Greatest Comedy Movies of All Time

The best movies for a belly laughing, gut wrenching, tear producing, knee slapping good time. These are the movies that you always end up renting from the movie store if there is nothing new out and will always watch until the credits if you come across them while flipping through the channels. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Dumb and Dumber
Anything with jim carrey has me falling off my seat
A really good movie, so funny and excellent memorable moments
Dumb and Dumber is the ONLY comedy where every scene, there is something to laugh at so it is number 1 easily... No brainer...


[Newest]The absolute best, but I miss American Pie here at the top!

2Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Without a doubt the most hilarious movie of all time! We demand a shrubbery and when you return you must cut down a tree with this herring!
Dumb And Dumber and The Hangover, while great, some people don't find the humor funny. However, Monty Python And The Holy Grail is funny to all audiences. I did an experiment, watched Dumb And Dumber with some people, only a few were laughing, watched The Hangover with some people, few more were laughing, watched Monty Python And The Holy Grail with some people, every single person was laughing.
THIS MOVIE IS PURE GENIUS! The king of all satirical masterpieces!
The acting, the script and everything... It is all flawless! The Pythons truly have outdone themselves with this holy piece of work! This movie is INDEED the HOLY GRAIL of all comedy!
[Newest]I laugh hysterically every time I watch this I've watched it like 10 times.

3The Hangover
Alan Garner is by far the funniest Comedy Character of all time, he is such a crack up.
Greatest movie ever you can't stop laughing really should be number 1 its sick
Alan and Stu made this movie so funny I pissed and crapped my pants at the same time


[Newest]It's very interesting and funny

-she needs to go to hospital
-what is it?
-it's a big building with patients in it
My favorite movie. Every time I se it I always laugh so hard it hurts. I've seen it literally over 100 times and it never gets old. ! Hahaahaha
"I am, and stop calling me surely. " best line in a movie ever. This movie will make you laugh no matter how many times you've seen it.
[Newest]A very good movie

5Anchorman; Legend of Ron Burgundy
News team assemble Ron Burgundy Brian Fantana Brick Tamblan and the Champ Anchorman best damn comedy movie of all time.
Anchorman belongs in the top 5. I love this movie. It's science! My all time favorite line is when Ron: Brick where did you get a hand grenade? Brick: I don't know.
I think at this point, it's just a fact that this movie is the best thing to ever happen to this Earth since humans discovered sex
[Newest]Oh my gosh, this movie is the bomb. It's so funny, but I also like anchorman 2

what's that?
-and that?
-and that?

Ok I know this is a outtake


Borat is a million times better than Bruno, which was just a bunch of homosexual garbage! but this is so funny, and a lot of people look like Borat in real life!
haha... its funny because its true...


[Newest]Borat was so funny and yet very truthful how disturbing

7The Big Lebowski
That rug did pull the room together...


Love it! Haven't actually laughed out loud at a film in ages! Quirky and funny, better than the crap that current!
To all the people who didn't vote this: "That's just like, your opinion man. " But "I did not watch my buddies die face down in the muck" just so this movie could get 4th place. It deserves number one because after all "That rug really tied the room together. "


[Newest]A good movie I loved it.

8Step Brothers
Has some funny quotes and just retarded comedy that everyone loves! Will Ferrel is so funny at what he does and also a good actor, that can play good parts
This movie is truly amazing! Dumb and Dumber at number one?! It should be stepbrothers this is so funny and shows sibling rivalry at the same time. It's hilarious and I love Will Ferrell.
This movie is just so funny, I can't believe that some movies are on there that shouldn't be. THIS SHOULD BE! It's so funny, every second something funny happened. And the drumset scene was histerical!


[Newest]So funny an awesome, yet a little inappropriate

Jonah hill is so funny all of them are a great team in the film also this what made them famous so yeah but the plot and the characters are awesome but the best bit is the cooking part with Emma stone
I love this movie because of it's liveliness and madness. It is hilarious and crazy. It shows how geeky teenagers feel and is almost making it positive. Jonah hills performance was amazing in this movie and it should be number 1
Even though Dumb and Dumber is a hilarious film, this should be number 1, hilarious film, always makes me laugh and I could watch ot over and over again
[Newest]A very good movie

10The Gods Must Be Crazy II
Number II is definitely the best! This will have you laughing for ages!
One of My Favourite movies of all time.
If you haven't seen it... Go for it asap. Try to see the prequel also. You'll love it.
Even if this film highly express the idiot ethnic idea of those idiot white bulls IT makes me funny!
[Newest]A very good movie

The Contenders

11Monty Python's Life of Brian
The first DVD I asked for. I hadn't seen it and I really wanted to, so I asked it for Christmas. So that year the Monty Python came into my life and the miracle happened, it was like finding that I was a missing a vital organ. Monty Python is my religion now.


