Top Ten Dumbest People In History


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The Top Ten

Justin Bieber
He sings like a girl! I don't think any mature women would go head over heals over him. Only a retard would like him!
First of all, he dissed Metallica and Megadeth and metal in general. If that's not a reason enough to hate him, he sounds like a girl and has girly products in his name (nail polish). Hate every fibre of his body and must die in the slowest and most painful way possible


Ok, really! He should be number 1, with obama under him. Also, he more whines when he sings
[Newest]I hated him since his first song "Baby" I'm mean like he is really dumb!

2Barack Obama
What is bad about Barack Obama?
Why don't you guys shut up
What did he ever do to you
What you think is terrible is helping thousands people out there
Have you ever thought of it that way
So maybe you should shut your yap because mitt romney is all that smart
The Great Barack Obama: Helping a minority of Americans and killin people worldwide,
[Newest]Barack Obama is our president why is he considered dumb?
More comments about Barack Obama

3Miley Cyrus
Totally dumb! She CANNOT act and plus her silly attitude makes her absolutely repulsive. I just can't figure how she's even a so called "celebrity"


M c is so dumb she got married and now they done she ant married no more the boy says she stupid jo and killing her self by smoking who dose that dumb dumb dumb duck
She smokes and shes mean
[Newest]From the beginning I knew I hated her since she smoke weed, I knew there was something wrong about her...

4George W. Bush
What an absolute idiotic buffoon, how he got elected as president of the united states I will never know!


Hitler? Really? People need to realize that Hitler was insane, not stupid. The chances of being both stupid AND crazy are almost impossible.
Why is he all the way down here?! What happened to most Americans who thought it was a good idea to vote for this imbecile?! What is wrong with everybody?!
[Newest]Why is this guy not at the top?

5Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson
She's so stupid and fat and her mom hoo wee FATTY BOO BOO
She's fat not stupid. She had enough smarts to get her own T.V. show, which none of us have. She's still Americas Trailer Trash Sweetheart. An exact representation of how our country really is whenever you pull back the curtains.
Just pretend you rule everyone else, and you eventually will. Logic.
[Newest]They just fart and totally stupid...

6Kim Kardashian
She doesn't know how to treat guys right! Plus, she'll never have kids with that kind of attitude! Get a job, you snob!
Stupid bimbo can't even date, act, dress well and babysitting children. Plus, why is Megan Fox on this list? She ain't that dumb!
Can┬'t stand her voice. She has a fake ass and she should be run over by a truck
[Newest]She's got a nice booty. Otherwise, nothing special.

7Nicki Minaj
No nicki.. Yo a stupid ho
Hitler was a genius Obama helped millions JB Nikki minaj and Miley Cyrus are the only people who should be on this list
She's dumber than a box of rocks.
[Newest]She doesn't know how to rap...

8Britney Spears
I've always thought she was dumb, even when she was most popular.


Am I the only one who think she looks old? HATE HER VOICE

9Paris Hilton
Some of these people are cartoon characters people... Come on... Anyway, you guys are actually calling the president stupid? Wow... And despite the fact that Adolph Hitler is hated everywhere, he was very intelligent and only lost because of his inadequate generals who decided not to completely swarm Paris and not to finish bombing Britain. These were the main reasons why Germany lost in World War II. And they were not the faults of Adolph Hitler.
Do I really need to explain?
It's people like this that deteriorate humanity, it's not a great wonder as to why.
[Newest]"RIP Nelson Mandela. Your I have a dream speech was beautiful."
"Wal-mart. Do they make walls there? "
"What's a Soup Kitchen? "

Need I say more?

10Rebecca Black
Everyone needs to stfu about her she sang 1 song crap get off of her nuts crap
Don't you call her ugly :(

She's Worse x_x Dumbass :P
She isn't dumb! How are people hating her. By the way, she isn't ugly that's how she was born to be! She was born to be famous! At least, she has enough confidence to reappear on media unlike some people who HATE HER!

