Karen Carpenter


After Karen Carpenter, everything else is vanity. I can't comprehend how the kids today can listen to all of the recent bull crap. Karen is Goddess.

Just pure elegance, as if God put her on this earth to sing so that others can hear perfection. If only someone could have helped her, we'd still be blessed with her talent. The fact that she didn't understand all the worship only makes it that much more enchanting.

Karen Carpenter's voice is rich, full-bodied, silky smooth and pure.

She sings in true and pure tones.

Karen Carpenter is a singer's singer.

Others may have a wider range and can sing higher notes... But being able to sing those super high notes does not automatically make you a great singer. I think a great singer should possess clarity of tone and natural ability. Many of those who hit the high notes only do so because of studio production, it's not natural or real.

Karen Carpenter's voice was real. She sounded exactly the same when she sang live in concert... And unlike others her live concerts were not lip-synched. - RickHH

There is something so touching, soothing and comforting about Karen's voice... Something I have yet to hear another singer come close to. When I hear the yearning in her voice, the perfect intonation and the "presence" of her voice, it sends chills down my spine just about each and every time. Singers that "shriek" or "flutter" like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey or Celine Dion do not elicit such feelings, even though, granted, they do have good control over their respective voices. For overall sound, in my humble opinion, Karen was (and is) in a league of her own.

The greatest voices are not just heard they are felt deep inside and that's what Karen's voice does. She reaches into your soul and brings forth the most exquisite feelings of innocence, longing, regret, hope, vulnerability and does it in a quiet soothing way. Her voice is pure and clear on it's own and when layered takes on an almost celestial quality that can bring you to ecstasy or despair in the blink of an eye. Karen's ability to "read" a song was flawless. Truly she has the best voice I have ever been privileged to hear.

Karen Carpenter had a one-in-a-billion voice; as many have noted, she was instantly recognizable, and stood apart from other singers. Just the fact that so many people miss her, and wish she were still alive and recording screams volumes. The measure of how great a performer is has to do with the legacy they leave behind. Even after so many years, she is still being discovered and appreciated by a younger generation. In terms of singing perfection--yeah, she's definitely the singer's singer. The best of the best of the best--a very high standard to meet.

Without a doubt one of the very best female vocalists of all time with her range and perfect pitch. What a tragedy she was taken so early in life, and we could not enjoy that perfect alto voice. My wife and I were married in the fall of 1970 (I know old folks and still going strong after 40 years) and "we've only just begun" was our song.

God bless you Karen and Richard for your gifts of music to the world.

It's been said before but there is a subtle almost sad or longing in her voice. She had the real thing; the thing that cannot be faked. All of the great ones had it. I think she had a wonderful voice technically but it was her ability, an effortless unconcious ability, to connect it with her soul that makes you feel what she sings... BEAUTIFUL... I miss you Karen...

These lists are a joke. As I write this comment Karen sits at 32nd place, when she clearly belongs at the top. She sang with absolute tonal clarity. Placing her below the likes of Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion - all of whom had lovely voices, but never sang a straight note in their lives - is a travesty.

There is more genuine emotion conveyed in a single Karen Carpenter performance than these other women managed in their entire careers. I'll happily put up with listening to her brother's cheesy 70s pop arrangements for the rest of my life, just to hear her voice, rather than tolerate the likes of Houson, Carey and Dion vainly masturbating at the microphone.

Karen Carpenter opens her mouth and I weep. That's without even thinking about her tragically short life. The voice by itself is enough.

Karen Carpenter has a quality to her voice that no one can lay claim to. So expressive and lush with a deep and soulfull sophistication- while at the same time sounding casual and effortless. When she hits those deep notes such as can be heard in the wiord "down" on Rainy Days and Mondays always get me DOWN that you become forever floored.

There has never been a voice such as beautiful as her's and I doubt we will ever hear one like her again. I often wonder how she would sound today if she had lived. Her voice got better as each album came out. If you want to hear Karen at her best pick up or download the Carpenters 1975 album "Horizon". Karen never sounded better here and the the highlight track which showcases her vocals beautifully is "Solitaire". Simply perfect. Her voice will live forever...

Karen Carpenter is many times left out of the conversation. She's been gone for so many years, but the fact is she is absolutely one of the greatest singers of all time. Her delivery and interpretation is flawless. Along with Richard Carpenter's genius in the studio, Karen's heartfelt vocals are as touching and warm as can be put on tape. Had she'd not been taken from us The Carpenters would still be selling out venues all over the world.

