Best Songs From Bruno Mars' Unorthodox Jukebox


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1When I Was Your Man

This is the most touching song I've ever listen, its so beautiful... It makes me want to be a better man and treath my girl friend with as much love as I can... Amazing

I love you and I love this song, every thing that you do is amazing

I just heard this and I cryed. First time I've cried with a song and in 3 mins time. Best song I've ever heard in my life

Bruno is amazing... Love him!

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2Locked Out of Heaven

I'm addicted to this song, can't go one day without listening to it. It's absalutely the best. I love you Bruno

Awesome song just so amazing and adorable.. Bruno mars you r just awesome.. - anubhavkanotra

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This song is just pure awesome! The beats and the melody are just so addictive! Love this song more than 'Locked out of Heaven'.

I hate the Michael Jackson copycat, but this song is legendary!

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4Young Girls

I love this. So much. I liked locked out of heaven but when I heard this..

Young Girls (demo) version is perfect. I love so much this.

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The beat to it is very sexy and it just sorta gets you in that lustful feeling. Love this song

... Love Bruno & love this song & video... Can't imagine any women not wanting to be in the back seat with him.. Super hot!

Awesome and sexy song in his new album

6If I Knew

This song is by far the best from the album. The 70s vibe makes it so amazing and just that's he's singing about how his teenage hooligan life got in the way of his love


Love the end of the bridge (I'm a fool that played in her game) best song, with a great message. I listen to it whenever someone pisses me off.

I can't not think of anything that can describe just how great this sing is

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Awesome SONG! Hearing this song reminds me of the 80's... I'm so addicted to this song, there no other song like this so far in the 10's. Great work Bruno!

I really love this song! The rhythm is amazing, I can't help singing it! One of the best songs of this album

9Money Make Her Smile

Worst on this album! But all in all great album!

The worst song mars has ever made

10Show Me

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11Old & Crazy
1224K MagicV1 Comment
13Versace on the FloorV1 Comment
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1. Treasure
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3. Money Make Her Smile
1. Locked Out of Heaven
2. When I Was Your Man
3. Young Girls
1. Locked Out of Heaven
2. Treasure
3. When I Was Your Man

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