Top Ten Best Taylor Swift Songs

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You Belong With Me
Awesome! Song I have ever listen.. Taylor is amazing singer.. Totally amazing song sung by taylor swift. It should be on first no. And it is...
Taylor is the best...
This song is just beautiful. It really makes me think about things. You belong with me is just perfect. Her voice, screaming the words and still coming out so beautifully... Wow!
I really like this song and how they put the video together and it is one of my favorite songs by her and I just really want to go to her concert
[Newest]Tay Tay is so FAB! Just kidding she is an auto-tuned ballistic banana head who can't sing. Yeah little girls you just got BURNED!
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2Love Story
Love story is Taylor's best song... It's good enough to replace the top song. You belong with me..!
Even though I don't believe in love, I do wish I fall in love sometimes
I love this song and Taylor swift
She is a great singer and very beautiful
I heard this song a 100 times still I am not bored. I usually get bored hearing other songs after hearing few times.
The first song I heard from Taylor Swift was Love Story and I loved this song and soon feel in love with Taylor Swift's music
[Newest]Taylor Swift all songs are fabulous especially "Love story" and "You belong with me" are great..
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3Back to December
Have you ever made a mistake and now you want to go back in time and change it so it is not ruining your life with him? Did someone like you but you didn't like him/her back, but now you do and he/she doesn't? Did you just realize what you had when he/she like you? Words can't explain how beautiful this song is! Everytime I listen to this song, it makes me cry and I never get tired of it. This song relates to one of my friends life. She liked him and he liked her. In a december dance, when the guy asked her out, she stupidly said no. Now that guy doesn't like her anymore and doesn't care about her, so he is dating my bestfriend :) But I feel very bad for my other friend. This song is a definition of a lot of people's life
What is in the song is the essence of real love with real wound hurts like hell. Thank you Taylor Swift for writing such a beautiful song and singing it so so beautifully.
Love the music... love her sweet voice the just touched my heart. This is the only best song from her new album SPEAK NOW.
[Newest]This is such a great song! It certainly should get a higher position in this chart! One of my all time favourite songs! I love it... I love Taylor.. All her songs are so awesome!
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4I Knew You Were Trouble
Best Taylor Swift song yet! It's a new release and you should definitely listen to it! It will be stuck in your head ALL day, I guarantee it. LOVE YOU SO MUCH TAYLOR
Swift entirely new!... She is so versatile... I love it one of the best songs of 2012!
This is surely the best song.. Please listen and vote... It will make you fall in love with miss taylor...
[Newest]Best Song By Swift
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I'm really surprised this song didn't make it higher on the list. When Taylor sings, she pours her feelings into is so it's so relatable. Her voice is so sweet in this song, too.
This should be the number one song of Taylor! I wish she could make this as one of the single of Speak Now album.
I never repeating any song for so many times! But for this song I did!
It's enchanted to listen this song, I can feel how Taylor felt meeting Adam, it's like you have found your ideal lover.

The best lyrics is where Taylor wrote: please don't be in love with someone else, please don't have somebody waiting on you.
This song is extremely amazing!
This song is amazing, it really shows emotion and you can feel yourself singing along to it!
[Newest]Just say, this song makes me enchanted every time! "
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6Teardrops on My Guitar
This song is full of emotion. It confesses very strong feelings towards the person you love but know you can't have. I believe that Taylor is very unique when expressing her feelings through her songs. She can really transmit a lot of feeling right into you when you listen to her. That is why she portrays such a beautiful song, like Teardrops On My Guitar, so passionately.
This song is a classic, absolutely beautiful, poignantly hovering in a melancholy, wistful sadness. With a heartbreaking quiver in her voice, this song is powerfully emotional and moving.
This was one of Taylor's first big songs and I loved it then and still love it now. Really good and meaningful but personal to her. Love Taylor!
[Newest]It is my favorite song from taylor swift
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I think it relates to all problems teenagers or kids have with bulling
it reminded me about when I was bullied I love it so much
best song ever x
I think it is her second best song after "you belong with me". Surprised to see it at 19! The video is also awesome...
[Newest]Most catchy song I have ever herd
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8We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
.. This song is awesome! It should be included at the top 10 of this list. Taylor swift is an amazing singer and role model.. "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" is already #1 in Billboard Hot 100 Chart. I think this will be my new favorite song after the moves like jagger, payphone, call me maybe, good time and one more night by maroon 5. Best songs in 2012..
The best song!
Released right now and this song broke all records and made Taylor the first female artist to have sold most downloads online!
Nice song, I like it!
This is the best song ever... Love it... Love you taylor keep rocking and shocking your fans... <3... Common everyone vote this one! This one is better than you belong with me.. It should sorry it ought to be one the top.. Common rate this!
[Newest]My daughter loves that song
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hey this must be higher it's the greatest
just after love story
Awesome! Describes my life!
Best song ever!
"You learn my secrets, figure out why I am guarded, you say we will never make my parents mistakes... "
nice guitar play
it supports the lyrics
[Newest]The lyrics are awesome and she has got a wonderful voice... Love this song
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This song is Great! Guys please vote for the right song! This song is attractive unlike of others that was they're are so sad.. This song is about happy being 22! Not break up! Please vote! I was shocked that this song is just #77! Its deserve of top 10..
Who else is feeling 22 I know I am who is with me
Yes This Song is really Inspiring and Deserves to be on higher ranks!
[Newest]Best song ever everyone should like it

