Hottest Latinas in the World


The hottest latina women including Brazil. My top ten. Hard list to compile so feel free to disagree. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Maite Perroni
Maite is a Mexican actress and singer/songwriter, who is best known for being a member the popular Latin pop band, RBD.


2Salma Hayek
Salma to me defines what a Latina is =natural beauty and sex appeal. Most of these women this list would not be seen without any makeup on. But Salma hardly wears any. Beautiful face, sexy body, but more importantly has a brain.
Mexican beauty who has become a famous Hollywood star.


Smarter than your average park ranger
[Newest]Selma is Middle Eastern to if ya did not no. Mmm

Absolutely beautiful! How is Shakira not number one? She's so beautiful in her music videos! No one can shake their hips like Shakira can
Whenever wherever is fitting for those hips.
Hot kind, beautiful, responsible, so desirable!

4Alessandra Ambrosio
Hot Brazilian model. Probably the best supermodel in the world.


5Ninel Conde
The woman makes me crazy every time I see her. One of the sexiest Latina artists of all time. And eventhough I don't understand one word of her songs, (I don't speak Spanish, I'm American) I love her singing voice. But with a face and figure like hers, and the sexy way she dances, I don't even notice half the time. (laugh out loud)
Hot Mexican actress, model, and Latin Grammy Award-nominated recording artist.


6Melina Perez
Damn I hate it when I'm scrolling I'm my iPhone and it registers a vote. I don't even kno who she is. Oh Goo-gle...


7Luisana Lopilato
Very Hot Argentine actress, singer and model.


8Penelope Cruz
how could we forget Penelope?


9Sofia Vergara
Queen of the milfs

10Mayra Veronica
Mayra is a Cuban-born American raised model.


The Contenders

11Danna García
Colombian born actress who also acts in Mexico. She also sings and she formed the band Caf� Moreno in the 90s.


12Eva Mendes
There is no way Eva Mendes is not among the top 3. To me she is numero uno by a longshot but I'm trying to allow for the objectivity and opinions of others. Top 3 unless you are blind.
That winkle in her eyes drives me crazy. Nice body with killer legs. When she was younger Maria Conchita Alonso was probably the hottest Latin woman ever in my opinion, and don't discount Vanessa Del Rio, Alicia Rio, or Heather Lee just because they work for the Other Hollywood.
Ever is strikingly beautiful and sexy. IMHO she is in the top 5 hottest women in the world regardless of ethnicity so she should definitely be in the top 5 hottest latinas

13Adriana Lima
The most beautiful woman on the planet.
Probably one of the most beautiful women in world ever


14Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer's body is perfect. Even nowadays when she is over 40, she still looks wonderfully sexy and beautiful


15Aracely Arámbula
A hot tv actress in Mexico who got a career boost by dating Luis Miguel and having his baby only to get dumped.


16Paz Vega

17Christina Aguilera
How could she not be in the top ten. though she is usually a blonde, look back to when she had black hair, she is just as hot as a blonde barbie doll as she is a sizzling latina. I say in the top three
Christina Aguilera is a White Hispanic her father was born in Ecuador and he is a Ecuadorian man, so that makes Christina Aguilera a luscious latina woman with a great singing voice vocals spanning over four octaves, she doesn't look Hispanic but she is half Hispanic on her father's side of family and she is also Irish on her mother's side of family which makes her a White Hispanic woman.

18Jackie Guerrido
Puerto Rican born TV weather woman on USA channel Univision. She became instantly one of the most famous woman on the channel after joining.


Simply the sextet woman in the world
Best assets in the business

19Jessica Alba

20Roselyn Sanchez

21Selena Gomez
She the hottest today just look at all the facts there r
Yes shes the best along with 1d though

22Naya Rivera

23Cameron Diaz
What are you daft? She is about as white as you can get! Read the name of the list! We are looking for Latinas here

24Eva Longoria

25Vida Guerra

26Manuela Arbelaez
Most beautiful of all

27Eva LaRue

28Melanie Iglesias
She won the 2010 maxim most beautiful woman contest she's so hot
I can't get enough of her.


29Marian Rivera
She deserves position 1 she is a winner in all angles go marian! ♡♥♡♥♡

30Dania Ramirez

31Luscious Lopez

32Dayana Mendoza
She wasn't miss universe for no reason
Super hot & sexy venezuelan.
Best looking Venezuelan queen

33Somaya Reece


35Constance Marie

36Jessica Leccia
Perhaps not well known, but beautiful nonetheless. A smile to die for, dimples, high cheekbones and pretty eyes, nice figure and so much more...

37Claudia Bella

38Norkys Batista

39Sativa Rose

40Martina Stoessel
Can't believe that she's not in the top ten... She's perfect!

41Marylin Milian
Judge Kilian from the Peoples Court really turns my crank! So forceful and accommodating, and a great Latino bum - she can rule against me any day!

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