Top Ten Best Survival Experts


Survival expert show us how to survive in non civilization areas like forests and deserts. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Mykel Hawke
He has real world knowledge and can give practical techniques. Where as some of the other "top rated" suggest you swim through freezing cold water under a mountain not knowing where it comes out or if there is an exit. Or that it's intelligent to walk around barefoot through snow. Just examples of the "other guys" nonsense.
Mykel gives useful, practical, and safe guidance that would actually help in a survival situation. Not to mention his survival gear is better than any out there!
And that is only listing the survival side of my vote. Mykel is someone I would want to have my back in ANY situation. He is a considerate man, a proud father, a fantastic husband, and an individual who strives to make a positive mark in this world. He deserves the top of this list for more reasons than just his survival expertise.
Mykel Hawke is the most noble, honest, intelligent, hard working guy in the business! Not to mention his integrity as a Man & a Veteran of the good ole U.S.A. ! I Pride myself in knowing Men like Mykel would take the call to defend this great nation in a moments notice if the opportunity arose. If all Men put as much effort into being a great person and a role model to all as he does this world would literally be a better place! I cannot imagine the things Mykel has seen nor had to endure while he was an active Green Beret... Yet he is the Man he is today! Mykel is the definition of what a American Male should be... I try to live my life by a code of honor I'm Proud of! Does it mean I'm better anyone reading this post absolutely not! It simply means I strive to be a better Man on a daily basis as 1 should try to instill these values in his day to day life encouraging others to strive to hold there selves to a higher standard... I firmly believe if you pay it forward you will be Blessed in ways you may never know. I hope to be 1/2 the Man Mykel is as a whole! Mykel Hawke you Sir are a true gentleman and a Icon all of us should hold our standards to the level you have set fourth for all Men to follow!
God Bless you for your service, patience in teaching survival skills and being the Man who stands before us all as a True American Idol!
If his background, training, and experience in all types of situations do not speak clearly that he should be number one, he also has a wealth of experience in hands on training and teaching military and combatants around the world down to the smallest Boy Scouts of America and every citizen in between. He isn't for show. He is real and practical and streams his guidance to survival skills we all need in every situation and every climatic disposition. This choice should not even be debatable.
[Newest]Just an awesome guy all around and knows his stuff. Should always stay number one!
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2David Canterbury
The question of the poll is Who is the Top Survival Expert, and my idea
Of “Top” would be a Worldly Survivalist. There are many great outdoor
Survival elders out there, Mors Kochanski, Larry Dean Olsen, John
McPherson, Christopher Nyerges, Cody, etc. But they are great in their
Environment. Dave has developed a school and system that any student can
Use in their environment wherever in the world they may live. He has an
At Home study course that teaches the student how to survive and build
Their skills in their own environment. That is worldly survival.
I’m voting for Dave Canterbury not because I personally know him, but
Because I have gotten to personally know him. I have gotten to know him
Over the last couple years. He is one of my many Outdoor Skill mentors,
But he is my top mentor. If I need to know a non-BS answer to something
I go to him. He has no ego, and will regularly admit if he found
Something new that works better, even if it goes against his past
Teachings. He is constantly researching, reading, testing, and plan old
Getting dirty. He doesn’t pretend to be the ‘know all, end all” of
Survival, because he knows that ‘learning never stops’ and you can learn
From anybody. I watch how he treats others, friends and foe. I watch how
He analyzes gear, theories, and priorities. I watch how he gives to
Strangers incognito. I’m voting for Dave Canterbury. ~JK~
Having been in real world "survival" conditions and having trained with Dave Canterbury afterward, I can undeniably attest to his knowledge and skill level. Unlike most other survival experts, Dave is training Search And Rescue Teams (the folks who do it day in and day out). He works from a realistic place and his philosophy is based on practicality. The man is without ego and has a humble demeanor. I'm looking forward to training with him again. He doesn't sell any pie-in-the-sky fantasies about turning people into Grizzly Adams types, but rather focuses on teaching a person "how to" fish instead of giving them a fish. He and his instructors teach people how to improvise and how to think for themselves instead of just taking what they are taught verbatim and stopping there. I always feel like he's sharing more than just teaching and sense in the man that he's genuinely trying to impress upon others that they can take control of their circumstances to effect self-rescue and better their chances. The man has dirt under his fingernails and walks it like he talks it.
I have been through three of Dave's courses, and have attended his annual Pathfinder Gathering. This man knows his stuff and is ready to teach you in simple enough terms that you'll be able to pick it up, apply it and it will sustain you. He emphasizes "dirt time" to learn, not just books, slides or dry erase boards. If he tells you about an herb or tree, you'll have to go find him one by yourself and bring it back to demonstrate that you know it. If he teaches you how to find food, you'll have to go get it by yourself and bring it back to show that you understand. A real down-to-earth expert that cares. If you're out with him, you will eat, not starve.
[Newest]Another American fake "survival expert". The real survival experts are those out there with little money who have to grub out a daily existence - not fakes claiming bogus military background to line their own pockets. This website is just as bogus - it means nothing and is not scientifically evaluated or substantiated - it is emotional and subjective.
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3Les Stroud
Why Les is easily the best survivalist celebrity:

- He and his wife and now children have literally spent years living off the land in the bush
- His home in the Canadian wilderness is totally off grid
- He hunts and grows his own food
- He practices what he preaches and actually lives the survivalist, prepper lifestyle
- He comes up with many of his own survival techniques and doesn't simply just re-do the same old things
- He actually puts himself into critical survival and potentially dangerous situations during his show unlike others who sleep at hotels, do flashy choreographed stunts with crews of safety people around them
- He is not materialistic or in it for the money. Aside from pretty much T Shirts and the odd book you won't find cheesy Survivalman merchandise and survival pants in major stores like some other stars
- He films, edits, directs, hosts and produces the show himself and even writes and plays all the music
- He presents his techniques on the show in a quiet thoughtful way instead of being hyper, always yelling and trying to make everything over dramatic like others
- Peoples lives have actually been saved because they learned his techniques and used them
- And last but not least, he boiled water in a plastic bottle for petes sake!