The Contenders

11White Horse
I did this song for a talent show we rocked!
epic song I know and love every single Taylor swift song! this song is just so sad I hate all the guys who broke her heart she did not deserve it at all she is so awesome and I love all the dresses she wears!
you give your whole heart to a guy and he breaks it.. only then you realise that life is not a fairy tale like you supposed it was..
this song is heart wrenching..
I love this song! I hear it all the time when I'm bored! This amazing!
[Newest]The reason why I love this song is because it shows that when somebody you fall in love with breaks your heart, and leaves you for someone else, you soon realize that not all fairy tales have a happy ending.
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It's awesome! People who havn't listned to it I highly recommend it. It is the most awesome Taylor Swift song ever! How is it not in the top ten?
Well it is the BEST and epic song you'll ever listen to.
Just feel the BG music and her voice, you'll automatically fall for that song man! From "You and I walk a Fragile line" till "Wont finish what you started"... And it's music just HITS my heart that way! I recommend all of you to just listen to it once and You'll fall for it automatically.
It is the most fabulous song in the world. How come people are not listening to it? It should be the first in the list. This song is fabulous, marvellous, and it makes you feel like singing along with her and I never get bored listening to it. You're amazing taylor!
[Newest]Its awesome. This song is so sweet. It should be one of the top songs. I get so indulged in it whenever I hear it. Best song for me right now
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13Sparks Fly
This is one of the best song I have ever heard. I can't believe that it is so down in the list. Love you Taylor! All your songs are great!
I love this song so much! It's amazing.
... It lifts my spirit and gives me so much happiness... Just like all of TS songs do...
I love you TS!
I love this this is for my friend who's very inlove in my other friend who's very hot they like a little girls and boys running through the rain kissing;;
[Newest]This is such a wonderful song! One of my favorites!
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14Our Song
The only reason this song isn't #1 is because it is not one of her newest songs and it came out when she wasn't that popular. But if you hear it you will no it is #1 material. SO LISTEN TO IT AND VOTE
I really like this song, especially "MINE"
Why is it that You Belong with Me is the first?
IT could be better if Our Song is the first! I swear this song is the best for me, so keep on voting this song, because this song makes me cry and it makes me remember my Ex-boyfriend living in Rome, Italy, I miss you Babe! I wish you will live better there than here in Philippines! I love you!
This song is old but it is extremely awesome. I like how Taylor swift sing's her song's are so so good. Taylor swift is awesome I love all of her song but I mostly like our song. Taylor sift is so pretty.
[Newest]I can't not believe people actually did not vote for the song is really good it was her first song and I think that she was popular when she had her first and she still is popular I don't understand why people don't like it please listen to it and we need the votes to make her number 1make her top 10 she's awesome
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15Safe & Sound
I can't believe this is 58th... Okay it's a bit new but lyrically and musically the best thing that taylor did. I love Taylor and the Hunger Games!
This is supposed to be a peace and calming soundtrack for The Hunger Games. And it is. It really gives you that strange feeling of peacefulness. When you are listening to this, you will went to your inner thoughts. The lyrics are deep, you can imagine it like parents protecting their child in a war. The composition, too, is calming. I really recommend this song for you who search for peacefulness. I always listen to this song before going to bed. A perfect lullaby.
Oh my gosh. This is 100% my favorite song of hers and it's the 57th. I was expecting it to at least be below the twentys. Taylor did a fantastic job singing it and I can't wait to hear this song in the Hunger Games
[Newest]I love this song
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an intimate pop rocky like production almost feels like home its a perfect match for the melody and her voice really stands out
Amazing song it gives me goose bumps when I hear it! Good lyrics and even better music
yaar this is much much better than all above...
you belong with me is quiet boring now
[Newest]I would like to fall in love like the girl in this song.

! I love this song! 73?!?!? It should be in the first 10, at least :/
This song is just like all taylor swift songs just AWESOME MIND-BLOWING! She is the best singer in this whole world! Can't believe a person can sing and write such WONDERFUL songs! Really we all love you taylor! You ROCK!
39! Really this is very beautiful and the lyrics is well written and I wonder why Taylor haven't made video music for this song! I think it should be much higher because it's easy the best song from her latest album RED!
[Newest]Such as good song! This should be in the top 5!

18All Too Well
WHY IS THIS N0T NUMBER ONE?! This is by FAR her best song.
'You almost ran the red cause you were looking over at me. '
'You tell me about your past thinking your future was me. '
'There we are again in the middle of the night, we're dancing round the kitchen in the refrigerator light. '
'Maybe we got lost in translation, maybe I asked for too much. But maybe this thing was a masterpiece til you tore it all up. Running scared, I was there, I remember it all too well. '
'You call me up again just to break me like a promise, so casually cruel in the name of being honest. I'm a crumpled up piece of paper lying here, cause I remember it all, all, all too well. '
'Time won't fly it's like I'm paralysed by it, I'd like to be my old self again, but I'm still trying to find it. '
'You keep my old scarf from that very first week, cause it reminds you of innocence and it smells like me. You can't get rid of it cause you remember it all too well. '
I LOVE every song by T. Swift, but this describes the stage of my life "All Too Well. " Best lyric:

"And maybe we got lost in translation, maybe I asked for too much.
But maybe this thing was a masterpiece 'til you tore it all up.
Running scared, I was there, I remember it all too well.
And you call me up again just to break me like a promise.
So casually cruel in the name of being honest.
I'm a crumpled up piece of paper lying here.
'Cause I remember it all, all, all too well. " -T. Swift♥
"Cause there we are again
In the middle of the night
We're dancing round the kitchen
In the refrigerator light"

[Newest]10/10? The lyrics are just amazing!
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its seriously a lovely song..! it should hav been rated in top five!
this should be 2nd behind you belong with me or 3rd! it is just different. just like. well, you will get it when you are 15. listen to it and you will lurv it. it kinda just pulls me up even in tartarus
I don't know, this song is kinda different from the rest. it has a different kind of beat.
[Newest]SO not my favorite.

