Top Ten Favorite Things to Search For on Google


Basically, what random things to people search on Google, or any other search on Google. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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Your own Name
Me and my friend were searching names and somehow, her name came up as a little kids show called dora ( dun dun dun )


There is almost always something even if your name is Ishamel WongChong
Everything else is just for research purposes. This is actually fun.
[Newest]Someone on social media has the same first and last name as me :-0 The only difference is gender&interests. If they had my middle name I'd freak

2Games to Play
Same! All of those! Did you say Friv because I play that as well
Yo I play the hell out of poptropica
I love Poptropica! It's my all time favorite Video Game!

I stumbled upon this by accident. I googled Best Country in the World and clicked. I entered and locked the door behind me. I'm now lost in corridors upon corridors of lists and I can't find my way home...


What the other guy said ^.
I also accidentally visited this site but soon I realized that how interesting this site is..
[Newest]I Love it It's Let me Send Messages when I'm not sign in.

Some of the hardest song lyrics to memorize have been finally memorized due to the marvelous google. All hail search engines.


just type Lyrics after the song's name and go to the first site that appears


That song stuck in your head... just try to remember some of the words, or some words that sound like the real words... there it is!
[Newest]I love to look up lyrics and take some from each song and wright one then at the end put who the all the lyrics belong too

I couldn't agree more, hentai sure is fun to search for on Google when you are bored, when you are alone at home of course...
Where else would I find monsters raping elves
Hentai!? I-it's a good thing to look up every... Once and a while... But, it's not like it's my hobby or a-anything!
[Newest]I like searching hentai just to see how dumb and stupid it is

Should be higher. I am always on YouTube searching my favorite videos. It should be on the top 5!
I don't use Google to find YouTube. I just go there.


All the time I search for YouTube
[Newest]Just Put it in your bookmarks.


7Movie Trailers

8Music Videos
Ha! Who hates music? Everyone wants to know what the real thing is like. Music. Music. Music.

9Jesus Christ
You can start with Google Jesus Christ. The real joy comes when you trust Him as your Savior because you recognize that He is the only one that can pay the penalty for your sin. Entrust your soul to Him - He judges righteously.
My dads a pastor.
God is the best he made all of us and the world! I love God. He sent his Son Jesus to die for our sins.
[Newest]This should be number 1. He has been so good to everyone but he us number 9. Wow

I Always search WWE superstars in


Pretty much my whole life is to search on Google for celebrities' news. It's so much fun. I don't mean I gossip, I just want to find out what's new on their career, watch their interviews and learn more about them. It's just so awesome!
AAwwYEAAH! I love gossip, celebrities and Hollywood. I even want to know their shoe sizes!
Never enough of it!


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12I hate it when Voldemort uses my shampoo without asking

13Richie Sambora


The Absolute Greatest Guitarist out of 7 Billion People on Earth!

14Travel Directions or Maps

15Pictures of Animals
I like animals! It's so many cute, cool and awesome animals in the world. So many colors, shapes and types. It's really fun!
I love animals I search them up all the time I am actually searching them up now
I always google pictures of animals. its so fun! =]


[Newest]Animals are so cute, if I couldn't search animals on Google I would die

16Info for School Projects
According to me Google is my site for information. When I am free I read general knowledge in Google. Don't you know "KNOWLEDGE IS POWER"
"Knowledge is power"
Is a quote by Someone with a last name of Bacon.
Also yah I'm to lazy to think of something
I searched that today and apparently I have to make a GRAPHIC ORGANIZER! :( but, if it weren't for Google I would
Get an F!

It's fun looking up Google on Google. Or Bing on Bing, or Yahoo on Yahoo.


Who searches for Google when they're already on Google wow

I searched it and it said that Bigfoot was discovered in 1982 or 1972. Mind blowing, but sadly I don't believe in Bigfoot.


Search tacos with faces, it's a good Borden-buster
This is fun to do.


20Funny Pics

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