Life indeed... The truth about life put in like a genius. The astonishing satire.. The crowd.. And the relishing end.. It's a whole package.. If you haven't watched it yet.. You are missing on "LIFE OF BRIAN".
Only second to the Holy Grail.


[Newest]A good movie I loved it.

12Happy Gilmore
It was much better than I thought. In fact, it made me laugh plenty of times!
Adam Sandler is hilarious! This is a great film, such a heart warming comedy! Makes me laugh every time! Must watch!
Why can't Sandler be this funny anymore I wish he passed on Jack and Jill.
[Newest]Very good movie I love it.

13Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Oh my gosh. Every scene in this movie was funny, and not just funny, really funny. Although the other ones have Mini-Me, this is still the best one, and most funny.


This is a good movie. I loved it.
Sooo funny but how is dumb and dumber first it's all right that's one of jim carrey's only bad movie

14Blades of Glory
When I first saw this movie I pratically wet my pants with laughter because it is so funny!


I friggen LOVE this movie!


I can watch this movie everyday, it so funny.


[Newest]This was a very good movie I loved it.

15Office Space
funny usually no one's heard of it, but they SHOULD!!!
Anyone who has ever worked in an office and has had irritating bosses or colleagues will love, love, love it. I cannot recommend it more.
Probably the most quoted movie to date. People still quote this over a decade later! Now that is something!
[Newest]I like it when they are smashing the printer in the middle if the meadow. "

16My Cousin Vinny
Awesome movie! The pace of the film is somewhat slow, but the humor is nonetheless rocking! Some of the scenes make you laugh like ROTFL especially joe pesci. a must watch
"Yeah, you blend"
"Yut? What's a yut? "
"My biological clock is ticking"
"This adorable, cute little deer is driking water from a pond with it's cute little adorable mouth, then looks up and BAM gets shot right between the eyes.. Now I axsks you.. Do you think that deer gives a f*** what the schmuck who shot I'm was wearing? " PRICELESS!
It has the best court room scenes. A nice watch from beginning to end.
[Newest]This is a good movie I loved it.

17The Naked Gun - From the Files of Police Squad!
This should be in the top 5, this movie is never getting old. The best spoof/parody movie ever!
No doubt the hardest I've ever laughed in my life!
Should be in the top 10 at least! Leslie Nelson come on :)
[Newest]A good movie I really loved it.

18Shaun of the Dead
This is one of the first movies to introduce the increasing trend of zombie spoofs!

Shaun of the dead should be #1 it's so unique in every way with such funny witty British banter shaun of the dead is the best comedy ever!
Oh god. This movie. Pure gold. I've watched it so many times. Simon Pegg is just amazing. This really, really deserves to be in the top ten!


[Newest]A good movie I loved. it.

19Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
There are reasons why this is funny as hell 1. The opening scene 2. That scene when he was in the tank saying stuff from star trek 3. That scene when he was making his bottom talk 4. That scene when he thought he kissed a man and was trying to throw up, put in an entire tooth paste, burning the cloths he wore and cryed in the shower and he put in an entire pack of chewing gum and finaly 5. The ending scene
This is my favorite comedy by far! Jim carrey stars as stupid pet detective, ace ventura! As you watch this you will be rolling on the floor, howling with laughter!
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective is by far the funniest movie I have ever seen in my entire life. The movie is wild, crazy, and at some points; more than a bit moronic. Yet it has got a touch of subtle wit to it. This movie is as good as it could ever get.
[Newest]Very very funny lots of fun

20Animal House
"Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son." - "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? ". come on these were some of the best movie lines ever!
Shuld be at the top this is the best comedy movie of all time John Belushi its a shame he had to leave this world so young but trust me this movie is worth it!
This should have been in the top 10!

21This is Spinal Tap
Absolutely genius, you notice little things the more you watch it. Probably the most quotable film of all time. All made for just 2 million dollars. Christopher Guest, Michael McKean and Harry Shearer are just so so funny. Best comedy ever made.