20Blank Space
This song just came out, (when I'm writing this), and it rocks. It's new and a pop song but, it's amazing. It still has the same feeling in her songs where it's like she's talking to you personally. I love this song so much.
The lyrics are so catchy.
Perfect for bad girls and bad boys who just wanna play and not being serious or commitment.
"So it's gonna be forever
Or it's gonna go down in flames
You can tell me when it's over
If the high was worth the pain
Got a long list of ex-lovers
They'll tell you I'm insane
'Cause you know I love the players
And you love the game"
I'm writing this in November of 2014. In the coming months and years this song will be at the top, I know it...
[Newest]I just love this song. It is still not at the top even though I'm writing THIS in April 2015.

21Picture to Burn
Holy crap. How come this songs is so far below? This song should be number 1.. Badass song..


This song has a so great rhythm and musicality, originality! It's a pure pop country song, and I simply love it, like all Taylor Swift's songs!
Please vote for it
One of her best songs, why's it way down here? It should be all the way up there on number one. c: love this song
[Newest]Seriously people it's GREAT!

22The Story of Us
... One of the best song I've ever heard... Try to listen it and you will understand why it is more deserving to be in top list..
This is the best song I've ever heard... I fell in love when I first heard this song... Love you Taylor swift...
This song is amazing... its really powerful and I love it
[Newest]This song is my real life

23Begin Again
One of her best, undoubtly. Should be higher on the list! The music video itself is beautiful. Lyrically and musically a masterpiece. It is one of the rare songs that you do not get tired of even after listening to it many times.
This song is new and too beautiful...
just like other songs... But this one is amazing!
i never get bored while listening to this beautifull song!
everyone must listen to it... And the song must be in top 10 list!
The lyrics is awesome and deep... It's like you stepped out of a relationship and then a new romance begins again x) & the video is great :D But all of her songs are amazing
[Newest]This should be at least at first 10. This song have a beautiful melody

Seriously? 54? Oh, please! This is the best Taylor Swift song of all time. It's sweet, passionate and amazing! The melody is so catching and her performance of this song at CMA Awards this year just made it PERFECT!
Her best song EVER!
I think it's a great song with an AMAZING beat. Taylor always knows how to write terrific songs. YOU RULE TAYLOR SWIFT. And I also think it's one of her top five songs. It's like listening to a relationship. And I like how she reflects her life into songs, not talk shows and things like that.
Really? 48? Really, this is like her best song, the music video was good too. How could it be in 48? And her performance of this song at CMA Awards this year just made it PERFECT
[Newest]This song is so cute! Deserve to be on the top!

25Forever & Always
For me, this is taylor's best song forever and always. Especially the piano one, nothing in this song is meaningless, it's god a really catchy tune.
It reminds me the promises I've made.

Man... This is different from the others... And it doesn't bore me
[Newest]I love the piano version!

This should be among best 5 right next to 'Love Story' for sure.
Song shows her talent as a singer / writer. Of course collaboration with colbie caillat is a great step in being open mindedness...
Taylor's voice is sweet and pure in this song, and the backup vocals by Colbie Caillat are wonderful too. I love how the lyrics are simple but meaningful, and how Taylor's long-ranged voice is heartwarming and beautiful.
Wow! Its awesome. this is what make me hear to taylor swift. And the song is really heart catchy. love it! For me this is #1.
[Newest]This song is amazing... Love it

27You're Not Sorry
I absolutely LOVE this song! Taylor Swift is the best country singer ever! The song can relate to many people! This song has a great beat to it and I love how she sings it! I love the lyrics of this song and I know I can listen to it a million tomes a day without getting tired of it! Thanks Taylor Swift for making a great song that many people like! Keep up the good work! This song deserves to be, like, 1st place! I have listened to it at least 50 times today. Taylor, your the best!
its just... amazing.. because most guys say they are sorry.. but its lies.. and this song it perfect to burst out singing too!
the best song that she had ever sing this is a song that I anyone else can
relate to it is the best song I have ever heard which is so passionate so not boring something to relax and just enjoy without feeling no regrets but I hope that she would some day write another song that is or more powerful than this one which will leave everyone
[Newest]This always has been and always will be the best song by Taylor Swift!

28State of Grace
How the hell is this song at 47! Vote for it people! Its the best song In Red after Red and We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together! It surely deserves to be in the top 10!
I'm going to vote State of Grace than other song. Trust me it's the best song in Red.
Taylor Swift's best song in Red. For me, Back to December is better, but this song comes right after. Amazing melody and well developed song. The lyrics are astonishing. A work of art.
[Newest]By far the best Taylor Swift song!

29Everything Has Changed
Best song ever. Very catchy tune and perfect duo with Ed Sheeran. Definitely deserves to be higher.
Very emotional lyrics, can explain a lot about love at first site
[Newest]Why is it rated so LOW? It should be #1!

30The Way I Loved You
TS is the best singer in the world. I love all of her songs except Fifteen. I've been waiting 2 see 1 of her concerts for 2 yrs. I might go see 1 when I turn 13 or 14
I love this song! Personally, I can't relate to it but I love the concept even if it isn't exactly a happy feeling of song.
I love this song like I love sparkles and having the last word and that's real love...
[Newest]This song is also great! It hurts me😍

31Speak Now
Love it! Makes me feel so cheerful and happy, like running through a field of flowers!

I have always wanted to see a music video of this song... The song is simple and makes me smile. love
I Love Speak Now It's So romantic I love it. I Would Do Something like that if the boy I had a crush on married... The most evil girl in school!
[Newest]Should be way higher, it's my favorite

32Long Live
This song is epic! It talks about the thrills of having the kind of life she has, and really captures the emotion of it. It also gives us her view of her future, and again, you can feel her emotion in it.


This song is just amazing. It makes me feel happy and adventurous inside and makes me want to hug everybody. Love it
This is so beautiful! She was remembering the past and tells the guy that if he had children someday and when they point to the pictures, he should tell them her name. This is the best song ever!
[Newest]I confess, I'm a guy and this song gets me watery eyed. It's just that beautiful.

