Top Ten Dumbest People In History


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1Justin Bieber

He sings like a girl! I don't think any mature women would go head over heals over him. Only a retard would like him!

First of all, he dissed Metallica and Megadeth and metal in general. If that's not a reason enough to hate him, he sounds like a girl and has girly products in his name (nail polish). Hate every fibre of his body and must die in the slowest and most painful way possible - Danielsun182

Look, I don't like him either but hating him because he is a "girl" or "girly" is the stupidest reason to hate someone.

Ok, really! He should be number 1, with obama under him. Also, he more whines when he sings

If Miley Cyrus was a boy

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2Barack Obama

Why don't you guys shut up
What did he ever do to you
What you think is terrible is helping thousands people out there
Have you ever thought of it that way
So maybe you should shut your yap because mitt romney is all that smart

The Great Barack Obama: Helping a minority of Americans and killin people worldwide,

He supports many minorities which actually make up the majority.

Hmm... I don't know? MAYBE he only thinks about him self. He made america worse then ever! He does not know how to fight. He made PUTIN the most powerful person in the world, And Russia and even BIGGER threat! Now Russia is the most powerful country in the world! He does nothing to help other countries instead he gives ARE hard earned money to Other countries! Plus he made america have war with other countries all through the world! He's putting Men on the ground, and only about 50% of them will come back and 15% will come back with no injury! Plus we used to be the richest country in the world with over 12 trillion dollars! Not any more! Now it goes to a small country the size of Florida in Europe! All because yours truly, Your lovely president who is happy to make america worse, DO DO DO DO
Barack Obama! Hello america lets get America exploded by Russia with some nuclear bombs on the side!

Yes he thinks that Russia is not going to lie of he tell them to do something. They have always lied. They have never told the truth. How will this guy make much of a difference? He won't. That exactly my point - JamiePrice

Worst supposed president in history. Is it a coincidence that he's half black?

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3Miley Cyrus

Totally dumb! She CANNOT act and plus her silly attitude makes her absolutely repulsive. I just can't figure how she's even a so called "celebrity" - vicmilano

M c is so dumb she got married and now they done she ant married no more the boy says she stupid jo and killing her self by smoking who dose that dumb dumb dumb duck

Why the hell is Obama on this list? What has he done wrong? Miley on the other hand, isn't a very good role model for anybody, including KIDS. Considering she has a ready-made audience from Hannah Montana that still watches her? It's repulsive.

A word of advice to you, potential celebrities: PICK AN AGE GROUP AND STICK WITH IT! As there will always be those hardcore fans that stay with what you are doing... even if you go from a kid-friendly Disney barbie (Not saying she was ever good) to a repulsive adult object...

If Justin beiber was a girl

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4George W. Bush

What an absolute idiotic buffoon, how he got elected as president of the United States I will never know! - thetopten

Okay, let's get a couple things straight. For one, the media is not liberal. A recent study showed that since they announced their campaigns, Donald Trump has received 81 minutes of air time on ABC news, while Bernie Sanders has received 30 seconds, even while Sanders beats Trump in many polls. Second, Obama isn't "always blaming Bush", in fact he hardly ever mentions him. Bush's main problem is that the facts are against him. We had double-digit unemployment and we're losing jobs under Bush, while unemployment is around 5percent under Obama and we just added over a quarter-million jobs last month. It was Bush that decided to go after Saddam Hussein, who wasn't a good man but had nothing to do with 9/11. It was Bush who decided to start military action in the Middle East even though there were no weapons of mass destruction. Theses aren't opinions, these are facts.

Hitler? Really? People need to realize that Hitler was insane, not stupid. The chances of being both stupid AND crazy are almost impossible.

Crazy people are usually smart and stupid people are usually sane.

Bush was a C student at Yale Law school. Obama graduated with honors from Harvard Law School and was chosen to write the review for his graduating class. To be fair, neither should be on this list but to insinuate that Bush is in any way smarter than Obama is not factual. Then again, Republicans never like to be bothered by facts.

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5Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson

She's so stupid and fat and her mom hoo wee FATTY BOO BOO

This stupid little girl is horrible. Show summary: "An obese family makes thousand of dollars off of show that documents their lives as obnoxious and dumb rednecks: screaming at random moments, farting on camera, and more stupid things that shouldn't turn into a television show.

