Top Ten Dumbest People In History


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1Justin Bieber

He sings like a girl! I don't think any mature women would go head over heals over him. Only a retard would like him!

First of all, he dissed Metallica and Megadeth and metal in general. If that's not a reason enough to hate him, he sounds like a girl and has girly products in his name (nail polish). Hate every fibre of his body and must die in the slowest and most painful way possible - Danielsun182

Look, I don't like him either but hating him because he is a "girl" or "girly" is the stupidest reason to hate someone.

Ok, really! He should be number 1, with obama under him. Also, he more whines when he sings

He's a drug a dictated singer that took his clothes of on stage that was probably from the drugs he had

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2Barack Obama

I ran across this site while doing research for a satire piece, basically a David Letterman Top 10 List of "dumb" folk like the "deer-crossing lady" or the congressman who seriously asked an admiral if adding additional personnel to a certain Pacific atoll might capsize the island you know, the kind of dumb that makes you wince when you here it speak? Anyway, I was surprised to see that there are actually real lists for the dumb, and even more surprised to see that obama made this one, #2 on the chart at the time of this post, snuggled between The Beibster and Miley Whatshername, and I just couldn't resist tossing my two-cents in the hat.

No you fools, obama is not dumb. Ironically, those who put him on this list might themselves be too dumb to understand what "dumb" actually means. However, those who believe obama is intelligent are even dumber than those who believe he's dumb. And those who voted him into a second term are the dumbest of the lot, the planet, perhaps even the universe! You see, obama is neither dumb or intelligent. If he were dumb he would certainly not be where he is today. But one cannot rightly claim that he is intelligent either because intelligence bespeaks wisdom, and wisdom bespeaks many other noble traits that obama simply does not possess. Setting the whole nature vs. nurture argument aside for a moment, what then is obama? Well, simply put, he is sly, "smart like a fox" is what my grandfather used to call it. And sly is an entirely different trait at the entirely opposite end of the character spectrum from intelligent. He's the literal and quintessential Chicago politician, smart in the sense that a successful three-card-Monty con artist is smart. Politically sly by first and loudly accusing his opponents or detractors of the very things he's attempting to get away with himself! Much like that jerk who farts in a crowded elevator, but then quickly accuses the person next to him in order to divert and shift the blame away from where it truly belongs! Yep, divide, divert and conquer... he's the kungfu master of sly, and you'd never guess the name or author of the real playbook he's using on us.

Now I fully understand why most blacks voted for him in '08. If I were black and/or mainstream media was my only source of information, I might have voted for him in '08 too. I mean after all, who could resist all that wonderful hopey changey talk about this charming young black senator our national networks were force-feeding us daily. But did you ever bother to notice that during one of our country's most critical national elections, the hardest question they ever asked of this unremarkable and little-known junior senator was who were his picks for the NCAA title? No one, not a single "journalist" ever pressed him on his qualifications or experience or core beliefs or his actual plan for executing all that hope and change. Nope not a one, and instead, they let more

What is bad about Barack Obama?

Why don't you guys shut up
What did he ever do to you
What you think is terrible is helping thousands people out there
Have you ever thought of it that way
So maybe you should shut your yap because mitt romney is all that smart

If he is so dum then why is he president?

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3Miley Cyrus

Totally dumb! She CANNOT act and plus her silly attitude makes her absolutely repulsive. I just can't figure how she's even a so called "celebrity" - vicmilano

She smokes and shes mean

M c is so dumb she got married and now they done she ant married no more the boy says she stupid jo and killing her self by smoking who dose that dumb dumb dumb duck

Now she's trying to be like Nicki Minaj! - AllieGirl12

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4George W. Bush

What an absolute idiotic buffoon, how he got elected as president of the united states I will never know! - thetopten

Hitler? Really? People need to realize that Hitler was insane, not stupid. The chances of being both stupid AND crazy are almost impossible.

Crazy people are usually smart and stupid people are usually sane.