33Better Than Revenge
This song SERIOUSLY deserves to be WAY higher! It's so good and it has an awesome beat to it. Really good!
This Song Is really amazing. I think everyone will like it.
The video should come up soon.
Taylor you are the Best.


A great revenge song! You paint the picture of a failed relationship with someone going behind your back so clearly! It's definitely well-written, with an amazing hook and an awesome beat. When I'm angry, it's my go-to song... "Do you still feel like you know what you're doing? 'Cause I don't think you do! " is a great line. Better Than Revenge deserves so much more credit. I wish she would have released it as a single, so we could have seen a music video.
[Newest]Deserves to be number 1 this song is so catchy

This song really is beautiful
Is slow with a nice melody, and I lose myself in it every time.
I think we can all relate to this song; about falling for someone whose out of your reach
This song is beautiful, yet not that famous... Yet! I hope the next time I check, it's going to be on number #1 (:
Oomg this song is really great, I was looking for some songs to download and this somg simply touched my soul! Love it so much!

35Tim McGraw
Cant believe this song ain't ranked any higher than 18th! This is hands down taylors best song ever! its the reason why we know her and love her, and the reason why I love country music as well! This was long before she turned to pop-ish country sorta music... "you said the way my blue eyes shined... " show some love for this song fellas!
I almost threw up when I saw this was TWENTY FIVE. I mean really, twenty five. It's AT LEAST TOP FIVE. Honestly, I think some idiots only know like 4 Taylor Swift songs and they vote. This song is so beautiful, the melody is amazing and it's lyrics too. And it's unique from other Taylor Swift songs, you don't just forget about it. Love Story, Teardrops on my Guitar and Tim McGraw are Taylor Swift's best songs. Definitely. If you don't think so, well... You are... Nevermind - I just rememered, my mother always said if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
[Newest]I love this song, too. I used to listen to it back when I was little.

NO. 54!
This song is so sweet and heartrending. I saw this list many times and some days ago this song wasn't even in this list!
Seriously, if you'll listen to it, you'll fall for it at once!
Just hear it one time, you'll understand what I mean!
Love you taylor, you rock! 1
This song tells a story of a girl who fall for a guy. But the guy don't want her to love him as the way he wants to love his crush. His crush don't understands him. But the girl understands him perr.. Fectly. Now she is thinking if they could be together they'll be beautiful and miracle but now they're just in visible.
Has to be in the top 5 at least.. The song's just great.. Beautiful lyrics.. One of the greatest T swift's songs.. VOTE FOR IT GUYs...
[Newest]It is beautiful and extremely relatable and even You Belong With Me's story is similar but when you're sad the lines in this song are more suitable though even that song rocks...

How can this song be so down below?
Guys please vote for this song! This is one of her best!
It should be in the top ten without fail!
It's alright, just wait and see
Your string of lights is still bright to me
Oh, who you are is not where you've been.
You're still an innocent,
You're still an innocent.
Awessome song! Can't b'lieve its rated so low... Do listen to it... Great lyrics and the music accompanying it is just perfect.. I m sure you will love it and can easily relate to it..
[Newest]Good song of taylor

38Eyes Open
This is the best song I've ever heard! Why is this 46th! Come on... Let's go up "eyes open". People, you're eyes are closed, I think.
Damn what!? 46th? Hello guys, are voting this song? Come on, vote this song and share to your friend to vote this, make this song number 1. 'keep your eyes eyes, OPEN"!
My favourite Taylor Swift song changes with my mood, but right now, it's like this:
1 Eyes Open
2 Haunted
3 Today Was A Fairytale
4 Ours
5 Our Song
6 Long Live
7 Begin Again
8 We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
9 Speak Now
10 Change
If you ask me tomorrow, it'll be completely different... This song was written for The Hunger Games and is about staying strong in a cruel world. "Keep your feet ready, heartbeat steady, keep your eyes open... "
[Newest]I love this song, too. It's awesome.

39If This Was a Movie
Really great new song. Only just heard it recently but love it already. Really great moving orchestral part in the background
Its orchestral part is awesome!
The way she sings
"come back come back come back to me like
You would you would if this was a movie
Stand in the rain outside till I came out" is AWESOME!
Vote for IT!
This is one of the best songs by Taylor Swift! Just check the lyrics, it will blow your mind! Come on, who hasn't believed in the stuff that movies show and expected things to fall out that way? But then we got a shot at reality and realized what movies show aren't true. The reality is just beastly. It deserves to be in the Top 10!
[Newest]! This song is solo amazing Here it out folks!

40Shake It Off
I love all of Taylor's songs, but this song is the turning point in her music style and I totally support it. It's really catchy and most people don't seem to really understand it, or why Taylor's changing her style, which makes me want to try to do the little insignificant things I can to give this song the recognition it deserves. SO VOTE PEOPLE! LET'S TAKE THIS TO THE TOP!
This song is a revolution for Taylor Swift's style. It's a totally new idea for her, and some parts are more outgoing and less guarded than her old videos, but I think she's still herself. This song is catchy, positive, and always nice to listen to.

Seriously, I've listened to it about five hundred times just this week. LITERALLY!

It's going to hit the top ten when 1989, Taylor's first whole-pop album, comes out!

Good work, Taylor, and I'm really pumped about 1989!
1989 in general is her best album thus far, it shows an overwhelming feeling of independence and maturity. Taylor is really herself in this album, as she has broken off from how people say "You date too many guys". And in this song she just shows how she has chosen the high road and does not really care about the haters. In 1989 she also fully breaks off the the country roots that held her in for so many years. I believe Shake It Off might be one of the best songs I have heard in a long time. It mixes a masterful beat, a fantastic voice, and inspiring lyrics.
[Newest]Why so low? This song deserves #2!

