Favorite Accents of People Speaking the English Language

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There's so many kinds of accents in Britain, it needs to be narrowed down a bit.
I thought this would be higher rate, I love British people! Sometimes I wish I were British. Like one time, this British guy was talking to me, I couldn't help be crack up. It's just funny how they pronounce their Ts, laugh out loud!


I'm from america and I love the accent <3 It sounds so sexy, I mean just the way it sounds and the way they pronounce there t's :) :) I wish I was british :) They are so awesome
[Newest]Whoever made this list HAS to be American. British and English is not the same.

Just saying


I would have voted for the geordies if they had been here. I think its fantastic that you can have such diversity in language that sometimes you have no idea what people are saying. there seems to be more differences of accent in the uk than there is in america... Surfer speak would have been good too... Dude


I think an Irish woman speaking English is the most sensual sound there is around. Italian and American Southern would be right behind the Irish.


Love being from Belfast

My Canadian boyfriend loves my accent, it turns him on so much... And everyone loves our accent!
[Newest]I'm from cork best accent around

I am Scottish but I don't sound Scottish, but some of my friends that don't speak Scottish say my accent is pretty strong. Best accent by far!
Greatest accents in the world the way they pronounce words and roll their R's. I wish I could talk like a them.
Good Old Scottish Accent one of the best I have to say should climb up the ladder!


I agree, even though I'm an Ozzie, I have to say I'm proud to have this accent. I never knew how strong it actually was until I spoke to a couple of Europeans who couldn't understand a word I was saying but said that they loved my accent, all the same lol.
ozzie ozzie ozzie
oh yeh the chicks love it a verbal aphrodesiac


Yes AUstralian is thest see ya mate
[Newest]I love my Aussie accent it's awesome when I go overseas

I don't know how it sounds but I prefer it because it is easy for understanding.


Because I like french accent.
French are so sexy

Takanori Nishikawa's accent is the cutest thing in the world!


Yea and he is really sexy and pretty. I like it when he sung on soul eater for the opening.
The coolest accent in the world


9New Zealand
The kiwi accent does not sound like an Australian accent. HUGE DIFFERENCE
Like an Australian accent with a speech impediment
Pretty much the Australian accent, but a little less whiny.
[Newest]Way better than bloody Aussie

I fell almost like british. because I love british accent
Oh yah you betcha

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Yes. I'm a filipino and once I had a phone call with my customer, he doesn't even know where I come from and guess what? He told me "you know what, I like your accent. It sounds cool." Philippines has 127 dialects, we use our national language to understand people from other places all over the country, not rarely we speak English as well so we can understand everybody.
I agree, Philippines has the most neutral accent all over the world, very easy to understand as compared to other countries in the world. Filipinos can speak excellent English and as well as tagalog. The Philippines has 127 dialects but they can stll understand and speak better English with neutral accent.
Filipinos can speak pretty good english with a good accent people from whichever country can easily understand. I think they talk cute. Love the Filipinos.
[Newest]Almost all Filipinos can use the British accent

12South African
It is unique, almost similar to an american accent
Absolutely beautiful! I am in love with this accent.
We speak the clearest queens accent in the world compared to the American and the everyday brit
[Newest]African Accent is CARABAO!

What can I say other than its the best accent in the world!
Beautiful sounding accent, I could listen to it all day!
I am part welsh but I do not have the accent

HEYYYYYYYYY! What you doing ha?! Just hillarious


Italian accent is such a turn on
A pizza a pasts

"Do you want to go smoke some pot? "
"I think you do mon"
hahahahaha The Office is hilarious!


Wow, I find it really cool how they talk... It's like my neighbor-- no, he doesn't say "Mon", but, close enough.
Best and most unique in the world

Damn, I love Indian accent! Reminds me of raj koothrappali from big bang theory! His accent is the best thing about the show.
Would you like curry? It's very, very nice! Come down to the corner dairy and have some Indian tea
Indian accents r very clear and most lovable accents in the world...
I like the way how they pronounce D's and T's... they r cool!
[Newest]Most clear... Bang! Bang!

I'm Australian and find that people who have spent years living in or near Oxford, have the clearest English accents. This accent is also gentle, making it easy to listen to, unlike some American accents that are clear but sound very harsh to me.

I'm from Canada, and personally I find we do say "eh", and our words slur together in a sexy way. Long Live Canadians!
Yes they are so cool more maple syrup
Beautiful. Is a posher American accent. Michael Buble's speaking voice is like velvet on my ears.


Hey, it's my accent... Most people aren't familiar with it. Some mistake it for Jamaican. Can't imagine why though. But those that are lucky enough to hear it... Love it.
Beautiful accent, it's like a song to my ears. I can't imagine it being mistaken for Jamaican.


It has a nice rhythm and it's very melodic.

20Deep South (redneck)
I have a very southern accent. I'm from Georgia. So me and a friend (which is from Canada) goes to Florida. Mind you the next state. She had to translate because they didn't understand me. That wasn't right at all.
Ahh SO SEXY! I have such a thing for this accent!


The sounds out of Dixieland are the best on the continent. From the drawls to the twangs the Southern Speech has everything needed to showcase the most beautiful elements of English as can be heard.
[Newest]Ron and Bobby from Lizard Lick Towing make this accent funny.

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