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61 Tokyo Teddy Bear (Rin and Len Version)

This is the song that got me into Vocaloid. As soon as I heard this song, I needed to know what it was and who sung it. The lyrics are meaningful about a child who just wants to be loved, and Rin and Len's voices have real soul here. I'm fine with Servant of Evil being number one, it deserves to be there. However, this is number one material right here! - Anonymousxx

This song is so meaningful and beautiful. It's also really catchy and Rin sings it perfectly. Even though all these songs are great too, Tokyo teddy bear always ranks #1 for me

Not even in the top 200. I am disappointed in Vocaloid fans. This song has such a strong tune and amazing lyrics. Plus, Rin and Len know how to rock!

This song is so cool, the rock element of it really brings out the songs meaning.

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62 The Lost One's Weeping

I can't believe this is Number 67. If I had a party and got to put on Vocaloid songs, this would be my first. It's even more awesome when you watch her just slamming her guitar on the ground on Magical Mirai. But seriously, I can't believe this song is way back here. Personally. I'd choose this as Number One or at least higher. I always listen to this song when I'm just not motivated. The first thing you could hear is drums and guitars playing. Then Rin's awesome voice kicks in. I've been listening to this song for only 3-5 months almost everyday but it's still awesome. This would actually be a good pick for an anime opening. Lost One's Weeping also helps me if I start hating school SO much. I can actually relate to the guy in the song. Like I have SO much stress when it comes to school. But when I listen to this song, it starts calming me down for some reason.. If I only got to listen to only ONE Vocaloid song, it would be Lost One's Weeping.

Wow, 73... How?!? This was the second Vocaloid song I've ever heard, and it's seriously stuck with me. The amazing guitar caught my attention immediately as I was just randomly listening to songs, and then, BLAM. Lost One's Weeping, right there. The tune is very catchy to me, and I've received weird glances from family and friends for attempting to sing those high notes Most of all, though, the meaning drew me in. I believe that this song is talking about the stress in school, and how it takes away your creativity. Everyone expects you to be perfect, and operate according to a textbook, but as the sing suggests, this simply doesn't work. This is one of the few Vocaloid songs where I can catch some of that emotion in their voices, with Rin sounding like she's screaming her heart out. Simply. Amazing. Wow.

This was a huge favorite of mine back when I was first introduced to Vocaloid. It is very relatable to students who feel they are losing touch with the things that make them happy in life, just because they feel so much pressure to do well in their education. You can really hear the stress and pain in the vocals, especially that dramatically high chorus. (Of course, I have yet to encounter a chorus higher than Self Inflicted Achromatic, but that's another story altogether. )

I can relate so much!

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63 Regret Message

When I saw the PV for this song, I literally cried. There are many different PV's for this but the one I saw showed Len on the guillotine and Rin in the audience. It showed Len smiling right before he died and Rin crying somewhere in the middle of the song. It was really heartbreaking. Now matter how many times I listen to this song I burst into tears. You can easily tell how remorseful Rin is as said in the title of the song. If you don't know what the series of evil is, I recommend you watch it on youtube. It consists of 5 songs, I'll also give you a somewhat long summary of each song but it's up to you if you wanna watch it.
1st song is daughter of evil: Here Rin and Len are born of the royal family blood and separated at a young age due to selfish adults' reasons. When the king and queen die, Len becomes the servant and Rin becomes the queen. The kingdom is referred to as the yellow country. Rin grew up ruthless and selfish with high taxes etc. While walking in the neighboring ...more

Regret Message is the saddest song in the 'Series of Evil', and honestly, I LOVE that series. It made me cry (almost, kind of? ). D:

The story was very touching and it was an awesome song and it deserve lots of votes!

Made me cry good soft song.

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64 Online Game Addicts Sprechor

It's such a catchy song! You would probably find yourself bobbing or dancing along to the beat. I especially love 96neko's version!

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65 TwiRight Prank V 1 Comment
66 SPiCa

That song makes me feel like if Miku really was human and I could feel some kinda hope in her voice. Great song!

"SPiCa" is a timeless Vocaloid classic that has captured the hearts of many.

I really like this song, because the melody is like... its good give me feels

Love this song so much! I hope that this will be part of the top 10

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67 Heat-Haze Days (Kagerou Days)

This song may seem bland on top which is what I thought at first, BUT this song is one of my all time favorites! It may seem like any other song and just boring but your missing out on half the point because this song is all about the story, but that's not all because there are other songs such as Lost Time Memory or Outer Science which continue other parts of the story. On top of that there is also a Manga and Anime which further continue the story. I highly recommend taking a listen to this song and others in the Kagerou Project to find the song you love!

Seriously, if you haven't watched Kagerou Days go watch it NOW!
It's got an epic rhythm and it's really nice to listen but the story behind this song is a completely different subject!
So go watch it now and read the subtitles and watch the entire song and trust me you will not be able to stop watching it.

This song is the BEST song! It's the most meaningful song!

Oh my lord, this series has to one of the most beautifully and magnificently written in the history of Vocaloid. Personally, I enjoy Outer Science and Lost Time Memory more, but this song is definitely third.

