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1 French

As someone born in northern Mexico and a native Spanish speaker who is also fluent in American English, I now live in France and can safely say that French is the most gorgeous language. It is melodic, fluid, and simply amazing. While Italian is more similar to Spanish and Portuguese in terms of shared sounds, spoken French has a unique beauty.

The phonetics of all its letters are more beautiful. Listening to music in French is an amazing experience. Even the worst mainstream hip-hop song sounds incredible because of the language. No other language can transform mediocre wordplay into beautiful music the way French does.

2 Italian

At the moment of writing this, Italian and French were at the top of this list, which is great because those were the last two candidates I had to choose from for my next language. French sounds good and is very useful, as it's the second most spoken second language. It opens up a lot of options if you're a traveler.

Regardless of all this, I picked Italian. The energetic and romantic flow of the language was too hard to resist. I traveled around Europe for two months, and you just have to listen to a group of Italians for five minutes to want to join in! Since I already speak English and Spanish, I can afford to pick a "less useful" language.

3 Spanish

I was always curious and eager about learning this beautiful language. It first appealed to me because I didn't understand it when I heard Spanish songs in the past. I speak French, English, Arabic, Armenian, and Spanish (although I am still not fluent in Spanish yet), and I am from Canada.

Spanish is music to my ears. It sounds great and is so romantic. Anyone who hears a good song in Spanish will love the language.

The love songs in Spanish will make you see how romantic the language is and make you love it even more. I would easily trade my Armenian and Arabic skills just to be fluent in Spanish. It's an easy language to learn, especially if you already know French, because both languages have similar grammar and words that are almost the same.

4 Japanese

Japanese just sounds pleasant for some reason, especially when it comes to voice acting. Japanese is the most pleasant and poetic. I know that some of the girls can have really annoying high-pitched voices, but most of those annoying voices have been left behind in past voice acting.

It's cool that every character they write has meaning, although the same could be said for Chinese or Korean. Some say it's because it's a new language and we're just convincing ourselves, but I've been listening to it since I was a toddler.

I've also listened to all sorts of languages, yet I still think Japanese is the best. It's hard to express why I like it so much, but I just love it. Surely, there are many others who understand me.

5 Portuguese

Portuguese is awesome, but the Portuguese from Europe and Africa doesn't sound as good as the Portuguese from Brazil. It is totally different from any other kind of Portuguese spoken worldwide. This is a consequence of the influence that Brazilian Portuguese has received from many other languages, such as Italian, Spanish, German, languages of Brazilian Indigenous peoples, and languages brought from Africa by enslaved individuals.

This is what has made Brazilian Portuguese the beautiful language that it is today. Brazilian Portuguese is amazing.

6 English

The way English is structured is simply amazing. Due to its extensive vocabulary, you can express yourself in a sophisticated manner while still being understood. The language has numerous words that have only slight differences in meaning, which enriches your expressions.

A number of authors have contributed to this language's richness, most notably Shakespeare, who played a significant role in the development of Early Modern English. Additionally, there are countless classic love songs written in English. Personally, I view it as a language of love and romance.

It has also developed over a long history, reflecting a rich heritage that should be cherished and preserved for future generations. Furthermore, the culinary heritage that has developed alongside the language adds another layer of richness. When you look at historic architecture throughout England, you can't help but appreciate the perseverance and artistic sensibility of the English people. They are a people who speak an amazing language. It is my native language, and I can say nothing but that I love it!

7 Arabic

Arabic is, hands down, the most beautiful language in the world. Coming from an Indian guy who speaks Bengali and Hindi, I find the structure of this language amazing. I fell in love with it at the age of seven, and now that I'm eighteen, my love for Arabic will last forever.

Each word in Arabic is very precise. For example, the word for punishment in Arabic is "adhaab," which sounds exactly like how torment would sound. Similarly, the word for blessings is "barakah," which sounds exactly like blessings. No other language in the world is as expressive and beautiful as Fus-ha. This is not just my opinion. It is also the opinion of God, without whom there is no deity worthy of worship.

8 Farsi

I think Farsi is the most beautiful language I've ever heard. It's like a spoken song. My taste is for soft, flowy language.

I would consider Farsi, French, Portuguese, and Gaelic as such. Like the cursive of spoken languages, these are the ones I find most beautiful, as well as Italian. Though I would categorize Italian as bouncy and fun rather than romantic and beautiful.

I'm sure I'm leaving out so many languages that I've never heard. I wish I could hear them all. They're all beautiful in their own way.

Persian is another way to say this. Keep in mind, Farsi was a language created in ancient times when the Persian Empire invaded almost half of the world. Every sentence has a poetic structure and can sometimes sound like a song or rhythm. It's a beautiful language known in some Asian countries.

Think about it - it's not at all like the harsh language of Arabic. It's soft like chocolate. Learning or listening to Iranian must be a pleasure.

9 Russian

Russian differs significantly from its Western European counterparts in terms of its study. The language is flexible and boasts clear pronunciation. Its rich vocabulary leaves a lasting impression, and Russian poetry is immensely captivating.