41Last Kiss
Such a beautiful song. I cry when I listen to it. This should be in the top ten, at least.
You can hear her emotion in this song. It's so beautiful. She's able to express herself so well and make you really feel what she's feeling. It's an amazing song which is SO well written! One of her best songs, I'd say. It can make me cry.
The best song ever done by Alison about a break-up. Well I don't what the 'hack' is up with you people but this deserves to be in the top 10!
[Newest]Love this song. So perfectly describes my feelings at a point in time after breaking up with my first love. So beautiful and raw

42The Last Time
Best collaboration that she has ever done. By far one of the best songs that she has off of her new album "Red". The emotion in the song is beautiful and her voice makes you really feel the song.
The vocals in the song are so amazing and heart felt. Her voice goes so smoothly with Gary LIghtbulb. Its really a song that sounds so sincere that is really easy to relate to. It's my personal favorite for her along with Red.
Amazing song! Great Collaboration! By far one of her best songs off of "RED"
[Newest]I think people REALLY should start looking up to this list. Why is this number 39?!

Awesome song// add a shine to her album RED.. I hated colour red before she announced the name of her album! Now my dresses, laptop, lipstick, nailpaints, shoes, earrings, jeans, wallpaper, curtains, guitar and even my spectacles are all RED!
I literally love this song. It makes me feel like so optimistic about love. You want to dance, laugh, dream, have girl talks and tell to your boy don't you realize that I am the one (LOOL I did it)
[Newest]Needs to be higher, love to dance to this

44Sad Beautiful Tragic
Hauntingly beautiful in my opinion.
I like this song because the way it sounds is so tragic sad beautiful!
It's sad... It's beautiful... It's tragic... Awesome song

Taylor wrote this song for a four year old boy who died of cancer. This song is so sweet and sad; it's amazing how much emotion she puts into the song.
Definitely the most touching and beautiful song. It's about a young boy named Ronan who had died of cancer. Taylor took the words Ronan's Mother wrote about her son and turned them into music. So inspiring, it makes you have so much more respect for Taylor for writing such a beautiful song. It is definitely the most beautiful thing I have ever heard, so beautiful I couldn't help but to cry. Wow, I just cannot describe my love for this song!
This is by far one of Taylor's best. In all honesty, I wasn't a huge fan at first, but after awhile, I was hooked. It's so beautiful, and I can't even listen to it without crying. The bridge is literally the saddest, sweetest, most heartbreaking part. "What if I'm standing in your closet trying to talk to you, what if I kept the hand me downs you won't grow into, what if I really thought some miracle would see us through.. What if the miracle was even getting one moment with you". Like.. I can't. It's just so... :'(
[Newest]Beautiful. God I cried... love you Ronan

Only mature people will understand this. I know this song is mildly sexual but it makes us think that it is magical and romantic.. Not dirty and disgusting.. This song ain't about cheating, it's about the temptations of love. And yeah why is this at #62? This deserves to be more higher! This is one of my favorites from the Red Album. It's awesome lyrically and instrumentally!
Nice beat, nice meaning.. Soft.. And calm
Actually treacherous means dangerous :P I love this song and I love Taylor!


[Newest]My favorite taylor swift song

47Today Was a Fairytale
This has to be the best one undoubtedly...

The way she sings
"You told me I was pretty when I looked like a mess
Today was a fairy tale
Time slows down
Whenever you're around

But can you feel this Magic in the air?
It must've been the way you kissed me
Fell in love when I saw you standin there
It must've been the way
Today was a fairy tale"

These are the best wordings in the song... Just love this song..
Amazing song great lyrics, actually real meaningful lyrics! Love This song
Its an amazing song... I think it should be among top ten
[Newest]I want that romance

48Dear John
This is my favorite Taylor song because it's so emotional and the lyrics are genius. The lyric "The girl in the dress cried the whole way home." is heart breaking. You could tell Taylor was crying when she wrote this.
Why is this song so underrated? Its one of the most finest song sung by taylor... dear john is a mixture of saddness and a strenghth to move.. I just love it!
Best country song I ever heard. It just make me cry. "i'm shinning like fireworks over your sad empty town.". IT ACTUALLY HOLDS MY BREATHE. Yeah nineteens are not young to be played by adark twisted game & they shouldn't be burnt out... <3 you taylor
[Newest]48? How could you. :'( this song is so sad and makes me so emotional and I love it so much and it's worth higher rank and oh :(

49I Almost Do
I love this song. It is so emotional. Its so romantic and sad. I just love to listen to this amazing song. Please help get this song up to a higher number. I hope you at least listen to it. This is such a great song.
This song is so good and really romantic. It makes me think it is so sweet. I absolutely love this song. I can't believe its not rated yet it should be rated number 1 or 2. Please help to get it higher up on this list!
Real handsome song that we should play it more often, don't you think? What turns up the most hit in today's pop music.
[Newest]This song describes a failed friendship of mine perfectly and I relate to it so much.

change is AMAZING but I still love them all. but I wish marys song or I'm only me when I'm with you or tied together with a smile or christmas must be something more were here
It's so nice.. my love story relates this song! I want it to be our theme song because it fit in for both of us.. we fight and still holding on.. ! I hope you too guys can relate this song.. taylor swift your voice is the best! I'm your #1 fan!
Ok I'm looking through this list and I don't see the song called dear john
[Newest]The song is fantastic, should be top 5. More people need to hear this song. One of her uplifting songs, and the vocals are among her best

51Stay Stay Stay
Ninety eight?!?! This song is worthy of the top five. Its a beautiful, feel - good song with a really catchy tune. Listen to it if you haven't and vote up if you have!
This is the best and most romantic song of taylor and it is also her newest song.
I love it! TAYLOR SWIFT! Catchy tune... Listen to it. I know you will like it.
[Newest]Why not the number 1?!