Les isn't all flash. He is the real deal. He might not have climbed Everest as part of a big well funded expedition but so what? He just goes out into the bush and lives it without looking for all the unnecessary attention. For all these reasons he is easily the best in my humble opinion.
By far the best. Les manages to survive in actual situations while filming it himself. Bear Grylls doesn't survive really, though he of course can and has. But his show involves a camera and safety crew. Les is on his own. Doing it all himself and doing it well. No one better to learn from or to watch.
Les stroud takes a smart and collected look at every survival situation I have ever seen him in. While most others run and jump into scenarios they may not be well suited for or do things out of shear spontaneity. To have bear grylls ranked #1 is a pure joke. His shows are phony and scripted. For example, watching him drink his own urine as a source of "hydration" was ridiculous. Stroud on the other hand teaches you how to use your urine to create clean drinking water. Just a small example, but if half of the people watched half the amount of survival shows and documentaries I have, its clear that les stroud is a knowledgeable survival expert who truly practises what he preaches through out day to day life.
[Newest]Camera crew, We don't need no stinking camera crew!

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4Ray Mears
I really like all of the other survival experts but Ray Mears I can't say enough about this guy, he actually shows you how to do everything rather than people like Bear grylls who is more like a show man who plays up for the camera bait and does stuff that you wouldn't necessarily do in a survival situation, I do think Bear and everybody else are good but for me its got to be Ray Mears!
He doesn't just parachute into the middle of nowhere and find a way out, he actually visits primitives cultures and shares information, he studies historical survival situations and learns from their mistakes. He's really intune with nature.
Ray mears is the best as he teaches useful techniques down to the last detail and he is respectful to all cultures and the environments he visits his only downside is he isn't as active or exciting during his television programmes but at the end of the day he teaches useful life skills not how to take risks that look great for the T.V.
[Newest]Ray is the real deal, he can do everything and has done everything seen on his programmes. He also comes across as a nice guy, and humble in his dealings with other cultures and people.

5Mors Kochanski
Mors really has a better viewpoint on what "survival" really is. Everyone else seems to just be cashing in on this movement. Not Mors. You'll never see him with a retail store or a special name sake knife. I've trained with Dave, and he does know his stuff, I'm just saying that Mors was doing real world survival and instructing when these boys were popping pimples before dates. Mors will never smear dirt on his face for a photo op, then spend his entire class selling you product. He is a survivalist, not a salesman or sitcom star.
It is insane that this guy is not at or near the top of the list. He has been an inspiration and teacher to thousands and some of the people higher up than him on this list have been taught by him and been on his courses. Being the best at survival is not about looking the coolest it is about inspiring and educating. That is what Mors has been doing for decades.
I have had the pleasure of being taught by Mors and chatting with him and I found him to be a wealth of knowledge. And never to proud to to listen to what you have to say and give you compliments if he thinks you are doing something that he hasn't or thought of before seen before
[Newest]Mors has more years of experience than anyone on this list

6Bear Grylls
Bear grylls is the most famous survival expert.
Edward Michael " Bear " Grylls (born 7 June 1974) is an English adventurer, writer and television presenter. He is best known for his television series Man vs. Wild, known as Born Survivor in the United Kingdom. In July 2009, Grylls was appointed the youngest ever Chief Scout at the age of 35.


He is so cool! I watch his show all the time. He shows me I can survive in the wild longer than you think. I think he is the survival king. He will be my hero some day. Oh! Yay I forgot my friend loves him. He wants his knife so badly. I LOVE YOU BEAR. Good survival tips thanks.
Bear has been in Survival his whole life. With huge achievements in Adventure and exploration, Army and Special Force SAS, and now being the Head of Scouting at an earlier age than anyone in history. He shows people the grittiest and most varied ways of surviving mother nature. There is no one who has shown as many different survival information as Bear.
[Newest]He has proved that he is the best
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7Cody Lundin
Unlike many survival experts Cody focuses less on fighting nature and more on working with it. He teaches you to rely on the land and creatures in it for the tools you need to survive more than just what you have in your pack, and he actually lives the way he teaches rather than staying in hotel rooms when he isn't being filmed.
To me, the best survival expert is the one whom most effectively passes on life saving knowledge. Cody's work relative to thermal-regulation, fire starting, and shelter building must be among the best in the world. I think he also maintains an edge in physiology, his understanding of how the body works relative to stresses is top shelf in survival instruction circles.
Cody lundin is awesome not just about surviving but aut also making the adventure smoother.
[Newest]He is the survival EXPERT!

8Tom Brown
I took Tom's basic week long survival course and learned a lot. I learned about their advance winter course which the students are put down in Minnesota winter with just a t shirt, jeans, sneakers and a knife for 30 days and every time the students gain weight when done. What I like was the many of ways of tracking and trapping Tom teaches students to get major game quickly which then provides plenty of food, clothing and tools.
I have taken numerous courses over the years. His dirt time makes him exceptionally experienced. If you want survival skills with a Native background and respect for Mother Earth - this is the school. Best teacher I have come across, and I have been to many.
Tom is the true master. He is not concerned with making television shows, being famous, or being adored and admired (which he is anyway). He only wants to stay true; "Remember the old ways, and keep them sacred". Enough said.