"How do you dust for prints on vomit? " "A Bizarre gardening accident" Talk about mud flaps my babe's got 'em" So many great lines. And you can never pick the top 10. The list goes to ELEVEN!
This list is strong. A lot of my favorites including The Holy Grail, Borat, Step Brothers reside in the top 20 as they should be. This is Spinal Tap, however, trumps them all.
[Newest]Do a good show, eh.


With such incredible acting performances from a great ensemble, I think Harold Ramis deserves some kind of comedy medal for not only writing such a hilarious script, but also getting everybody on the same page. Comedic timing is something that's sticks out most to me in this one, and not only from the guys who you can just say, "Go out there and do your thing, " like Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, and Rodney Dangerfield, but from the entire cast top to bottom.

A very worthy #2. My #s 3-10 could probably get shuffled around depending on what kind of mood I'm in.


After telling my kids how funny this movie was I rented it quite a few years ago. They hated it and quite frankly I was surprised how unfunny it really is. We must have been hard-up for laughs at the time.
Truly hilarious you got Bill Murray, Chevy Chase and the late Rodney Dangerfield all in one movie deserves to be higher.


[Newest]Best movie ever made

You mean to tell me Friday is this low? Wow, and no Eddie Murphy movies. Shame on this sham list, I guess black people aren't funny. Smh
The best movie ever
This is the best commedy movie ever, what the best chris turker ice cube... Etc

It's very sad to see this so low on the list. I expected top 5.


What the hell did you put this in 27?!

2521 Jump Street
This movie should be at least in the top 30s. Great humor and moments that had me laughing my ass off almost every second.
No doubt the funniest movie ever. Everyone second I was laughing my ass off. This movie should be way up in the top 30s.
-didn't you guys her that this is a undercover unit
-we didn't really get a dress code
-teenage the!, ;:6 Up
[Newest]This movie is the bomb

26Tropic Thunder
Seriously? Number 60?! It's the best movie of all time! How can you people do this? Have you people even see this movie yet?
This is by far the number 1 movie in my list

27Wedding Crashers

28Tommy Boy
Too many people have lost the ability for rational thought by not voting this movie number 1. I'm at a loss for words.

"I was just checkin' the specs, on the in-line for the rotary... Girder. I'm retarded. "

Tommy Boy is comedy magic!


You people disgust me. Chris Farley is an American ICON! You are insulting this man by not saying that movie is the greatest movie EVER. Game over.
This movie should be in the top ten and that's not just my opinion that's a fact!
[Newest]Holy funny RIP chris farley

29Hot Fuzz
Why on Earth is this so far down? Hot Fuzz is an amazingly funny film, with brilliant lines and brilliant acting from Nick Frost and Simon Pegg - possibly the funniest acting duo in HISTORY! Should be at least in the top ten.
It was so difficult to not vote for Anchorman, the Holy Grail or Borat but... this film is just stupidly funny. It gets funnier every time. Lets get this to the top ten!


This is not right, should definitely be 1st, my favourite film of all time. Why isn't It further up, surely top ten standard.


[Newest]Watch this movie before you put it 34th place

30Groundhog Day
This is not only one of the greatest comedies of all time, but also a great movie in any sense of the word. It should in no way be this low.
Very hilarious! Good script, good story and good cast. PURE COMEDY GENIUS!

31Meet the Parents
The movie is not only decent in nature but the delivery of natural comedy was amazing. No need to look dumb to be funny.
A lot of people don't like Ben Stiller it seems, but this movie with him and Robert de Niro will always be one of my favorite comedies.
Funny movie, no stupidity necessary.

32The Blues Brothers
There will never be another like it
Come on people! This movie is the greatest! 0.6%? Bite me!
This movie is a classic it is the best movie Belushi ever made.

33Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle
WHAT? HAROLD AND KUMAR doesn't get into top 10 list?! Oh common, you must be kidding.
They get so much trouble for an hour's ride to Whitecastle.
With Neil Patrick Harris in it, Its
Wait for it..

34Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Mike Myers is a funny man! And Austin Powers is definitely his best movie, if you haven't watched it your weird and Dr. Evil is the funniest movie character of all time
lots of funny moments funniest movie of all time, and good action as well as a great soundtrack, just like the 1st one


This movie is so funny as if it didn't make the top ten


35Old School
Come on guys this should be in top 10.
See this enjoy it. This movie will make you laugh.
Always be happy friends
Are you kidding me?!? This movie must be in the top 5!
This is one of my favorite movies of all time. Maybe not top 5 but top 10 for sure.