The Contenders

11Lady Gaga
Hitler was a genius, I am not a supporter of him, but he invented many things, took over many country's, killed millions, etc. he is obviously one of the most evil people but he is not dumb at all. Whoever put that on the lid is a 3rd grader, "i don't like Hitler, he is dumb" (i also don't like hitler, but he is not dumb) #LadyGaGa'sAMoron
Gay, dumb, and ugly
Actually, she's not dumb. She is incredibly smart, scoring a 1500 on her SATs and has an IQ of around 140. Just because you don't like her doesn't mean she is dumb.

12Megan Fox
Megan fox is not dumb. She is just a great remodel and pretty girl, that is all. I honestly think you guys are jealous of her.
She compared the Jewish director Michael Bay to Hitler.

Ten points to Gryffindor.
When god handed out braincells she was getting pounded at the toilet.
Just because she was in a few mvies it doesn't make her talented

13Al Gore
Like Lincoln said, "You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time. But you can't fool all the people all the time".
"Manbearpig is real- I'm super cereal."
A man who changes data to prove something he know doesn't exist

I thought this was a list for dumb people. Why then, are there so many people on here that are actually smart? This person is truly dumb. But tons of others above SNOOKI are not! I hate Obama, but he is not dumb. I hate Michael Moore, Hitler, and George Lucas, but they are nowhere near dumb. Busch is not dumb either! He was not the best president, but he is far from dumb. I would put snooki at 2. Do you know who should be number one? Not Obama, Busch, Hitler, or even Moore, but the majority of AMERICAN PEOPLE! Us! We have been dumbed down to the point where we are calling are evil, but still smart leaders dumb! Are education system is crap, our food is crap, are medical system is crap, and we are basically mentally retarded because of it! We can stay distracted in our bubble and watch the idiot tube, or we can stop being victims of crimes against humanity, get out of denial, and hold the evil ones accountable! Leave it to us to call the man whos administration brought us socialism dumb. Wise up people and make a real list of dumb idiots.
Snooki: the mind who brought us this famous quote:"I don't eat ' lobster or anything like that...because they're alive when you kill it."
She is not bad she stop drinking when she was have her baby so she is not DUMB AT ALL

He is a worlds apart if you compare him to the likes of Marcus Aurelius and Caesar himself. He wasn't a leader, maybe an artist and entertainer but not a leader.
Okay, so maybe he wasn't Einstein, but hardly ANYBODY is. The guy may have been a psycho, but he wasn't stupid. Nero doesn't belong on this list.

PSY I wouldn't say is dumb.. his song is kinda cool and creative but, he made the most seen video "Gangnam Style"on YouTube! He is more likely all around the world!
Taylor Swift is inspiration not dumb, she is confident enough to let her songs to out here in the world!
His song isn't the best but he made millions on it

17Lindsay Lohan
She does all these bad things!
At first I thought Lindsay Lohan was a boy. But when I found out he was a girl, it totally made sense!
Who doesn't hate her

18Gavin Free
He should not be on this list. Anyone ever thought he might just be playing it up for the audience? He makes slow motion videos, builds massive projects on Minecraft and its one of the funniest British people I know. And I know a lot being British myself.
He asked someone if something can go the speed of push
He said if you put a mirror a year into space and use a telescope to look at the mirror you can see a year into the past. 11/10
You can. Two years, actually. He's talking about time delay caused by the speed of light. Gavin's said a lot of dumb things, but that's not one of them.
[Newest]God, I am so happy he's on the list. I love Rooster Teeth and everyone there. I'm just so happy to see him here.

19Ken Ham

20Robert E Lee

21Piers Morgan
This poor excuse of an ass should be #1. He thinks that guns should be taken away from all Americans, that the government should disregard the peoples needs and tell the people what they need. He's pretty much a facious pig who reads a teleprompter. I am so glad this idiot is gone. Even his fellow british hate him.

22Nathaniel Rehberg

23Taylor Swift
She is amazing songwriter, all of her songs is awesome.

