Top Ten Kirby Bosses

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1Magolor Soul 2

Magolor soul 2? Why would there be a Magolor soul 2, it is almosg either you are making it up, or you accidently press 2

2Galacta Knight

All I Can Say Is HOLY CRAP HE IS awesome Like His Battle Theme, But He Is VERY DIFFICULT TO BEAT FOR BEGINNERS That's How Difficult He Is But His Battle is Very Well Made.


The best boss ever, despite of his depressing song he will always be my favorite Kirby boss. - Anuban

I love 0²! The best Kirby boss in my opinion! Not to mention his epic theme! I was surprised at how gruesome and creepy he was especially because he CRIES BLOOD! Also, his theme was put into SSBB one of my favorite games of all time so obviously someone listened to that theme just as much as me! So overall most epic, and mature, boss in my opinion

4Crazy Hand
5Miracle Matter
6Phan Phan

This elephant was the most annoying Sub-boss in amazing mirror

7Marx Soul

Yeah he is OP and hardest boss, awesome boss - rexprice4

9Masked Dedede

I already love Dedede. The mask made him even better.

It's Dedede, with a mask.

10Drawcia Soul

The Contenders

12Grand Doomer
13Heavy Lobster
14Queen Sectonia
15Dark MindV1 Comment
16Metal General
17Magolor Soul
18Dyna Blade

I don't know why 3 gems have to be a boss..

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1. Phan Phan
2. Skullord
3. Landia
1. Magolor Soul
2. Queen Sectonia
3. Miracle Matter
1. Masked Dedede
2. Dark Meta Knight
3. Galacta Knight

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