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61 I'm Gonna Crawl I'm Gonna Crawl

another song that a lot of people overlook, it is a love song like no other. Robert Plant's lyrics are so deep and the slow tempo is just too perfect! the last ten seconds are very emotional to me cause Robert says his final line "Im gonna crawl... " then its followed by John Paul Jones' beautiful mellotron, this is the very last song on their last studio album and although the ending is amazing, it just doesn't feel right for led zeppelin's ending.
R.I.P John Bonham

Great combination of Zeppelin's classic sound with an orchestra. Very underrated.

Another of Zeppelin's blues songs. Again, awesome.

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62 The Wanton Song The Wanton Song

Love, love, love the guitar riff... Seriously amazing! The musicality is unparalleled to any of today's music…reminds me of that part in the movie Singles when Matt Dillon says "Where are the anthems for our youth? What happened to music that meant something? The Who at the Kingdome, or Kiss at the Coliseum... Where is the "Misty Mountain Hop," where is the "Smoke on the Water"... Where is the "Iron Man" of today? "... And that movie was 20 years ago!

not the best but a great very underrated song - DylanBr00ks

God, Robert is so hot on that one! Every time I hear this song I gotta dance

This song is great. It definitely should be ranked higher.

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63 Hots On for Nowhere Hots On for Nowhere

I love this song! I'm always surprised that'll doesn't get many accolades. Not their best, but a top 20.

Why nobody vote for this one? I mean it can't be on the top but it's not the "worst" :O

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64 Bron-Yr-Aur Bron-Yr-Aur

My favourite acoustic song ever. The magic that song has is beyond me.

A phantastic piece for acoustic guitar, a completely underrated gem, I cannot believe so few people appreciate it.

No, it's Bron-Yr-Aur-Stomp. The song's about his dog.
"Ain't nothing better than a Blue eyed Merle" From part of the song. And Blue Eyed Merle is a type of dog. It makes more sense if you hear the whole song.

This song is so beautiful

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65 I Can't Quit You Baby

This one is better then the Otis Rush version. The Coda version is the best.

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66 Boogie With Stu Boogie With Stu

tribute to Ritchie Valens, written by Page/Plant/Ian Stewart(of The Rolling Stones) - Kaluyuti

Boogie-woogie acoustic song with both mandolin and boogie woogie piano.

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67 We're Gonna Groove We're Gonna Groove
68 Wearing & Tearing Wearing & Tearing
69 Darlene Darlene

Such a catchy song. John Paul on the piano is great. Can't stop replaying it!

70 Night Flight Night Flight

YES! Such a great song with such a strong anti-war message!

71 White Summer

Greatest guitar solo of all time. Ever. Joe Satriani gets up there, but just how Page plays White Summer is incomprehensible.

72 Poor Tom Poor Tom V 1 Comment
73 Walter's Walk Walter's Walk
74 10 Ribs & All / Carrot Pod Pod (Pod) 10 Ribs & All / Carrot Pod Pod (Pod)

A song from the last set of the Led Zeppelin Reissues

75 St. Tristan's Sword St. Tristan's Sword

An instrumental leftover from 1970's Led Zeppelin III released in 2015 as part of the final set of the Led Zeppelin reissues.

76 Ozone Baby Ozone Baby
77 La La La La
78 Black Country Woman Black Country Woman

Hey hey mama, why is this song so low?

How has no one put this amazing song on here yet.

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79 You Shook Me You Shook Me

You can hear the 'real talent' of Robert Plant. Seriously, he's got the best voice in the earth. The guitar, harmonica and clavier are amazing too.

This deserves to be much higher

This is far from my favourite Zep song, but I voted for it to raise it much higher. 79?
You've got to be kidding me.

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80 Sick Again Sick Again

Love this one, so cool and messy, seems like they were messing around when they did it. One of my favorites but kinda hurts my head if I hear it frequently.

When you heard the words 'Through the circus of the L.A queens',
you just knew what Robert Plant meant! -

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