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21I Surrender

Great song. This song need to be at least no. 10.
It's a beautiful song and people should vote for it because this song must to be in the top ten. This song is a pure classic from a pure band, and Ritchie Blackmore rules!

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22Do You Close Your Eyes
23Black Sheep of the FamilyV1 Comment
24Vielleicht das Nachste Mal (Maybe Next Time)

One of the most beautiful pieces I've ever heard. - Metal_Treasure

25Death Alley Driver

The guitar solo is awesome. Blackmore was so inspired and diabolic. Great song!

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26Anybody There
27Shed (Subtle)
28Lady of the Lake

Rock expression of love

29Sixteenth Century Greensleeves

The live version is great. The studio version is good too. It's only been an hour...

Love the epic sound and the general feel of the 70's that this song brings.

30Weiss Heim
31Eyes of the World

This is the first symphonic power metal song - no symphonic orchestra but symphonic vibe from start to finish. Amazing epic song. - Metal_Treasure

Stargazer -best,then babylone,then eyes of the world-one of greatest song ever written in rock

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32Run With the Wolf

I love this song. It should be in the top 20


WHAT THE HELL IS THIS DOING HERE?!?! I BET no one's really listened to this. Without a doubt one of the most underrated song of not only rainbow but of all time. This song takes me away to a completely different world. Amazing song and even more amazing that it's so underrated. I guarantee when you listen to this song you'll agree with me.

It may be Mellow, but a song doesn't have to be crazy, fast, with yells & screams to be good, hell my Neighbors can do that, and THEY're not on here. Heavy metal is great at loud, fast pounding music, but they are also masters at the other end as well - time to appreciate it. Everything needs balance.

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34Hall of the Mountain King

Hall of the mountain king rocks, dude have you heard the guitar and the keyboard together, I reckon the drummer almost had a heart attack he was playing so fast

What the hell this has 0.5% percent of the vote that means this should be up at 20th at least. This song totally rocks man it's the fastest rainbow song by far!

Awesome song from stranger in us all and is one of the fastest.

Great metal song from the last Rainbow album (1995). - Metal_Treasure

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35Bring on the Night (Dream Chaser)
36Tite Squeeze
37Black Masquerade
38Difficult to Cure

Amazing - Beethoven went metal! - Metal_Treasure

39Miss Mistreated
40Danger Zone

How is this song so low?
Damn it you people probably never listened to the album down to earth.
This song is amazing.
As much as I love Dio, I have to admit that this song is better than anything from Long live Rock N Roll

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1. Vielleicht das Nachste Mal (Maybe Next Time)
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1. Black Sheep of the Family
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