9Ron Hood
Ron Hood has done survival training since long before it was popular and is responsible for making it possible for a lot of the people on this list to even be on this list. You don't own without being the first on the scene.
Ron Hood was my friend and mentor. I never have known a more patient and personable man. I was fortunate to have spent some time with him. He belongs at number one in my opinion.
Ron Hood lived, died and educated many regarding this lifestyle. He is truly - THE MAN!

10Lofty Wiseman
How the hell is Lofty not in the top three if not number 1? This is the guy that wrote the SAS survival handbook after having served with them for 26 years and been in just about every survival situation and climate on the planet! This is the survival instructor that the likes of Bear and The Hawkes wish they were! Come on guys so your homework instead of just voting for who's currently on T.V. A lot or has the most YouTube videos! Lofty Wiseman is the real deal and deserves to be at the top of the list
What a guy. I bought Lofty's original book back in 1983 I think and still have the copy. He should be top of the list. I went on one of his weekender courses recently which was top notch for the beginner. My pal who also attended is going on the advanced five day course. Hope it goes well. My choice would be Lofty first then Cody for keeping it real.
I cannot for the life of me understand how Lofty wasn't mentioned here! You people betterrecognize!
[Newest]Sas survival guide is the best book for survival knowledge

The Contenders

11Kellie Nightlinger
Kellie is the best at what she does. She has been put to the test many times and always survived.If I was lost anywhere in the world I would want Kellie with me. I know that with Kellie, we would survive! Thank you all for your time!
My wife and I have been following her for some time and it seems she's ALWAYS on duty. When she's not on a bugout mission (which is most of the time! ) she's teaching survival, or guiding and teaching! Whether it's getting dropped off in Africa with absolutely nothing or walking the mean streets there or on safari she's always at home and always shines! She IS both Beauty AND the Beast!
Kellie is a very close and dear friend. She has taught me so much valuable knowledge... And most important for me personal... Spend more and more time in nature. You become more in tune with your surroundings. I thank God for Kellie and all the good she has done with the younger people in her, "Angels Among Us Youth Camp" along with all of her great accomplishments... There is no one like her!
[Newest]All around person who can live the talk and walk the walk so to speak. The kids Angles camp and other youth involvement is the most impressive. Go Girl!

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12Daniel W. Shrigley
What does Daniel's personal life have anything to do with the scope of this list? Seriously, all of you that are posting private matters are actually not accomplishing anything to hurt the man. My father told me once that bad publicity is good publicity especially when there is none. It sickens me that the mother of his children would allow or condone attacks on her children's father no matter the cause for separation. Now I don't know all the details but I do know this is not the place to personally attack the guy. Your comments do not relate to survival or who's best at survival at all! I've been divorced twice and I would never dream of slandering my children's father the way his wife and family are doing. It doesn't matter if she cheated or if he cheated or if both cheated or if who it who or who threaten who. What it really boils down to here is the actual victim in this case is Daniel. You guys are evil! You're wishing the man to be homeless, seriously!?! Didn't he serve his country in war on more than one occasion? You guys cannot justify yourselves in any sane way for attacking him in this way. I actually feel sorry for him. As for his kids, I read in a post he tried to see them and was denied. Also I read that he has not paid child support, maybe because his children's mother hasn't done anything to get the process started. I also read that he does not know where the kids live, so how's he going to send money to help support the kids. This is just me thinking this but isn't he a trained killer? You guys sure are taking a chance at provoking a man that if it got into his mind to snipe you off he probably could do so fairly easily. After all your doing everything to provoke him to snap! I think you guys are pretty sick and demented and need to stop and think about what your involving yourself in as you are making Daniel the victim. Now I don't know him personally but do follow him on most of his social media accounts. I know he only lived with one female and he left her. She actually still wants him back as of a few days ago, but he blocked her. He actually never was homeless. He stayed with a friend from high school until he shipped off the the school he is in now. I guess he told his kids mom he was homeless to see how she would react. But one thing is for certain I have read a lot of things posted about him here and on the boycott page and not once have any of you provided any kind of proof that he is an abuser or women or children. Where's the proof? You guys at some point need to prove he did the things you claim. Most of these posts that slander him are from the same two individuals. I don't know why he has not got a lawyer yet, cause he'd certainly win in a civil lawsuit for slander, character defamation and harassment.
I AM USING CAPS TO GET ATTENTION HERE. I am a female and very close to Daniel. There are 2 or 3 vindictive people here posting all these lies about him. Accusing him of posting positive things. Bashing him when they know nothing about him but here say or are being vindictive toward him. Knocking anything and everything he is trying to do to better his life. SHAME ON YOU and I do have an idea who you are. DANIEL IS A REAL HERO. Yes, HERO. He served in Iraq for US. He knows a lot about survival and wants to teach others. He loves his children and is denied seeing them by a vindictive ex wife and her family. I know him up close and personal and I will defend him to the end. He has many fans and people that admire him. He is not perfect like the rest of us and does not claim to be but he is one hell of a great survivalist and will survive this public bashing by those same few that continue to discredit this man. Daniel IS A GREAT MAN AND SURVIVALIST AS WELL AS AN OVERCOMER AND HE WILL RISE TO THE TOP AND I SUPPORT HIM 100% and to those that continue bashing him... What goes around comes around. This man will be very successful and do well and that is truly the best and sweetest revenge. AKA "little" and Daniel knows who I am and that is only person I care about who knows my identity. YOU HAVE MY VOTE AND SUPPORT DANNY 100%. Godspeed!
Shrigley, I held my tongue long enough as I have been following your posts on your Facebook page. First off you were engaged 3 times in a year but still married. Next we read how your wife won't let you see our children. Wonder why? Because you abandoned them and have no income to pay child support? Then next you are homeless and looking for people to give you a place to sleep and the best is yet to come. You have the nerve to ask for $7,000 on a charity site for people who need surgeries and things that are for those dire in need and collected only $120. If you think you are such a top survival expert then why can't you take care of yourself and your children and quit asking for handouts or hitting on women to live with. You are a disgrace to mankind. This is really a joke. You should be booted off this page and doubt you have that many fans. See not many likes and for a guy who claims he is so popular you can't find work and only collected $120. Doubt the others here are begging for money and sure their families are well taken care of. Who the heck could you save when you cannot even save yourself.
All true. Dan is the real deal, and by real deal I mean crazy. Nuts. Insane. He really should be committed.
[Newest]Way to go Dan! So proud of you, your expertise is crazy awesome. These other jerks aren't fit to hold your jockstrap. Dan is a true man and could easily please 3 or 4 Queens of Modeling at the same time!
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13Thomas Coyne
Thomas isn't a T.V. personality, but he does get out and live the life. I would put him against any of the rockstar survival experts and my money would be on him to come out on top in most every situation.

