Best Tragically Hip Songs

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The Top Ten

Bobcageon is such a uniquely gorgeous song. If you want to hear a song that exemplifies Canada, this would be my choice.
A masterpiece... great groove, sweeping, contextually Canadian, but thematically universal.
This song is by far my Favorite hip song
[Newest]My fave hip song!

2Ahead by a Century
This is awesome! This is my favourite Hip song, but I did not think that it was going to be in the top spot. I am very surprised and thrilled.

I can and will never get enough of this song.
This song is so much better than the rest of their songs, it's brilliant just want to keep listening to it.
This song is ahead of its time by a century

3Courage (For Hugh MacLennan)
It's always been my favorite.

4Nautical Disaster
Absolute masterpiece of a song, possibly the best song by a Canadian band ever.
Easily the best Hip song of all time. Utterly Canadian, great lyrics, provoking rock glory.
Sends chills down my spine when I listen to it. Powerful. One of my all time favorite songs.

I really like this one but it's not my favourite
Best Hip song ever!

6New Orleans is Sinking
They warned you WAY ahead of time N'Oleans! Great tune!


Cool song. Very cool riff and lyrics. Oh and did I mention the song rocks!
This song is the one I heard first while traveling in CA. I have been hooked by the HIP ever since. I love all their material. My favorite band of all time. I live in Seattle so I get to go to Portland, Seattle and CA shows. Vancouver in September is next.

Hipaholic - fu11yCompl3t3ly

7Looking for a Place to Happen

838 Years Old
Deep song, even if you can't relate, it makes you think.
One of their best songs, if not their best. Why it doesn't even crack the top ten is beyond me. "Heard a tap on the window, in the middle of the night. Held back the curtain for, my older brother mike... ", classic Hip.
My favorite all time

950 Mission Cap
NOTHING rocks harder than this. Hip in their finest form, complete with Canadian content and all!
I'm sad another fave hip song it should be the second

10Blow at High Dough
My brother, rick, I so miss you... G
Blow At High Dough, Is one of there best songs ever made. Acually I am kinda sad Because I think there Best song that they ever did was 38 Years old. Then Boots or hearts then blow the high dough, then new orleans is sinking. Then little bones, then three pistols, this song are the best they did it has that classic rock feel, and the newer song they sang are sappy and not like the Album UP TO HERE or Road Apples ot Fully Completly, those were there best years.
The song that gets the Concert crowd totally rocking' out... In the early days they started with this one... Now it's the encore song... Love it!

The Contenders

11Wheat Kings
Definitely a top 19

12Little Bones
Good party song! Think it should be a bit higher!

13When the Weight Comes Down
This is a classic and wasn't even listed! For shame!

14Three Pistols
Great song Does the Best Beat in the back ground

15Fiddler's Green
Such a mellow song, Downie sings the song great.. Really portrays a story.
Knowing the story behind the song this might be the most heartfelt and poignant Hip song ever done. You can feel the emotion in Gord. Pure Hip.

16Locked In the Trunk of a Car
The most eerie Hip song ever... Outstanding! This is Canadian ROCK!

17It's a Good Life If You Don't Weaken
An outstanding beginning... Mesmerizing, melodic, takes you deep within the song for a tranquil, settling ride... Definitely 1 of the Hip's best!
Beautiful song... Great singing by Gordie... Beautiful guitar by Robbie... Needs to be played more live... Hopefully in 2015 tour!

18The Darkest One

19Last American Exit

20Pigeon Camera

21My Music at Work
Not their best work... Played too much live!

22Boots or Hearts
Awesome song thumbs up love it

23Grace, Too
Best opening song of any concert ever! And that's where they play it!
Works its way into your body - beautiful lyrics

24Blonde Solid
Unreleased. "Funniest guy in the roon... For half an hour or so. " Come'on vote or that!


26In View

27Gift Shop
..."we're forced to bed, but we're free to dream"... The best Hip song ever! Please play on 2015 tour... St. Catharines!
Best Hip tune of all time... Gordie playing the acoustic... Please play in St. Catharines in 2015!

28Trickle Down
I think lots of people forget this one. GREAT SONG
The best song ever!

29At the Hundredth Meridian

30Love Is a First


32The Last Recluse
Just listen to that song and you'll see it's perfect in every way

33At Transformation
Of their recent songs its by far the best

How is this not in the top ten? Such a great song!

35Now the Struggle Has a Name

36The Depression Suite
Almost 10 minutes long, and you still wish it was longer! Excellent song! The Hip are, and will always be my favourite band! I was lucky enough to see them at salmon fest last year! Excellent music!

37Long Time Running

38Coffee Girl

39Highway Girl

Great song from their best album

41So Hard Done By
Fabulously underrated gem! Great lead guitar... And bongos!

42Vaccination Scar


44Bring It All Back

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