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201 Suki Kirai - Rin and Len

This song is so much better than most if not all the top ten songs on this list!

202 Crystalline - Gumi

I SCROLLED DOWN THIS LIST FOR 5000 YEARS AND THIS WAS AT 632. This is BY FAR the best Vocaloid song ever. Gumi actually sings this song in English and does a better job at it than any Vocaloid. I can't get over how realistic, soft and sweet her voice sounds in this song! Is she Russian? I can't tell. Sounds like it. You can hardly tell she's Vocaloid unless you know that Gumi was a Vocaloid prior to listening the song, and even then you won't be convinced.

Anyway, Crystalline is about Gumi loving someone who constantly abuses and belittles her, yet she loves him anyway, but the song ends with her realising she is a lot more than she thinks she is and sets herself free. It is a beautiful song. If you are a Gumi fan, do yourself a favour and vote this up to number 1. Because this is Vocaloid, believe it or not. This song is the best Vocaloid song. EVER. I am disappoint that this is not 1. So disappoint.

Come on guys, I didn't search for this song for 5000 years for ...more

Someone tell me; why is this not higher on the list?! It's an amazing song, and so catchy too! Do yourself a favour and please listen to this song!

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203 Jekyll and Hyde (Ia and Miku)

I'm wondering why everyone says it's cute :/ I think it's kinda dark but I love it. I think it's cool how she has to kill her man to be with a woman (the dark part, yeah) so that they can become "one." (Wink wink, nudge nudge)

This song is beautiful and very catchy.

I absolutely love this song! It's gorgeous and has a cute meaning to the lyrics too!

204 Re_birthday

Why is re birthday so low? This song made me cry

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205 Rampaging Lolitaholic - Gumi

This song is funny, upbeat and catchy! If you haven't yet, please give it a listen!

An amazing song, definitely my favorite!

206 Hyperventilation Dance

Catchy as hell and the process of hyperventilating is told in a poetic way. catchy as hell too

207 Eh, Ah Sou?

Miku just sounds amazing in this song..

208 The Day I Became a Monster - Fukase
209 Crack
210 Albino
211 Again and Again
212 Change Me

What the... HOW is this so high on the list?! I don't get how somebody could like Miku's screechy voice?! Change me, was probably the first MEIKO song I ever listened to, and it is totally amazing! VOTE FOR THIS... ! For MEIKO!

One of my favorite songs! Meiko is amazing! And this is even better LIVE in concert! This song deserves to be higher on this list!

This was the fist MEIKO song I have ever heard and it made MEIKO my all time favorite! I mean why is this so low?!?!?!

213 VOiCE

VOiCE is an epic song. Right now it is my favourite song. The PV is amazing with the robots and Miku. I've heard lots of versions and to me they are all amazing.

214 Earth Song

This is a beautiful song by Miku Hatsune. It was written 'So that Miku's voice can resound on Earth forever and bring people together' as the creator put it. This is a lovely song that ever Hatsune Miku fan should listen to and enjoy.

215 Melody.exe
216 Invisible

I love this song. Gumi and Rin sound so nice together.

217 Enclosure / Kagamine Rin & Len
218 Light of Tomorrow (IA)
219 Watashi No Jikan
220 Miracle Paint - Hatsune Miku

A classical type rhythm with a little French atmosphere but fun and one of the best songs I ever first heard.

A great song that all my "friends" laughed at me for listening to.

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