You've got my vote thomas!
Thomas is the real deal because he not only knows how to survive in a diverse range of wilderness environments, but he's able to effectively instruct others in the survival skills he's developed and used for decades. And his methods work and make sense. His goal is to teach the practical and useful real-world survival skills that can save your life, not offer a watered down experience that a lot of other survival schools market to city folk. I trust him and I'd highly recommend his courses to anyone interested in actually living through a critical situation in the wilderness.
Thomas, is the best! He looks out for your best interest, making sure you understand. And knows what needs to be done. Now that's a leader! Thank you!

14Creek Stewart
I've known Creek for a couple of years now and am convinced that he thoroughly knows his stuff! He is so down to earth, both in his demeanor and In his survival philosophy, that he can reach and train any one person In this world with practical, real life application of survival skills. He is very approachable and I have worked with him in the past with a public health television project and is by far one of the most energetic and knowledgable topic experts that I have had the privilege to film.
Creek is a great hands-on instructor and, as an Eagle Scout, preaches that we all BE PREPARED. Information you can use and being very active on social media brings his message to the forefront.

He's also a great guy who is very approachable and takes the time to talk and teach anyone who shows interest.
Been to Creeks facility and it was top notch. A very knowledgeable instructor, very approachable and listens to his students. He learns as much as he teaches. Those in the top 10 have the flash, camera crews and fame but I'll put my money on Creek any day.
[Newest]I thought I knew what it took to survive, but after watching the show a couple times, I learned several things, and therefore I know I can survive. Thanks Creek, and good luck

15James Mandeville
Want to know how to sharpen a survival knife?
James Mandeville's survival-expert website is first class. A true free survival information website in the best spirit of the internet! If you read this you should check out his latest free article on "Choosing and Sharpening a Survival Knife." Fantastic detail and great photos, lots of good info on sharpening kits. But best of all is the detail he goes into on how to sharpen a knife the old fashioned way and get the best from it. I have always found it difficult to get a really good edge on a knife, after reading his article I started to get really great results. You should also check out his article on making a survival kit - best I have read.

I posted some questions to James asking him to explain how to get that brilliant polished finish on a knife edge and he patiently communicated more sharpening tips to me and with his help I chose and bought a Swedish Fallkniven Black F1 knife that is now my pride and joy.

I was curious to ask him why he hadn't been on T.V. and he simply wrote back, "I'm not an actor! " Reading between the lines he is not a fan of "Reality T.V.." I did find out he is a bit of an unusual character, gets hacked off with dozens of requests from American school kids wanting him him to write their school projects on survival issues for them - "Can't they do research for themselves? ", equally hacked off with frequent requests from free-lance journalists wanting free copy for articles on survival, "In the past I spent hours writing articles for them, which they published as their own without so much as a credit or a thank you - not doing that anymore" - and that his wife is a psychologist - but there is a definite limit as to how much you can ask him about himself - he is a bit of a private person and a serious type - I guess we have to respect that.

I told him he was #18 on the top ten survival expert website and he wrote back, "That's really kind of them. I think that is so nice."

From my correspondence with him I can tell you James is a bit of a rough diamond, but quite humble and British polite he certainly is! I think he deserves a higher ranking because he really know a heck of a lot about survival and communicates his knowledge for free to those, like me, with an interest. Don't forget the experts on T.V. are all getting fat pay and a lot a fame and most of it is just staged for the viewers - and let's be honest, it's often phoney.
Excellent free survival articles on a site with no advertising. As the head of a small expedition to the Amazon, I asked James some survival questions through the contact on his site and got really helpful and good advice back from him. He doesn't like reality T.V. survival programs, that was clear, perhaps he is one of the unsung heroes of the survival community. His survival knowledge is really deep and based on a lot of personal experience.
My training in survival was 23 years in the military, ten of which I spent teaching soldiers how to infiltrate, survive, fight in jungle and ex-filtrate. I spent a lot of time in a lot of jungle in Belize, Brunei, Singapore and Indonesia. I also qualified as an instructor in desert and arctic warfare and survival.


