great Lata Ji...


She is dangers singer

45Adnan Sami
What to say of him everyone knows his voice is having a great magic. No one can sing like him. His voice gives a great relaxation and soothes the mind.
I like his voice and he acts very powerful on the stage
[Newest]I like his songs very much...

46Kunal Ganjawala
He has the most attractive voice amongst all the singers! I love it!
Hi is one of the best playback singer,

47Shamshad Begum
The best female singer
Cute voice of this singer

48T. M. Soundarajan
T.M.S. is the most versatile singer, he can be compared only to Great Mohd. Rafi. Mr. Mohd. Rafi himself appreciated the depth voice of Great T.M. soundarajan

M H Parameshwara (Shiva), Delhi
He got a majestic voice that can't be compared with anyone. I think if he had sung few Hindi numbers definitely he would have been voted to number 1 position.
He was a versatile singer. He sang for various Tamil heros and those days the songs could be identified with the singer. Did not get the recognition he richly deserved
[Newest]Please remove T.M.Soundarajan from this list.

He deserves more respect..

He is the only emperor and no one close to him.

49Pankaj Udhas
A Singer with soft heart touching voice.

50Sukhwinder Singh
Best among all Singh Singers.
He is a very good singer. his voice is very sweet. I like his movies also. my favorite movie is jatt & juliet.

51Babbu Maan
Babbu Maan Is Best Indian Singer...

number 1 Punjabi Singer
Babbu maan is very good singer for sad songs
Babbu Maan world s best singer

Talaash album enters into world music award
[Newest]He is like a one and only singer

The sweetest mail singer! All his songs are super hit and all the songs are really very awesome! Vintunnava song in ye maya chesave is the best song ever! Hats off!
Hi friends you know he is a chattered accountant also.
He is very very good singer his voice is very peculiar voice I like very much
[Newest]His voice is magic. He should at least be in top 20

53Suman Kalyanpur
This woman she had the most amazing voice, I couldn't, t tell between her and Lara
She sang many Hindi songs. She could not create her own identity because her voice resembled Lataji's voice.

54Alisha Chinoy
Indian Brand of Pop in the whole world. Love to listen her voice
Alis sung a song lovely song

Devine Voice.. Magical scale adjustment.. I loved this singer..
He should the number 1 Singer as he can sing any song with such ease when most of the singers will have to put an effort. And his voice too is very good.
Great voice which is coming from Where? I can not find sice 1992 onwards.
Really God's Gift or the gift is coming out God's voice. No one can able to Immitate in any singing competetions. Amazing sound is coming from one instrument But that instrument name is... (please put a suitable name)
[Newest]You are best sin

A world class music director

57Anwesha Datta Gupta
Perfectionist, dedicated singer... Whether classical or western her voice is pitch perfect. The texture of he voice is still on the go, but pretty much on par with many great singers of the country at such a small age.
Very soon she is going to overtake legends like Alka Yagnik, Shreya Ghoshal & Lata Mangheshkar. She is a mind blowing voice. She is so young & now just starting her career. So she is not so popular. But just wait. Soon she is going to occupy the number 1 position.
She is really talented classical singer and has proved her talent in every competition being judges favorite. Her voice quality adds sweetness to any song. Her Ishq mein ruswa song is awesome and its sure she'll be in number 1 soon
[Newest]You are a very good singer

58Bade Ghulam Ali Khan
One of the best gajal singer. Beautiful voice.

59Kailash Kher
Uniqe voice and awesome singer with folk touch.
You r a great all over the world
Kailash kher is one of the best singer in india... His voice is so different from others... HE IS MY FAVV ever
[Newest]I like your song

60Sadhana Sargam
She is a awesome singer than anyone else!
She should be at No. 1
I am diwana of her voice... Really beautiful

61Kundan Lal Saigal
K L Saigal is one of the pioneer play back singers who laid down the foundation of film music in Hindi, Punjabi and Bangla, mostly with a classical base, whose is remembered even by The Goddess of Hindi film Music with lot of reverence. Nothing more needs to be mentioned about this GREATEST SINGER OF ALL TIMES. TO date most of the times, the "bhoole bisre geet" plays his song at the end.
He was un parallel. If he is the banyan tree, others are simply a bamboo stick. Present generation hardly has any knowledge of this man. The most beloved and admirabe singer of all times.
No doubt, he is the greatest Indian singer ever. At the same time he is best ghazal singer of all time.

62Yo Yo Honey Singh
I like your song very much

Who made this rating without Dr.K.J. yesudas in top ten
What type of voting.

