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Gary Leonard Oldman is an English actor, filmmaker, musician and author. Renowned for his "big" acting style, Oldman is one of the most celebrated thespians of his generation, with a diverse career encompassing theatre, film and television.


When you're watching a movie and you can't quite place that guy but you think you've seen him before, it's Gary Oldman. If we're talking pure acting ability and not popularity or perfect looks, Gary Oldman is simply in a class of his own. Drexel : "It ain't white boy day, is it? "

My personal favorite. This guy is Mr. Versatility. Watching him act is a real treat. Incredibly underrated if you ask me. More talent in his little finger than Tom Cruise has in his whole body. The fact that he still doesn't have an Oscar is proof that the Academy awards are a big joke. - Clint67

How has this guy not won an oscar? And how is he not in the top ten and tom hiddleston is? Really, what have you seen him in... The avengers? Wow guys you need to see some better movies how about LEON!? This guy is brilliant, more people need to realize that.

Talk about a wide range of roles he's played in, the list is a lot shorter of what he hasn't done. From Sirius Black to Commissioner Gordon to the oddball character he played in the 5th Element, he is convincing and is not stereotypical.

Oldman is underrated because he disappears into his roles. We do not see Oldman, we see his character. I have adored him as an actor for years and love watching his versatility and brilliance.

Gary oldman is the best actor ever! I can't believe his this low, or maybe people just don't know about him, but he is AWESOME! Why did they put Jared Leto up there? What's wrong with you people?

I like gary oldman and daniel radcliffe.. their godfather-godson relation in Harry Potter was outstanding... it was just like they were real father and son... O:-)

Can't believe he is so low on this list. Come on people, stay away from the glamour and hype from a lot of those above and focus on talent and versatility!

A man who deserves an Oscar for every performance given. He is so great in his roles most of the time you can't even tell its an actor playing him. He needs to be higher. - q1q1q1q1q1

can play anything, so diverse! He went from Harry Potters Sirius Black to Batman's Gordon and played both of them diverse from each other

This guy is brilliant. Every time I see him in a movie I don't see an actor in the roll at all. He becomes completely lost in his part in the story. - beasthound

One of the greatest actors of all time, so good that he disappears into character making some his deserved notoriety obscure.

So versatile, so convincing. Master of disguise. You may watch half a movie without even realising Gary is in the movie.

Gary oldman should be in the top 5 actors of all time I'm shocked he's been overlooked. Too many reasons why. He's just ace

He should be in the top five actors of all time list I'm shocked he's been overlooked. Too many reasons why. He's just ace

Anyone who knows anything of acting knows gary he is the Michael Jordan of acting by far the most range. Period.

Gary Oldman is such an amazing actor, and he has been in so many memorable films. He deserves to win this!

he's a cool actor as the acting he did in harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban was awesome

Gary Oldman is much better than Depp as an Actor. Depp is good but Oldman is as good as it gets

The only reason Oldman is not number one is because people don't recognize him in his films.

The most underrated actor alive today. There is no other actor more diverse than Oldman.

A fun actor with surprising range he can jump from a southern fop in a cyber punk future to the innocent man locked away for a crime he didn't co mite to anything he can pull off any role and it will be the best of that character ever.

Ridiculous to be below Hollywood and Bollywood box office types. A genius.

Such diverse roles - from terrorist to dracula to Sirius to Policeman

How is this man at least not in top 10?! Seriously he was Sirius Black!