Cheap trick posting here by Chetan Menaria to advertise himself. Unfair to James Mandeville because it gave him a negative score. Mandeville's survival website is actually very good - well informed - free survival advice and a non-commercial site with no ads.
[Newest]I like article on sharpening knives

16Mike Pewtherer
He does what he teaches - totally humble and willing to learn from anyone and share what he knows. I have one of his books and is really very good.
The guy knows his stuff - the details in his book are where it becomes very clear!
Totally versatile and EXPERIENCED, he puts in the time doing what he writes about

17George W. Sears
Dave canterbury can read?

18Micheal James Patrick
I've watched him use rocks to shape a bow drill with hemlock root cordage as he casually explained the tracks, edible pants, and even the bird behavior. He got a fire without a knife from "nothing" for our school group in a little over forty minutes. Since then I learned from him and his instructors at the Maine Primitive Skills School and have been passionate about the skills ever since. Check out what he produces on the web at to get a sense of how in-depth the knowledge base is!
Words can't express what this man has to offer. He shared with me a connection to nature that no one owns. I now share that same connection with my students. I've met other people on this list as well. I have few doubts that he belongs at, or near, the top.
His approach is very well-rounded. Extremely knowledgeable. Teaches using hands-on experience. It's all about the dirt time. Incredible community of skilled individuals.

19Travis Johnson
This man is the what is considered a expert simply because of his vast knowledge and skills. There is so much this man can do in survival skills that he demonstrates great practiced techniques and is a master of the arts of survival. It is recorded he has produced a hand drill fire in less then 45 secs. And produced bow drill fire in 4 secs. I would like to see anyone of these other people on this page do this!
A true expert is considered by their knowledge and skills about their industry and with over 2600 students trained world wide by this man also never a unsatisfied student and with most returning to advance their knowledge and skills to the next level. Travis belongs well above the rest you have my vote Mr Johnson you have trained me far above what I thought I would learn. Thank you for your years of dedicated teaching to everyone around the world.
Travis is amazing when it comes to skill no one can hold a flame to him he is a lead instructor of survival in Washington state and on adviser and consultant to many different survival instructors and professionals all over the world. Look him up and see for yourself. He is a master at primitive survival!
Tom B.
Nelson because
[Newest]Travis should be at the top 10!
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20Jeffy Geer
I took his basics class and now I can do so many things that I never thought I would be able to. He provided supplies so that now I know what to buy. He is an excellent teacher and he teaches things in an efficient way, which is easy to understand.
Jeff Geer is an authentic woodsman. He is a hunter, fisherman, and has always been a terrific self reliant provider for his friends and family. This is a total "came from a poor background" kind of thing. The man finds time to practice and teach skills, grow and harvest food, raise a family, and still hold down a full time job. Not many others came say the same thing. And he never tries to sell you the next great survival product.
I have been watching Jeffy grow in this field for a few years now... He amazes me with his want/need to know more... And to teach more... Keep up the good work you will be at the top of this list in no time...
[Newest]While being among the top in the field he is also one of the most generous in it as well. Most of what he does is for free, just for the joy of teaching and sharing it with others.

21Chris Swanda
Chris' teaching style makes it easy to understand the basis of wilderness survival, preparedness or just being in any environment. The biggest takeaway that I learned was the rule of 3's and how they can complement or compound each other in everyday life, and not just when you are in a dire situation. Also, just being mentally and psychologically prepared can do more for you than any gear or gadgets.
Often you hear "It's the quiet ones you have to watch". Well, this is Chris' style. He never brags, self-promotes or boasts of his exploits. But if you reach out for help or knowledge he is more than willing to teach you, not just tell you. While most people will tell you what skills are needed, he will merely explain various skills and let you decide what works best for you.
Well, Chris is my brother, I'm very proud to say. Growing up he was a Mac Gyver around our town. Always inventing something from odds and ins around the house. My favorite was the potato launcher he made with a tin can and pvc pipe. A little lighter fluid and off went the tennis ball flying thru the air! He's smart, intelligent, and ingenious in his thinking. People can always learn something fascinating with him

22Steve Backshall
For sheer enthusiasm and motivation, Steve manages to make everything, including the more mundane elements of his profession highly absorbing and interesting. Definitely not a showman but a down to earth knowledgeable, honest guy. I could watch and listen to him all day.
He is amazing and has his own books and T.V. programs though his T.V. program is rubbish laugh out loud

23Bradford Angier

24John McCann
John is unassuming and has a quiet confidence. The classes he teaches are always well attended. John is most known for his books and articles so he doesn't often get votes because of his limited T.V. exposure. However, those who have had an opportunity to meet him know he is both knowledgeable and helpful.
If nothing else he should be ahead of Daniel Shrigley. Please vote for John.
John knows his stuff and he teaches what he know and when he learns he passes on the knowledge. Like his concepts keep learning and pass it on.

25Horace Kephart
Horace deserves to be in the top 5.
Horace is great at his craft.
An old school legend.

26Richard Graves
Richard Graves deserves recognition as he spent many years in new Guinea as an Australian Infantry adviser and survivalist. New Guinea being tropical and a very harsh environment, with no support from outside.

27David W. Shirley
This guy is the real deal. US army veteran of 20 years, he is extremely famous and has a major fan base. He is an expert at bringing people in to his fan clubs using social media. He is being wooed by the networks for a survival show.
Any of these guys should be above Shrigley. This one at least has integrity. Good for you for 20 years in military. Go for it! Rooting for you!
Shirley's experience is without parallel. He is an expert in all areas of survival.

28Iris Canterbury
She puts up with Dave's stuff
Just as good as any MAN out there! Iris rocks the outdoors!
She is the BEST! True skill and talent.. Good Luck Iris!