64Ankit Tiwari
Ankit tiwari I love your voice. you should be at 11position
Good singer who have sweet and soft voice..
BUt why others can't vote to him... I don't know... whatever, from my point of view he very good singer...
I love song of ankit tiwari is best singer
And is voice is very god
He is best singer

65Silambarasan Rajendar
He may not be a great singer.. But sings very colloquially which has a great appeal

66M. S. Subbulakshmi
110th? Are people out of mind? She is the best! She lives on still and forever with her music ~~ Chinny Krishna~~
No wonder why M.S. subbalakshmi. Is treated with such contempt by giving a low ranking... It shows the ignorance of the man who prepared this chart. Also I wonder why nobody even mentioned music maestro in a higher ranking than A.R. rahman. Is an oscar a yardstick of brilliance? Did Mozart or Bach enjoy such limelight and vain praise?
I cannot understand why she is so low... She has received bharat ratna, sang in the UN and what not... Much betterthan shreya ghoshal... All time favourite of dr. Kalam and what not... This is complete bias
[Newest]She should be in top 5

He was a Superstar actor cum singer, winning the national awards in both acting and singing. Recipient of Dada saheb Phalke award for his service to the Kannada film industry
No matter what the lyrics or music is a song in his voice makes it musical treat.
He is the only superstar actor cum singer to have won a National award for both acting and singing.
[Newest]He was one of the top most singer in Kannada film industry.

He is our K_K please vote for him he is best then all singers. His real name is KrishanKumar Kunnath. please vote for him.
He should be along with shaan! How he is so low!
Amazing singer... I love all songs of him
[Newest]His Voice Is Unique Of Any Other Singer. He Is The Best Of All. !

69Mohammad Irfan
He should be just below atif aslam.

Sweetest voice ever seen...
She is singing in different style of voice which all suits her, I personally like some songs before I don't know that she has sung that song, after I came to know that she had sing that song, that's really superb.
I like you song I vote you

She is the only Indian singer having a unique voice in industry.
Her way of singing itself differs from others and it was pleasant to hear
If you hear some of her songs like porale ponnuthayi, hai rama yeh kya hua
You will become one of the fan of her


Only singer who has got unique voice...
Her voice perfectly suites to sing a song which shares feeling of sorrow...
Really world s missing a legend
Unique voice.. From all females.. Her voice resembles a sharpness of a sword.. Deals classical very fantastic way... Beauty is her voice..

72Harshdeep Kaur
Good singer... Love your voice
She is a beautiful singer and also very good looking. I have to rate her o sayiaan mere sayian songs to be the best

73Suresh Wadkar
No other singer asa perfect as he is
I like suresh wadkar voice
Suresh Wadkar is trutly one of the finest yet most underrated singer! Sonu Nigam himself has said Suresh Wadkar is one of the top singers of India. In fact legendary singers Asha Bhosale and Begum Parveen Sultana has termed him true successor of Rafi saab. Sureh Wadkar should be in top 5 sunc a shamne his name was not even entered on the list!

74Kavita Seth

75M. G. Sreekumar
One heck of a singer
Great singer. I like his singing feel.

76Salim Merchant
Just attended a show with salim, Suleiman and other very capable singers... Hats off to them without forgetting Paras he guy at the flute. He has no equal
Good singer I like his singing
[Newest]A voice that attach people with the world of music

77Mohammed Irfan
He is the best singer. His voice is very attractive
I like his voice
He can sing all md rafi saheb modt of tallent singer can't sing but irfan can sing

78Mustafa Zahid
I love mustafa voice

Hemlata ji, Your velvety voice is extra ordinary beautiful, but we have not seen you in any Bollywood fun fare / awards or any other place. where are you. please participate if you feel convenient, we all Pakistani like you very much and wanted to hear your voice again like Ankyio k jharokho se. Thanks and best regards. Ghulam Mujtaba from Mohammad Rafi Lahore Chapter. ""

She is great singer in south Indian cinemas. she sings very well. she is voice is very sweet

I love poo-ne-poo by Dhanush
He is an awesome singer
He should nor be in top 100000!

He is the best

83Usha Uthup
New trend brought to Indian music.

84Anuradha Sriram
Anuradha sriram very good singer.
Best singer in Tamil
She take a meny more reality shows and many more languages

85Rekha Bhardwaj

86A. M. Rajah

87Vani Jayaram
Extraordinary sound the way she sings the fineness of delivery is uncomparable.the way she sings classical songs you just can't forget the sound

Nice singer he change voice of actors also actor dubbing
He is one of the best voice modulating singer, like mukkala.. And His songs are really feel good

89Santhosh Pandit
Michael Jackson II from GODS OWN COUNTRY

90Seerkali Govindharajan

91Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar is an Indian film playback singer, actor, director, and music director. He is the son of the legendary Indian singer and actor Kishore Kumar and the Bengali singer and actress Ruma Guha Thakurta.
I definitely think amit is in the top 20 of singers off all time.he was far better than kumar shanu, vinod rathod and abhijeet.

Great singer in south india
She is very good singer

93P. Jayachandran
Great Singer with great voice, Kerala's Bhavagayakan.

94Mahalakshmi Iyer



97Anupama Deshpande

98Nithyasree Mahadevan


100Sahdev Lodhi

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