52The Lucky One
I really think this awesome song should be way higher on the list. It's so beautiful. It shows us how hard it would be to be celebrity and famous. With paparazzi following you around and 'your secrets splashed on the news front page'.
Ok so this might not be another heat-touching love song by taylor but it is is definitely one of her best songs. It amazingly reflects the hard life celebrities must face. The lyrics and rhythm are stunning! "now there are big black cars and Reviera views and your boyfriend in the foyer doesn't even know you and your secrets end up splashed on the front news page" "and tthey tell you that
Why is this so low on the list? Very moving song about what problems a star faces... Maybe even her own experiences... Very bad people... Please vote..
[Newest]The first song I liked from the album. The music is good, the lyrics too. She's like... Saying sometimes how hard it could be to live as a star.

53Hey Stephen
I like it because it explains how I feel about the one I love! beautiful song! I am in love! <3 <3 <3 Wish a lot of people could spend more time listening to this! love ya tay!
I love Taylor Swift an her songs so much. I'm crazy about her (:
She's beautiful, smart, cool, friendly, sincere, she wrote too many great songs and I think she's really really perfect! Taylor, you're my favorite singer, you're the best! THANK YOU!
This deserves a lot of votes and I CANNOT believe it is the 58th. It's so lively and active and bouncy and it makes you feel like you really like Stephen. And you go on secretly calling your boyfriend Stephen. It makes you feel like you're right outside your dream guys' backyard with pebbles in your hands OR looking out of the window into the rain imagining you're kissing a guy... It made me did that :P
[Newest]Beautiful Song... Deserves to be in top ten at least.

54A Place In This World
This song always cheers me up when I'm sad because I know that everyone has problems not just me!
A very original song by Taylor herself. She wrote it at the age of thirteen, I am so jealous. A song which really tells people about her life before moving to Nashville and knowing her destiny.


This song was featured on Ramona and Beezus... A Selena Gomez movie. Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez Rock! It's a song many people can relate to... Keep Up the Awesome Work Tay!
[Newest]Always cheers me up when I'm alone and down.

55I'm Only Me When I'm With You
This is a cute song with a good beat that says 'Your my friend and I love you for it' I think it should be a lil bit higher on this list tough - like in the 20s. You can't help sing out loud and dance to this song!
This is so my favorite Taylor Swift song. I listen to it all the time. It feels just like my life. I LOVE THIS AMAZING SONG. IT ROCKS! It should not be so far down. It is one of my favorite songs EVER!
One of the fast-beat songs I often play in my guitar. ^_^


56Should've Said No
The best song ever. My friends and I took a vote to see witch taylor swift song I could sing the best. EVERYONE PICKED THIS SONG I memorized it. It was my first taylor swift song. Number 1 is my 2nd best ts song I could sing well. I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH THAT NOW MY FAVORITE GAME IS A SINGING CONTEST BECAUSE I ALWAYS WIN and because we have 3 judges and only 2 competitors. Me and someone else.
This is the greatest break up songs ever written. It is a very good example of how Taylor can turn a simple scenario (a real one that actually happened to her) in to a masterpiece. Guy is with Taylor. Taylor hears rumours he cheated. She confronts him. Taylor tells him he is an idiot and he has lost her forever. Sticks her knife in at the end asking if it was all worth it. Boy I be the is sorry now! It's also a great song to play on the guitar!
Best anti-love song that I ever listened. Best country break-up songs. Haunts me every time I listened to it. I'll never get board of it. First time when I listened 2 it I asked to myself how does she know that much about us means about teens life. Truly she is realeted to teens souls. I <3 you taylor

57I'd Lie
Not a song many people have heard, but so moving and easy to relate to. Taylor did very nice
This should so be number 1 because it is such an awesome song. It is so cool and holy crap it should be first.
It's so awesome! It's exactly what's happening to me right now! It's a perfect song for everyone who's stuck in between a best friend/boy friend relationship
[Newest]This is hands down my favorite Taylor swift song. Not many people know of it and it's sad.

58The Moment I Knew
™ I love this song ♫ ♩

The Moment I Knew made me cried hard for the first three times I heard this. I can't believe such a lovely girl like Taylor was treated trashy by whoever this song is about. What a tragic. This song should be at least at top 20. I love you Taylor. I love all of your songs but at the time being, this is my favorite of all. Thanks for being an inspiration.
This song :O It should have been on the main Red CD it's incredible

This is wrong but I can't help but feel like
There ain't nothing more right babe
Misty morning comes again and I can't
Help but wish I could see your face
And I knew from the first note played
I'd be breaking all my rules to see you
You smile that beautiful smile and
All the girls in the front row scream your name

So dim that spotlight, tell me things like
I can't take my eyes off of you
I'm no one special, just another
Wide eyed girl who's desperately in love with you
Give me a photograph to hang on my wall, superstar

Good morning loneliness, comes around when I'm not
Dreaming about you
When my world wakes up today
You'll be in another town
And I knew when I saw your face, I'd be
Counting down the ways to see you
You smile that beautiful smile and
All the girls in the front row scream your name

So dim that spotlight, tell me things like
I can't take my eyes off of you
I'm no one special, just another
Wide eyed girl who's desperately in love with you
Give me a photograph to hang on my wall, superstar

You played in bars, you play guitar
I'm invisible and everyone knows who you are
And you'll never see, sing me to sleep
Every night from the radio

So dim that spotlight, tell me things like
I can't take my eyes off of you
I'm no one special, just another
Wide eyed girl who's desperately in love with you
Give me a photograph to hang on my wall, superstar
Sweet, sweet superstar, superstar
Totally my story. This song is flawless and I love it.
This song makes me hella emotional
Perfect, flawless, absolutely spot on
And so relatable. ;_;

