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The Top Ten

A Night at the Opera
I love how this album just flows so smoothly from start to finish, and there is so much variety in the types of songs which gives it such an epic feeling when you listen to it.

The album starts off with the Mysterious piano arpeggios of 'Death on two legs' and within 30 seconds into the first song, you instantly know that you're listening to an album that is really interesting, quirky, highly professional, and just generally beautiful.

Personally I love how the album contains a mixture of heavier, intense compositions, with Freddie's short campy songs such as "Lazing on a Sunday afternoon" thrown in between tracks which really provide it with a weird but enjoyable atmosphere.
This album is magnificent, never heard anything like it in my life
Bohemian Rhapsody is the greatest song ever made...
[Newest]A night at the opera is my favourite Queen album because it includes my second favourite song of all time. No prizes for guessing what that song is!


2Queen II
All of Queen's albums are different and unique. Their music and style evolved and the longer they career became, the more stunning and awing it became. But their early albums are up their with the greatest of all time. Their second is a piece of artistic brilliance. An amazing, diverse band, 4 brilliant guys, amazing live, big hits, songs that stand the test of time, classic albums. Queen. The Ultimate band.

I own both this and a night at the Opera, and I just don't get what is so fantastic about it.
Yes, it's got Bo Rap, but there are songs that drag (Sweet Lady, Prophets song)
This, to me is much better.
Who the heck would vote for hot space?
1. Queen II
2. A Night at the opera
3. A Day At the races
4. Sheer Heart Attack
5. Queen I
6. Innuendo
7. News of the world
8. Jazz
9. The Game
10. The Works
11. The Miracle
12. A kind of magic
The rest are awful
[Newest]What a classic. Contains my 3 favourite queen tracks of all time. An album they never came close to matching.

3Sheer Heart Attack
Quite simply Prog Rock at it's finest and most flamboyant. While Queen got grander and sillier with successive release @Opera' and 'Races' both being fine albums, this is to me their best, each song into the next one is just perfect. There's no filler on this record. Although what followed might have had better songs, Sheer Heart Attack as an album is without equal amongst Queen albums. To sum up, I always listen to this one from beginning to end, the rest I cherry pick tracks (well, apart from 'Races', I quite like that one all the way through as well, except 'White Man'. I don't think it's as good as this one though).
Queen albums best to worst:
1. Sheer Heart Attack
2. News of the World
3. The Game
4. Innuendo
5. Jazz
6. A Night at the Opera
7. Queen
8. A Day at the Races
9. Queen II
10. Made In Heaven
11. A Kind of Magic
12. The Works
13. Flash Gordon
14. The Miracle
15. Hot Space

Sheer Heart Attack is highly underrated. There is not one song on that record that I don't absolutely love to listen to. Honestly, the only good songs on A Night at the Opera are "Bohemian Rhapsody" and "Love of My Life. "
You haven't heard a night at the opera fully if you think there is only two good songs in it, the prophet song death on two legs, '39 are all masterpieces and there is more
Oh come on! This is undoubtably the greatest Queen album. Brighton Rock is fabulous beyond description. Now I'm Here is another of the band's greatest songs. There is not a single weak moment here. By far Queen's coolest and sexiest album
[Newest]Of course the best

From Innuendo to The Show Must Go On, a final full album that gave a taste of what could have been.
Their most solid album from start to finish. Innuendo, I must be Going Slighltly Mad, and of course Queen's finest hour: The Show Must Go On
The Show Must Go On is a great and touching song especially since Brian May had to give Mercury a shot of tequila to get him through the recording. Innuendo Is a great song with an interesting feel.
[Newest]Should be number 2 behind Night at the Opera.


5News of The World
Some of their other albums contained their best songs, but every song on this album is amazing. If you just crank up the volume as high as it will go, you will be ROCKED!
Contains some of their best songs We are the champions, We will rock you, sheer heart attack and spread your wings. One of their best albums ever made


Oh I love this album! Especially get down make love, sheer heart attack and all dead all dead! I think it's one of their best albums!
[Newest]A great album, includes 'we will rock you' and 'we are the champions'.