She is always visit cancer hospital, and she is only celebrity that deal with her fans like her family.

I'm arab fan girl, and I hope to meet taylor swift.

24Whoopie Goldberg

25Tony Blair
Worst leader of a country in all of human history (except the fascist dictators). He's Britain's George W. Bush. Why these people voted for them I will never know. Did everyone have some disease so they couldn't see what an idiot he was?!?!


The absolute gormless prat who couldn't do anything properly. If he got his job back, God knows what would happen to the UK! Thank God British legacy was saved as of his sacking, after ten years of stupidity that made Britain look dumb.

26Warren G Harding

27Trayvon Martin
Who put him on this list? He did not attack Zimmerman!


Trayvon should not have played the Knock Out Game with Zimmerman.
He was very stupid trying to attack the man and got shot because of self defense

28Kristen Stewart
I guess she'll never smile. (Unless she is told to)

29Woodrow Wilson

30Kanye West
There is A.0001 percent chance he is simply ahead of his time, but odds are he is just an ass.
Pretty cool I think

31Amanda Bieber

32Nigel Farage

33Adolf Hitler
Sorry, I know Hitler was a bad man but he wasn't dumb


Who put this on the list? A Jewish person who is an idiot in history? This man conquered close to 20 countries in a baffling record time!

He made the first jet airplane

He made the first smart bomb

He made the first ballistic missile, which was also the first object into space

He made the worlds best submarine

He made the worlds second best tank-The Tiger Tank

If he wasn't responsable for the Holocaust he would be called the smartest person EVER!


There's a fine line between crazy and stupid, and it's hard to manipulate an entire country if you're an idiot (unless you're manipulating a country of idiots, in which case, it's not that hard. )
[Newest]Actually pretty smart even though he was a killer

34Terroja Kincaid

His songs are pretty good, and personally I love them, but he is a bit crazy, don't know why he is on this list, not every one likes rap, but for the ones who don't, its not a reason to make up put downs for other.
Raps far too much plus he is just mad in the head

36Michael Moore

37Joe Biden
This guy sucks because he is the worst person ever

38Zayn Malik
This gay is so dumb why because he does grugs and he sucks

He is no where near dumb
Wwhat muhammad are you taking about. There are thousands of males in the world who are called muhammad, now who is it

40George Zimmerman
Absolutely disgraceful, he was a racist, and he killed a man just for being black on the streets. What kind of a world do we live in that a man commits murder purely based on the color of someone's skin. He did not even know this boy.
He killed a African American teen purely on racial thinking
He killed trayvon and got away with it! Ugh, it just disgusts me!

41Lane Kiffin

42Katy Perry
She's an idiot. Heck, her own Grandpa called her a child of the devil.


She has the worst songs
She suck at singing

To stupid to dodge a punch

44Ahn Jung-geun
He is an international terrorist.
He is a cruel violence murderer.
He repaid kindness with evil.

45Lil Wayne
The dumbest man ever in the world..
He's been arrested so many times
He rap better than you

46Roberto Nevilis
The inventor of homework, trying to waste kids time. He is the dumbest person on earth. He should belong on number 1. Even birthdays got ruined by that ass. It's not fair for kids, they want free time, not work. If school isn't a place to sleep, then home is not a place to work. We also gotta miss our favorite shows and movies. We never get a chance to be with our family. Roberto Nevilis, you got us into this mess, now get us out of this mess. Nobody wants to do your stupid garbage
Homework should be illegal. This isn't funny roberto nevilis. You were responsible for many suicides. You belong in hell where you deserve to be. It also ruining the holidays. Homework is also killing trees. You will be responsible for the extension of humans, because of your stupid homework. I'm calling you garbage nevilis.


He's the bastard who is responsible for inventing homework.

47Sarah Palin
Every she sid or says sounds stupid I choose barack obama over her
... The amazing woman that brought us the groundbreaking quote;
"I can see Russia from my backyard."