60Jump Then Fall
I love this song! It reminds me of my boyfriend. I will always love him! NICE JOB TAYLOR SWIFT! I love you! This song doesn't deserve to be #32! It should be in the top 10!
Uh why is this number 43rd? Seriously one of her best songs. I listen to it and it inspires me. So romantic! I love it!
I really2 love this song it reminds me of my crush that I want to jump and fall to me.. And this song is one of my favorite song of taylor swift, very romantic and inspires me to jump and fall without any hesitation to somebody else. I want this song to have a music video.. I love this song a lot!
[Newest]Really a feel-good sweet song

61Cold As You
This is my favorite Taylor swift song I love this guy he is the first guy I ever fell in love with like I would die for him. Then he told me he liked me just to see me freak out it was a joke but I still like him. But every time I see him I start a fight cause I need to feel something. In the first paragraph it says you have a way of coming easy to me but when you take you take the very best of me so I start a fight cause I need to feel something. That just it he tars me up inside he just comes so easily ever word that I say to him cause out in a right this song touched my heart and gave me hope to move on thank you Taylor
This is song is like... amazing! The lyrics described me and my ex perfectly.. it also calms me down when I really angry or sad. It's definitely one of the best sang by Taylor!
My favorite song, it is really an awesome song, its full of emotions, I love when she says "oh what a shame" I feel sad and annoyed but I love this song anyway!

62Stay Beautiful
I cannot believe this is only 52! This is definitely my favorite song by Taylor Swift! The line "It's hard to make a conversation when he's taking my breath away" is legit my favorite line out of any of Taylor's songs!
By far my favorite song by Taylor swift! It always puts me in a good mood and never gets old (: this should definitely be in top 10

63Never Grow Up
This Song Makes Me Cry Sometimes It Makes Me The ink Of My Mom Who I love Oh So much. I don't Really Want To Grow Up
I have always been listening to this song when doing homework, it's so beautiful. I wish this song can be more popular, and it deserves to.
Really superb and sweet songs that brings me goosebumps every time I hear it. Taylor swift roxs. really loved it.
[Newest]I love this song, should be higher on the list

64Two Is Better Than One
This song is so amazing, especially with Boys like Girls. LISTEN to it! She doesn't sing a lot, but the song gives you goosebumps. And when she does sing, you feel so empowered and happy. Please listen to the song. BEST SONG.
Okay, I'm going to be honest here. I don't like Taylor Swift. But, this song was an amazing one. Boys Like Girls are my favourite ever band, so its not shocking I love this song! Even though I don't particularly like Taylor Swift, I think her voice was beautiful in this song!
Awesome song! Everyone shouuld take out sometime to download and listen to this number. I would vote it as one of the best love songs ever
[Newest]This song is good.

65Holy Ground
It's Country-Rock and I can bet If she released this as a single. It would have exploded the charts. Awesome Song from her best Album RED. :-)
Best Taylor rock-out song!
This is my favorite ts song and song in general

66The Outside
I love the outside a lot of people don't know this song that is why it is number 46! LOVE THIS SONG! :)
This is a great song it really shows what taylor was going through when she was a child, I love the way she is so open about things that affected her!
AMAZING :D this song is so relateable

67I Heart ?
I love this song! This should totally be in the top 5!
So bad that it's so unknown! :(


I seriously love love this song. How can it be at 75? Just listen to it and you ll fall in love with it

68A Perfectly Good Heart
This Is Not The Best Taylor Swift Song But Her Just Voice Sounds Amazing With The Sweet Melody. This Is Defintly An Amazing Song That Every Girl Faces With The Problem. I Am In Love With All Taylor Swift Songs That is Why I Can't Choose Between All Of The Amazing Songs She Writes.
Beautiful title, yet terrible song.

69All You Had To Do Was Stay
I love this song so much. I can totally connect to this song. This one guy had me in the palm of his hand, and then he locked me out when I let him into my life.
Nice song, really catchy, I love it.
Best should be on no one

75? Really!?!? How can this song be so low! This is the best song from the new album! So far I've never heard these kind of songs by Taylor. This deserves to be in Top 10! Please vote for this guys!
Love this song! Hope it becomes her next single.
Easily her catchiest song. Listen to it before voting, you'll be glad you did.
[Newest]Best song of 2014... Love you taylor swift

71Both of Us
This song is a duet which Taylor sang with B.O.B and its really awesome! The way taylor sings and Bob raps is awesome! This song is new and I approve it to all the taylor fans!
Awesome song, really! And B.O. B adds up the thrill. Been listening to it all day and still haven't got tired with it.

72Sweeter Than Fiction
If you haven't seen the movie for this then you need to put it on your to do list. The song fits perfectly and not only that it is relatable to anyone who has had a life like the boy has in the movie please listen to it, it is amazing
Amazing song, guys please vote for this one!
If you like We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, you should listen to this song. It really deserves to be higher.

73Santa Baby

74How You Get The Girl
Best song from 1989. This was the song that made me forgive her sudden transition to pop. It's one of her best ever!
Love love love this.

75Come In With the Rain
This is such a beautiful song, I love the simplicity of it and I'm surprised it isn't voted higher! There are so many of her songs I would vote for though, she is an amazing writer and the bridge sections of her songs are always excellent - I LOVE TAYLOR
izka, Joe broke up with her because he liked another girl, if you want to be mad at someone, be mad at him


I've had this song stuck in my head literally all day. It's beautiful and lovable and the best. It really shouldn't be as low as 40. Maybe it's not her best song in everyone else's mind, but it shouldn't be down that low!

76Bad Blood
The BEST song on 1989. I loved it. I hope it gets closer to #1.
Cause baby now we got problems.
And don't think we can solve 'em.
So take a look what you've done.
Cause baby now we got bad blood. HEY! 😎

77Wildest Dreams
How is this 120? Seriously guys, this has to be her best song, with All Too Well a close second. 1989 is very different from her old albums, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. This song is about being so in love with someone that you're terrified the relationship is going to end. Give it a listen if you haven't yet, you definitely won't regret it. Very Lana Del Rey.