Why is he all the way down here?! What happened to most Americans who thought it was a good idea to vote for this imbecile?! What is wrong with everybody?!

He ranks up there as the dumbest president in history without a doubt.

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5Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson

She's so stupid and fat and her mom hoo wee FATTY BOO BOO

This stupid little girl is horrible. Show summary: "An obese family makes thousand of dollars off of show that documents their lives as obnoxious and dumb rednecks: screaming at random moments, farting on camera, and more stupid things that shouldn't turn into a television show.

Just pretend you rule everyone else, and you eventually will. Logic.

Justin Bieber should be the 5th one honey boo boo should

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6Kim Kardashian

She doesn't know how to treat guys right! Plus, she'll never have kids with that kind of attitude! Get a job, you snob!

Stupid bimbo can't even date, act, dress well and babysitting children. Plus, why is Megan Fox on this list? She ain't that dumb!

CanÂ't stand her voice. She has a fake ass and she should be run over by a truck

Damn she makes shame to my lovely country!

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7Nicki Minaj

No nicki.. Yo a stupid ho

Hitler was a genius Obama helped millions JB Nikki minaj and Miley Cyrus are the only people who should be on this list

She's dumber than a box of rocks.

She's dumber than a rat

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8Adolf Hitler

Who put this on the list? A Jewish person who is an idiot in history? This man conquered close to 20 countries in a baffling record time!

He made the first jet airplane

He made the first smart bomb

He made the first ballistic missile, which was also the first object into space

He made the worlds best submarine

He made the worlds second best tank-The Tiger Tank

If he wasn't responsable for the Holocaust he would be called the smartest person EVER! - luisprado

There's a fine line between crazy and stupid, and it's hard to manipulate an entire country if you're an idiot (unless you're manipulating a country of idiots, in which case, it's not that hard. )

He tried to invade Russia in the winter (napoleon all over again)

He declared war on the USSR instead of focusing his military might on the british isles, in which case he almost certainly would have won the war.

He tried to take over Stalingrad just so he could re name it Hitlerburg.

He declared war on the United States, a huge and powerful enemy, just because Japan did.

He fired all of his generals and put Himmler, who knew almost nothing about military strategy, in charge of much of his army.

He believed jesus was Aryan even though he was Jewish.

He made the biggest mistakes in his life you idiot's and the most dangerous weapons

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9Rebecca Black

Everyone needs to stfu about her she sang 1 song crap get off of her nuts crap

Don't you call her ugly :(

She's Worse x_x Dumbass :P

She isn't dumb! How are people hating her. By the way, she isn't ugly that's how she was born to be! She was born to be famous! At least, she has enough confidence to reappear on media unlike some people who HATE HER!

Friday isn't the worst song out there people... Even if it is, singing it isn't enough to make her the dumbest person in history!

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10Britney Spears

I've always thought she was dumb, even when she was most popular. - comicoco

Am I the only one who think she looks old? HATE HER VOICE

This is a list of the dumbest PEOPLE, as in human beings. Robots don't count.

Britney Spears is dumber than a ant

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The Newcomers

?Chris Jericho

He's so dumb because of his hair

?Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln isn't dumb who ever put this is a troll

Slavery was the worst thing America made you idiot's

Slavery was the greatest thing to happen to America

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11Paris Hilton

Some of these people are cartoon characters people... Come on... Anyway, you guys are actually calling the president stupid? Wow... And despite the fact that Adolph Hitler is hated everywhere, he was very intelligent and only lost because of his inadequate generals who decided not to completely swarm Paris and not to finish bombing Britain. These were the main reasons why Germany lost in World War II. And they were not the faults of Adolph Hitler.

Do I really need to explain?

"RIP Nelson Mandela. Your I have a dream speech was beautiful."
"Wal-mart. Do they make walls there? "
"What's a Soup Kitchen? "

Need I say more?