The way it is perceived varies greatly from, for example, Shakespearean poetry in English or French poetry. The energy and liveliness of the language are unique. Although it's hard to learn, mastering Russian opens up wonderful prospects.

Reading Russian authors in their original language is far more enjoyable than reading translations, as many nuances of the language are simply untranslatable.

10 Sinhalese

Not only does Sinhalese sound beautiful, but its letters are also the most rounded in the world. It is believed that the beauty of Sinhalese letters is due to the language being well-civilized and organized.

Some scientists speculate that Sinhalese has been influenced by some unknown source - possibly aliens or something else - due to its uncommon features compared to other languages. Unfortunately, a small number of people use Sinhalese, and it is only an official language in Sri Lanka.

It is an official language of Sri Lanka and is exceptionally well-studied and maintained. At least 75% of the people in Sri Lanka start studying Sinhalese when they are 5-6 years old. Many study it rigorously in high schools as well.

Many universities in Sri Lanka offer degree programs for Sinhalese language studies. There are dedicated academic authoritative institutions and figures in Sri Lanka for Sinhalese language studies, such as the "Professor of Sinhalese Language," who research and nurture the language. They also adapt the language for the needs of the 21st century, for instance, by creating new words.

As a result, one can find Sinhalese language counterparts for almost any modern or conventional English word alike. Furthermore, it also has Sinhalese language counterparts for advanced scientific terms. Hence, Natural Sciences like Physics and Chemistry can also be studied in Sinhalese, although it is not very common in Sri Lanka at the degree level. Though there are only about 14-15 million native Sinhalese speakers in the world, the Sinhalese language is in perfectly safe hands and is here to stay for many millennia to come.

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11 Ukrainian

It's a melodic language in which all vowels, sonants, and consonants are so harmoniously intertwined that almost any speech sounds like a song from Auld Lang Syne. I wonder, what if we promote this language as the Champion of Languages?

Ukrainian possesses a magical melodiousness. It is a language with soul and is full of tenderness. It has the power to attract and hypnotize. No other language can capture the depth and variety of feelings that are audible in the Ukrainian phrase "my heart."

Unfortunately, neither French with "mon coeur," nor Spanish with "mi corazon," nor English with "my heart" can compare to the Ukrainian equivalent.

12 Korean

I speak Hindi, Marathi, English, Urdu, and a little bit of French and Italian. I can also sign in ASL and read Braille. However, out of all of them, Korean is the language I'm obsessed with. I've been learning it for almost three years, and it's amazing. I can write in Korean too.

It's so beautiful how the letters symbolize the shape of the tongue. I wish I knew a native Korean speaker so I could practice my skills with them. Nevertheless, Korean is my all-time favorite language, and K-pop is wonderful too.

I'm surprised that this language is not ranked much higher. Maybe in a true poll, the results would be different? I won't delve into the influence of the pop culture this nation has produced - you can just turn on the TV for that. South Korea is polarizing, controversial, and sometimes downright ridiculous.

I didn't realize the country's full potential until I decided to stay there for a few months, working different jobs. I highly recommend choosing South Korea as your top priority if you ever plan an Asian trip.

Being born and raised in Los Angeles, I thought we had it all. My perspectives toward Asia changed 180 degrees once I visited South Korea (and Japan as well). No longer can the USA or any other country create false stereotypes out of insecurity. South Korea is a very strong country, and its entire population is ingrained with grit, hard work, and progression.

I'm going on a tangent here, but the language plays a role. South Korea has built its sensible traits - fashion, beauty, style, culture - under the radar over the decades. I also believe that their standing in pop culture is influenced by the sound of their language. It is a fortunate country with a near-perfect combination of everything, and it's no wonder they are leading Asia and changing global perspectives toward Asian people.

13 Greek

I think it's not ranked higher because few people speak it compared to other European languages. But it's an ethereally melodic language with a rich history and musical tradition. It has similar sounds to Spanish and Italian, but has a very different feel.

It's like a mix of Italian and Russian. When I was in Greece, I was on a train, and two beautiful Greek girls were talking next to me. It was like the cutest language I've ever heard in my life!

It has a certain musicality, especially in the islands. It has open and clean sounds, depicting the structure of the countries where it is spoken. Greece has many islands, and Cyprus is an island itself.

14 Polish

Polish is a very beautiful, rhythmic language. Poetry and prose written in the language that Chopin spoke captivate the reader with their abundance of linguistic possibilities in conveying thoughts. This is why so many Polish authors and poets have won the Nobel Prize for Literature over the years.

Spoken Polish is extremely elegant and light to the ear. The vocabulary is phenomenal, and the selection of descriptive words is overwhelming.

Kudos to the Poles for their amazing achievement of incorporating borrowed words into Polish from English and, historically in the past, from French, German, and Italian, all while keeping their own language free of foreign words that already have Polish equivalents. This is a sign of a healthy, living language, one that protects its historical roots and will continue to flourish and grow for years to come.

Since Poland is a rising star among the world economies and a fast-approaching European powerhouse, it would be advisable to learn the Polish language and get a head start on the competition.

