Top Ten Kirby Bosses

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The Top Ten

Galacta Knight
All I Can Say Is HOLY CRAP HE IS awesome Like His Battle Theme, But He Is VERY DIFFICULT TO BEAT FOR BEGINNERS That's How Difficult He Is But His Battle is Very Well Made.

2Magolor Soul 2

3Phan Phan
The cutest boss of the Kirby series. How could you not love this little elephant-like mid-boss. First appearing in Kirby Super Star, and giving the Throw ability, in the remake, Kirby Super Star Ultra, when he was defeated, he would give the Suplex ability, one of the best abilities in that game. In the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! Anime, which I used to watch as a child, he appeared in one of my favorite episodes of all time, The Cowardly Creature, my favorite being the Japanese-only release of episode 95, the one with the Devil Frog.

4Crazy Hand

I love this World Boss. He first appeared in Kirby Mass Attack, probably my favorite Kirby game ever! His battle was unique. You had to first get into the Volcano containing him, then hit him on the head. It was a complicated one, but I finally defeated him, although it took over 10 minutes on my first try.

I love 0²! The best Kirby boss in my opinion! Not to mention his epic theme! I was surprised at how gruesome and creepy he was especially because he CRIES BLOOD! Also, his theme was put into SSBB one of my favorite games of all time so obviously someone listened to that theme just as much as me! So overall most epic, and mature, boss in my opinion


8Heavy Lobster
I don't have much to say about Heavy Lobster except that he was an awesome boss. He was easy to defeat, and he only appeared once in the anime (in the movie), and he was difficult for Kirby and Meta Knight to defeat on the Halberd. He could be one-shot with the paint ability, which he gave with his paint blob attack.

9Masked Dedede
It's Dedede, with a mask.

10Miracle Matter

The Contenders

11Drawcia Soul

12Marx Soul
Yeah he is OP and hardest boss, awesome boss


13Metal General
Metal General was the boss of Egg Engines, the sixth world in Kirby's Return to Dreamland (my second-favorite release of Kirby). He was an awesome boss, with lots of powers, and he took time to defeat. I guess I am just one of those people who enjoy tough bosses.

14Dyna Blade
Dyna Blade is a boss from Kirby Super Star who is comparable to Kangaskhan, if you have ever played Pokemon. It's a very protective mother of the Dyna Chicks in the anime, and in the games, it attacks you because it feels that you are trying to harm its children. I feel this is a very commendable feature in a mother, and I understand that it loves its children very much.

15Grand Doomer

I was never able to defeat this boss in the original game as a child. When the 20th anniversary collection came out, I finally beat Pix, the strange geometric boss. It doesn't have much of a personality, but I feel it was the most challenging boss I have ever battled in the Kirby series, and it also made me experience my very first rage quit as a gamer.

17Queen Sectonia

18Master Hand
This boss deserves to be in the third place because you get a very strong ability after eating it.Vote for this boss if you like smash Kirby.

19Dark Meta Knight

20Coily Rattler
This was one of the more challenging bosses in Triple Deluxe, and it was a fun experience when I battled this boss. I died only once battling this boss, but I experienced him a little late, as I did not buy the game until only this month, March of 2015.

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