6A Day At The Races
Somebody To Love and Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy are some of my favorite songs by Queen. And This album (to me) gives me that and more. This is pretty much a sequel to "A Night At The Opera" only far better. Definitely one of my favorites.
Listen to Tie Your Mother Down, Somebody to Love, and White Man and you'll see why this album is the best.


This Queen album is simply the best. No doubt. Each song has meaning and is very catchy.

I have listened through every Queen album twice (seriously) and know what I'm talking about.

P.S. People are only voting for A Night at the Opera because of Bohemian Rhapsody. Ok, maybe not. But a good amount are.

This Album Is tremendous from start to Finish, I would've placed it number 4 Instead, Obviously you can tell this album was created for Live performances and even in the legenday Punk outbreak of 77' This record ROCKS... a very Undderrated album
While Bohemian Rhapsody is their greatest song (and one of the greatest songs ever written) Jazz is their best overall album top to bottom :-) EVERY song is great. And it's MUCH better than "News of the World".
This is my favorite Queen Album.


8The Game
Not a single bad song
I think this album is much better than most say. It is near the top of the list, for me!

A great album from Queen - includes a lot of my favourite songs by the band. It's a shame that 'Mad the Swine' was never one this album. It would have been the perfect fit between 'Great King Rat' and 'My Fairy King' where it was intended.

This album is still worth to listen to.
Roger Taylor's drumming is so awesome in this album. The A-side is my favorite, but there's some great songs on the b-side too.
The Game edges out night in the opera. The game saved there career in the 80's

10A Kind Of Magic
Beautiful mix of strong compositions, Containing many great hits such as: A Kind of magic, one vision, who wants to live forever, friends will be friends and princess of the universe!...
Love latter day queen! Mature and yet still rocking - only with more ideas to draw from.
Best album by far, the rock and roll of one vision to the sweet and gentle one year of love


The Contenders

11The Miracle
Come on, it has one of the queen best songs from 80s: Khashoggis ship, I want it all, the miracle, breakthru and was it all worth it
While it doesn't have any on those really, really orgasmic level good songs, it's brimming with tons of great ones!
The best album by Queen after The Game

12The Works
Its a first vinyl of Queen witch I bouth so propably is the reason why I like it so most, lots of the true hits: Radio Gaga, I Want to Break Free defend themselves:) Highly reccomand
I think is where he had his vision... When the whole thing just fell together

13Greatest Hits
Contains all my fave Queen songs from the 70s and early 80s such as Bohemian Rhapsody, Another One Bites The Dust, Killer Queen, Fat Bottomed Girls, We will rock You, We are the Champions, Bicycle Race, don't Stop Me Now and Crazy Little Thing Called Love


Every song on greatest hits is a great piece of musical genius but isn't that true of anything Queen was involved with. Mr. Mercury's talent and creativity was so far beyond the times which is why people today still listen in awe to what he created.
This is a greatest hits album... Of curse every song on it is full of their greatest songs.


14Made in Heaven
How the heck this could be so low! This is the most compact and full with amazing songs album of Queen that ever existed!
Has two of the worst songs by Queen

First is Yeah. Listen to the song.
And the other one was the boring 20 minute song.

15Live Killers
Captures Queen at their best with the classic fast version of "We Will Rock You"


A must for all fans of Queen, but for all entusiasts of live-albums.

16Flash Gordon

17Live at Wembley '86

18Live Magic
Some nice edits, some odd but peculiar cuts (Boh Rhap), some tracks from the very last concert of Queen with Freddie, but nothing more. It simply doesn't worth to be bought.

19Greatest Hits II

20Queen Rocks
We Will Rock You, I Can't Live With You ('Rocks' Retake), It's Late, Tie Your Mother Down (Single), I Want It All (Rocks Mix), Stone Cold Crazy, Now I'm Here, Keep Yourself Alive, One Vision, I'm In Love With My Car (Rocks Mix), Put Out The Fire, No-One But You, etc. Etc.

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