You can tell all the teenage kids are voting the most. If you go strictly on voice alone Karen Carpenter is #1 Hands down. You may not care for her music but no one can deny her voice. And no, sorry love Whitney Houston but not even she comes close to KC. And I have a very versatile taste in music I listen to all kinds R&B Jazz rock Motown country for 50 years. You young folks can put whoever you want up there but anyone, whether you like her or not can't deny her #1. I doubt anyone else will ever top her.

Karen Carpenter at 22th position? It's really incredible and the only reason can be that many people who had voted here has never heard her unarrivable voice. Karen has simply the most beautiful (and I'm not saying the best) female voice that God gave us - until now - in our earth. No other one can be compared to her... Absolutely no other one

I just saw the live concert the Carpenters gave in Japan in 1974 and I just couldn't believe my eyes and ears: sheer beauty. Karen had unique singing talents, acting talents and was also a great drummer, she had the most beautiful smile and was so graceful. Too good to be true. It's as if "on the day that she was born the angels got together and decided to create a dream come true... "

Hands-down, Karen Carpenter was the finest female vocalist in the past 50 years. She didn't shriek like Whitney or Celine -- she simply and effortless had the most perfect voice ever recorded.

Never before and never again. She is the purity of music embodied. Her reading of a lyric, regardless of the subject or period, was more poetic and wise than her years should have allowed. However, the most important thing about her voice is that it touches us deeper and longer than any other singer. She is truly in a class by herself.

Karen Carpenter touches my heart every time I listen to her. Such a warm, rich, sweet, melancholic voice. She will never be replaced as far as I'm concerned. She doesn't need any vocal pyrotechnics like a lot of modern singers to demostrate anything, she does a single note and touches the deepness of your soul like nobody does. Besides she was a great drummer (actually that's what she really loved to do... More than singing). The music she did with her brother Richard will transcend generations to come. Her death is the greatest loss for music besides John Lennon.

She doesn't scream, she doesn't shout, she is a pure vocalist and the sound just oozes like melted butter... I grew up listening to her and I can still listen to her all day...

Makes the current crop of pop-tart fairies seem plastic, fake and a bunch of try hards...

I absolutely love her... Karen - #1 by a big margin to anyone else...

She had perfect pitch, perfect phrasing, perfect timber. She had such natural talent and could play the drums. Truly a gifted, gifted singer, whose sorrows and desires to be loved colored all her songs and touched something in everyone who heard her. A beautiful voice in a beautiful soul, unfortunately living in a difficult human family that tortured her mind. One of the best, if not the best ever. There was never any gimmicks or crude attempts to substitute for talent as you sometimes see today.

Soothing voice. Such clarity in her readings. I hope she will be singing in heaven now. Her nightmarish last three years wore her to a state of disrepair, but she still managed another dozen songs in 1981, propelling the Carpenters to get their last top 20 single and their last studio album- Made In America, which went silver in the UK and was very popular in Brazil. Made in America sold about 250000 copies. I still listen to her today, proving that she and the Carpenters are timeless

Karen's voice is the purest and most natural to me, and like many others have said, it has a unique ability to touch you deep within your soul... As much today as it did 40 years ago. It's that ability that I don't think will ever be matched, and she should be #1 on this list in my opinion. She was taken much too soon but she does live on through her music.

In my honest hearts of hearts I don't think any female can touch this beautiful voice. Every single note, every tone high and low, the pitch and phrasing in all her songs, especially solitaire are so pure and perfect. I think losing karen was such a tragic loss to every generation. She never loved herself or believed just how blessed she really was. Every day I play the carpenters and I'm happy and sad in my book she had the greatest voice of all time Denni Michele

Karen Carpenter had the purest tone to her voice of any female singer ever. Even on a recording, her voice comes across as if she she is singing just for you... and boy oh boy, she could hit those low notes like no one else! She should definitely be in the top three on this list!

Just the best - Karen, Aretha and Ella are at the top - no one else even comes close to these three. What Karen Carpenter had was a gorgeous purity of tone and the ability to put in an incredible amount of feeling into a song with just the slightest change in her vocal timbre. She knew exactly how to sing each song - never overdid it. The best of her work, including solo songs like Make Believe It's Your First Time and Last One Singing The Blues, still is utterly thrilling and touching to listen to.