Also, she hates polar bears :) js

48Ben Woods

49Julia Gillard
If your an Aussie, you'll know why
Worst pm ever besides tony abbot

50David Cameron
This guy is a joker and makes our country look stupid watch the videos.

51Marian Rivera
Heck! Marian Rivera? Why is she on this list? What did she ever do to You guys?

52Heidi Montag

53Mahinda Rajapaksa
He may be a bad president but he is definitely a smart person! He shouldn't even be on this list! To be honest he should be on the worst presidents list!
Wow. He's just and idiot who killed many people with a bulldozer
He killed 40,000 tamil people with a bulldozer.

54Manmohan Singh
He is old and is man of respect but he has no right to rule megapower like India!
Leaders should be strong, he's just the opposite. I am saying this on the day rupee touches 70 agains the dollar. The Indian economy at its worst.
I'm really sad to say this, but its the truth and I know all true Indians will support me.
Guy has no brain. He is a cyborg, he is devoid of any emotion. Says things he is programed to say.
He should be named Robot Singh!
[Newest]Yes he was so dumb

55Rob Ford
Ignorant Crack Smoking, Life Threatening, Wife Cheating, Weed Smoking, alcoholic Chris Farley Tribute Mayor of Toronto.
Rob Ford is a smart guy! No, just kidding, he should be in the top 5

He believed Mary about how Jesus was conceived laugh out loud

57Jacob Zuma
Our countries current president is the stupidest president we've had. He has numerous wives with countless children, he can't pronounce half the words in his speech and never finished school, and we let that rule our country!


Yes, South Africa needs changes, Jacob and ANC is corrupt!

58Bill Gates

59Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan
Unfortunately president of Turkey. Totally shame of this country. Money stealer, nature killer, no respect to people. One of best dumb liar of the world. Its our bad luck that this dumbass fell to our country.
Getting worse all the time. Only a matter of time before he does something really stupid (or is found for already doing so)

60Alex Wagner
This guy looks like big bird and he is dumb as a box of rocks and he isn't a nice person

61Mustafa Kemal Atat├╝rk

62Alfred Kinsey

63Spencer Pratt

64Joe Jonas
Should be number 4

65Joan Rivers

66Christina Aguilera

67Nancy Pelosi

68Rick Santorum

69Rick Perry
He forgot his OWN SPEECH, for god's sake! Rick Perry definitely belongs on this list.

70John Bain

71Jessica Simpson
What the heck why is she here also why is Eminem I love his music

72Muammar Gaddafi

73Seth MacFarlane


75Tony Abbott
I saw a video of him in class someone called him a duck head to his face laugh out loud.

76Fred Phelps
He was an absolute idiot who did not give a crap about anybody else's feelings.


Look up "Americas most hated Family"

77Eija-Riitta Berliner-Mauer
If you don' t know who she is she married a wall. A wall

78Rick Ross
Whoever told this guy he had any kind of talent must have been drunk, as is anyone who listens to the sounds that he makes, whatever they are supposed to be. Please make him go someplace far, far away.

79Pharrell Williams

80Nick Jonas
To dumb to be on list

81Dick Cheney

82Denise Richards

83Dan Quayle
"For NASA, space is still a high priority. " Need I say more?
He can't even spell "potato"... Jesus Christ!

84Tommy Motola

85Ruhollah Khomeini

86Mirza Ghulam Ahmad
Who ever put him on here should be number 1 on this list

87Glenn Beck

88Qasim Ibrahim
The most richest person in Maldives and also the dumbest entrepreneur with a PhD.

89Benigno Simeon Aquino III
Live in the philippines & go figure it out

90Angel Locsin

91Michele Bachmann
She's even dumber than Palin.

92Victor Ponta
The idiot prime minister of romania!

93Ariel Castro

94Andrea Sneiderman

95Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

96Tamerlan Tsarnaev

97Brenda Fricker

98Ray Comfort

99Danny Gamble

He smarter than you, he got many talents. should not be on list ever

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