36Blazing Saddles
This is one of the best movies ever period... laugh out loud gene wilder is a comedy god! And mel brooks is a legend... if you don't think this movie is funny than there is something wrong with you
This is not in the top 10?! This movie is the best. Crazy hilarious and I think the only other movie in this movie's league is Animal House.
Should be number one funniest movie of all time hands downs
Insult to the great movie if not on list I mean seriously borat is even on this list

28? Spaceballs, my favorite movie ever, is number 28?!?! What!?! It is just shameful that Dumb and Dumber is number 1. Dumb and Dumber is DUMB! ANY Mel Brooks movie should be in the top ten. Anchorman, Superbad, and Step Brothers are great, but NOT TOP TEN GREAT! And get the Hangover off of the top ten. Come on people! Spaceballs is so much better!
LOL at the end that prince had long hair and the guy was like "I now pronounce you Mrs. and Mrs.. " and then the prince was like "Hey! " and then the minister was like "Sorry, it's the hair" LMAO that was one of THE funniest parts! Still, I don't think this movie was funnier than Howard The Duck.


Me and my brother actually had to pause the movie during a few scenes so we wouldn't miss anything because we were laughing so hard


[Newest]Easily one of the best. I had watched this when I was in school. It still is so comical. These are the types of movies - just leave your brain at the door and enjoy.

38American Pie
What! American Pie on 33. Are you kidding! It's the best comedy series I have ever seen. It's the best comedy movie. It deserves to be one the top!
This is the comedy of a generation and deserves to be higher
This is one of those movie you just need to see!

39Wayne's World
It's my favourite movie all times! I know some people find it stupid (including my whole family), but I adore this movie! It's about friendship and love, and honesty and it's so, so, so, so funny! I mean, you really LAUGH with that movie. I suggest you all go and watch it. If you love comedies, you'll understand it's really, really good.
I love it so badly! Wayne is so hilarious.
What! Should be at least higher than the hangover -.-. Favorite comedy!

40National Lampoon's Vacation

41Dodgeball - A True Underdog Story
The movie that will make you crack up for hours and hours


Hilarious, will make you laugh the whole way. Seriously.
If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!


42Scary Movie
This movie was hilarious!


I think it's funny when the parrot started farting and pooping
Oh God... When comedies used to be funny...

Very underrated. I love this film. So entertaining

44Home Alone
The best comedy of all time!
Every steps of film is enjoyble.. Best ever movie I see..

45A Fish Called Wanda
Beside the rest of these films. Fish Called Wander has Comedy with Intelligence to the film, which make this a movie to remember for ever!
It was between this film and hot fuzz for me but Otto was the difference 'don't call me stupid'
This is truly a great co, edy and should be much higher on your list.

46Grown Ups

47Mean Girls
Oh my god! How come this is only 45? This is obviously one of the best movies in the world. Almost every bit of it is hilarious. All time favorite. 👌 the best. If you haven't watched it yet, then you're missing out on a whole lot. This deserves to be at least in the Top Twenty I mean like, come on, it's so hilarious.
That is so fetch!

48Pineapple Express
funniest movie iv ever seen and iv seen most of these movies including the holy grail
One of the best Movies I've seen made me laugh from beginning to end
LINGERERS love this film

Comedy + Romance. I think this movie should be in top 10
So funny! Is anyone going to see Ted 2. It's soon to come
TEd must be in top 10 why it's so lowly rated

50Superhero Movie

51Team America: World Police
They don't get much better.
wow this is the most friggin hilarious movies ever.


52The Simpsons Movie
Reminds me of the cinemas


53Napoleon Dynamite

54Johnny English
Watching Rowal atkinson is just fun
Best comedy movie of the decade

55Johnny English Reborn

56There's Something About Mary
This is a classic Ben Stiller. From the privates caught in the zipper to the crying at the end. Love him and think he's hilarious!
The fight scene with the dog just cracks me up!


I've seen this movie 20 times (maybe more) and still laugh. This is rated way to low.

57Scary Movie 4
The funniest movie in trilogy I wanted this 2 hours to make this more awesome

58Young Frankenstein
Put... The candle... Back.

Put... The candle... Back.

Simply a great movie.
This was an awesome, hysterically funny movie. I could watch it once a week and never get tired of it!
Mel Brooks at his best.
[Newest]The only black and white movie I like

59We're the Millers
For a recent comedy, this movie blew me away. Not only was it hilarious, but also action packed and an overall great movie!
This movie is so funny. It's funny when he gets bit by the turantula

60Billy Madison
This is definitely top 5 material!

