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61 Town Hall

Its super expensive but u need to upgrade it to get farther in the game.

62 Witch Skeleton V 2 Comments
63 Barcher

This would make barch attack so much easier! You would only have to train one kind of troop! That's 50% quicker!

V 2 Comments
64 Cannons V 1 Comment
65 Mortars
66 Air Defense

Air defense is great for air attacks

67 Archer Tower
68 Supercell

Laugh out loud, supercell is beast! They can attack with 300 troops of each! All hail SuperCell!

Can kick, or destroy anyone at any time. They have full control over you!

Laugh out loud, without supercell none of these troops will exist.

Lol, have you seen the developper iPads? Have you wondered WHO MAKES THESE TROOPS? You are ungraatefull if you don't vote for this.

V 9 Comments
69 Elmo's World

It's so OP it sends a giant rock and 360 no scopes any village!

No... Bowlers send giant rocks, not Elmo's World, silly... - SunfireCobra

It sends a giant rock and insta kills any village look at for these you can find them in bushes stalking the builders in there sleep

V 7 Comments
70 Rage Spell

Rage spell makes a purple circle and any troop or hero stronger and faster and who is it lower then fake troops?!

I'm hoping to get it soon peeps having been saying it's a great spell!

The best spell by far maybe even better then some troops

71 Lion

Lion is a animal not a troop. If super cell is thinking about making that a troop. I would be interested in finding out what it does.

V 3 Comments
72 Death

You just have it exist and you destroy every base

V 2 Comments
73 Poppies V 2 Comments
74 Chicken

Yeah I ordered a cooked one, not raw

Chickens make clash of clans op

I dunno how this would be a helpful troop unless your planning on cooking it for food.

V 2 Comments
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