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The most beautiful song ever existed or ever created on this earth.
And it will remain the best classical song till eternity.

Exceptionally beautiful music and lyrics. For people who love both, slow beat or fast beat songs. This song deserves the number 1 position in the entire music list.

If you have never heard it, you will regret. And if, in spite of hearing it, you don't like it, then you should feel sorry for yourself and your music sense. There should be no question regarding the beauty and position of this song.

Even people who don't like music will fall in love with this song. And they'll start to love music.

Why the hell is this song not in the top 10?
Its CERTAINLY doesn't deserve no.21 but number 1! Everything is great in this song, the instruments, her voice and her looks too!
I'll also like to say that this is the second time I'm commenting on this song
And also that I was the FIRST one to comment on this song!
If you don't believe me, have a look at the comment "its the most fabulous song... "
Love you taylor, you haunt me!
You gotta be kidding me. Its the best song sung by any female artist. Definitely better than you belong with me and love story. It has better the beats are relatively fast and the feelings are expressed like a torrential rain. Obviously this one deserves at least the top 5. Listen, like ( that will definitely happen) and vote for it ( you can't help it after liking this song).
Such a haunting anti-love song with a haunting voice. Truly best break-up song and the lyrics are also haunted.
This song is so amazing! I fell in love with it the first time I heard it and it's definitely one of the best songs EVER! I really love how the music and the lyrics express what you feel when you're missing someone, and all you want to say is "Come on, don't leave me like this! ". It's like Taylor reads my diary
Oh my! It is a shock to me to find that this song is not among st her top tens. In fact it should be the number one. An Amazing song by Taylor. I Request everyone to see how awesome song it is. It is the best song of Taylor Swift I have ever heard. Everybody please listen to this wonderful song
! This song is AWESOME! It's my MOST PLAYED song! Especially the acoustic version. It should be number one on this list. I can't get it out of my head.
Just listen to the lyrics...
"come on, come on, don't leave me like this, I thought I had you figured out.
Something's gone terribly wrong you're all I wanted... "
Haunted is such a fantastic, well-written song, the orchestra adds so much, and there is a lot of emotion in Taylor's voice. It's really catchy and a lot more meaningful than most of the songs that have made the top ten. Just because it wasn't released as a single doesn't mean it isn't worth a listen (or ten... Or ten thousand... )
It's definitely my number one Taylor Swift favorite (and I'm one of those people who knows ALL her songs by heart).
It just chills down my spine all the way back. So much touching. It describes the fear of losing someone you really love and then the feeling of loneliness and HAUNTED! I think I listened to it 100 times when I first heard it. AWE-Haunted!
Haunted -- it's haunting. It's got such intense music - every beat and every note fits with the mood of the song so well. You can hear the desperation and the regreat and the sorrow in Taylor's Swift's voice. How could anyone not like this?
The emotion, the lyrics, the production. Everything is flawless. The chorus alone is one of the best moments in all of music, then the verses and emotion behind every syllable she sings just add to the glory that is "Haunted"
This song is filled with emotions and you will be automatically attracted as you hear the first few words. And when it ends, you'll be crazy in love and you just won't get enough of this.
This is an amazing song, especially the acoustic. It's my favourite along with you belong with me, mine and Invisible. Should have been a least in the top ten it's so amazing.
This is the best Taylor Swift song! It should be more popular because it deserves it! I love it so much! Her voice, the instruments, everything perfect in this song!
This song is really good. The message, the lyrics, everything! The beat is also unexpected and flawless.
If you think this is a slow song, you're wrong!
Um best song ever. That is all I have to say. Because that's all you need to know. Go listen and then you will realize why this song is the best.
People haven't listened to this song and have ignored this! Please listen and then you all will be shocked to see how cool this song is!
Great song apart from country music, I think she should get an award or whatever for this kinda changed appearance along with those rock women
Awesome song! Just love the voice of Taylor Swift... She has so much power in her voice... You fall in love with the song the moment you listen to it
It's the best, in fact it should be no: 1! I strongly recommend it. At first it may sound a little off tune but the chorus is GREAT!
I love this song so much! Taylor Swift has an amazing voice, this should be in the top 10
I haven't heard such a song before. Taylor keep rocking like that. You seriously are smashing. Love you
This song is the best! I mean, the other songs ar pretty cool too but this one gotta be on the top of the list.
It is simply incredible. One of the best songs ever with unimaginable feeling. I'm shocked it didn't make it in the top ten (yet).

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