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21Beauty Beauty

Beauty no wonder he's so handsome F four.

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22Thank You

Please listen to this song if you haven't! It's so beautiful. Almost like a balm! Loved the song since the first time I heard it! And please vote! Love you KHJ!

This song is so unbelievable... I love the liric n the voice of KHJ in this song. Its like sing to someone who have a pure heart, say thanks just being be with even in the hurt n hard time...
I love this song...

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23I'm So FortunateV3 Comments
24I'm Yours
26Save Today
27Intro (Let Me Go)V1 Comment

Really nice song and want to listen more n more

29Do You Like That?V1 Comment
30His Habit

Simple song but AWESOME

31Nothing On You
32Love Like This

It is actually SS501's song but I'll include it in the list because it is my favorite...

33Want to Say

This is now my favorite song ever.. I keep repeating it over and over, his voice is so beautiful

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34One More Time

I like this song mush better in playful kiss.

It very very interesting and nice

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35Lotte Duty Free

Is the very best ever.

36You Are My HeavenV1 Comment
37Black Glasses

I don't know if it's the tittle of the song

38Bye Bye
39Yes I Will

This song is so sad and heart touching! Must listen!

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