15 Swedish

As an Italian, I love Swedish phonetics. The way syllables are articulated is very clear and musical. This, combined with a simple grammar, makes learning it not too difficult. It's my favorite language after Italian.

I am a native Farsi/Persian speaker. I grew up in Australia and am fluent in English. I lived in Turkey for one year and used to be fluent in Turkish but have forgotten a bit over the years. However, I hope to be on top of it again soon. I am currently learning French.

I do agree that Farsi is probably the most beautiful language. Whenever I speak Farsi, people who don't know the language often compliment its softness and beauty. It doesn't have too many repetitive sounds or words, unlike Italian, Spanish, Arabic, or Chinese.

Its written alphabet is similar to Arabic, but it sounds very different, of course. I would definitely rate Farsi number one, French second, and Turkish third.

16 German

My native language is German, which is for very intelligent people. It's on par with Ukrainian in terms of vocabulary richness and grammatical complexity. One almost unique feature of German is that you can string many words together to create a new expression.

It's very harmonic - soft for soft expressions and hard for the hard ones. It perfectly captures the German mood: work, work, work, and then beer or wine. Discipline is key. If you're going to be loved, the language feels smooth. If you're going to be insulted, it sounds scary. Alongside Ukrainian, it's the best language to express your feelings perfectly.

17 Tamil

Tamil is one of the oldest surviving languages, still spoken by millions. The Tamil people are an ancient ethnic group from South Asia. Tamil is considered the world's oldest language, as it is over 5,000 years old, having made its first appearance around 300 BC.

Tamil is the only Indian language, apart from Sanskrit, that has evolved independently. While every language has some Sanskrit influence, Tamil does not. In the early 21st century, more than 66 million people were Tamil speakers. UNESCO has declared Tamil a classical language.

Apart from being the name of the language, Tamil also means things like beauty, sweet, and natural. Finally, I am proud to be Tamil.

18 Mandarin Chinese

If you actually take the time to listen to it and pick out the individual sounds and intonations, even without knowing the language, it sounds quite graceful. The problem is, Chinese people speak so fast that, upon initial contact with the language, it sounds like a bunch of noise. Also, the language is so drastically different from English that you never hear a word that sounds familiar.

But once you learn to recognize just a few of the most common words and phrases, you'll be amazed at how great it sounds.

19 Romanian

It is such a beautiful language, but it is so rarely heard. It's almost hidden and unknown. It's one of those languages where, if you hear it spoken in public by another person, you get excited and almost want to go talk to them.

I speak Spanish, Romanian, German, Indonesian, and Japanese, and I haven't had that feeling with any one of them before. It definitely deserves a higher spot.

Why isn't Romanian ranked higher? This is by far one of the most beautiful languages in the world. It sounds like a perfect combination of different languages, creating one unique masterpiece.

The sound of the language is just gorgeous and pleasant. I could listen to it all day and not get tired of hearing it. I love it!

20 Finnish

Finnish is a beautiful language that deserves the number one spot. It is exotic, unique, and wonderful in all aspects. You can look at other European languages and compare them, but Finnish stands out as a language of its own, which is great.

Its mesmerizing tone and lyrical words make me think. I speak English and Spanish, but nothing compares to Finnish. Not to mention, J.R.R. Tolkien based his language on Finnish. Makes you think, doesn't it?

It is impossible to say that this isn't one of the most beautiful and exotic languages that exist today. Its uniqueness, along with its beauty, truly make it one of the finest there is.

21 Albanian

One of the oldest languages in Europe is Albanian. If you didn't know, ancient Pelasgians and later, Illyrians, used this language. Today, it is still used with little to no change from ancient Albanian.

People from these different time periods could probably communicate with each other if they could travel through time. The language sounds beautiful and is easy to learn.

I heard Albanian for the first time last week, and... WOW! I fell immediately in love with it! In my opinion, it's very underrated. It has everything that a perfect language is supposed to have!

22 Thai

It's very tonal but less complex than Chinese and Vietnamese in terms of tones. Among the tonal Asian languages, Thai should be the easiest for a European tongue to practice. It's not as shushing as Chinese, and it's not as staccato as Vietnamese.

It generally sounds very gentle, even the swear words.

To me, Thai is similar to Swedish from the East. It's tonal and smooth. However, it doesn't have as many tones as Mandarin or Cantonese.

I believe Thai is a beautiful language because it's tonal. It sounds like singing when people speak it. I love it!

23 American English

It's easy for me to say "this is awesome" because I'm from America! British English is choppy and sounds hilarious. It's easy to understand.

In my opinion, it's so much better than British or other types of English.

24 Dutch

Beautiful language, and as an English-speaking person, I have to say that Dutch is, in my opinion, a better-sounding language than English. I'd go as far as to say that it sounds better than French and Portuguese and is definitely the best Germanic language.

Dutch makes my heart happy. Listening to Dutch gives me the feeling of listening to English but without having to understand anything. Dutch is a comforting language and makes the voice sound amazing!

It is nice-sounding and is close to English and German, making it a really good language for people to learn. That also makes it easier to learn more languages.

25 Akkadian
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