29Darrin Baird
Took a class at the Pathfinder School and Darrin was my group instructor. He was very helpful and was extremely knowledgeable. He also has a good youtube channel.
Good guy that knows the woodlands well.
Super guy with good experience and training. Met him at one of the survival expos.
[Newest]Like his YouTube channel.

30Daryl Bickford
Knowledgeable, resourceful, adaptive, mental endurance, great teacher. Daryl brings bushcraft to anyone willing to learn. It Dose not matter if you are new to the outdoors or an experienced woodsman. With all his knowledge he still loves to learn from others. He also points out the critical need for community. Which I think is something that is often overlooked.
Badarse woodsman, mad skills! I watched him start barefooted and clothed in jeans and tee shirt. Nothing else. And in less than 72 hours hours he had food, shelter, knife, some type of moccasin creation and water for the both of us. I've trained under him 3 different times. Life changing experiences I'll never forget!
Don't venture into the sierras without seeing Daryl first! So glad I talked to him before my hiking trip back in June. To bad he got hurt so bad. People like him don't deserve that much pain. But it's probly why he is the great man he is today. His faith, well I can't say enough about that! He is also a born encourager.
[Newest]Great herbalist and forager! Very knowledgeable in medicinal all plants! He kept our group nibbling all day!

31Brian Manning

32Ed Stafford
Stars in naked and marooned. Great guy. Funny, relaxed, good skills on how to survive on A. Tropical island.
Watch the show. Its great stuff
Unlike the other guys, Ed show us how to survive with bare hands, he starts with nothing, not even a knife!
This guy walked the amazon! In my opinion he should be number one.
[Newest]One of the best survivalist, surviving naked and no gear.

33J. Wayne Fears

34Jamie Burleigh
Great explanation and demonstration in his teaching. Jamie is great about answering any questions and walking through things step by step. Not only an attendee of the Pathfinder School but also a highly respected instructor! I learned a ton from Jamie and really appreciate the game prep instruction

35Richard Proenneke
Was an amateur naturalist who lived alone for nearly thirty years in the mountains of Alaska in a log cabin he had constructed by hand, with tools that he made.

36Dave "Mitch" Mitchell
This gentleman puts out top notch YouTube videos. His expertise is plainly evident, and his instructional technique is without reproach.
Check out his YouTube channel and see for yourself!
Great YouTube channel, very knowledgable and underrated. Teaching skills surpass most others out there. This guy needs his own show. Support Mitch
[Newest]Native survival school, look it up on YouTube

37Raymund Martini

38Daniel Carter Beard

39John Hudson
I would go "down range" with john hudson.

I worked with him on dude you're screwed and found him to be a skilled and knowledgeable gentleman. Though not a true outdoorsman.

Tom Moore
The oracle on Survival, passionate about sharing his experience with anyone! True profesional who has ensured that thousands of serviceman have been trained with lifesaving skills and to the highest standards, to face the dangers of real survival situations on operations. He gets my vote!

40Steven Callahan
Survived (not as training, or for shows, but for his life) for 76 days, stranded in a life raft. That was a true statement to his knowledge and endurance.

41Les Hiddins
Watch his series, he knows Australia why he is not close to the top makes no sense.
The one and only Bushtucker Man, one of Australia's true pioneers in the art of bushcraft and survival.
Les hiddins is a retired survival expert with the Australian army. he had a popular T.V. show in the early nineties about survival. rays mears credits les hiddins as being one of his idols.

42Matt Graham
It's rare you can find a man go anywhere in the world and feel like he's on vacation. Cool, relaxed, & always informational. Guy brings a brand new aspect to television survival shows and the things he teaches aren't new techniques but forgotten. Plus being able to spit water in a cup, have Joe Teti drink it, then explain the water extraction process was funny. Between Matt and Les in my books.
Loved dual survival with cody and dave. wish it could be cody and matt now! I was gonna stop watching the show once joe replaced dave but I love matt! He is so happy and carefree we could all learn to ne happier if we lived more like him!
This list is a popularity contest, not who is truly the best survivalist. Take all 50 people above Matt on the list and put them in the Utah desert for years on end and see how they fare.

43William Myers
William Myers really knows his stuff. I first found out about him from Facebook, when I came across an article he wrote about debris shelters. This post was full of photos he took along the way of his project shelter, along with a detailed "How To" to go with every step. Once I read people on the post saying that he really spent the night in these shelters he was building. I added his page and started learning new things right away. Once I noticed he was offering a class, I had to meet the guy and see it for myself. There is almost nothing William cannot help you solve in a real-life survival situation. I no longer watch much survival T.V.. I prefer the real thing. Can't wait for the next class to start, hopefully my schedule allows it. Everyone should know about this guy!
William is an individual who is prepared to be completely self-sufficient.One who has personal or group survival as a primary goal in the face of difficulty, opposition, and especially the threat of natural or Man made.William does not do it for a Hobby...He strives to teach others that are willing to learn and will bend of over back words to help those that are in Need of Knowledge and a Great teacher of many skill sets.
He is a patient teacher who is very knowledgeable about what he is talking about. He practices what he preaches and does hands on demonstrations. He shows what he has in his own survival packs, what kind and how many of each item especially fire starting tools. He taught how to build a survival shelter. He teaches in a way that children can understand and encourages children to come to his classes along with their parents.
[Newest]Really smart on out door stuff highly recommended

44Paul Kirtley
Agree - Paul's blog is very good, & I've learned a lot. I've only done one day's training with him, but was very impressed.
Clear writer- check out his blog. Knows his stuff and communicates effectively. Fame does not equal "best".
No brags, no fuzz. Just the facts and a modern bushcraft/survival instructor.