Just pretend you rule everyone else, and you eventually will. Logic.

I love honey boo boo

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6Kim Kardashian

Stupid bimbo can't even date, act, dress well and babysitting children. Plus, why is Megan Fox on this list? She ain't that dumb!

She doesn't know how to treat guys right! Plus, she'll never have kids with that kind of attitude! Get a job, you snob!

Can´┐Ż't stand her voice. She has a fake ass and she should be run over by a truck

Why would she do this to her body

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7Adolf Hitler

Who put this on the list? A Jewish person who is an idiot in history? This man conquered close to 20 countries in a baffling record time!

He made the first jet airplane

He made the first smart bomb

He made the first ballistic missile, which was also the first object into space

He made the worlds best submarine

He made the worlds second best tank-The Tiger Tank

If he wasn't responsable for the Holocaust he would be called the smartest person EVER! - luisprado

There's a fine line between crazy and stupid, and it's hard to manipulate an entire country if you're an idiot (unless you're manipulating a country of idiots, in which case, it's not that hard. )

He tried to invade Russia in the winter (napoleon all over again)

He declared war on the USSR instead of focusing his military might on the british isles, in which case he almost certainly would have won the war.

He tried to take over Stalingrad just so he could re name it Hitlerburg.

He declared war on the United States, a huge and powerful enemy, just because Japan did.

He fired all of his generals and put Himmler, who knew almost nothing about military strategy, in charge of much of his army.

He believed jesus was Aryan even though he was Jewish.

Definitely not dumb. A little psychotic maybe. But not stupid

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8Paris Hilton

Some of these people are cartoon characters people... Come on... Anyway, you guys are actually calling the president stupid? Wow... And despite the fact that Adolph Hitler is hated everywhere, he was very intelligent and only lost because of his inadequate generals who decided not to completely swarm Paris and not to finish bombing Britain. These were the main reasons why Germany lost in World War II. And they were not the faults of Adolph Hitler.

"RIP Nelson Mandela. Your I have a dream speech was beautiful."
"Wal-mart. Do they make walls there? "
"What's a Soup Kitchen? "

Need I say more?

It's people like this that deteriorate humanity, it's not a great wonder as to why.

I'd pee in her butt

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9Rebecca Black

Don't you call her ugly :(

She's Worse x_x Dumbass :P

Everyone needs to stfu about her she sang 1 song crap get off of her nuts crap

Sometimes I sing Friday just to annoy people. I actually hate that song but still. - RiverClanRocks

If Selena Gomez smoked meth and got donkey kicked in the jaw

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10Nicki Minaj

Hitler was a genius Obama helped millions JB Nikki minaj and Miley Cyrus are the only people who should be on this list

I can't believe what I'm hearing Obama did night help anyone and if your going to critic nicki Minaj at least spell her name right - RockStarr

I don't understand how people think she is so stupid just cause of her choice in outfits or the way she chooses to express herself in music. And you think she is stupid for that? No. Nicki is a great person and truly understands her fans. She cares for them, and she is full of pure goodness. So don't say she is "stupid".

Her songs are disgusted, she dresses half naked, and I just hate her

Jesus Christ. Someone fire a tranquilizer dart into its rear and bag it back to the zoo

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The Newcomers

?Jerry Falwell, Jr.

This religious hypocrite is the head of the Bible-based Liberty University and was one of the biggest opponents of gay marriage for Biblical reasons. Well, Mr. "Holy Holy" just endorsed three-time divorced Donald Trump for president of the United States. Jesus, in the Bible, specifically condemns divorce while he doesn't even mention homosexuals. Divorce is condemned in the Bible at least seven times more often than gay marriage. Might I also mention that the three people criticized most often by Trump's Republican Party--namely Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and president Obama--have NEVER been divorced? Interesting, isn't it?

This religious hypocrite "Christian" just endorsed a three-time divorced man for president of the United States. Divorce is forbidden in the Bible seven times more often than gay marriage. One extremely inconvenient fact for Mr. Falwell: The three people criticized most often by his precious Republicans, namely Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Barack Obama, have each been married just once and have never been divorced.


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11Britney Spears

I've always thought she was dumb, even when she was most popular. - comicoco

Am I the only one who think she looks old? HATE HER VOICE

Its just because shes blonde people! Its not her fault she a stupid ho

Totally agree

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12Kanye West

There is A.0001 percent chance he is simply ahead of his time, but odds are he is just an ass.