61Some Like It Hot
The greatest comedy of all time, according to the American Film Institute, and just plain hilarious even if it is an older comedy, and Marilyn Monroe is as hot as ever. Just wow.


This movie is extremely funny, and has a good plot. It deserves to be higher up on the list

62Grown Ups 2
This is one of the worst movies ever made. Why is this even on the list?

63Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
I'm all jacked up on mountain dew. This movie is too good.

64Planes, Trains and Automobiles
One of my favorite movies of all time.


great movie, one of the best I saw in years! RIP to the big fat guy!
The funniest movie of the 80's! I see every Thanksgiving I watch it and don't stop laughing.
[Newest]Another classic rated way to low. At least a top 10.

65Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
This movie is boring and creepy and cheesy and Michael cena is overrated and unfunny and a seems like a creeper in real life!
Not only funniest but best movie ever made.


66The Royal Tenenbaums

67The Other Guys
My favorite comedy movie of all time I could watch it every time without getting bored. Its just too good
The other guys rocked!
A must see! The best action movie parody since Last action hero.


69Coming to America
One of the greatest classics of all time. Great all around cast.

70Jackass - The Movie
Oh come on, this isn't in the top ten? But Why, this should definitely be in the top ten. It is one of the most funniest movies of all time.

71Nacho Libre
Should be in the Top 10 watch again funny movie!

72School of Rock
The first movie I have watched 5 times! That's how much I love it! Amazing cast, great sense of humor and Miranda Cosgrove at a very young age!
The world is run by the Man & there used to be a way to stick it to the Man. It was called rock 'n roll, but guess what, oh no, the Man ruined that, too, with a little thing called MTV!
Awesome fun to watch those kids rock...the movie is fabulous

73Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
It is a crime that this movie is so low on this list. This film seriously deserves to be at least in the top 10. Jim Carrey will never beat Peter sellers and George C. Scott.
Thing is, this movie isn't just funny, it's incredibly smart and dark... A scathing political statement, which, if I may say so, might be more relevant than the moral and emotional complexity offered by 'Dumb and Dumbe'. -. -
The best dark comedy ever. So absolutely hilarious.

74The Jerk
steve martin at his best


This movie has more funny lines than any. If you haven't seen it watch it and you'll vote for it.

75White Chicks
Funniest film ever! I nearly died laughing so hard at this. The Wayans brothers are endlessly hilarious! Also much love for Terry Crews and his perfect part. The car scene will always make me laugh, and when he is dancing in the club on the drugs.
The Wayans brothers are brilliant in this! 10 minutes didn't go by without me laughing! Terry Crews was hilarious! The car scene and the part when he was dancing in the club was fantastic! Loved I. Will watch it again and again.
Hilarious! Seen it 4 times and still laugh until I hurt. So many really funny scenes in one movie.
[Newest]"I am a white woman in America."

76South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
70? Is this a joke or something?

77Super Troopers
Tough call between Super Troopers and Office Space. Both funny, just different kind of funny.

78Grandma's Boy

79The Great Dictator

80Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

81National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
I love this movie! It makes me laugh everytime I see it. Great at Christmastime!

82Clue (1985)

83This Is the End
How is this not rated higher than Happy Gilmore?!?
What. this is. Not in top 10... Oh common

84Kung Pow: Enter the First

85Top Secret!
75! This is made by the same people who made Airplane which is 8th, but this is 2 times funnier than Airplane. It is so random. What was up with that random part where there's Pac-Man? I laughed out loud SO hard at that part.
Great attention to detail makes this a gem



87Rat Race
This movie is the funniest movie ever, it will make you wet your pants from laughing!

88Knocked Up

Come on, I'm a man and I laughed sooo much. Melissa McCarthy is a pure gold actress!

90Trading Places
Looking good, Billy Ray! Feeling good Louis! 'enough said.

91Modern Times

92Annie Hall

93Yes Man

94Cheech and Chong "Up in Smoke"

95Easy A

96Horrible Bosses
Three friends conspire to murder their awful bosses when they realize they are standing in the way of their happiness. The best comedy movie in last 5 years!
This movie was HILARIOUS! You gotta be kidding me it's this far back.

This should be higher... It was the best comedy movie I've ever seen.. So funny

This should be in the top ten movies of all time... not comedies. Give this non-English language film a look.
The only film, in my opinion, that rivals The Castle and A Fish Called Wanda.

99Jewel Robbery (1933)

100Female Trouble

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