45Jerry Ward
The real deal! Jerry is a gentleman who lives and breathes the outdoors life. He not only excels in the skills, he teaches them in a way that's comprehensive and easy to understand. No fluff here; just down-to-earth wilderness living.
Jerry is a class act! He's a supernice guy, a thorough instructor, and a true woodsman.

46Payge McMahon

47Dave "Norseman" Williams
This guy is a retired US Marine sniper that has seen many combat tours. He has trained many of the the words elite forces in survival and tracking. He is highly respected in the sniper and survival communities as well as the knife making community. Gunny is a certified international SERE instructor, and a staff editor for Survival Quarterly Magazine. He is one of the "brothers of bushcraft" which is a group dedicated to learning and teaching survival and preparedness to any and all that wish to learn. He as worked with many of the names on this list any many more that are not here. If you do not know who he is that is a testament to the quiet professionalism that exemplifies our armed forces. You do not need to scratch the surface of survival too deep to find gunny quietly doing the deed without any recognition. He is one of the background professionals that make others look good. Gunny maintaines a blog called Survivology 101, the art, science, and psychology of survival. Since retiring from the Marines he spends most if his time making custom survival blades that are gaining a reputation in the community for their excellent design and construction. He is a rising star that should not be overlooked.
The Gunny has been there and done that, lived to tell about it and will make you the kind of knife that will help you live through it as well.
I served with Dave. Looking to hear from him! Phenomenal Marine, and Survivalist! 3/1 FRO

48Ruth Hawke
Best of the best. Last I watched she ground up acorns for food, and spoke of leeching them to kill bitterness and how the rock bits from grinding them up wore at the indigenous people teeth. I find her info quite interesting. She should be rated top ten.
If I were not involved voting against someone else, I would spend the entire day voting for this lady. Top notch no nonsense survivalist.
She puts up with Myke. That should get her a vote in anyone's book.
[Newest]This survivalist deserves top ten -

49Cat Bigney
No list of outdoor survival experts is complete with out Cat Bigney. Cat is head instructor at Boulder Outdoor Survival School. She is a sure-footed and certain when it comes to hiking, climbing and orienteering. She's walking encyclopedia of survival in the wilds of Utah. She's like wilderness mom.

50Tony Nester
Tony is a true expert! Rather than spend time seeking accolades and praise in the form of "reality" television programming and online forums, he spends his time living the lifestyle. His books and DVD's are top shelf as are his training courses. As a former student, I can honestly say that he is the real deal.
A lifetime of real world experience. Not only does he know his stuff, he is an excellent instructor and knows how to help people.

51Chris Caine
Expert in survival and foraging, having lived off grid for many years. Seasoned survival instructor and inventor if the Chris Caine range of survival tools.
15+ years living wild... Famous for his survival tool... Accomplished survival instructor... Friend of john lofty wiseman, father ex-special forces... Extensive wild food knowledge etc... But in his words he's 'just a tramp'. crackin bloke!

52Marty Simon
Operated a well known school for 30+ years. Excellent plant knowledge!

53Robert Allen
Sharp guy, very detailed. Also brings in the best survival experts in the country.
Gotta disagree on the rob allen nomination. he seems a bit egocentric.

54Dale Stewart
He not only possesses the survival skills but trains people to think before action. He is also well known for teaching families how to survive together by making sound deceisions as a group. For nearly 30 years he has lived with and learned from Indeginous people worldwide. Dale also is the author of On Your On - A Families Guide to Preparedness. This was one of the first "prepper books."
I agree, Dale is a good cat.

Tom Moore

55Tim MacWelch
Common sense survival skills taught by a really interesting guy.

56Peter Kummerfeldt
One of the best, taught survival for over 40 years.

57Derek Faria
I have learned a great deal from Derek. His videos are a perfect blend of skill, (both demonstrated and well explained), self confidence, great editing, and the right amount of wit. Derek also has a good heart and offers instruction on a personal level to those who can't afford his class. Sarge has never failed to answer any questions I might have and is incredibly humble for the amount of experience and skill he has. This ranking now has him at #57 behind some people that couldn't manage to carry his haversack! That's a disgrace and I'm calling BS.
This is the best survival person out there! He has the skills and talent all in a humble mannerism. Teaching people at his school a lot of times without charge. 18 years in the Army with a decade of real woodsman ship. Versatile in any given situation and adept overcoming obstacles. This man should be number one!
This man has brought more skills to the table than most listed here. I personally don't even see why half the names are listed and only 2 are in the running with him. His skill set goes beyond water boiling or just making fires and with hundreds of videos out there to prove he walks the walk.
[Newest]He is a great person and great instructor. You'll learn more in 5 minutes of sitting with him than you will from watching a days worth of YouTube. He is the most humble instructor out there and would give the shirt off his back to anyone who needs help and is willing to learn. He should be in the top 10.

58Thomas D. Moore
A true utilitarian "Survivalist" and has been living wilderness survival for years.
Buhahaa! Who nominated me? Haha! Id rather be remembered as a drunk then a world class survival "expert"... Oh, wait...

