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Hyde - Japan


He is the best not just because he is very handsome, also is because he is a very good person I'm sure about that, he shows that in every part of his songs and the way that he express it so, if someone has to win this top is obviously Hyde! Also is important to mention that he has an incredible voice, and he has a wonderful talent, and the most important is that he has 20 years of trajectory with L'Arc en ciel... Not forgetting that he is so hot and men and women love him! So for me he has to win this top,
Mind-blowing stage presence, age defying looks, voice that reaches octaveS, impeccable heart-moving lyrics written by him, the way he swaggers and moves, that heart-melting wicked smile of his, the emotions and hard work he puts into his craft, his faithfulness to his wife... And how we have seen him matured in everything throughout the years (that blush when he first met Megumi! ) and still giving us musical orgasms!
Because he's HOT, that's it! His charm seduces both fan boys and fan girls. Sometimes he's handsome and hot like GOD, sometimes he's beautiful, cute, sexy so sexy that can allure fan boys! Haha Don't underestimate his talent! He can sing, can play several instruments(guitar, drum, saxophone, harmonica) and can MOVE!
Hyde is awesome! His voice is amazing. He can always make me breathless while I listen to his voice and also for the music, that's the simple thing that can make my mind mad and go wild. He is so hot, both as a "women" and men. Hyde has the beauty and handsome. He is brilliant. Beside of the cuties, sexy, and looks androgyny, Hyde has the coolness, reliable, and manly. I do admit that I love this kind of person.
Hyde is the whole package!
His real live personality is so cute, but when he got onstage and perform... You see a god. Sexy moves, sexy voice, you name it.
He has the most charismatic onstage presence that no other artist can imitate. A performance so mesmerizing that brings his audience hypnotized.
His angelic face only add up to his awesome voice. One thing for sure, he is the prettiest man alive!
He is talented. He can play many music instruments such as guitar, piano, drum and saxophone etc. His lyrics is so beautiful and optimistic. I also love his unisex look, He is also handsome, beautiful, cute, sexy, scarry and wild in the same time and same person.
17 years ago, I was caught by his amazing looking and voice in few seconds. It was like my 1st fallen love. I was teen girl. And now, I admire him as artist, and his spirit (by aging, he tried to brighten it. ). He is not only an angel but a man I pay the most and maximum respect. Hyde, I'm sincerely happy to be caught by your existence.
He has talent that has taken him around the world and make the fans to practically kneel at the sound of the songs and his voice. HYDE's talent is unique and there's no other artist like him. He is my idol along with L'Arc en Ciel
Handsome and sometimes pretty Man I love him so much!
I love his voice, his music and everything about him. Hahaha
he was my passion when I'm sad and distress.
he came like an angel with a dazzling white wings.
Oh My... #melting I love You and I proud of you! Ganbatte Hyde!
Hyde = vocalist of laruku
age: +- 43 Y. O
but the stamina when he's singing, the energy that he give to the fans like he will not get old
love you papa
Hyde is not just about beauty or handsome, but he is a truly musician. He can play guitar, drum, saxophone, harmonica, his acting is also outstanding. Can that other "beauty" artist do better than Hyde? Hahaha, for me at this time.. He is still the man
Sexy, naughty, cute, sweet, funny, etc. He can be everything on stage. How could he change his personality from the sexy guy with dark inner-self in Drink it Down, to be the cute and funny guy in Pretty Girl and Link? Anywayss, that's why we love him~~
Hyde is the most amazing dude I've ever seen... Talented, cool, handsome plus damn! I can't describe with words... My chibi is so damn hot and cute at the same time! Only Hyde can be an angel showing his devil side ^^ We are talking about hottness because about talent, voice and skills... Wowsa top 1 belongs him for right!
He's a vampire, never ages, getting more and more beautiful as the years go. Seems like a sexy beast on stage, yet a shy boy inside, so, so beautiful. His vocals are legendary, reaching every pitch with his heartfelt feelings...
Hyde is The Best, New Music Legend.. His voice is really different, has a characteristic. Either in the band or solo, his fans are never decreasing.
He is so perfect. He must have walked out of someone's dream. His voice is like the voice of an angel. His music composing skills are incredible. Plus, he looks like a twenty year old man. He is a real vampire, a very sexy one.
He's damn too hot on stage! You will be captivated by his voice and his look. He makes you feel the music with his music interpretations. He's just way too hot!
Watch a live video when Vamps performing glamorous sky. Hyde was shirtless, red-haired and rocking his guitar. Oh my, I melted away! He was 39.
He is best singer in the world
i love him..
i hope can meet and say 'HELLO' with him on 2may 2012

we love you haido...
Hyde Hideo Takarai most perfect man in the world with the best voice of all time, plus a sexy angel who fell of the sky and remains among us on earth ^ _ ^ My love for Hyde and always great ^ ^My biggest dream and one day meet Hyde personally to talk with him, hug him and kiss him oo ^ _ ^
Hyde owns good voice, fashion taste, attractive face, rock attitude, and more things than one can imagine!
He is just hoot!
Hyde is the great musician in my heart from Japan country... L love his song so much... Thanks to the god that l can have a change to see and hears this guys song.. Keep it up buddy, will always support you...
He is just the perfect man alive an angel, perfect voice, really nice personality, a good friend, very sexy and cute at the same time, he is everything!
He's fantastic! He have a great voice, he's nice and kind, he's an angel! And he don't have age! Look at him... He seems a 18 years old boy!
Just watching him sing and shaking his hips also that face... That look on his eyes... That voice... Is just breath taking I just can't wait to see the real person when L'Arc~en~Ciel come here in May 2nd!
The most beautiful man in this world, and not just that because also he has the best voice, I love him so much, please vote for him

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