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68 Alice Human Sacrifice

I started watching this video, and at first I imagined it was going to be very cheesy. But within a few seconds, I was captivated. This is one of THE BEST SONGS I've ever heard in my life. It contains Meiko, Kaito, Miku, Rin, and Len. It features all of their voices in a new way, and it's another thing that captivated me.

I really like this song. I even got my friend who doesn't even like Japanese music hooked on this. I like the story and the idea of having multiple Alices that eventually die due to their own greed and selfishness.

Perfect song if your obsessed with vocaloid, love Alice in wonderland and have read pandora hearts or are you Alice?

Even if its creepy it is still awesome, the English version is also very good. Why isn't this in the top 5 at least?!

Why ain't this higher, I love this song and so should everyone else!

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69 Last Night, Good Night

This song was just beautiful and amazing. At first, I thought the title was really stupid, but then I searched for it on YouTube. I regret nothing.

I really, really envy Miku's high vocals and stuff, because when she started the chorus, I was MIND BLOWN. The way she sang "Last night, good night" was magical and mesmerizing (did I spell right? )~...

The music box version is also lovely and calming. Both versions are like lullabies that can put you to sleep, but not in my case: if I listen to this with earphones on at night, I won't be able to sleep because I'll stay up trying to memorize these lyrics

This should be in the Top 10! Go Miku-chan!

A beautifully arranged song that is a bit sad, but wonderful! Should be higher on this list to say the least

This is the first vocaloid song that I heard... It deserves to be in number one position... Love miku...

Last Night, Good Night is a song about a person whose lover died. This person is trying to move on.

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70 Karakuri 卍 Burst

WHAAT! At the bottom? Has anyone heard this song? Or at least watched the video? Arrghh! People you need to listen to this song! It's my favorite and I think the Len and Rin version is the best

I have fallen in love with this song, I was taken in by the music and the video, the story is a little hard to follow though. Rin and Len sing it so well!

Great song, my 2nd vocaloid song, listened to this one for years.

This song is one of my favourite seriously its awesome...

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71 Mozaik Role

Gumo has a lower, sightly rougher and more realistic voice unlike Miku Hatsune's which doesn't put you off when you hear it. One of the first songs I heard from Vocaloid was this and I just fell in love with Gumi's voice. I find her unique and I'm honestly not sure why Miku's at the top (not trying to offend others, its just my opinion). Personally I feel that Miku is a bit too high-pitched sometimes. However, Gumi's songs (or at least most of them) are among my favorites.

This song always makes me feel sad but its also impossible to not sing along. The song is really unique and I'm glad GUMI sings it, and its not just Miku at the top of the list.

This song is the best song ever! I love it, I wonder why its not on here yet?!

Catchy, with great lyrics. I sing along to it every time. If you love Gumi you have to listen to Mozaik Role

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72 I Like You, I Love You

I absolutely adore this song, and I think it's like the rin version of melt-only way better!

Excellent melody, and the lyrics and vocaloid singing can only be described as violently adorable.

I like this song, I love this song.

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73 I Can Take Off My Panties

It's one of the first I heard and it's so funny and upbeat!

My dad doesn't want me to listen to this one. I do it anyway.

Oml I can't stop listening to this. This is the type of song I always listen to

This song's cool :v

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74 Daughter of Evil

I LOVE THIS SONG! Why is it at the bottom? Such a beautiful, classic tune. I love it.

I used to listen to this over and over. it has a really good story and series

Servant of Evil is so much better. Len has a better voice, and his version has so much more meaning Serious. Rin's is just "oh hey, guys, I'm evil! I'm gonna rule the world! " And Len's is actually ABOUT something.

I love this one. Sad but catchy.

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75 Ievan Polkka

This song, is what introduced me to miku. Bad end night introduced me to the rest, but this is what brought me to like miku. I've heard it on a commercial, in just dance, and who knows where else you can find it! (Everywhere! ) it just has such adorable vocals and a cute beat!

This right here is the legendary song that brought people all over the world to come together and liked Vocaloid. It also made a lot of people listened to the original Ievan Polkka Loituma got interested in it!

This is the fist song that made me liked Vocaloid.

This was the first Miku song I have heard.

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76 Sweet Shackles (Gumi Sweet) V 1 Comment
77 Epimetheus - IA

Epic sound, a must-hear.

78 Soundless Voice

Soundless Voice... Words cannot describe it, but it describes a sad yet beautiful story... It makes me cry each time, it should be more well known.

ONE OF THE BEST BEST BEST VOCALOID SONG WHY IS IT ON 108?! It's so beautiful it makes your heart melt. It greatly describes the pain of loosing a loved one. And since I'm an absolute len fangirl I cry every time I listen to this

This song is amazing! It was one of the first vocaloid songs I watched so its very close to my heart. Whenever I listen to the song, I cry, and I nevet cry durring songs. And you can't forget the fact that Len's voice is awesome I am a total Len fangirl

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79 Black and White Ward

Creepy, creepy, creepy

The tune of this song is just... just... CREEPY and the way they sing is also...

Is also... CREEEPYYY

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80 Weekender Girl

Catchy and fun song. I like to listen to it early in the mornings before school. If you haven't, listen to it.

This was one of the first vocaloid songs I heard. Till this day, it's still one of my favorites.

I love this song, great beat and lyrics, and the dance is fun too!

This is a very good song. I'm always happy when I hear this song.

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