Ahead of his time? That's the dumbest thing I've ever read! Suger cane east is as dumb as his ugly in laws! As dumb as his ugly wife's big, huge ass! Yes nothing but a big dumbass who's music sucks but is bought by the stupid idiots that don't know what music is. Hrs right up there with that dumbass in the #1 spot right now. In fact they're probably brothers or cousins or some interwoven bull like that! Lol! What a waste. A pure big dumbass waste.

He likes genitals in his ass. Once said he wishes that the devil whites never took his ancestors from Africa and called himself "more valuable to the world" then george Washington, warren buffet, bill gates, and jfk combined. He also said he wants to make love to Justin Bieber.

Pure garbage completely utterly useless garbage

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13Megan Fox

Megan fox is not dumb. She is just a great remodel and pretty girl, that is all. I honestly think you guys are jealous of her.

She compared the Jewish director Michael Bay to Hitler.

Ten points to Gryffindor.

When god handed out braincells she was getting pounded at the toilet.

Yes she like tube steak

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14Gavin Free

He should not be on this list. Anyone ever thought he might just be playing it up for the audience? He makes slow motion videos, builds massive projects on Minecraft and its one of the funniest British people I know. And I know a lot being British myself.

He said if you put a mirror a year into space and use a telescope to look at the mirror you can see a year into the past. 11/10

You can. Two years, actually. He's talking about time delay caused by the speed of light. Gavin's said a lot of dumb things, but that's not one of them.

He asked someone if something can go the speed of push

I'm gonna say he's just hilarious

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15Lady Gaga

Actually, lady gaga is probably the LEAST stupid popular modern musician of today, which isn't exactly saying much... At least she writes her own songs, some of which are actually pretty good. All of the weird stuff she does is just for show.

Tony Bennett called her the smartest person in show business. Guess I'll believe him before I believe you guys. The way this website is shaping up, you've got some pretty intelligent people among the dumbest people on earth.

Hitler was a genius, I am not a supporter of him, but he invented many things, took over many country's, killed millions, etc. he is obviously one of the most evil people but he is not dumb at all. Whoever put that on the lid is a 3rd grader, "i don't like Hitler, he is dumb" (i also don't like hitler, but he is not dumb) #LadyGaGa'sAMoron

How could you she is pretty dope

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16Donald Trump

I never liked him but I always thought he was actually pretty smart. But yesterday he accepted the endorsement of Sarah Palin. Now I think he at least belongs in the top five. And seriously, Obama doesn't belong on this list, no matter how much you haters hate on him. If there is one thing he isn't, it's dumb.

The things he's been saying about banning Muslims and making Mexicans pay for a wall to keep them out are completely idiotic. Also, he's very egocentric, and, pretty much, a (facist) rich snob. Although, the rest of the possible elections for president aren't any better, to be honest. That's why I don't question how he's winning in the election. I wouldn't vote for Trump, but I wouldn't vote for anyone else, either.

The only thing I like about him is that he is absolutely making the Republicans tear their hair out. I'd like to think our country is smart enough not to elect him, but I don't know...we seem awful stupid lately, and the media isn't helping...

I actually landed on this site, because I thought I would find him at the top of this list... Makes me wonder why I had to scroll down so far

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17Al Gore

"Manbearpig is real- I'm super cereal."

Obviously none of you guys are among the 97 percent of scientists who say he's right.

Like Lincoln said, "You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time. But you can't fool all the people all the time".

Lol he's in South Park the stick of truth - kennymccormick2169

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He is a worlds apart if you compare him to the likes of Marcus Aurelius and Caesar himself. He wasn't a leader, maybe an artist and entertainer but not a leader.

Okay, so maybe he wasn't Einstein, but hardly ANYBODY is. The guy may have been a psycho, but he wasn't stupid. Nero doesn't belong on this list.

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19Kim Jong Un

I can't tell if he's faking or if he's really THAT stupid. I mean, nobody can be THAT stupid, right? Well, at least that's what I want to believe. If there are more people with the IQ of Kim Jong Un out there and if any of them get into any position of power, god help us all.

Didn't he go to a prestigious college that considered him a genius and a nice kid?

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20Joseph Stalin

Not really dumb, just manipulative and evil.

He tried to create monkey human hybrids

He and hitter should compare notes

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