Tom Moore

59Mickey Grosman
Mickey pushed the survival skills art to its limits on his recent 5000 miles epic expedition in the Amazon jungle. The real deal! Just recently he completed his journey. His determination to push forward along this survival journey became a great source of inspiration to cancer warriors and their families.He has been to cancer himself. And he is not a kid. I've been following Mickey's progress across the Amazon, 5, 000 miles since last year. He's hacked, slashed, walked, swam, and tumbled from the western coast of South America, to the eastern coast and through the Amazon. I can't wait to see the final footage of his trek on T.V. or video or wherever he manages to get it broadcast. Just incredible! GO MICKEY!
The only one in this list that is a true survivalist. He put his expertise into a real test when he crossed the Amazon - he is not a showman

60Alan Wolverton

61Adam D Short
No serious survival training completely self-taught. Adam is from the United Kingdom and found himself in a real-life survival situation, since then he taught himself to be self-reliant and will be demonstrating skills of survival and self-reliance during a historic trek around the United Kingdom starting 1st March 2014. Supporting evidence can be found @
Adam is a new breed of extreme survival experts combining high adrenaline extreme activities with adventure and exploration. An inspirational individual that combines ancient bushcraft skills and primitive survival techniques with modern knowledge and situations. The UK Coastal Trek provided Adam with a platform to demonstrate his flexibility in an exciting environment. A truly unique individual.


Adam puts himself at risk every day for charity and for the love of the trek. He's an inspiration to young and old.

62Brandon Padgett

63Rich Hungerford
Rich is an ex Australian SAS survival instructor running one of Australia's few survival and bushcraft schools. Easily one of Australia's best and most qualified survival instructors.

64Roy Stanley

65Barrett Kudelski
Barrett Kudelski is the most skilled and most knowledgeable professional survival expert in North America.
I once saw Barrett kill a bear with a French fry, using a drink straw as a blow gun

66Max Cooper
Not well known publicly but full of skills. He also wrote one of the best books called, "Realistic Bug Out Bag" that is becoming a top seller in the genre. Unknown does not mean unskilled and Max is a nugget of gold.

67Robert Richardson
Probably one of the top ten survivalist training experts out there. What I like about him is his ability to breakdown real-world survival situations and how he talks about urban survival issues, something that many "survival experts" fail to mention.

68Mark Hansen - A.K.A. "Shnick"

69Jeff Randall

70Justin Wolfe

71Andy Tran

72Joseph Teti
My Hero -joseph teti- right after 9/11 we the public had a lot of sleepless nights with worry. Our way of life was threatened. But Joe teti put many of us at ease, making sure Las Vegas was clean. It was a comfort knowing such men existed to slay the dragon known as dirt. Turns out while Mr Teti preaches to train for a fight, he is not an advocate of entering a fight. Just a lot of shooting inanimate objects. Ask him where he was after 9/11- ask him - I'll give the man this - he sure can run.
Is it cold all the way down here? Where is the broom squad? Too busy mixing eye of newt? Hey I'll get you my pretty, you know casio has a group code of conduct? Ralph says, behold the pale horse cometh - that Ralph really gets worked up. rocking back and forth on his little legs, shaking his wing in the air. Really a showman. Should have his own show. The Ralph Chicken variety hour. Think on it.
I think you are getting the hang of it! Now since imitation is the greatest form of flattery, I am flattered. I do want to correct you, this show headlines one person only, I share no stage- I am an artist you see. The hospital is down state by the way, and it is not a furlough- I have escaped. Ha ha- yes free, I am free - and tickets are $3.50 with a two drink minimum. See its all in the details. Take you bout 6 months to catch up to me- haha- yes I am still laughing, how you doing? Haha
[Newest]And they round the clubhouse turn, its favorite jack, minute one and longhorn dave on the outside - wait folks its chicken joe moving up the field on the inside - look at that jockey urging him on -folks we got us a horse race -
More comments about Joseph Teti

73Ron H. Foster
Ron is the real deal and shares a lot about survival via his books. He's spent a lot of time in the classroom getting advanced degrees in emergency management etc. but has also spent a lot of time using primitive skills in the field. He's someone you would want around in a survival situation without a doubt.
Eclectic in his knowledge and with a gifted writing style that puts his readers in the midst of the scenarios while imparting real-life saving advice on surviving a wide array of disaster.
Ron Foster is a prepper inspiration! He has over thirty books in publication and is always available for questions and advice. He is my favorite teacher and survivalist!
[Newest]The Rural Ranger is a must have book!

74Jonathan Linville
You could drop him off anywhere on the planet and he'd walk out of it, no doubts. A true professional in my opinion. Glad he's getting recognition at last, though he'd frown upon it if he knew, laugh out loud. Very humble fellow.
I'd bet money that he's not even aware he's on here. Not his style to care I think. But he really is in a class all his own. A true "woodsman". He could make it anywhere, with nothing even.
This guy is IT in my opinion. The real deal. I agree, drop him into any place on earth, and he'll make it out.

75Nick Dillingham

76JJ Johnson
Owner and Author of and the Reality Survival YouTube channel. A former USAF Wilderness Survival Instructor who teaches wilderness survival and bushcraft tips and tricks on his website and YouTube channel.

77Jason Ingamells

78Army Ranger Rick

79William Meyers
Will is an outstanding teacher with a wealth of knowledge. His teaching method is very hands on, easy to understand, and am looking forward to my next class with will.
A survivalist to his core!
He is the go-to guy for survival skills.

80Christopher Nyerges
Very knowledgeable and passionate about living off the land and survival skills.
The best of all of them. Humble. Knowledgeable.

81Andrew Price

82Clint Jivoin
Clint is extremely easy going and he really knows his stuff. He is down to earth and very easy to have a real conversation with. His teaching style is direct and to the point with real world applications. He walks the walk and talks the talks. When he is not living in his Wiki, he is traveling sharing his knowledge and teaching classes. You wont find a better instructor or a better man! Richard from Defiance, Ohio.
Clint has proven skills and knowledge that will keep him alive in extreme situations and always willing to share this knowledge with others.
Very approachable and humble he's as eager to learn what you know as teach you what he knows.
[Newest]! Super awesome dude! Knows his stuff!

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