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Founded in 1989 by brothers Noel and Mike Hogan, The Cranberries swiftly became a symbol of fresh and evocative music, primarily due to the hauntingly beautiful voice of the late Dolores O'Riordan, who joined the band as the lead vocalist soon after its formation. It’s her voice, laden with poignant emotion, that became the iconic sound defining the band's essence. Fergal Lawler, the accomplished drummer, was the finishing touch to this ensemble, contributing significantly to the band's distinctive sound.

Their musical journey is characterized by unforgettable melodies, lush instrumental arrangements, and lyrics that resonate. Whether it’s the rebellious and haunting “Zombie” or the sweet melancholy of “Ode to My Family,” their music has the power to evoke a spectrum of emotions, offering solace, energizing spirits, and provoking thoughts. It’s no wonder fans continue to celebrate their work, seeking the solace and energy that emanate from their songs.
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1 Zombie

It's hard to decide which of their songs is the best. I love The Cranberries. I decided to vote for Zombie because, besides being their most successful song, it's also one of the best rock songs ever, and through the years it's still in my mind and it never bores me.

Once you listen to this song for the first time, there can remain no doubt "in your head" as to why it's in first place.

It's the best song of The Cranberries for the touching lyrics and the great melody. Definitely, it's my favorite.

2 Linger

"Zombie" is definitely my favorite to listen to, but "Linger" is just so beautiful and meaningful. The violins in the background are the cherry on top of a near-perfect song.

Listening to this song takes me to another dimension, to another place, another time. Haunting. It’s a beautifully told story of love.

I was 15 years old when I heard this song. I feel it was an inspiration for being an English Teacher now.

3 Dreams

This song is one of my favorites, reminiscent of my first loves, high school, and the memories I return to during hard times and in dreams. For me, it is the #1 Cranberries song.

I love Zombie, but this song is very dear to me. I wanted my first slow dance to be to this song, but I wasted that chance.

The best song from The Cranberries that will take you into a new dimension.

4 Ode to My Family

My eyes fill up with tears when I listen to this song!

This is my favorite, but I really love The Cranberries!

The first Cranberries song I ever listened to… Still my favorite.

5 When You're Gone

Zombie definitely feels more iconic, but honestly, I find myself getting this song stuck in my head far more often. It's a really catchy song. Plus, the feels!

How can this not be higher! This song gives me the feels every time I hear it. It's like a little time machine. For a couple of minutes, you just get lost in the trance.

It's a beautiful blend of so much melody from the instruments and an amazing voice.

6 Just My Imagination

One of my top favorites after Linger.
I have seen the video of this like 10 times in a row…

7 Animal Instinct
8 Salvation
9 Stars

Though a recent release, the song is really beautiful. Perfectly composed and written. It should be at least in the top three.

10 Ridiculous Thoughts
The Contenders
11 Promises

Just love this song. Lots of power to the lyrics.

It's the first song that I heard from them. Loved it since then. One of the best.

12 Empty

Empty and Daffodil Lament deserve top 10. Both send a powerful message.

13 Tomorrow

Zombie is a good song..! But I love this song the most. A silent and amazing song! Great lyrics!

14 Sunday

Her voice is so powerful. It was much more powerful when she was young. This song is amazing. Trance.

15 Dreaming My Dreams

Great song! I can't believe it isn't in the top 10!

Favorite song. Ever. Not even joking.

16 Go Your Own Way

Love this version of this tune! Canadian rocker Steve Demarchi does the guitar solo.

17 I Can't Be with You
18 Delilah
19 Daffodil Lament

This song is a masterpiece of composition, starting from a slow, lamenting tone as the title suggests before completely switching the tone in order to signal a great change in perspective. It's just so wonderfully deep, yet simple and deserves a higher spot. It sits perfectly amongst the tracks in what I think is their greatest album!

20 Free to Decide
21 You and Me

Why isn't this song any higher? This song is just beautiful and romantic in every way!

Her accent, her voice. The magic.

22 Analyse

I think the song is very good. It's my favorite song after Ode to My Family. The music is easy to listen to. It must be top 5 at least.

Analyze and Promises are my two favorites easily! Dolores' vocals are amazing in these two songs… They both need to move up!

23 Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

So hard to narrow it down to just one song!

24 Hollywood

How is this not at least in the top 5? Love this song!

25 How

I heard this song first in the movie Empire Records. It's a great song! It doesn't have that many views on YouTube nor does it have a video, but I recommend this song to all those who haven't heard it. It's my favorite song from this band, along with Zombie.

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