Should Be Number 3

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12Lady Gaga

Actually, lady gaga is probably the LEAST stupid popular modern musician of today, which isn't exactly saying much... At least she writes her own songs, some of which are actually pretty good. All of the weird stuff she does is just for show.

Hitler was a genius, I am not a supporter of him, but he invented many things, took over many country's, killed millions, etc. he is obviously one of the most evil people but he is not dumb at all. Whoever put that on the lid is a 3rd grader, "i don't like Hitler, he is dumb" (i also don't like hitler, but he is not dumb) #LadyGaGa'sAMoron

Tony Bennett called her the smartest person in show business. Guess I'll believe him before I believe you guys. The way this website is shaping up, you've got some pretty intelligent people among the dumbest people on earth.

Her garbage style of dressing makes her the dumbest woman alive!

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13Kanye West

There is A.0001 percent chance he is simply ahead of his time, but odds are he is just an ass.

He likes genitals in his ass. Once said he wishes that the devil whites never took his ancestors from Africa and called himself "more valuable to the world" then george Washington, warren buffet, bill gates, and jfk combined. He also said he wants to make love to Justin Bieber.

He thinks he is the most powerful man on the face of the earth. He needs to sit down and breathe and let someone other then Beyoncé win an award.

Yup. He is pretty darn stupid. But still, he's not so much stupid as overconfident and obnoxious. Poor guy.

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14Megan Fox

Megan fox is not dumb. She is just a great remodel and pretty girl, that is all. I honestly think you guys are jealous of her.

She compared the Jewish director Michael Bay to Hitler.

Ten points to Gryffindor.

When god handed out braincells she was getting pounded at the toilet.

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15Gavin Free

He should not be on this list. Anyone ever thought he might just be playing it up for the audience? He makes slow motion videos, builds massive projects on Minecraft and its one of the funniest British people I know. And I know a lot being British myself.

He said if you put a mirror a year into space and use a telescope to look at the mirror you can see a year into the past. 11/10

You can. Two years, actually. He's talking about time delay caused by the speed of light. Gavin's said a lot of dumb things, but that's not one of them.

He asked someone if something can go the speed of push

I'm gonna say he's just hilarious

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16Al Gore

"Manbearpig is real- I'm super cereal."

Like Lincoln said, "You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time. But you can't fool all the people all the time".

Obviously none of you guys are among the 97 percent of scientists who say he's right.


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He is a worlds apart if you compare him to the likes of Marcus Aurelius and Caesar himself. He wasn't a leader, maybe an artist and entertainer but not a leader.

Okay, so maybe he wasn't Einstein, but hardly ANYBODY is. The guy may have been a psycho, but he wasn't stupid. Nero doesn't belong on this list.

Nero was psychopathic, but not stupid. - aarond9010

18Kim Jong Un

I can't tell if he's faking or if he's really THAT stupid. I mean, nobody can be THAT stupid, right? Well, at least that's what I want to believe. If there are more people with the IQ of Kim Jong Un out there and if any of them get into any position of power, god help us all.

He had his own uncle killed

What a mean person.

19Michael Bay

I'm confused as to how they got this moron, who ruined Ninja Turtles AND Transformers, is being tasked with directing a movie about the damn Benghazi attacks when four totally innocent American citizens were killed. What's next, is Michael Bay going to be directing a remake of Schindler's list? What the heck were they thinking!

Masturbates to explosives and completely ruined Transformers and TMNT.

Michael Bay is a disgraceful director. Do I even need to explain why?

Michal bay is awesome

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20Sarah Palin

Even other Republicans like Glenn Beck are now talking about how stupid she is. And they wanted us to make her vice-president! Something to keep in mind during November 2016.

Every she sid or says sounds stupid I choose barack obama over her

"Water Boarding is how we baptise terrorists! " - Sarah Palin.

I just want to know if John Mccain was high when he chose the braindead dingbat who said THAT to run as his VICE PRESIDENT!

She should definitely be number 1

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