'I thought heaven can't help me now,
Nothing lasts forever.
But this is gonna take me down.
He's so tall, and handsome as hell,
He's so bad, but he does it so well.
I can see the end, as it begins,
My one condition is...

Say you'll remember me,
Standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset babe.
Red lips and rosy-cheeks,
Say you'll see me again even if it's just in your...
Wildest dreams, aha, ah'
This is the best from 1989, deserves to be much much much much higher up on the list
Seriously. if this isn't your favorite Taylor Swift song, you're kidding.
[Newest]Great song... One of the most creative ones Taylor has ever done.


78I Know Places
Please, this song deserves at least number 5!
Best song from 1989 so amazing!
So much dynamic in the song, how is is so low?
[Newest]This song should be at the top.

79I Wish You Would

80Lucky You
This is the first song she ever wrote and I love it! It's beautiful and heartfelt and I'd love to know lucky herself. "angels above you ain't so fal away... "
I can't believe this song is on the list! I'm so happy people know it! I thought I was the only major swiftie here!

It's on the top of my favorites playlist on my iPad
A perfect blend of Imogen Heap and Taylor. Deserve to be on top ten (y)

82Tied Together With a Smile
I don't know what this song is doing on the 29th position when it deserves top ten! I love this song and I am openly saying that this song is totally the story of my life and I love it... This song proves that Taylor swift knows the different situations in different people's lives and knows how to out all that in a song... I think I said too much and if you want to know what I'm talking about, I have an advice: LISTEN TO IT FOR YOURSELF. Love YOU TAYLOR!
AMAZING. It makes me cry a lotta the time, but it's an amazing song. The lyrics and the all the music. Ahh, it's my favorite song in the world, I think. Listen to the actual words, not just the song, and you'll know what I'm talking about!
Such a relateable song... I love how Taylor can take everything I feel and put it in a beautiful song. I show people this song when they say they don't like her and no one can ever say it again. This has been my favorite song since I heard it years ago and I listen to music every second I'm not in class. I always play this when I feel crappy. I can't believe that this isn't in the top 50 at least... people NEED to listen to this song.

83The Other Side of the Door
so amazing but doesn't get any air time on the radio :(
Mine and my best friends song, forever my favourite last minute and a half, especially the last 30 seconds, are incredible

84Permanent Marker
I just love this song so much! When I heard it for the first time about halfway through I was singing along and a few minutes later it was being downloaded onto my iPod. I showed this song to my best friend and she also loves it! I probably have 15 more songs by T-Swift on my iPod than I have of any other singer... If that makes sense. If you haven't heard this song do it now!
This song may have never been released but it sure is catchy! I listen to it on YouTube all the time!

85Tell Me Why
You're kidding right? 60th position? I mean this is one of my favorite songs from Taylor! Have you heard the violin it starts with? This is such an awesome song! VOTE FOR IT GUYS! Tell me why deserves better than this!
81st? Is this a joke or something? One of the best Taylor Swift songs, should definitely be in the top 5.

86Out of the Woods
This an amazing major anthem! It is so 80's and loud and original... how could you compare it to anything else!?
This is soon going to be up there and has to be... awesome one
I'm not a swift fan but I am obsessed with this song
[Newest]I love this song so much.

87Beautiful Eyes
Its a seriously good song... I love it,. I recommend it to all Taylor Swift fans please!
"Your here,
Your eyes
Are looking into mine.
So baby make me fly"
Aw, this is like the cutest song ever.

88Welcome to New York
This is this low? Seriously? It is So New And Incredible! I Love Tay Tay and all her songs, But This IS the best! 1
This song makes me just wanna pack up all my stuff and move to New York! I will never be able to live with myself if she never releases this song as a single!
Awesome song. It is new so let's get it to the top.

89White Christmas

90Christmas Must Be Something More
This is the best Taylor Swift Christmas song ever! It's so beautyfull. I sang this song last Christmas at my brother's Christmas party and everybody says: What a wonderful song with great lyrics and good voice (I'm not praising myself). In my heart, I hope they'll say: What a wonderful Christmas song sings and written by Taylor Swift!
Come on guys, you know music. You know what is GOOD music. Then why isn't this song in the top #1?

91Diary of Me

92Highway Don't Care
High Way Don't Care is a good ballad song by Taylor Swift and Tim McGraw. You should listen to it Swifties! Then vote for it!

- Louie Jay Doronio (Swifty)
This is my face song the first time I listened to to this song I news it by the end
People are nowadays such amateurs...
Cause this is probably the most well toned song by Tay Sway
How can this possibly be outta the top 20 of this list?

93You Can't Trust a Killer Whale
Hehe it is so funny! I really loved it! It is a funny version of 'Today was a Fairytail" I am listening to it right now! You can't trust a killer whale... I just gotta say! YOu can't trust a killer whale!
The same tune to today was a fairytale. Sadly I found out about this song first so I thought today was a fairytale was a copied of from this song.
I like killer whales,

94One Way Ticket
But this is by Carrie Underwood!

95Silent Night
Its the best break up song that I had ever heard...
what hell has happened to you guys?
it should be definitely in top 5...


97Girl at Home

98Your Face
A beautifully written song by Taylor at a young age which details her angst of not being able to remember a crushes face as time goes by. Quite mature for her age and one of the many songs that won her a record deal.
Reminds me of someone... $
I don't wanna wake up one day and not remember what time erased

99American Girl

100New Romantics
This song is so good. The beginning is addicting. This is a new pop song but it's still her and amazing. One thing everyone used to love about her was that when she sings it's like she's talking to you and this song has the same feel. This song is amazing.
This song is SO good and underrated. Very catchy and in love with the lyrics. "I could build a castle out of all the bricks they threw at me..."
I really love this song. I have found that Taylor can do really good High- School songs!
[Newest]So catchy, and so fun to sing along with!

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